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Thailand Fiber Companies, Thai Fibre Manufacturers


Thailand Fiber Companies, Thai Fibre Manufacturers produce synthetic fibre, natural fibre, yarns and threads for the domestic Thai market as well as for export. Only specialized yarns are imported nowadays as the local yarn manufacturers have enough capacity to supply the local textile industry.


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Coconut Fibre Kapok Fiber Twisted Yarn
Bridal Fabrics Thai Silk Synthetic Nylon Stockings
Thai Textiles Textile Spinning Machinery Special Yarns
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Fibre Optics Spandex Fabrics Elastic Yarns for Lingerie
Embroidery Yarns Thailand Lace Thailand Bridal Veils
Featured Thailand Fibre Companies, Thai Fiber Manufacturers

Day-Tex Enterprise Limited
Importer and supplier of textile machinery's parts, accessories and equipments, Importer and manufacturer of chemicals for textiles, papers, woods and plastics industries. Commission agent for heavy equipments. Trader of commodity items such as fibers, fabrics, yarns and some other basic chemicals.
Products: Fiber processing, Yarn Manufacturing, Weavings, Finishings, Carpet and non-woven manufacturings, Finishing garments and Home furnishings

Eastern Fiber Product
Eastern Fiber Product Company Limited (EFP) is one of the leading Short Staple Polyester Fiber producers in Thailand. EFP started its operation last February of 1995 with the aim to supply to all polyester fabric industries using high technological facilities maintaining the quality standards with a total capacity of 10,000 tons per year.
EFP Co., Ltd. Is an affiliate of the Charoensin Group that comprises of companies mainly from industrial sectors and real estate developers
Products: Recycled PSF, Polyester Fiber, Short Staple Polyester Fiber, Synthetic Fibres

Eternal Fibre Industry Co, Ltd.
Our company manufactures Long Dry Fibre (LDF) extracted from oil palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB) by the most modern factory located in the south of Thailand, with the capacity of 900 ton/month. Our product is of high quality and competitive to coconut or other natural fibre employed in various industries. We are looking for down-steam manufacturers who are seeking for reliable and regular supplies in long term relationship.
Products: Palm Fibre, Plant Extract

Gold Coco Fibre Mattress Co., Ltd.
We are one of top five manufacturers who produce Natural Gold Coconut fibre mattress in Thailand. By product of Natural Gold Coconut fibre mattress is husk/dust of which we export to Australia in PP Bag. We also produce bamboo chopsticks, toothpicks, barbecue sticks with various size 5,6,7 and 8 inches length for export to Malaysia and some to Vietnam thru Overseas traders and local buyers. Any buyers who require our products, Our factory is located at little south of Thailand where there are plenty of good quality of raw material. Our products are today being exported to China and other countries nearby. Our Product itself is dry with low moisture content. Color is light Gold or very light brown.
Products: Natural gold coconut fibre mattress use for soft bed, car seat and sofa

Handmade Center Co., Ltd.
We are manufacturer and exporter for home textile products such as cushion cover with hand-printed, seat cushion for both in and outdoor, floor cushion, mattress, boat cushion. We use naturally fiber called" Kapok" as a filling to our cushion. Kapok is soft and smooth and give a natural touch. Fabric available is: Cotton, satin, polyester/cotton twill We are willing to accept customer's own design.
Products: Cushion with kapok filling size 40x40 cm,, seat cushion 45x45 cm,, floor cushion 60x60 cm,78x78 cm. Boat cushion with kapok filling size 38x45 cm. For single, and 45x76 cm.

A leading manufacturer of Intermediate products focusing on wool, polyester fibre, polyester packaging, and chemicals. Establishing a leading manufacturing business with a worldwide network, supreme quality and professional management team. Our main product includes polyester yarn, pet resin, Staple fiber Chips includes
Bottle grade resin For water For carbonated drinks For straps
Products: Polyester yarn, pet resin, staple fiber

