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J.G.C. Corporation - Consultants for petroleum refining, petrochemical, gas chemical, natural gas, town gas, nuclear power plants, oil pipelines, oil terminals, and water desalination plants

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JGC Corporation - Since the company's establishment in 1928, JGC engineering has left its mark on numerous projects in the field of hydrocarbons the world over. Many have been major, state-sponsored projects carried out in Asia, Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The company's highly advanced engineering technologies and excellent project management have led repeatedly to the successful completion of these large-scale projects. In short, as a leading global engineering company, JGC has the accumulated experience gained from over 20,000 projects performed in approximately 70 countries. It therefore comes as no surprise that JGC is recognized internationally as a first-class engineering company with superior technological capabilities.

As a premier engineering contractor, JGC offers clients a comprehensive line of project services, from basic planning to design, materials and equipment procurement, construction, and commissioning under a system of total responsibility. JGC maintains a global network of satellite engineering centers to assure successful project execution anywhere in the world. JGC provides a complete package of follow-up services for its clients designed to take full advantage of each business's lifecycle. These services provide assistance with operations support and maintenance, along with providing system solutions.

Services: consultation, engineering, procurement and construction services for petroleum refining, petrochemical, gas chemical, natural gas, town gas, nuclear power plants, long distance pipelines, oil terminals, and water desalination plants

Categories: Construction, Consultants, Foreign, Oil & Petroleum, Japanese

Contact: T. Kan

J.G.C. Corporation
41/13 Moo 1,
Tungsukla, Sriracha
Telephone: 038-351-227
Fax: 038 352-429
email address:

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