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Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd. - Cobble Brick, Fashion Bricks, Facing Bricks, Fire Bricks, Brick Tiles 

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Cobble Brick, Fashion Bricks, Facing Bricks, Fire Bricks, Brick Tiles

10 Kranji Loop
Singapore 739568
Tel : (65) 368 7277
Fax : (65) 362 2179
Email :
Website :

Managing Director..........MR VINCENT CHAN
Sales ............................MR DAVID CHENG


An ISO 9000 certified company set up since 1992, Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd has served many a satisfied customer locally, regionally and globally.

Our products have found their way into homes, commercial buildings and pavements. In pursuit of our commitment to our customers, you now have the luxury to choose from more than 130 types of bricks, pavers and tiles.

All our products are produced in the state-of-the-art factory using the finest clay and under stringent quality to achieve the highest quality and distinctive feature that is Lian Wang.

Lian Wang's Product Value Checklist:
1) Outstanding Strength and Durability
(Fired to exceeding high temperatures)
2) Minimum Maintenance
(Low Porosity means resistance to stain and fungus growth)
3) Permanent Lasting Colour
(To last a lifetime of satisfaction)
4) Wide and Exciting Range of Authentic earthly colours
5) Comprehensive varieties of textures

- Fashion Bricks
- Bullnose
- Smooth Face
- Brick Tiles
- Facing Bricks
- Common Bricks
- M211 (Modular Bricks)
- Light Weight Concrete
- Hollow Block
- Fire Bricks
- Paver

Lian Wang is also proud to be the distributor of Claybrick's Paver

Crafted for the individual with exquisite taste, Autumn Red Collection blends the unique tones of terracotta to give a delightful appearance to your home in your own style.

Combining the rugged textures of rock with a subtle hint of violet, set off with flashes of dark blue, his collection is designed to add warmth and dignity to your home.


The dramatic colour and textural beauty of these facings will lend a rustic charm to your home. Its patterned medley of soft and rugged texture will give character to any home whilst maintaining a strong solid look.


Capturing the look and character of sandstone, this collection displays a natural beauty in colour and texture that offers a contemporary interpretation of homestead style.


The unique and distinctive look of Agtate will lend an air of nobility and stateliness to your home, in a style that remains au naturel.

This collection displays the bold texture and striking richness of traditional red, with burnt clay set off with flashes of dark blue hues that give a natural and classic look to your home.


Get that bold and rustic appeal with this collection of earthly toned facings. Ranging from quietly understated to boldly dramatic, you will be able to create that uniquely beautiful dream home.

Rich in texture and authentic earthly tones, these burnished creamy facings displays a combination of delicate natural hues with flashes of vibrant tones to give your home a remarkably pleasant and inviting feel. This collection will enhance your home with charm and elegance.

CLAYBRICKS invites you to discover a new range of brick created for special colour and dimensional requirement. The brick can be supplied in varying thickness, ranging from 25 to 50 mm. With their polished texture, extra variety and rich tones, they create the most striking effect of colour combination of burnt clay.

This collection is specially crafted to highlight the features of aged brickwork. Cobble Brick has a neat weathered appearance with irregular texture and soft edges. Ranging from bold to subdued in a variety of colours, it complements almost any architectural design, be it traditional or contemporary, home building or landscaping.

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