Inter Fibre Container Co.,ltd
Inter fibre container Co., 's manufacturing of corrugated sheet board and box production and founded April 10,1990 on 99/99 soi. Pookem, laksong district. Bangkok Thailand 10160 business policy 1. To be expert in the corrugated sheet business field 2. To produce merely product complied to international standard of quality 3. To be one of the most clean factory in Thailand 4. To be one of the most safety factory in Thailand 5. To develop society and improve environment. Inter fibre 's the partner inter pacific paper Co.,ltd that 's manufacturing of Kraft paper ; founding and will finish or can run machine perfect around the next month
Products: Paper machinery, waste paper, pulp

Mun Ying Co.,ltd.
Founded in 1950, Men Yi Corporation today is one of Taiwan's leading textile manufacturers exporting Fabrics to markets across the globe. We have two Factories and about 1,100 skilled employees who perform every step weaving, dyeing and finishing the Fabric. As a result, we can Felly control the quality of our products as well as the speed of their delivery. Our main-line product including Nylon, Oxford, Spinnaker Cloth, Tricot, Brushed Tricot, Spandex Tricot and Suiting Fabrics. To respond the demand of the market, Mun Ying Co.,Ltd. Thailand was established to maintain our high standard and also go forward to improve for the better and better quality and design of the fabric.
Type Of Business
Supplier: Textile materials: Sells own manufactured goods
Weaving Machine: Rapier loom, air jet loom, water jet loom.
Service Type: Make to Order.
Weave: Plain, twill, satin, basket, corduroy, crepe, herringbone, hopsack, pique.
Woven fabric: Polyester, nylon, white, dyed, suiting, sport wear curtain, canvas, elastic, corduroy, gabardine, waterproof, brushed, crinkle resistant, polyester taffeta, nylon taffeta
Operation Type: Dyeing: Exhaust: Winch, jig, jet; mechanical - finishing: Brushing and sheering, calendaring; chemical finishing: Bio-wash, flame retardant/flame resistance, resin, softener, soil release/soil resistant, waterproof/water repellent.
Fiber Type: Polyester 100 %, nylon 100 %, polyester cotton blends (TC, CVC), polyester rayon blends (TR), with spandex
Coating: PVC, PU,40PSI, W/R, W/P, Crinkle, Peach Skin, Acrylic, Breathable Coating, Print
Manufacturer: Woven fabric; Dyeing; Finishing
Dye Class: Acid, direct, disperse, pigment
Substrate: Yarn, fabric: Polyester suiting, nylon oxford, and polyester oxford
Products: Polyester woven fabric, nylon woven fabric, polyester rayon blends, Polyester Fabric, Nylon Fabric

New Warp Co.,Ltd.
Jong Stit Co.,Ltd. Whom is one of the leading textile manufacturer in Thailand with specialized experience over 65 years. We are at present the major suppliers of Warp Knitted Fabrics with our wholly full integration process from Fiber, Yarn Spinning, knitting, dyeing, to finishing, with the total capacity over 2000 tons per month. The product range we are currently manufacturing is the following Tricot Mesh, Tricot Satin, Tricot Fancy, Tricot Half, Tricot Brushed, Tricot Two-way With our vertical set-up allows us to be able to provide the products not only quality but also competitive price and timely delivery. We always pay more attention in each step of production to ensure that our products would meet 100% customer satisfaction.
Products: Textile, Tricot Fabric, Warp Knit Fabric, Knit Fabric, Synthetic Fabric, Yarn, Pile Fabric, Home Textile

New World International Ltd., Part
We export to world wide. The product in our company as follows:
1. Polyester Staple Fibre
2. Interlinings
3. Home Textile & Bedding
4. Fibre Board in shoe
5. Geo-Textile
Products: Polyester Staple Fibre, PTA, MEG, PIA, Yarn, Synthetic Fibres, High Polymers

