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Electronic Components & Computer Products

NECX Asia is a joint venture between NECX US and Japan's leading trading company, Sumitomo Corporation. NECX is a wholly owned subsidiary of Vertical Net. Singapore's Trade Development Board has accredited NECX Asia as an Approved Cyber Trader in January 2000.

We provide the Solution for Electronic Components & Computer Products Shortages and Excess Inventory through our On-Line Exchange System and Open Market. Through its Asia headquarters in Singapore, NECX Asia will speed access to supply in the region and provide enhanced logistical and quality control capabilities.

On-Line Exchange System (
Allows a customer to access to our extremely broad database that carries over US$30billion of inventory representing more than 10 billion items worldwide.

Advantages of Open Market:
  • Extremely short lead-time for delivery
• Worldwide network for sourcing parts
• Sourcing of obsolete components
• Sales of excess stock
Capital: US$2million
Employees: 55 (February 2000)
Customer: 20,000 companies worldwide
Database: Over US$30billion of inventory representing more than 10 billion items
Business Territories: NECX Asia
NECX Europe
[Asia Pacific]
[North and South America]
29 International Business Park
#02-03 Acer Building Tower B
Singapore 609923
Tel: (65) 799-8088
Fax: (65) 799-8099
Email :
Website :

When you demand results, go to the market leader.

NECX Asia backs its services with the integrity and quality control of a market leader. Delivering confidence at every stage of your buying and selling cycles, we offer a discreet service that protects the interests of all our clients. Quality control is also foremost on our minds. We certify suppliers in our network, accepting only those who meet our rigorous standards for dependability and integrity.

Additionally, with five QC centers around the globe and a network of carriers, NECX Asia provides you with seamless logistics management - so you know that you are receiving brand new, first rate products - accurately, on time, every time.

Providing you with even more confidence, our staff of industry experts is always ready to provide you with the answers and assistance you need. Organized into teams of specialists, we address the unique sales and purchasing demands of manufacturers, industrial distributors and computer product resellers.

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