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Thailand Adhesives Companies, Thai Adhesives Manufacturers


All types of Adhesives, glue and industrial grade sealants are used widely by Thai industry in a variety of applications. From sticking together the component parts of low price soft toy teddy bears to the assembly of multi million dollar satellites. The world would truly become unstuck without the application of adhesive products.

One of the major applications for adhesives in Thailand is in the production of adhesive labels and adhesive stickers. Adhesives are also widely used in the production of medical supplies and hospital supplies like plasters, medical and surgical dressings

These products are also available for export. Adhesive products by the container load are shipped daily from Thailand ports destined for industrial, office and home use throughout the world. Famous brand name adhesives and adhesive tapes like Bostik and Sellotape are produced by Thailand adhesive manufacturers. You can purchase thir products or have your own brand OEM by first class Thai adhesive factories.


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Featured Thailand Adhesives Manufacturers
Bangkok Advance Trading Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Trading Company supplying: PVC tape, Electrical Insulated Tape, Packing Tape, Industrial Glue and Adhesives.
D.B. Chemical Industrial Co, Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company In Thailand Manufacturing Glue, Paint, Adhesives, PVC Compound Adhesive Product, Plastic Compound, Glue, Stick, Chemical, Thermoplastic Rubber, Polyurethane Paints
K. Cosmic Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand distributor of a diverse range of innovative Adhesives, Cleaners, Coatings, Concrete Additives, Miscellaneous Sealers, Timber Care, Waterproofing

Following you will find lists of adhesives products and companies involved in the adhesives business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a adhesives company or simply supply a database of these adhesives companies then please email

