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Thailand has unfortunately gained a bad reputation as being the home of the fake watch. fake Rolexes, fake Seiko, fake TagHeur, fake Patek Phillipe, could be found on almost every street corner in the tourist areas. They can still be found however it maybe is not so well known that Thailand has become the base for many European especially Swiss watch and clock manufacturers.


Skilled workers and lower production costs ensure high quality watches and clocks for the worldwide as well as European markets.


I see the market for clocks and other timepieces in Thailand divided into three segments:

  • High quality timepieces,

  • Cheap mass produced clocks for consumer demand such as alarm clocks, kitchen clocks and household clocks

  • Electronic timekeeping equipment used in instruments, industrial equipment and in the flourishing automotive industry in Thailand


We are in contact with the best of these clock companies and can source your horological products directly at manufacturing or wholesale prices.


Here is an example of one of the many manufacturing and trading companies involved in the clock and watch business in Thailand.


Company Name :
Novolux Watch Co., Ltd.
Address :
  354 Zone Export 3 Latkrabang Industrial Estate Lampathiw Latkrabang Bangkok 10520 Thailand

Tel :
Fax :


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  A Selection of Clocks from one of our Thailand Suppliers  
Featured Thailand Clocks & Watches Companies
B.K. Jewelry Manufacturer Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Jewelry Manufacturer of Gems Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Watches

Following you will find lists of clocks available from companies doing business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a clock company or simply supply a list of these clock companies then please email

alarm clocks
alter-angle desk clock
american walnut clock
analog clock exporters
analog decorative desk clocks
analog decorative wall clocks
analog desk clocks
analog executive desk clocks
analog floor clocks
analog jumbo wall clocks
analog metal wall clocks
analog musical wall clocks
analog office wall clocks
analog photo frame clocks
analog plastic wall clocks
analog projection clocks
analog radio-controlled clocks
analog solar clocks
analog talking desk clocks
analog travel clocks
analog weather station clocks
analog wooden wall clocks
analog world time clocks
anniversary clock
anniversary clock with brass base and glass dome
anniversary clocks
antique reproduction table clock
arched desk clock
arched pendulum desk clock
arched top desk clock
armillary sphere clock
athens clock
atomic alarm clock
atomic clocks
atomic desk clock
atomic mantel clock
atomic travel alarm
barometer clocks
basic wall clocks
bathroom clocks
bedside alarm clock
black plaque features clock
black table clock
black wall clock
brass and glass column clock
brass and glass table clock
brass case with floating dial
brass stand and glass crystal front
brass tabletop clock
brass tone carriage clock
brushed aluminum arch clock
calendar clocks
carriage alarm clock
carriage desk clock
carriage style mantel clock
cherry & brass clock
chime clocks
chiming anniversary clock
chiming atomic wall clock
chiming schoolhouse clock
chiming wall clock
chiming wall clocks
classic chiming wall clock
clocks for visually & hearing impaired
contemporary alarm clock
contemporary desk clock
corporate gifts
crystal anniversary - mantel clock
desk clock
desk clocks
desk sets
digital & analog-digital clock exporters
digital radio-controlled clocks
digital solar clocks
digital travel clocks
engraved desk clock
executive clock
french mantel clock
french style mantel clock
glass and aluminum clock
glass and aluminum desk clock
glass and brass award clock
glass and brass clock
glass clock
glow alarm clock
gold tone anniversary clock
gold-tone solid brass case
high-gloss black desk clock
international time zone clocks
larger wall clocks
lca clocks
lcd alarm clock
lcd alarm clocks
lcd el backlight clocks
lcd multifunction clocks
lcd projection clocks
lcd talking clocks
lcd wall clocks
led alarm clocks
led multifunction clocks
lucite arch clock
mahogany and frosted glass desk clock
mahogany finish napoleon clock
mantle clocks
mechanical alarm clocks
melody in motion clocks
metal carriage style clock
miniature desk clocks
modern gimballed desk clock
modern wall clocks
multiple time zone digital clocks
multiple time zone wall clocks
musical clock
musical clocks
napoleon mantle clock
neon clocks
novelty clocks
office desk clock
pendulum clock with walnut finish
pendulum desk clocks
pendulum mantel clock
pendulum/chiming wall clocks
piano finish desk clock
polished gold tone alarm clock
quartz analog alarm clocks
retro alarm clock
retro-look clock
roman numeral dial
rosewood and glass desk clock
rosewood arch clock
rosewood book clock
rosewood clock
rosewood desk clock
rosewood mantle clock
rosewood swivel clock
rosewood table clock
rosewood wall clock
rotating swarovski crystal clock
rotating swarovski crystal pendulum
schoolhouse wall clock
seiko alarm clock
seiko clockcontemporary mantel clock
seiko travel alarm clock
silvertone metallic case
solar powered clock
solid brass case with gimbaled design
solid brass case with rotating armillary sphere
spinning desk clock
table clock with brass accents
table top clocks
talking alarm clock
tambour desk clock
thermometer clocks
time clocks
time zone display wall clocks
traditional column clock
traditional desk clock
traditional wall clock
travel alarm clocks
us atomic clock
wall clock
wall clocks
walnut wall clock
waterproof clocks
westminster chime mantle clock
wood desk clock
wood mantel clock
wooden mantel clock
wooden wall clocks
world time clock
world time clocks


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