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N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co. Ltd - Automotive Parts, Leaf Spring, Coil Springs, Stabilizer Bars, Torsion Bars, Upholstery, Seat Sets, Door Trim, Headlining, Hdd Parts, Precision Springs

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N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co. Ltd -  Manufacturer of Auto-seat, leaf springs, coil springs, precision springs. Since its inception in December 19th , 1963 N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co. Ltd has grown by leaps and bounds. We are leading manufacturers and exporters in the auto industry with a wide range of suspension and interior products. We are also highly active in the field of electronics producing precision springs and hard disc drive (HDD) components which account for a large share of our total output. By constantly innovating, experimenting and striving for excellence, we have built a broad customer base and enjoy long lasting relationships with major companies throughout Asia. With our policy of complete customer satisfaction, our growth is directly linked to that of our clients and our expansion is due to their success.

Widely used in one-ton, six-wheel and ten-wheel trucks, leaf springs provide resistance to the impact of massive weights – the heavier the burden, the more springs used. From our years of experience, NHK pays great attention to this area. We use a special kind of metal that has a higher ‘spring’ quality, but at the same time is very strong and durable, thus reducing the vibration when driving on bumpy roads.

NHK produces a full line of coil springs, including the taper type, which we supply to local auto makers. In order to best serve our customers, we are always carrying out research to fine better materials and techniques to improve product efficiency. As coil springs help prolong the working life of an automobile – by reducing vibration and increasing driving safety–you can be sure the coil springs that leave NHK production lines are the strongest, most durable, top quality coil springs.

Through the latest technological breakthroughs, NHK is creating new lines of stabilizers, Solid and Hollow steel round bars, which yield 40 - 50% lighter weight. Stabilizer bars help to provide a smoother ride by reducing vibration and improving a vehicle’s grip on the road. NHK is the only company with the unique know-how to produce products with such high standards and is trusted by many companies.

In the near future, NHK SPRINGS (THAILAND) will begin to manufacture a lightweight, high quality version of torsion bars than those installed in vehicles today. As torsion bars are an important part in the suspension bars are an important part in the suspension system of both pick-up cars and trucks, they need to be strong, durable and highly resistant. Torsion bars work much like the coil spring to absorb vibrations from the road. With our high standards and advanced machinery, we are able to produce torsion bars that meet the highest safety standards.

At NHK SPRINGS (THAILAND), we pay special attention to satisfying the full spectrum of our customers’ demands. We pay great attention to detail and try to customize our seats with a wide variety of materials – leather, fabric, electrical seats according to OEM standards. Constant research and experimentation means maximum comfort on short and long journeys. Safety is also a very important issue so our seats are lightweight and are tailored to fit both the vehicle and its occupants.

Using the most advanced techniques and machinery, our door trims must pass the toughest quality control testing to satisfy our customers. We make real leather door trim and fabric trim. Special machinery allows us to create a wide variety of designs that are in total harmony with the interior of the car.

No part of the car goes unnoticed – especially the inside of the car’s roof. At NHK we use modern machinery as well as special care and attention to produce high quality headlining. Our raw materials meet the highest standards and our clients are always satisfied with the results.

Years of experience means that NHK possesses the ultimate know – how to meet the needs of every client. Our reputation for high quality products is well known throughout the auto industry. That is why the NHK name is in such great demand.

NHK has been supporting the HDD industry’s unique, statistically modeled analysis service. We are specialized in HDD component manufacturing with high technology, extensive production capability and superior knowledge.

We take pride in everything we do at NHK. Every small detail matters. All our precision springs come in a variety of extremely small sizes using our vast Japanese experience and expertise to achieve the quality and performance levels which our clients rely upon. We have dedicated ourselves to the development of these indispensable electronic and automobile parts. We will continue to make every effort to offer our customers the very best in quality and service.

Products: Automotive Parts, Leaf Spring, Coil Springs, Stabilizer Bars, Torsion Bars, Upholstery, Seat Sets, Door Trim, Headlining, Hdd Parts, Precision Springs

Categories: Automotive Parts, Bangpoo Industrial Estate, Japanese, Foreign

N.H.K. Spring (Thailand) Co. Ltd
72 Moo 1
Klongtoey-Chorakeinoi Road
T. Samrongtai, A. Phrapradang
Telephone: 02 384-0030
Fax: 02 384-0024

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