3m adhesive tape
3m command adhesive
3m sealant
about glue
acidic silicone sealant
acrylic adhesive
adhesive address label
adhesive back vinyl floor tile
adhesive bandage
adhesive bandages
adhesive board
adhesive board foam
adhesive bonding hair liquid
adhesive bra
adhesive bridge
adhesive capsulitis
adhesive carpet tile
adhesive caulk (translucent)
adhesive containing fentanyl
adhesive distributor
adhesive epoxy
adhesive film
adhesive glue
adhesive hooks
adhesive kick plate
adhesive kickplate
adhesive kickplates
adhesive label
adhesive laminating
adhesive lined tubing
adhesive manufacturer
adhesive measuring tape
adhesive mounts
adhesive note pad
adhesive packaging tape
adhesive paper
adhesive removal
adhesive remover
adhesive scrap
adhesive sealant
adhesive spray
adhesive stamp
adhesive strips
adhesive tape
adhesive tape manufacturer
adhesive tapes
adhesive transfer tape
adhesive wear
adhesives and adhesive
adhesives products
aluminium foil tape
aluminum foil tape
animal glue
aquarium sealant
asphalt sealant
atv tire sealant
auto paint sealant
automotive paint sealant
bag sealing tape
bathtub sealant
black asbestos adhesive
bond epoxy adhesive
book binding glue
bostik 955 sealant
breast form adhesive
button glue it com
car sealant
carpenters wood glue
ceramic adhesive
ceramic tile adhesive
cheap glue
christmas tape
clear self adhesive for inkjet printer
cloth tape
colored silcone sealant
command adhesive
concrete adhesive
concrete floor sealant
concrete sealant
conductive adhesive
construction adhesive
construction adhesives
contact adhesives
contact cement
contact paper adhesive
copper foil tape
cordless glue gun
craft glue
crazy glue
curing agent
cyanoacrylate adhesive
deck sealant
dental adhesive
dental sealant
denture adhesive
dentures adhesive
double sided adhesive tape
dow corning sealant
dow corning silicone
driveway sand silicone sealant
driveway sealant
elastomeric sealant
electronics production adhesives
ellsworth adhesive
elmers glue
enseigne auto adhesive
envelope glue
epoxies tapes
epoxy adhesive
epoxy adhesive resin
epoxy and urethane adhesives
epoxy curing agent
epoxy glue
exhaust sealant
e-z cleaning tape
fabric glue
fibrin sealant
filament tape
first aid adhesive tape
fitting sealant
floor sealant
foam adhesive
gas tank sealant
gasket sealant
general purpose glue
glass adhesive
glass mosaic tile adhesive
glitter glue
glue applicators
glue bag
glue chip glass
glue dot
glue dots
glue gun
glue gun distributor
glue guns
glue ingredients
glue lam
glue logic
glue pen
glue recipe
glue removal
glue remover
glue rollers
glue stick
glue stick for hair extension
glue sticks
glue traps
glue uk
glue wood
gorilla glue
grout for tiling
grout sealant
hair glue
hair replacement adhesive
hardener & resin
heat seal coating
high temp silicone sealant
history of glue
homemade glue
horse glue
hot glue
hot glue gun
hot melt adhesive
hot melt glue
hot melt glue gun
hotmelt adhesives
how to make glue
industrial tapes
jewelry glue
jigsaw puzzle glue
kraft paper tape
krazy glue
labelling adhesives
lamination adhesives
lamination films & mounting adhesives
leak repair paste
leak sealant
linseal tyre sealant
liquid glue
ma7 super glue
magic tape
marble adhesive
masonry crack filling powder adhesive
medical adhesive
medical adhesive remover
medical adhesive tape
memo pads
mosaic tile adhesive
multifuntional hot melt adhesive
multipurpose adhesive bedmortar
multi-purpose floor adhesive
nail glue
neutral silicone sealant
note pads
opp tape
osi sealant
packaging adhesives
packing tapes
paint sealant
paper adhesive
paper glue
paper mache glue
paving sealant
pet tape
petrol tank sealant
pipe sealant
piping sealant
plastic glue
plastic resin glu
plastic steel putties
polyamide epoxy curing agent
polyamide hot melt adhesive
polyamide resin
polymer modified grey adhesive
polymer sealant
polyurethane glue
pond sealant
pressure sensitive adhesive
puzzle glue
puzzle mats glue
pva glue
pvc stik
rabbit skin glue
radiator sealant
roof sealant
rtv sealant
rubber repair
school glue
scrap adhesive
sealant adhesive glue
sealant silicone
sealant specialist
sealant tire
sealants adhesives
sealing tapes
self adhesive
self adhesive address label
self adhesive backing
self adhesive bra
self adhesive carpet square
self adhesive carpet tile
self adhesive cell phone cover
self adhesive films
self adhesive floor tile
self adhesive label
self adhesive label in greece
self adhesive lamp shade
self adhesive paper
self adhesive stamp
self adhesive tape
self adhesive tapes
self adhesive vinyl
self adhesive vinyl tile
self adhesive wall border
self adhesive wallpaper border
semco sealant
shoes glue
silicone adhesive
silicone bathtub sealant
silicone sealant
silicone sealant (clear)
silicone sealants
silly putty glue
solvent cement
sponge adhesive tape
sponge tape
spray adhesive
stainless steel putties
sticky glue
stitch and glue
stitch glue
structural adhesive
structural sealant
styrene acrylic water-based sealant
sugar glue
super glue
super glue removal
super glue remover
super glues
superior adhesion sealant
sure stik adhesive
swarovski crystal glue
syringe epoxies
tape adhesive
thread sealant
tile adhesive
tile on tile adhesive
tile sealant
tire sealant
tire sealant review
tremco sealant
tub sealant
tyre sealant
urethane adhesives
valve sealant
vinyl adhesive
vinyl adhesive caulk
wallpaper glue
water sealant
waterproof resorcinol glue
waterproofing sealant
wax adhesive
weahterproofing sealant
weatherproofing sealing
weldwood contact cement
wet look concrete sealant
windscreen sealant
windshield adhesive
windshield sealant
wood adhesive


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