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Thailand Computer Software, Thai Computer Software Companies

Thailand Computer Software companies
are starting to make a major digital impression on the world stage. A few years ago there was a flurry of foreign computer companies setting up business in Bangkok. There was a distinct lack of qualified and able computer software programmers and software designers. This is certainly not the case nowadays. There are even reports that Thailand is looking to challenge India to become a major computer services hub. Personally I cannot see that happening. I have met many staff who work in Bangkok software companies. They have spent years learning their skills at Thai Universities and I am sure they can do their jobs very well and very professionally. However in general their lack of skills in English, which is the language of international business is well...frankly dismal


If you are a company buyer or a buyer of computer software for personal use then Thailand is a great place to source your computer software products. The proviso is that if you are a corporate client you will be looking for specialist computer software applications and if you are a personal buyer you will probably be looking for pirated software, games software like Ragnarok or maybe language software.


I don't want to write about pirate software in Thailand and illegal copies of software. Yes you can buy pirated copies of the latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Office and a whole host of software products like Adobe and Dreamweaver. The choice is vast and the choice is yours. However please don't write to me and ask me to supply this type of pirated copy software.



Now professional and specialist software applications abound in Thailand. India may have the market cornered for some types of software but Thailand has some gems too. Thailand produces a lot of the games software and graphics and indeed the packaging for many Japanese companies. Very good the are too. I have contacts in these Thai software houses and often get sent beta versions to test and evaluate.


I also work closely with a computer developer that produces hospital management software. I see from week to week how this product evolves, is changed and adapted as the hospital, the largest and most prestigious in Bangkok, finds more and more systems to computerize.


Special software for learning languages is available. Learning Thai, Study English, German, Spanish etc. Many children's educational software titles have been developed in Thai language to help Thai kids with their studies and play time activities.


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For a complete list of Thailand and Bangkok companies involved in the Computer Software Industry in Thailand please visit this page: Thailand Computer Companies and Computer Manufacturers


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Featured Thai Computer Software Companies

A.B.S. Services Inc Thailand Engineering and Verification; Management Systems Certification ISO and OSHA standards; publishing, training and consulting
ACA PACIFIC TECHNOLOGY (TH) CO., LTD. Thailand Security Software, Anti-Virus Software, Internet Screening Systems, Design Automation Solutions, Animation & Virtual Reality Solutions, Document Imaging
Actran Systems Co., Ltd. Thailand Computer Software ACCPAC reseller in Thailand
Business Applications Company Limited Thailand Thai Provider of ERP Software, Corporate Performance Management, CPM solutions
Eclipse Computing (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand International IT Consultant Company providing CRM Solutions, PSA Solutions, Financial Solutions, audits, process analysis, change management, implementation, project management, software upgrades and technology consulting
F.A. Tech Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Dealer and Distributor of dealer of Mitsubishi Factory Automation in Thailand including MMI and SCADA Software. Our products include Mitsubishi brand Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Inverters, Servo, CNC, Graphic Operation Terminals (GOT)
G.P. SOLUTIONS CO, LTD. Thailand Provider of Computer Software, Business Solution Software, Database Information System, Education Software, Internet Information System, Multimedia Software
I'm Technologies (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Software Company producing English Thai Computer Translation Software. SiM Interactive Language Enhancement (SMILE) which enables a user to key in Thai words in Romanized alphabetical form, based on pronunciation, and have them translated and displayed in traditional Thai script.
I-Net Solutions Co.,Ltd Thailand German Company in Thailand involved in the Communications and Computer Business, Computer Messaging-service, Software Development, Computer system Implementation & Maintenance, Software & Hardware Maintenance, Office Communications systems
R & D COMPUTER SYSTEM CO.,LTD Thailand A major Thai Software Developer supplying software services and computer hardware products such as , Programming, Software Protection System, Embedded Systems,  CAD/CAM/CAE, Thai Driver Hardware Card,  Video Capture Card, Data Security Card
T & N Technologies Co., Ltd Thailand An American company in Thailand providing Custom, customized, and packaged software, Software product selection to meet client needs, Software project management, Business consulting to software companies and government agencies

Following you will find lists of Computer Software products from companies involved in the Computer business in Thailand. List of Computer Companies

3d animation
accounting package
anti-spyware software
antivirus software
applicant tracking software
application developer
application development.
architect software
auction online
auditing and inventory
broadband content development
broadcast learning solutions
business application
business intelligence
business process software
business software
call center software
call center workforce management
call management
cati solution for telephone surveys
cmms maintenance software
cmms software
computer software
computer web application
computerized maintenance management system
consultancy and training.
cross supply chain solutions
crystal report
customized software for accounting application
design software
design software applications
development management
distribution software
distribution specific software
e-business solution
electronic approvals
electronic requisitions
emr software
end-to-end software development
enterprise integration engine
enterprise supply chain software
executive search
executive search recruiting software
facility maintenance
financial software
fingerprint recognition
fleet maintenance software
fleet management systems
free computer software
games software
gis paperless office
graphic design
healthcare it software
healthcare software
healthcare systems
help desk software
high-performance computing systems
homepages software applications
hospital information systems
hotel management system.
hp solutions
human resource management system
ibs - distribution software
imis membership software
integrated business software
inventory control
ist distribution software
it asset management
it outsourcing
it solution consulting.
java technologies
jewelry software
license management
maintenance management software
maintenance software
management software
manufacturing resource optimization suit
medical billing software
medical management software
medical practice management
medical software
membership software
mobile game publisher
ms purchasing software
multimedia contact center solutions
multimedia software
network solution
oem software
offshore development
offshore software
online cati software
online learning services
open source
operating system
oracle technology
organizational charting.
performance management software
photography software
pnet - purchasing software
precision tools
predictive dialing solutions
printer software
process management
procurement software
provider of computer network system
provider of outsourced software services
purchasing and payables software
purchasing software
purchasing software solutions
quality system management
quality system management services
real-time small business software
recruiting software
restaurant software management
rfid technologies
satellite pvr
security card solutions
server software
skill management
small business software
small business software solutions
software application for machine maintenance
software development
software development company
software development industry in thailand.
software distributor
software engineering
software for jewelry industry
software for medical industry
software for photography
software house
software industry
software maintenance
software performance management
software value added reselle
solution provider
spc application software
spyware remover
sql database
sql server
strategic talent management
supplier catalogs
system integrator
talent management solution
thai software companies
time access solution
touch-screen technology
transportation software
travel agency software
video games
visual basic
warehouse management
web application performance management
web applications.
web design
web performance management software
web-based solution system integrator.
wholesale distribution software
window applications
workflow client server
workforce management software
xml webservice

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