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Charcoal is a luxury fuel in many developed nations used to cook all those succulent steaks and barbecue spare ribs that I can only dream about here in Thailand. However in Thailand charcoal is a basic fuel that is used everywhere from the home to the street food sellers. Of course the expensive restaurants use charcoal too to cook those steaks for the tourists, at tourist prices too.

I lived up-country for a while and thoroughly enjoyed my barbecues cooked by the charcoal that I made myself. An essential ingredient of this process is rice husks, freely available for collection from the local rice thresher. A few choice mango tree branches piled up neatly and covered with rice husks and hey presto after a slow overnight burn, a plentiful supply of charcoal is available for immediate use. The locals thought I was pretty crazy. The same charcoal could be bought for just a few Baht from the local market.


Commercial charcoal producers make a different quality of product. Compact and with a steady burn these charcoal briquettes are ideal for the western Barbie.

Another product of interest are the barbecues themselves. From simple slot together knock down barbecues to complex rotisserie devices for use by the dedicated barbecue enthusiast or restaurant steakhouse.

My two favourites however are the bucket barbecue and the table top style. The bucket barbecue is a simple clay pot enclosed in a galvanized bucket. A simple yet effective cooking tool that can be seen on every Thai street cooking up those small kebabs and barbecued chicken that along with som tam and sticky rice seems to be a staple diet of everyday Thai folk.

The circular barbecue is a cast iron plate that enables choice cuts of meat and fish to be grilled on top and noodles and vegetables to be boiled inside the outer ring. This creates an enjoyable group eating experience, Surely this could become much more popular in the west

Charcoal Briquettes the perfect fuel for the modern barbecue, Packed and ready for shipment. Barbecue equipment of all shapes and styles - interested?

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For your charcoal  needs please email with your requests.



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Featured Thailand Charcoal Manufacturers

Following you will find lists of Charcoal products and companies involved in the charcoal business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a charcoal company or simply supply a list of these charcoal companies then please email

activated charcoal
activated charcoal filter
adjustable charcoal grill
air purifier charcoal filter
aluminum charcoal grill
artificial charcoal-forming machine
aussie charcoal grill
bamboo charcoal
bamboo charcoal shoe inserts
bamboo charcoal thailand
bamboo charcoal-stuffed pillow
barbecue charcoal
barbecue charcoal grill
barbecue grill charcoal
barbecue grills
barbeque briquette
briquette charcoal
car air purifier with charcoal filter
carbon charcoal
cast iron charcoal grill
charbroil charcoal grill
charcoal air filter
charcoal as a dehumidifier
charcoal barbecue
charcoal barbecue grill
charcoal bbq
charcoal beads
charcoal bolsters
charcoal briquette
charcoal briquettes
charcoal canisters
charcoal cooking grill
charcoal dressings
charcoal filter
charcoal gas grill
charcoal grill
charcoal grill parts
charcoal grill smoker
charcoal grilles
charcoal hookah
charcoal making
charcoal manufacturer
charcoal manufacturers
charcoal masks
charcoal online
charcoal pencils
charcoal pillows
charcoal producers
charcoal respirator
charcoal smoker
charcoal smoker grill
charcoal smokers
charcoal soap
charcoal stove
charcoal tablet
charcoal tablets
charcoal thailand
charcoal water filter
coconut charcoal
coconut shell charcoal
coconut shell charcoal briquette
coconut shells bbq charcoal
compact block charcoal
crushed charcoal
eucalyptus charcoal
gas charcoal grill
gas charcoal grill combination
granular palm shell charcoal
granulated palm shell charcoal
grill charcoal
hookah charcoal
household air fresheners
incense charcoal
incense sticks
instant barbeque grill
lump charcoal
mangrove wood charcoal
mangrove wooden charcoal
nano-charcoal bamboo
natural bamboo charcoals
odor-free charcoal elastine
outdoor charcoal grill
palm shell charcoal
palm shell powder
pillows with bamboo charcoal
poly bamboo charcoal
portable barbecue grill
portable charcoal grill
powdered palm shell charcoal
safety masks & respirators
sawdust briquette charcoals
small charcoal grill
soap containing charcoal
stainless charcoal grill
stainless steel charcoal grill

arab coal (thailand) ltd.,PART.
bangkok companies
candidthai co.,Ltd.
Charcoal (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
chunghua international enterprise co.,LTD.
dollasu intertrade co.,LTD.
exim agency and trading co.,LTD.
first bamboo co,LTD.
k.r.t. agriculture ltd.,Part.
kanda shoukai (thailand) co,Ltd.
l.l. metal sheet co.,LTD
mekong agriculture industry co.,Ltd..
  millennium food tech co., LTD
nimbus trading ltd.,Part.
o.g. ibis co.,Ltd.
pier 11 co ltd,
power electrical support co.,LTD.
preecha charcoal ltd part.,
rayong tkc engineering and supply ltd., Partnership
siam merchandise sourcing co.,LTD.
syt charcoal industry co.,LTD. trading co.,LTD.
web the web co.,Ltd.



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