We are leading manufacturer of specialty yarn for the past 2 decades in Thailand and we have an established customer base both in Thailand as well as in overseas market . We wish to cooperate and supply for development of new products our following range
1) Product range
a) Embroidery Thread ( Viscose 120/2 & 150/2 raw white & dyed , Polyester 150/2 raw white and dyed )
b) Air covered yarn ( spandex covered with nylon 6 , 66 , polyester )
c) Core spun & compact yarn ( spandex core spun with cotton , poly mono or textured covered with cotton
d) Conventional covered yarn ( single and double covered yarn of spandex , nylon 6,66 and polyester )
e) Air textured yarn & Slub yarn ; ( polyester , nylon 6 & 66)
f) PP ultra micro fiber dope dyed textured yarn (Poy & Dty 50/52 & 70/72)
g) Nylon 6 & 66 (textured ,yarn dyed and dope dyed)
h) Metallic yarn , Lurex yarn
i) Spandex yarn
j) Dyed yarn with hank and package dyeing
k) Embroidery machine( Renaissance), embroidery design, silk screen packaging
2) Infrastructure & technical / product advantage
For air covering we have SSM -8 machine and Aiki 2 machine to a total of 508 spindles with the planned capacity increase we will reach to 1000 spindles shortly, For Air texturising we have SSM machine to ensure spun like characteristic , fancy yarn with bulky effect and two tone effect. For core spun we have MVS machines of Japan this ensures less haryness quick dry , moisture absorbing , resistance to pilling and abrasion , clear and even appearance, non twisted spandex core yarn. For conventional covering and embroidery thread : we have machines from Japan suitable to feed 500gms feed package to get 1 kgs knotless produce package.
Our yarn dyeing division consist of lorries bellini / this combined with fadis & SSM to ensure quality dyed yarn. Our cable twisters are from Rieter which we use polyester twisting . small tube winding machines are from Hacoba .
For PP ultra micro fiber and PA 6 spinning our spinning machines are equipped with Barmag winder and texturising done with Barmag or ICBT texturising as the case may be . our PP micro fiber ensures high comfort , super soft, quick dry, keep you warm, dry skin, odor free, anti allergic, super strong, anti stress, color fastness, no shrinkage, anti stain, abrasion resistant, statistic resistant, environmental friendly ( recyclable) moisture transfer, light weight , thermal conductive, chemically resistant
With the above level of world class infrastructure combined with our highly trained technical team we ensures delivery of a very high quality product . needless to mention this combined with a very competitive price we have strong hold of market share in Thailand market for more than 2 decades .
End use of this products : there are various like , warp and circular knitting , weaving, socks, with this range of product we touch almost all areas of textiles . to name a few swim wear , skiwear, denim , canvass, diving and surf suit ,active wear , automotive etc .
Products: Embroidery, air covered, core spun, air textured & slub yarn p p micro dope dyed dty, nylon 6 & 66 dty metallic, lurex, spandex yarn

SR Spinning Company
Ours is a modern spinning unit operating in Thailand in the above location, Please go through our brief profile and let us know if there is any chance to initiate some business with you.
Product Range:- Count range: - (Both knitting and weaving) Ring spinning:- Ne 14/1 to Ne 40/1 Open end Spinning:- Ne 10/1 to Ne 32/1 (Single, Double & 3 ply yarns ) Air Jet Spinning: - Ne 20/1 to Ne 45/1
Material:- 100% Cotton Combed, Carded and Semi combed yarns, 100% Polyester, Viscose staple spun yarns
Different Ratio of blends of Cotton, Polyester, Viscose and wool, Value added products: from 100% Lenzing, Model fiber and its blends with cotton
Capacity:- Ring spinning:- 30,720 spindles with 750 tons per month, Open end :- 1440 Rotors with 300 tons per month, Air jet :- 288 Drums with 75 tons per month
Machineries:- All latest ultra modern machineries from world class manufacturers, Pre spinning machineries from Rieter Switzerland, Spinning and Post spinning from Toyoda + Murata - Japan
Products: Ring spun yarn, open end yarn, air jet yarn

Thai Acrylic Fibre Co. Ltd.
Thai Acrylic Fibre - only manufacturer of Acrylic Fibre in the ASEAN region, is one of the flagship companies of the Aditya Birla Group. From a modest beginning in 1987, set up in technical collaboration with Japan Exlan Co. Ltd., at Kaengkhoi, Saraburi province of Thailand, the company's installed annual capacity of acrylic fibre currently stands at 100,000MT. Over 60 % of TAF's production is being exported directly all over the world. Achievement of ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications validates Thai Acrylic Fibre's concern for safety, health and environment.
Products: Acrylic Fibre, Acrylic Tow, Ant pilling Acrylic, Synthetic Fibres

