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Thailand Hardware Companies, Thai Hardware Manufacturers


Thailand Hardware Companies produce just about every type of hardware in every material imaginable. Some of this hardware is exported as component pieces however the majority I believe is actually supplied to local manufacturers who use this hardware in their own products such as windows, doors, furniture or machinery and electronic equipment.

Some of the finest hardware products I have come across recently have been destined to adorn the doors and windows of houses, condos and offices around the world. Brass hinges, brass locks and window hardware like latches and catches are of superb quality. Nowadays many foreign, household name, hardware companies have set up hardware factories in Thailand or are at least out-souring their production.

Bangkok Companies can help you source your products. We have good contacts in the building and construction material companies and specifically in the area of hardware and fasteners of all types. Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your hardware needs please email with your requests.



Window Locks Marine Hardware & Fittings Brass Residential House Numbers
Turnbuckles Curtain Rod & Finials Brass Hinges
Interior Hardware Aluminium Profiles Automotive Fasteners
Machinery Hardware Components Exterior Hardware Electrical Connectors
Plumbing Fittings Bathroom Hardware Copper Fittings
Brass Lamps & Decorative Hardware Door Knobs Door Hardware
Electrical Hardware Door Hinges and Door Furniture Brass Padlocks
Chandlery Anchor Bolts Screws, Nuts and Washers

Featured Thailand Hardware Companies

Bangkok Ai-Toa Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Kitchen Furniture, Picture Frames, Household Furniture & Various Types of Hooks and Furniture Hardware
JNV International Supplies Co., Ltd. Thailand Door hardware, door handles, door knobs, sliding door gears, mortise locks cylinders and furniture fittings, lighting, metal ceilings, Auto doors and movable walls
K Square Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Doors and Windows, Metal Doors and Frames, Entrances and Storefronts, Automatic Entrance Doors, Windows Hardware, Door Hardware, Weather stripping and Seals, Electro-Mechanical Hardware, Window Hardware, Door and Window Accessories, Door Locks, Window Locks, Glass, Glazing Accessories, Structural Glass Curtain Walls
M. Maker Industrial Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Hardware Manufacturer of Door Hardware, Door accessories, Door locks and Keys, Door Hinges & Hasps
U. Chang (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. - Hardware Retailers

Hightech Precision Industrial Co., Ltd.
Hpi is a manufacturer and supplier for any stainless steel hardware and carbon steel hardware for all grades in lost wax casting method in wide variety of industries such as petroleum, chemical, food and beverage, waterworks, sanitary ware, building and interior, machine and automotive part, marine part, and made to order.
Products: Building construction, marine hardware, lost wax casting, Construction Hardware , Doors & Windows , Decorative Materials

J. S. V. Hardware is a long established manufacturer of metallic electrical conduit in Thailand. We are ISO 9000 certified, and our products are under ul utilized and tisi (quality approved by Thailand industrial standard institute). We have been exporting our products to North and south America, Australia, middle east and southeast Asia.
Products: Other metal pipes, cable accessories, wiring accessories

S. S. C. Industrial Commercial Co. Ltd.
S. S. C. Industrial, commercial, co. Ltd. Located in Bangkok, Thailand. Our objective is to produce the premium quality steel hardware to satisfy the entire customer's needs. Production will be arranged and managed according to any client's drawing and design.
Our main customers are the provincial electricity authority of Thailand, the metropolitan electricity authority of Thailand. Our production manufacturing, including high quality raw materials, are based on certify of ansi, din, jis, nema, tis, and ISO 9000 standard, to serve all customer's qualification.
Products: The manufacture of electrical and mechanical hardware e.g.. Bolt, clamp, rack, clevis, washers

SCT Co., Ltd.
SCT Co., Ltd., established in 1978, is an international trading and distributor for all kind of construction materials, hardware, decorative materials, minerals and raw materials. We have 13 overseas branches in China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA, Bangladesh, UAE, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia Vietnam and Taiwan as trading arms around the world to buy and sell through our channels.
Products: We distribute many categories of construction materials, hardware and decorative materials.

