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Fire Engineering Services Co.,Ltd  - Fire protection design, Fire engineering, Safety Surveys, NFPA Consulting, Training, Investigation, Fire Systems, Security Systems, Testing and Commissioning

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Fire Engineering Services Co.,Ltd - Activities Providing fire protection design and and engineering, pre-fire and safety surveys, fire and life safety design review, NFPA consulting, training, fire investigation, testing and commissioning of fire and security systems.

Fire Engineering Services Co., Ltd has been involved in fire engineering, design and training in Asia and Southeast Asia since 1985. Our company brief gives details of our services and lists the many clients we have served.

In addition to the standard fire protection systems (i.e., sprinklers, standpipes and fire hose cabinets, heat and smoke detection, and fire control centers), we are also involved in inspecting, testing and commissioning of the new "clean gas" fire suppression systems, FM200 and Inergen as well as the newly-developed High Sensitivity Smoke Detection (H.S.S.D.) aspirating systems which use state of the art laser technology.

Our contracts have included smoke extraction design for the Amari Watergate Hotel, National Fire Protection Association Standards (NFPA) design review for the retrofit of the Bangkok Regent Hotel, NFPA design review and inspection of the new 37 storey CITIBANK facility and their 8 branches located throughout Thailand, NFPA design review of the new Westin Banyan Tree Hotel Bangkok and the Westin Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam, NFPA consultant to the Bangkok Transit System, Elevated Train and NFPA designer and consultant for TelecomAsia.

As you can see, we are more than qualified to fill your needs. We have been an active member of the NFPA since 1978, the Institution of Fire Engineers and currently a member of the Society of Professional Engineers of Thailand. With many of our clients, we have been asked to provide specifications, select the appropriate equipment, write the tender documents, evaluate the tenders and provide on-site inspection and final testing of the fire systems.

FES fire protection consulting and engineering company was founded in the United States in 1981, serving clients throughout the western United States with a much-needed background in fire protection services. During the ensuing period of 10 years, a solid reputation was established with the insurance, hotel and construction industries for reliability, accuracy, efficiency and co-operation.

In 1985, FES expanded its professional capabilities to encompass all aspects of risk management, including fire protection design and engineering, safety, and fire training programs. From 1985 to 1991, FES developed and administered medical training programs and constructed medical and training facilities in remote areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. In 1991, FES moved to Bangkok, Thailand, to offer fire/safety protection, engineering, security and design services to industries in Southeast Asia.

Services: Fire protection design, Fire engineering, Safety Surveys, NFPA Consulting, Training, Investigation, Fire Systems, Security Systems, Testing and Commissioning

Categories: American Chamber of Commerce, Safety & Fire Protection Equipment, Engineering Consultants, Foreign, Farlang

Contact: Robert H. Brenner - Managing Director

Fire Engineering Services Co.,Ltd
7/F Sarasin Building,
14 Surasak Road
Telephone: 02 635-1065
Fax: 02 635-1066
email address:
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