Thai Nippon Development Co Ltd
We are one of manufacturer for coconut fibre in Thailand. Our product quality is best quality in Thailand at the reasonable price. Our products are sold to china and local. We would like to expand our products to more interesting clients.
Products: Coconut fibre

Thai Rayon Public Company Limited
Thai rayon is a public listed company. The factory is located in angthong province of Thailand. Thai rayon manufactures 80,000 tpa of viscose staple fiber and 60,000 tpa of anhydrous sodium sulphate. Vsf is market worldwide while sodium sulphate is sold locally.
Products: Yarn, inorganic salt

Thai Technical Nonwoven
We are the main recycled polyester fiber and nonwoven manufacturer in Thailand. With the domestic support, we are ready to step outside to world market.
Products: Recycled polyester fiber, nonwoven fabric

Thailon Techno Fiber Ltd.
Thailon Techno FIber is Owned by President Knitting Group company. Thailon Techno Fiber ltd is a pioneer project for the production of high speed nylon 6,6 partially oriented yarn( POY) and Fully drawn yarn( FDY) in the ASEAN( association of south east Asian nations ) region and is promoted by Board of Investment, Kingdom of Thailand. We cater to the textile market of hosiery, active wears, Apparel and fine woven fabrics. Within three of commercial production, we have earned the repute of being one of the best producers of micro deniers in the international market. We are ISO 9002 certified( By BVQI) and holders of OKO tex Certified( Switzerland) for products totally free of any hazardous chemicals. Our products are being used for making many of the top branded fabrics around the globe.
Products: Nylon, filament yarn

Tlt Export Co.,ltd
We are producers/suppliers of coconut fiber from Thailand. Our product is very high quality coconut fiber, low moisture content, long fiber and high degree of purity. We can supply in large quantity of coconut fiber.
Products: Coconut fibre, Mattress fibre

Tor-rung-reung Co.,ltd
My company produce a fibers located in Bangkok at Thailand if you required for products < polyester, nylon, cotton, PP >. By use SML machine made for fibers. Application in: Garment, Shoes, Bags, Toys, Curtain, Transportation, Sport (mountaineering), others.
Products: Nylon, PP, Polyester, Cotton Fabrics

Viva Bedding
We, Viva Bedding Co., Ltd, are the producer of quality mattress in Thailand. Our products are made from various material such as spring, foam, coconut fiber. We also produce man and lady fashion cloth. Our current market is domestic, but we are gladly established business worldwide.
Products/Services We Offer: Spring, Foam, Coconut fiber mattress, Picnic mattress, Futon

VS Recycle Fibre Co., Ltd.
VS Recycle Fibre Co., Ltd was first established since 1991 under the name "Summit Inter Pack Co., Ltd" and renamed as "VS Recycle Fibre Fibre Co., Ltd" in 2003. We were first started as the professional importer of Waste Paper of top quality suppliers from around the world. Every month we are importing up to 20,000 metric tons of waste paper (OCC, ONP, B&W and etc.) Our main top quality suppliers are from Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Dubai, Japan, Germany, UK, and USA. We have been one of the top trustworthy suppliers of Middle East, Malaysia and Singapore, USA and Japan Waste Paper to Siam Kraft Group (SKIC, TKIC), Thai Cane Paper (TCP), Norske Skog and Cellox group for more than 15 years.
Our imported main product ranges are as followed,
1. Old Corrugated Containers (OCC)
2. Old Newspaper (ONP)
3. Mixed Waste Paper (Super Mixed)
4. Black & White (B&W)
5. Computer Print Out (CPO)
In November 2004, We have jointed venture with Siam Kraft Group (Cement Thai Group) to open up "Waste Paper Packing Plant" in Ubon Ratchatani (N/E of Thailand). We offer the complete range of recycling service from collecting, sorting, baling to trading. Our production capacity per month is up to 1,500 metric tons of all kind of waste paper.
Products: Waste Paper, OCC,ONP,B&W

Watcharee Coconut Fibre Ltd., Part
We are one of leading manufacturer for coconut fibre mattress and furniture. We believe we are able to serve you at very rock bottom price with high quality and modern style. We are able to tailor the mattress furniture in accordance with your designs and requirements.
Products: Coconut fibre mattress, furniture

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