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Thailand Clothing Companies, Thai Clothing Manufacturers



What are you looking for? Clothing retailers, clothing wholesalers or clothing manufacturers. It all comes down to the quantity you require.


Buyers from all over the world descend on Bangkok on a daily basis to source and pick up their quota. They box, pack and FedEx their purchases back home and make a tidy profit.


There is no shortage of clothing, garments and clothing accessories in Thailand. However high quality is generally reserved for export orders.


Bangkok is awash with clothing. There is clothing in the markets, clothing in the fashion shops and even clothing on the street stalls dotted amongst the noodle sellers and the fake watch touts.


Most orders that I get for clothing are a dozen of this item or a dozen of that item. Some tourist had a nice holiday and saw the sarongs and beach wear sold cheaply in the market. They took a few home for their friends and now they think they can start up a clothing business.



Good idea but please don't email me to help. I am too busy fulfilling orders and filling containers with clothes from the manufacturers. Enjoy your holiday in Thailand. Please come again and next time bring an extra suitcase to fill with your booty. Better idea just buy that extra suitcase here.


If you have a serious order for garments, clothing or clothing accessories of any description please check out our garment products & garment manufacturers page and then email with your order for a minimum one 20' container.




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Following you will find lists of clothing products from companies involved in the clothing business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a clothing company or simply supply a list of these clothing businesses then please email

garment products & garment manufacturers

baby clothes
baby denim shorts
baby dresses
baby jackets
baby outdoor apparel
baby pants
baby robes
baby rompers
baby sets
baby shirts
baby shoes
baby shorts
baby sleepwear
baby suits
baby sweaters
baby t-shirts
baby undergarments
baby winter knitwear sets
bamboo fabric shirt
baseball t-shirt
bath robes
black sarong
boys denim shorts
brassiere accessories
bridal gowns
bridegroom suits
bridesmaid dresses
brown fisherman pants
cheap tanktops
children's casual jackets
children's casual socks
children's causal dresses
childrens clothing
children's dress shoes
children's dress socks
children's fashion garments
children's fashion jackets
children's formal dresses
children's garment
children's jeans
children's jogging suits
children's outdoor apparel
children's outerwear
children's pants
children's polo shirts
children's pullovers
children's rainwear
children's robes
children's shirts
children's shorts
children's skirts
children's skiwear
children's sleepwear
children's sports garments
children's sports jerseys
children's sports shorts
children's sports trousers
children's suits
children's sweaters
children's swimwear
children's track tops
children's training suits
children's t-shirts
children's undergarments
children's vests
children's wear
children's windbreakers
children's winter jackets
chinese dragon ladies shirt
chinese style silky pijamas
clerical robes
clothing accessories
clothing products
comfortable clothing
cotton cloth scarves
cotton fisherman pants
cotton massage shirt
cotton t-shirt styles
cross tie shirt
custom made clothings
custom tailor made clothes
custom-made attire
designer neckties
designer silk scarves
dog clothes
drive in pants
eady-made garments
embroidered gypsy womens
embroidered jeans
embroidery clothing
fashion apparel
fashion neckties
fishermans pants
fishermans trousers
flame dress
front tie yoga pants
garment ribbons
garment trimming supplies
gents outerwears
girls bottoms
girls denim shorts
girls tops
handmade thai silk products
hospital garments
hot fashions
imitation fur garments
infant clothes
infant girls tank top
institutional uniforms
jean jacket
kimono tie
ladies dragon shirt
ladies exclusive dresses
ladies japanese kimono style shirt
ladies kimono shirt
ladies outerwears
ladies silk kimono shirt
lady clothings
le coq sport products
le coq sportif clothing.
long pants
long sarongs
maternity clothes
maternity wear
men boxer shorts
men's blazers
men's casual jackets
men's casual shirts
men's casual socks
mens clothing
men's cotton shirt
men's dress shirts
men's dress socks
men's fashion garments
men's fashion jackets
men's gloves
men's golf apparel
men's jeans
men's jogging suits
men's knitted synthetic garments
men's knitted woollen garments
men's leather jackets
men's outdoor apparel
mens outerwear
men's outerwear
men's polo shirts
men's pullovers
men's rainwear
men's ready-to-wear apparel
men's ready-to-wear garments
men's robes
mens shirts
men's shorts
men's skiwear
men's sleepwear
men's sports briefs
men's sports garments
men's sports jerseys
men's sports shorts
men's sportswear
men's suede jackets
men's suits
men's sweaters
men's swimwear
men's synthetic garments
men's track tops
men's training suits
men's trousers
men's t-shirts
men's undergarments
men's undershirts
men's underwear
men's vests
men's wetsuits
men's windbreakers
men's winter coats
men's winter jackets
men's woollen garments
muay thai shorts
muaythai shorts
mudmee thai silk
nakrita silk
name brand baby clothes
neck silk scarves
northern thai batik shirts
nylon shorts
odm garments
oem garments
online clothing store
patient garments
pet clothes
pet cloths
plain neckties
printed neckties
pull string ladies pants
raindrop thai silk scarves
ram thai
ram thai costumes
ready-to-wear garments
satin shorts
sexy chinese lingerie
sexy clothing made in thailand
sexy thai silk kimono robe
short pants
short sarongs
silk garments
silk ladies kimono shirt
silk neck scarves
silk neck ties
silk scarf
silk scarves
silk scrave
silk shawl
sleeveless dress
spandex tops
spendex dress
sports jerseys
sports shorts
sports trousers
sun flower sarong
surgical garments
textured thai silk ladies nightgown
thai classical dance costumes
thai crafted mens baggy cargo pants
thai dye dress
thai dye dresses
thai fisherman pants
thai silk apparel
thai silk ladies nightgown
thai silk night gown
thai silk pijamas
thai silk sleeveless dress
thai silk.
thai style silky pijamas
thai wedding dress
thai yoga pants
thailand meditation yoga pants
thailand silk pijamas
thailand style cross tie ladies top
thailand style cross tie shirt
thailand t-shirts
three quarter sleeve t-shirt
tie dye cotton nightgown
track tops
traditional fishermans trousers
traditional karen hill tribe outfit
traditional thai cotton shirt
used clothes
waterproof garments
woman clothes
women pants
women's blazers
women's blouses
women's cardigans
women's casual jackets
women's casual socks
womens clothing
women's clothing
women's coats
womens dress sets
women's dress socks
women's dresses
women's evening wear
women's fashion garments
women's fashion jackets
women's formal wear
women's gloves
women's golf apparel
women's jeans
women's jogging suits
women's knitted synthetic garments
women's knitted woollen garments
women's leather jackets
womens nightwear
women's outdoor apparel
women's outerwear
women's overcoats
women's pants & shorts
women's polo shirts
women's pullovers
women's rainwear
women's ready-to-wear apparel
women's ready-to-wear garments
women's robes
womens shirts
women's shirts
women's shorts
women's skirts
women's skiwear
women's sleepwear
women's sports garments
women's sports jerseys
women's sports shorts
women's sportswear
women's suede jackets
women's suits
women's sweaters
women's swimwear
women's synthetic garments
women's tank tops
women's track tops
women's training suits
women's t-shirts
women's undergarments
women's underwear
women's vests
women's wetsuits
women's windbreakers
women's winter jackets
women's woollen garments
workplace safety apparel

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