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Miracon Singapore Pte Ltd. - Adhesives, Epoxies, Polyurethane, Methacrylate, Silicone Compounds, Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Equipment 

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Adhesives, Epoxies, Polyurethane, Methacrylate, Silicones Compounds, Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Equipment

362 Upper Paya Lebar Road
#05-16 Da Jin Factory Building
Singapore 534963
Tel : 280 9632/280 9770
Fax : 383 9037
Email :

Technical Sales Engineer..........MR JASON TAN HOE CHUANG

Company's Activities :

We are a system house offering a wide range of
Silicones Compounds
Metering, Mixing and Dispensing Equipment

We do not just sell products but we offer Expert Technical Advice to help solve your problem.

We can give you a TOTAL SOLUTION.

We are the sole agent for Araldite range of adhesive. The Araldite 2000 range has the bonding solutions for 95% of all Structural bonding applications.

The adhesive range includes the followings
  Load-bearing adhesives for metals and composites
  Resilient and flexible adhesives for bonding thermoplastics and combinations of materials
  Slow cure adhesive for large area application
  Adhesive designed to give results in minutes
  Adhesives that are resistant to high temperature or chemicals
  Paste adhesives for gap filling or vertical applications
  Transparent adhesives for glass are acrylic bonding
Rapid curing multi-purpose adhesives

They are pack into 50ml, 200ml & 400ml cartridges allowing user to deliver a measured quantity of adhesive with ease, accuracy and minimum wastage or bulk packing for big volume applications.

For Electronic Industry
Our products can provide you with the following properties
  One part systems
  Room temperature cure or Heat cure systems
  Good electrical properties
  High thermal endurance properties
  Low water absorption
Good mechanical properties
For Tooling Systems
  Sheet metal forming tools
  Foundry pattern plates
  Vacuuming forming tools
  Negative moulds
  Large volume moulds
  Copying milling modeling
  Abrasion & impact resistant parts
Flexible moulds
  Rubber-like prototype parts
  Assembly jigs
  Vibration absorption
  Conveyor rollers
Foaming moulds

Metering, Mixing & Dispensing Equipment
Sole agent for Dalling Automation for their comprehensive range of metering, mixing & dispensing equipment.

Benefits of our machines:
  Precise metering at pre-set ratio
  Controlled consistent mixing
  Simple to use
  Efficient handling of two or more component resins
  Reduced material & labour costs
  Time saving

The range of piston and gear pump machines have been developed in close, direct co-operation with material suppliers and customers to ensure a perfect match between the requirement and equipment. Whatever the application, Dalling Automation can offer the machine to successfully meet your needs.

The requirement can be simple, small piston machine, a sophisticated electronically controlled high output gear pump machine for PU, Epoxies, Silicones rubber & Methacrylate. Whatever the need Dalling Automation have the expertise and reputation to provide the perfect equipment match and support to your requirements.

Structurally adhesives are rapidly becoming the fastening materials of choice in industries where bonding has been identified as a benefit to performance, productivity and quality. These include the aerospace, automotive, electronics and electrical sectors and a growing number of general industrial areas.

• Choice of simple processing methods at room temperature
• Rapid fixing and handling
• Good gap-filling properties
• Minimal surface preparation required
• Very high tensile and shear strength
• Good heat resistance
• Good performance over a wide temperature range
• High chemical resistance


Single part metal bonding. Fluids and pastes with job identified applications.

• Threadlockers 200 series
• Threadlockers 500 series
• Securing compounds 600 series
• Gasketing/Sealing 500 series
• Pre-applied adhesives and sealants


One component instant bonding adhesives with viscosities ranging from 3cps to gels in a choice of esters.

• Instant Bonding CA’s
• Hybrid surface insensitive grades
• Odourless esters, non blooming
• Medical grade Cyanoacrylates
• Spectronix, electronics grades

A range of structurally capable adhesives combining product with application management, whether by mixing, moisture cure, addition cure or UV light.

• Macroplex© Methacrylates
• Acroflex© Structurals
• React 2 Lite© UV adhesives
• Construct© Structural UV’s
• Demand© / Instruct UV’s
• Endurathane© Polyurethanes
• Endurasil© RTV Silicones
• Exact© Expoxies, adhesives, potting
• Command© cure, anaerobic adhesives

High performance maintenance chemicals for extreme environments covering high temperatures.

• Solvented gasketing
• Solvency cleaning power
• Lubrication & protection
• Temperature extremes compounds
• Cleaning efficiency materials
• Wear & tear repair compounds

These are speciality products and chemicals, designed specifically for electronics application.

• Spectronix© PCB assembly aids
• Wire Tak products
• Thermally Conductive Adhesives
• Pin transfer/Chipbond
• LED – UV’s / Heat cure


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