SCT Square Holding Co.,Ltd
We are the trading company in Thailand. We are supply all the things about fasteners to the customer so now we are looking for the potential parts or items supply. Beside our business we are the sub-contractor who mainly construct for the water and electrical system in the building. We try to search a lot of things from other country both good quality and price to support our customer.
Products: Fasteners, hardware
Business Type: Trading Company

Siam Hardware Industry Co., Ltd.
Siam hardware industry Co., ltd. Found in 1956, is the private company shared by 100% Thai shared holders. From the beginning up to now, it can manufacture effectively from mold and die for metal to ready-made products, stamping and pressing for steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Later the company can expand to manufacture die casting such as zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and brass alloy and later investment casting (lost wax casting) for alloy steel, stainless steel etc. Has been manufactured. Beside these, our company gives service in machining and finishing for the products produced by the various ways such as lathing, drilling, vibrating, electro plating, powder coating, heat treatment (hardening, tempering, normalizing, annealing) and solution heat treatment for stainless steel, etc. Capital paid:240,000.00 us dollars Factory area:36,000. Sq. M. Production area:26,000. Sq. M.
Investment casting (lost wax casting)
Investment casting in every metal-component industry can offer advantage to the production engineer, designer or buyer and where requires complex shapes. The following advantages of investment castings in the widest choice of materials: -
Can eliminate most rough machining operations
Give greater freedom of design
Produce shapes impossible to machine
Provide lighter and cleaner components
Relieve production problems by replacing assemblies with one piece
We are manufacture & export for
1. Building hardware hard tool
2. Expansion anchor $ etc.
Line of business
1. Die casting: Zinc alloy, aluminium alloy
2. Stamping: Steel, stainless steel, aluminium
3. Lost wax casting: Stainless steel, alloy steel
Products: Hand tools, anchor system, precast anchor system Construction Hardware

Window & House Co., Ltd
Has over 25 years of experience in window treatments and is located in Bangkok, Thailand. Our company distributes all kinds of curtain rods, mini blinds, vertical blinds, shades, shower curtains, windows hardware and accessories. Complete in specification and varied in variety, our products are sold throughout Thailand.
Products: Curtain rails, windows blinds, shower curtains, folding doors, curtain rods, curtain hardware, window blind hardware

