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Mechanize Systems Pte Ltd. - Hako vacuum sweepers and automatic scrubber-driers 

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Hako vacuum sweepers and automatic scrubber-driers


126 Joo Seng Road
#06-16 Gold Pine Industrial Building
Singapore 368355
Tel: 383 3717
Fax: 383 3879

Sales & Marketing Manager...................MR JANSEN LIM N H


MECHANIZE SYSTEM is the sole agent for HAKO machines.
Hako-Werke is one of the leading international manufacturers of superior technology for industrial and contract cleaning, for outdoor cleaning and for grounds' maintenance. With decades of experience. Several million square metres of indoor and outdoor areas, for industrial and commercial use, are thoroughly cleaned, cared for and polished until they gleam using different kinds of HAKO machines everyday.

The result: Cleanliness, which increases performance, which creates a feeling of well being, increases productivity and ensures that work can be carried out safely.

More and more firms are using vacuum sweepers and automatic scrubber-driers manufactured by HAKO in order to spruce up their own image.
Vacuum sweepers for dust-free floor cleaning -
both indoors and outdoors
Hand pushed sweeper for small areas from 100-200 m2. Pick up dirt automatically. Dirt hopper made of indestructible synthetic material with carrying handle and built-in dirt chute.
Area performance up to 2.300 m2/hour.
Hako-Hamster 600
Compact vacuum sweeper for dust-free cleaning. Extremely manoeuvrable. Easy disposal of dirt and debris. Petrol or battery driven.
Area performance up to 2.600 m2/hour.
Hako-Hamster 1050
For medium sized areas from 500m2. Large cleaning performance. Handy disposal of dirt. Petrol, LPG or battery driven.
Area performance up to 4.750 m2/hour.
Hako-Jonas 950
Smallest Hako ride-on vacuum sweeper. Highly manoeuvrable and efficient. Comfortable driver's seat. Petrol, LPG or battery driven.
Area performance up to 5.700 m2/hour.
Hako-Jonas 1450
Fully hydraulic vacuum sweeper for larger area performance. Single button operation of all cleaning functions. High dump. Petrol, LPG, diesel or battery driven.
Area performance up to 16.200 m2/hour.
Hako-Jonas 1700
High performance vacuum sweeper for large area applications. Robust heavy duty construction. High dump. Petrol, LPG, diesel or battery driven.
Area performance up to 18.400 m2/hour.
Vacuum sweepers for dust-free floor cleaning -
both indoors and outdoors
Hakomatic 450
For smaller ares. Compact, manoeuvrable, easy to operate. Modular construction. Powerflow or self-propelled. Battery or mains operated. Working width 450 mm.
Area performance up to 2.025 m2/hour.
Hakomatic 550
Scubber-drier, modular construction depending upon the application and customer requirements. Working with 550 mm. Mains connection or battery driven.
Area performance up to 3.025 m2/hour.
Hakomatic 850
Working with 850 mm. Battery driven or mains connection. Brushheads protrudes to both sides with electromechanical brush lift.
Area performance up to 4.675 m2/hour.
Hakomatic 600
Optional pre-sweep and driver's seat, infinitely variable drive control, pre-programmed cleaning functions. Battery driven.
Area performance up to 5.280 m2/hour.
Hakomatic 1000
For wet cleaning of larger areas - whilst comfortably seated. Controlled with one pedal, forward and reverse mode. Infinitely variable speed control. Battery or LPG driven.
Area performance up to 6.000 m2/hour.
Hakomatic 1500
For economical cleaning of large areas. With integrated vacuum system and high dump. Pre-sweeping, wet scrubbing and dry vacuuming in one operation. Battery driven.
Area performance up to 9.750 m2/hour.

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