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APZ Corporation Limited - Health Food, Herbs & Tom Yum Spices, Coconut & Pandan Leaf, Fragrant Thai Wild Rice, Hungarian Paprika, French Pilaf

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APZ Corporation Ltd. is comprised of different groups of people with well knowledge in agriculture, transformation of agricultural products and foods in accordance with international standard. These people have a farsighted vision to cooperate and enhance safety in agricultural products including safe vegetables and fruits that lead to feeling of enjoyment from consuming high-quality foods.

Judging from the growing trend of modern agriculture, it has focused on technology to increase quantities of agricultural products. Recently, in the production process, there has been widely use of chemical to increase quantities of agricultural products and quite often without thinking of the effect upon human and environment, especially, vegetables and fruits that are widely consumed daily. Therefore, the idea under the “ Organic Farming” concept was originated to deal with natural gardening in the same direction with organic gardening without using any chemical including the soil, water and surrounding areas of gardening should be chemical free at least over the period of three years.

At present, APZ Corporation Ltd. has separated the raw materials production by assigning Vbasket Co., Ltd. as the producer of toxic free vegetables that became one of earlier project in Thailand to pioneer Farm to Fork idea. The company has provided delivery service of fresh vegetables directly to consumers not involving any middle merchant to guarantee for the products safety. APZ Corporation Ltd. has also arranged the services of checking and testing toxic that was left behind in the fruits and vegetables for safety before reaching the consumers. Moreover, the company has received certification from Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health.

APZ Corporation Ltd. is situated at the Pilot Plant Project inside Biotech of National Science and Technology Development Agency. The company has launched new business that aiming toward being the Chef for export industry with the assistance of many professional who have experienced in food safety, particularly, transformation of foods products, such as, Frozen Ready to Eat, Thai Ready to Eat, Sushi Japanese and Sushi Box, both domestic and overseas. By nature, Thailand has been the agricultural country that produced varieties of agricultural products that enabled her to produce and distribute products converting from rice in different flavors. Besides, the availability of plants, vegetables and herbs as raw materials in large quantities within the country had helped to distribute income to farmers. As a result, the standard of living has been improved tremendously.

Products: Herbs & Tom Yum Spices, Herbs & Holy Basil, Herbs & Seafood, Herbs & Mixed, Vegetables, Beetroot, Coconut & Pandan Leaf, Fragrant Thai Wild Rice, Italian Tomato, Roasted Garlic, Hungarian Paprika, French Pilaf, Tom Kha Spice


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Contact: Mr. Peerapol Triyakasem  Chief Executive Officer      


APZ Corporation Limited



117 Module 5 Pilot Plant Thailand Science Park


Klong Nueng, Klong Luang





[66] 02 564-7970-2


[66] 02 564-7974

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