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E.C.R. Thailand   Management Consultants, ECR (Efficient Consumer Response), Supply Management, integrated supply chain organization

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E.C.R. Thailand - ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) ECR (Efficient Consumer Response) Is a new initiative that focuses on improving the efficiency of every member of the whole supply chain process to satisfy consumer needs better, faster and at less cost. The ECR programmer involves the coordination of activities among all participants in the supply chain in three main improvement areas, which are: Demand, Management, Supply management and Enabling technology.

ECR is a consumer focused process which starts from the management of consumer demand, working backward through retailers, manufactures, and suppliers to increase efficiency and remove unnecessary supply chain cost such as inventory and missed sales. 3 Areas of ECR Demand Management Managing demand is one of the most critical success factor in ECR implementation, because the unexpected change in demand pattern will affect the smoothness of the whole supply chain operation.

There are 4 main areas in demand management: Strategy and Capabilities, Optimize Assortment, Optimize Promotion and Optimizes New Product Introduction. Supply Management As important as demand management, the improvement of the supply side activities lead to a significant saving by increasing the operation efficiency and reliability and reducing the inventory cost . The six supply improvement activities are Integrated Supplier, Reliable Operation, Synchronized Production, Cross Docking, Continuous Replenishment and Automated Store Ordering. Enabling Technologies The implementation of ECR improvement cannot be done successfully without the help of technology.

One of the critical success factors is the speed of information sharing among all participants in the supply chain. The integration of the information, therefore, requires a rapid communication system such as EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to be in place (see figure: 2 for list of activities) Expected Benefit Benefits in Thailand have been show to be a cost reduction equivalent to 7.7% of consumer prices or a value of Baht 38 billion. This figure does not include the potential increase in sales expected to achieved by the companies who have adopted good ECR practices. By working together as an integrated supply chain organization, all parties can achieve benefits from the implement of the ECR concept in contrast to what an individual company can realize by doing it alone

Services: ECR (Efficient Consumer Response), Supply Management, integrated supply chain organization

Categories: Business Service, Management Consultants,

E.C.R. Thailand

Queen Sirikit National Convention Center 3rd fl., ( Zone D )
60 New Rachadapisek Rd.,
Telephone: 02 229-4255
Fax: 02 229-4939
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