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Thailand Musical Instruments Companies
serve two distinct functions. Firstly there are some manufacturers of musical instruments however these tend to be Thai instruments largely for use in Thailand with a small proportion being exported either to be used by Thai musicians abroad or as decorative items and souvenirs.

The second function is as importers and distributors of "western" musical instruments. Because of the high prices of these imported instruments there seems to be a healthy market in second hand instruments. I have come across many shops selling second hand guitars, brass instruments like trumpets and orchestral brass instruments. Popular also are reed instruments like clarinets and saxophones.

Indeed there is a royal connection to music in Thailand. His Majesty The King of Thailand plays a saxophone that has been given to him by Benny Goodman. Music plays an important part in the life of the Thai royal family. His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej is an internationally -recognized jazz musician with numerous original compositions to his credit, one of which was featured in a Broadway show in the 1950's.

Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindron is an accomplished performer on several classical Thai musical instruments, while Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn has made several popular music cassette tapes to raise funds for charity. d database purchase details.

Keyboards, pianos and electronic organs are also popular but are nearly 100% imported items from either Japanese manufacturers or again second hand instruments imported from places like Taiwan and China.

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Krachap Pi
Since ancient times, the Thai people have known how to make musical instruments or to copy the patterns of others and adapt them to their own uses. In fact, there are several kinds of musical instruments which the Thais apparently devised before they came in contact with the culture of India, which was widespread in Southeast Asia before they migrated there.
Later, when the Thai people were establishing their kingdoms and had come into contact with Indian culture, particularly with Indian instruments which the Mon and Khmer cultures had absorbed first, they assimilated this musical culture into their own.

Kokg Song Na (two drum faces)
From this contact, the Thais creats several new kinds of musical instruments such as the phin, sang, pi chanai, Krachap pi, chakhe, and thon, which are mentioned in the Trihumikatha, one of the first books written in Thai, and on a stone inscription from the time of King Ramkhamhaeng of the Sukhthai period. Some songs of the Sukhthai period are still sung at present, such as Phleng Thep Thong.
During the Ayutthaya period the instrumental ensemble was composed of four to eight musicians. Songs became much longer and singing technique was improved. Many Ayutthaya songs were composed in a from of musical suite called Phleng Rua, which was a series of songs. Poets contributed lyrics in the form of short stories, mostly from the Ramakian. Many Ayutthaya songs are still employed in Thai plays today.

In the beginning of the Bangkok period, after a long period of war, there was a remarkable revival of Thai arts, especially music and drama. The size of the instrumental ensemble was enlarged to 12 musicians and several masterpieces of Thai literature were produced as theatrical performances accompanied by music. Beautiful lyrics written by contemporary poets were fitted into melodies of the Ayutthaya period.
All Thai musicians in the past received their training from their teachers, through constant playing and singing in their presence. With nothing else to rely upon except their own memory, it was only through much hard work that they gained their technical experience and practical knowledge in playing and singing.

Tone Drum
In all, there are about 50 types of Thai musical instruments, including many local versions of flutes, stringed instruments, and gongs used for all kinds of occasions: festivals, folk theater, marriages, funerals, and social evenings after harvesting.



Featured Thai Musical Instruments Manufacturers

Cecilia Music
At cecilia music we are company that run by musician so that we know the quality of products.
There are plenty of manufacture that produce wind instrument. Some are of great quality and price but inconsistent with there output. We already selected instrument from many manufacture that are of good quality and very consistent With there quality control. There factory have been making instrument for big brand so that you can always rely on the quality of our instrument.
Products: Musical instrument

Madas Amps
As one of the leading musical instrument amplification manufacturer in Thailand. Acquiring your contact from the department of export promotion, with full awareness of your trade requirement. Madas amp model mgjc 60 & mgf 30 are the best selling electric guitar amplifiers for beginner and intermediate practice application. Boast it's unique electronic enclosure design and superior sonic quality.
Products: Guitar amplifiers, bass amplifiers, keyboard amplifiers, Musical Instrument, Acoustic Components, Electronic Instruments

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