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Financing a car loan, raising a mortgage on a house or simply getting a credit card is no easy task for a foreigner in Thailand. There are two fundamental problems. Firstly you are simply a foreigner.


Unlike foreigners in the west you have few basic rights to own property and businesses in Thailand. Secondly as a foreigner you can never own land to put down as security on a financial transaction.

Foreigners who want to own property or land have in the past simply formed dummy companies with shareholders who don't know each other. A simple procedure facilitated by a local Thai lawyer or accountant.

Just recently the Thai government has cracked down on this type of company registration not only making it much more difficult for a foreigner to make a company, own his own house or secure land rights but also leading to the threat of foreclosure on the assets of these 'ghost' companies.


Some foreign banks are much more sympathetic to foreigners. I have heard it is much easier to get finance and credit facilities from banks like Citibank or HSBC.

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Featured Thailand Finance Companies
DEG - German Investment & Development Company Thailand German company offering Financial Consulting, Foreign Investment, Project Financing, Loans, Equity, Guarantees, Industry, Infrastructure and Risk Management Services.
G.E. Capital (Thailand) Ltd Thailand American Company in Thailand operating financial services businesses auto financing, Auto Leasing; credit cards and personal loan services; and customer installment financing

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