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A Brothers Co., Ltd

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A Brothers Co., Ltd.
1951 Moo 7, Muang soi Santikham 8,
Sukhumvit 109 Rd.Samrong Nua,
Samutprakarn, 10270
Tel : 02-384-2065
Fax :02-384-7081
E-mail :
Website : 

Categories: Industrial Machinery & Equipment, Material Handling Equipment
Company Profile:

Crane systems
Over 20 years of experience in crane systems, we have speciallized in overhead crane systems, monorails, hoist, end carriages and many types of part in crane systems. We work to design, engineer, fabrication, installation and service maintenance. Every project we'll fabric and test in our factory before transport to customer.

We have after sell service by maintenance team. And we also have spare part in stock for service our customers with full performance and quickly.

Machine tool working
This is the original business of our company. Almost jobs is making part of machine. We have experience more than 30 years to guarantee product's quality. And we also have many types of machine tool for support our work.

Electric wire rope hoist
- Electric chain hoist
- Lever hoist
- Hand chain hoist

Overhead crane
Overhead Crane is a type of crane that can move in 3 axes; vertically (up-down), and horizontally (left-right, and backward-forward). There are two types which are single girder and double girder, that depend on capacity and span of crane.

Suspension crane or Underslug crane
Suspension crane is the same type of overhead crane but it is installed on ceiling mounted tracks rather than free standing or building columns. Advantageous side approach dimensions allow the optimum use of the entire width of the production.

Gantry Crane
Gantry Crane is a type of crane that have legs for run on the ground, can move in 3 axes; vertically (up-down), and horizontally (left-right, and backward-forward). It is suitable for outdoor project.

Semi Gantry Crane is a combination between Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane in which one leg move on the ground and the other move on run way. It is suitable for factory with limited space.

Jib crane
A Jib crane is a type of crane where a horizontal member (jib or boom), supporting a moveable hoist, is fixed to a wall or to a floor-mounted pillar. Jib cranes can moves in four directions; up-down and left-right. The jib may swing through an arc, to give additional lateral movement, or be fixed. There are two types of Job crane which are following.

Monorail is a single rail served as a track for a movable hoist to move a load in 2 axes; up-down, and left-right. The rail can be a single straight rail or curves and spur lines.

We have many components that use for crane system such as end carriages, gear motor, wheel, sling, high tro reel, flat cable systems, pendant control, rail clamp and photo sensor etc. And we also keep in stock for support our customer quickly.

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