Following you will find lists of hardware products and companies involved in the hardware business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a hardware company or simply supply a database of these hardware companies then please email
Adhesive Hooks
Adhesive Picture Hangers
Aluminum Hardware
Aluminum Hardware Fittings
Anchor Bolts
Antique Brass Hardware
Antique Metal Hardware
Attic Ladders
Ball Eyes
Ball Sockets
Barn Door Brackets
Barn Door Guides
Barn Door Hangers
Barn Door Hardware
Barn Door Pulls & Latches
Barn Door Track
Barrel Bolts
Baseboard Bumpers
Bed & Bath Locksets
Bolt And Nuts
Bolts & Eyes
Brace Angel Steel
Braces & Straps
Bracket Steel
Brass Hardware
Brass Hardware Fittings
Brass Hardware Manufacturers
Building Hardware
Business Signs
Butt Hinges
Bypass Door Guides
Bypass Door Hardware
Bypass Door Kits
Bypass Door Pulls
Bypass Door Rollers
Bypass Door Tracks
Cabinet And Drawer Hardware
Cabinet Catches
Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet Hinges
Cabinet Knobs
Cabinet Latches
Cabinet Pull Backplates
Cabinet Pulls
Cable Fittings
Cane Bolts
Caster Cups
Ceiling Hooks
Ceilings Hardware
Ceramic Cabinet Knobs
Ceramic Cabinet Pulls
Chain Bolts
Chain Guards
Clamps & Brance
Closet Hardware
Closet Liner
Closet Organizers
Closet Pole Sockets
Closet Rod Brackets
Closet Rods
Closet Shelving
Closet Shelving Brackets
Coat Hooks
Commercial Door Closers
Concealed Hinges
Construction Hardware
Continuous Hinges
Corner Braces
Crossarm Steel
Cup Hooks
Danger Signs
Deck Hardware
Decorative Cabinet Hinges
Decorative Columns
Decorative Corners
Decorative Door Hinges
Decorative Hooks
Decorative Locksets
Door Accessories
Door Bolts & Guards
Door Closers
Door Guards
Door Hardware
Door Hinges
Door Hinges - Mortise
Door Hinges - Non-Mortise
Door Hinges - Rounded
Door Hinges - Specialty
Door Hinges - Square
Door Hinges.
Door Holders
Door Knockers
Door Stops
Door Thresholds & Sweeps
Door Viewers
Door Wedges
Double Arming Bolt
Dowels & Accessories
Drawer Hardware
Drawer Rollers
Drawer Slide Holders
Drawer Slides
Drawer Templates
Driveway Markers
Entry Locksets
Exit Signs
Exterior Shutters
Eye Bolts
Eye Links
Fire Safety Signs
Flag Brackets
Flag Poles
Flat Corner Irons
Floating Dock Hardware
Floor Door Stops
Floor Jack Posts
Flooring & Trim
Flush Bolts
Folding Door Hardware
Folding Door Parts
Foot Bolts
Foundation Access Doors
Foundation Anchors
Foundation Hardware
Framing Angles
Furniture Dollies
Furniture Glides
Furniture Handles
Furniture Hardware
Furniture Leg Tips
Garage Door Cables
Garage Door Hardware
Garage Door Lock
Garage Door Openers
Garage Door Parts
Garage Door Remotes
Garage Door Springs
Gate & Shed Hardware
Gate Hardware Kits
Gate Parts
General Hardware
Glass Cabinet Knobs
Glass Cabinet Pulls
Glass Shelving
Gravity Pivot Hinges
Ground & Anchor Rods
Gutter Joist Hangers & Connectors
Guy Wire Fittings
H Style Hinges
Hall & Closet
Hammock Hooks
Hand Rail Brackets
Hand Railings
Hinge Hasps
Hinge Pin Door Stops
Hinge Pins & Tips
Home Security
Hook Bolts
Hooks & Eyes
Hooks, Bolts & Eyes
House Numbers - Brass
House Numbers - Die Cast
House Numbers - Pewter
House Numbers - Plastic
House Numbers - Reflective
Hunting Signs
Insulation Supports
Insulator Caps
Insulator Fitting
Insulator Pins
Joist Hangers & Connectors
Joist Hanging Nails
Key Blanks
Key Chains
Key Chains & Accessories
Kick Plates
Letters - Brass
Lid Supports
Lock Parts
Locking Hasps
Lockset Parts
Machine Bolt
Machine Bolts
Magnetic Hooks
Mail Slots
Mailbox Accessories
Mailbox Post Combo
Mailbox Posts
Mending Plates
Metal Cabinet Knobs
Metal Cabinet Pulls
Metal Forming Hardware
Metal Hardware
Metal Hardware Manufacturer
Metal Shelving
Mirror Hanger
Mobile Home Hardware
Moulding Hooks
Number & Letter Sets
Numbers & Letters
Oval Eye Bolt
Padlock Cables
Padlocks - Brass
Padlocks - Combination
Padlocks - High Security
Padlocks - Sets
Padlocks - Weatherproof
Pads & Bumpers
Patio Door Handles
Patio Door Hardware
Patio Door Latches
Patio Door Locks
Patio Door Rollers
Pegboard Hooks
Picture Hangers
Picture Hanging
Picture Hanging Kits
Picture Hanging Nails
Picture Hanging Wire
Pipe Flashings
Plastic Cabinet Knobs
Plastic Cabinet Pulls
Plastic Shelving
Plate Casters
Plate Hangers
Plate Steel
Plywood Clips
Pocket Door Guides
Pocket Door Hardware
Pocket Door Kits
Pocket Door Locks
Pocket Door Pulls
Pole Line Hardware
Portable Closet
Power Line Hardware
Property Signs
Pull Plates
Push Plates
Rebar Pins
Reflective Vinyl Letters
Reflective Vinyl Numbers
Rental Signs
Residential Door Closers
Rod Chairs
S Hooks
Safety Cord Windups
Safety Gates
Safety Hasps
Safety Latches & Locks
Safety Outlet Protectors
Sale Signs
Screen Door Braces
Screen Door Catches
Screen Door Chains
Screen Door Closers
Screen Door Grills
Screen Door Hardware
Screen Door Hinges
Screen Door Kits
Screen Door Latches
Screen Door Locks
Screen Door Pulls
Screen Door Rollers & Guides
Screen Door Springs
Screen Door Strikes
Screw Eyes
Self Closing Hinges
Shaker Pegs
Shed Hardware Kits
Shed Hardwarehome
Shelf Brackets
Shelf Brackets - Standards
Shelf Brackets - Wood
Shelf Kits
Shelf Standards
Shelf Support Clips & Pegs
Shelving Hardware
Shoulder Hooks
Sign Holders
Signs & Reflectors
Sky Lights
Specialty Hardware
Spring Hinges
Stainless Steel Hardware
Standard Cabinet Hinges
Standard Hasps
Steel Channel
Steel Hardware
Stem Casters
Stencil Signs
Storage Hooks
Stove Guards & Knob Covers
Strain Clamps
Strap Hinges
Stubbing Bolt
Suction Cup Hooks
Surface & Slide Bolts
Suspension Clamps
Swag Hooks
Swing Hooks
Table Hardware
Table Legs - Folding
Table Legs - Wood
Tee Hinges
Traffic Signs
U Bolts
Utility Windows
Ventilation Products
Wall Bumpers
Window Accessories
Window Glass
Window Hardware
Window Wells
Wood Cabinet Knobs
Wood Cabinet Pulls
Wood Dowel Pins
Wood Dowels
Wood Spindles
Woods Plugs


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