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Arnuparp Ukrit & Klose Law Office, Ltd  - Bangkok Lawyers, Taxation, Corporation Law, Finance , Investment Law, Labour, Work Permits and Immigration, Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation 

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Arnuparp Ukrit & Klose Law Office, Ltd
25th Floor, Suite 2504 Empire Tower, 195 South Sathorn Road, Yannawa, Bangkok 10120. Thailand
Tel : (662)670-0670-2, 670-0674
Fax : 6700673
E-mail :

Lawyers in Bangkok, Attorneys & Legal Services in Thailand

Our Objectives

Our client list includes companies of every size in industry, trade and the service sector. Although we serve a variety of foreign companies around the globe, we as a Thai, German and English speaking firm, focus our service on the German and English speaking countries. On the one hand we handle clients from Thailand who want to do business with foreign investors and on the other hand we assist foreign companies seeking new investment opportunities in Thailand. We advice local enterprises and organizations in their restructuring and privatization efforts and create the necessary market orientated framework. Global thinking and networking are essential to help our clients successful international co-operation and expansion. Due to our company structure we help our clients by taking over all the necessary proceedings to operate a business in Thailand successful and pleasant.

Areas of expertise

We advice on all aspects of national and international tax matters such as advising on Thai tax law and related double tax agreements, handling tax audit and defence tax audit by the Revenue agent, negotiate settlements of tax and make appeals on assessment, preparing litigation in tax cases and various other services.

Corporation Law:
We plan a suitable and beneficial corporate structure such as on registration of the clients firm including branches, representation or regional offices, preparing and submitting applications and documents for the registration process and various other activities.

Investment Law:
We develop strategies for investment such as advising clients about the Board of Investment ( BOI ) regulation and check the possibility of being promoted. We are further advising clients on the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) promotion, preparing and submitting the application forms to the IEAT and other related activities.

Labour, Work Permits and Immigration:
We provide legal counsel and support in all kinds of management and labour relations, labour protection, alien work permits and immigration matters.

Finance Law:
We advice on all kind of finance and security exchange law in Thailand and we are experienced with mergers and take over procedures.

Bankruptcy Law:
We provide legal advice concerning the amended bankruptcy code and procedure in Thailand.

Land Law:
We advice on the opportunities and the restrictions of foreigners to own real property under the Thai Land and Condominium Law. We advise on financing, real estate purchasing and on registration.

Intellectual Property:
We offer our skills in the registration and supervision of trademarks, service marks, patents and copyrights with the Intellectual Property Department.

Negotiation, Mediation, Arbitration and Litigation:
We offer our service and our skills to draft contracts, negotiate, mediate, arbitrate and litigate in clients disputes in order to save your time and protect your legal interest.

Private Clients:
We are concerned with all matters affecting the management of private wealth, family affairs, retirement plan and residential status arrangements and associated tax advice. In addition thereto we have a special expertise in preparing and handling divorces of multinational marriages.

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