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Merlin Frame Maker & Art Gallery Pte Ltd. - Framing Services, Traditional Or Modern, Wood, Metal, Painted, Gilded, Carved Frames, UV filtering acrylic sheets, anti-glare glass 

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Framing Services, Traditional Or Modern, Wood, Metal, Painted, Gilded, Carved Frames, UV filtering acrylic sheets, anti-glare glass

292 River Valley Road
Singapore 238333
Tel : (65) 735 1866
Fax : (65) 735 1878
Email :
Website :
Business Hours : 9.30am - 6.30pm

Managing Director.......MR JOHNNY QUEK

36 Lorong Mambong
Singapore 277693
Tel : (65) 467 252
Fax : (65) 468 8556
Business Hours : 10am - 8pm

290 Orchard Road
#05-16 Paragon
Singapore 238859
Tel : (65) 835 2988
Fax : (65) 835 2989
Business Hours : 11am - 8pm

Company's Activities :

Merlin Frame Maker has grown from a one-stop operation in 1942 to a chain of five shops in Singapore and three in Shanghai, China.

We at Merlin have searched the world over to stock over one thousand mouldings and hundreds of Archival & Regular matboards to offer Professional Framing Services for the simplest mementoes to Masterpieces by Great Artists. We also stork special UV filtering acrylic sheets, oversize regular acrylic sheets, special anti- glare regular glass & inert "Corflute" backing sheets. All these simply because we value our contributions towards the conservation of your treasures.

We have invested heavily on hardware, (state of the art machinery & materials) as well as the "software" by training our staff in the latest techniques on "Conservation" framing. Our-in-house designed state of the art point of sales system provides a fair & standard pricing for all customers. The system is also able to monitor the progress of customers' orders. All these because we value your patronage & we want to serve you better.

Come to Merlin & let us take care of your every need in framing. We offer one-stop service from, collection, offering advises on framing methods & materials, delivery of framed artworks & co-ordination for the installation of artworks.

No framing request is too big or too small for us. Our friendly & helpful staff is always at hand to help. Come to Merlin, if need be, we will even arrange for specially commissioned frames to be fabricated for your special artworks or mementoes.


Framing your special pictures
Paintings, Reproductions, Prints, Lithos, Photos, Documents, Mementos.
Stocking a flourish of frames
Austere Or Ornate; Traditional Or Modern; Wood, Metal, Acrylic; Painted, Gilded, Carved.
Tuning picture to your d้cor
High-Quality Mat Boards, Mount Boards, Acid-Free Boards And Glazing Materials Such As Non-Reflective Glass And Acrylic.
Mounting of mementos and objects
Sculptures, Jewellery, Kimonos, Embroideries, Swords, Etc., On Wood Or Acrylic Stands.
A new inventory of art accessories
Reproductions, Etchings, Art Posters, Sculptures, Statues, Etc., From USA, Europe And Asia.
One-stop shop for commercial clients
A Full Range Of Art Consultancy Services For Offices, Project Framing For Interior Designers Of Hotels And Business Houses.
Conservation / commission of artworks
Restoration Of Paintings For Collectors And Museums. Preservation Of Valuable Artworks. Commissioning Portraits And Paintings.
Transporting treasures
Collection And Delivery Of Paintings And Objects by Vans. Crating And Shipping Services.
Hanging your pictures
Helping Clients To Create Visual Poetry On The Walls With Weighty Artworks.

"Effective framing creates better impressions. Reproductions enhance awareness for originals."

Some recent projects undertaken by
Merlin Frame Maker & Art Gallery Pte Ltd :

Singapore Projects
Traders' Hotel
- Supply and install 1100pcs of frames

Fraser Place Service Apartment
- Supply and install 1200pcs of artworks

Hotel Rendezvous
- Supply, frame and install 301pcs of artworks

Great World Service Apartment
- Frame and install 1200pcs of artworks

Kandang Kerbau Children and Women Hospital
- Frame and install 500pcs of children artworks Overseas Projects

Saigon Prince Hotel, Vietnam
- Supply and frame 650pcs of artworks

Sheraton Hotel, Suzhou, China
- Supply, frame and install 500pcs of artworks

Traders' Hotel, Myanmar
- Supply, frame and install 600pcs of artworks


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