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Mike Piper (S) Pte Ltd  - Pest Control and Fumigation Services at Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Establishments 

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Pest Control and Fumigation Services at Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Establishments


Block 16
Dempsey Road #01-01
Singapore 249685
Tel : (65) 476 7100
Fax : (65) 476 8819
E-mail :
Env Registration No : Env 1998Q4 - 199103013C

A member of PCA Singapore

Mike Piper (S) Pte Ltd is a company incorporated in Singapore since 1991 to provide pest control and fumigation services at Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Establishment. Mike Piper takes pride in this industry as it leads toward protecting human health and its property.

A team of well trained committed professional and certified personnel who are experienced and able to provide a high quality service to meet the standards required by the pest control industry in Singapore. Collectively, we have more than 100 years of working experience relating to this field.

We have informative training which includes videos, workbooks that helps our staff to work more effectively. This training helps our personnel to identify specific pest and develop strategies to control them.

We have the expertise in inspection, extermination and eradication of general pest.
• Termites, Cockroaches, Ants
• Rodent, Mosquitoes, Bees/Hornets
• Snakes, Flies, Crawling/Flying Insects

We also provide :-
• Corrective treatment against subterranean termites
• Soil treatment against subterranean termites
(The above comes with warranty)

• Containers
• Commodities
• Household Effects
(Our fumigation certificates are internationally accepted)

For free survey/enquiry

MR EDDIE LEE9308 6482
MR MOHD SANI9599 5856


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