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Thailand Cosmetics Companies, Thai Cosmetics Manufacturers


Thailand cosmetics manufacturers are in great demand. Not that Thai women are in so much need of cosmetics to enhance their beauty but for foreign cosmetic companies looking for new products and cheaper manufacturing facilities to outsource their production.


This year I have had chance to see two very different sides of the cosmetics business here in Thailand. Firstly one young lady who is the personal assistant of a very famous international cosmetics company with prestigious offices in downtown Bangkok. And the lady owner entrepreneur of a cosmetics manufacturing and cosmetics distribution company. The difference between the two. Well both outwardly were two beautiful and successful Thai women. The difference ...confidence.


The personal assistant struggling to keep up with the pressures and expectations of working for a famous brand name international cosmetics company. Million dollar product launches and a boss who expects perfection. The owner entrepreneur engrossed in the little things. Choosing the right packaging, promoting her products at health & beauty trade fairs around the region and dealing with international and domestic distribution of her products. On the top of this she still manages to take care of her family and her little boy. What an amazing beautiful Thai lady!!

Herbal and natural products seem the way that Thai cosmetics companies are going. Also spa products, soaps, massage creams and body lotions and potions.


These used to be and still are imported from exotic places like Switzerland and Monaco. But watch out - there's a beautiful Thai lady about. She isn't stealing and copying your secret recipes. No she has her own secret - confidence, dedication and simple hard work.


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Featured Thailand Cosmetics Manufacturers
A.T. Chemical Co.,Ltd. Thailand Manufacturer of Cosmetics, Pearl Cream and lotion, Ginseng Cream, Ling Zhi Cream, Aloe Vera Cream
A Plus Supply Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributors of Beauty Products, Skin Care, Soap, Spa Products, Cosmetics, Spa Milk Salt Scrub, Hair Spa Treatments
I Plus Q Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Spa Products Manufacturer of Skin Rituals, Essential Oil, 100% Pure Base Oil, Carrier Oil, Blend Essential Oil, 100% Essential Oil Blended, Body Massage Oil, Herbal Body Scrub, Body Cream Scrub, Fine Scrub, Body Cream Scrub, Extra Scrub, Body Wrap, Body Mask, Bath Therapy, Floral Water ( Hydrosol Plus), Personal Care Products, Hotel Amenity Products, Hand Care & Foot Care, Pillow Mist, Aroma Beads, Spa Accessories, Spa Product Packaging
K.M. Interlab Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Cosmetics, toiletries manufacturer, Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Massage Oil, Moisturizing Lipstick, Liquid Cosmetics, Mascara, Powders, Eye Shadow, Eyeliner Pencils, Whitening, Shower & Bath Cream, Feminine Hygiene Wash, Body Lotion, Moisturizing Cream, Perfumed Talc, Body Spray, Eau de Parfum, Shampoo and Conditioner.
OCC Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Covermark Cosmetics, Fragrances, Lingerie, Swim Wear, Men's apparel, Woman's Apparel, Children's Apparel, Hair Products Perfume, Skin Care Products
RPC International Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Health & Beauty Products such as Natural Scar Gel, Slimming Products, Biotin, Ginkgo Bioba, Lecithin, Garcinia, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Facial Sun Protection and Mild Cleansing Gel
S & J International Enterprises Public Co., Ltd Thailand A Thai manufacturer of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, Skin Care Products, toners and moisturizers, skin treatment preparations, Toiletry Products, Greeting Cards, Birthday Cards, Love & Friendship Cards, Graduation Cards and Business Greeting Cards
S.C. Artistry Co.,Ltd Thailand Permanent Colours, Hair Treatments, Jojoba Oil Treatment, Sunflower Treatment, mousse, gel, spray, Herbal Perming Lotion, Straightening Cream, Anti Dandruff Herbal Hair Tonic

Featured Company
Palida Co., Ltd.
The Palida company was established in 1985 as part of NS group. We are manufacture of cosmetic,
personal care and toiletries products for the leading distributor of many brands. Our brands are Tracy de
beauty, Palida, Pretty girl, Nanta and Palli Pali. Every step of the production process adheres to the
strictest standards and involves the use of modern technologies to boost both efficiency and production
capacity. We are leader to distribute in Hong Kong, Japan and Germany. The company is currently
expanding its product line to include health drinks.
The company has developed and improved all aspects of production for the purpose of reliable quality
cosmetics products. Under the policy to be the leading in this business line , every products from us will
be standardized and must be in finest quality. The machine as well as those modern technologies have
always been introduced in order to increase our production capacity which was 2000 tons annually.
Every steps of our manufacturing process has been carefully inspected by our qualified staff and products quality is the most important which being strictly controlled by our qualified team of Q.C. and Q.A. departments. Raw materials and packaging material are under quality control and kept in good condition.
Contact : Mr. Sirisak Sirarojkul

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Following you will find lists of cosmetics products and companies involved in the cosmetics business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a cosmetics company or simply supply a list of these cosmetics companies then please email

all day lipstick
apple lip care
aromatherapy products
artistry cosmetics
base and top coat
beauty & cosmetics
beauty care
blush all day
body cream
body lotion
boss venazio azzaro
breast cream
bronzers and highlighters
brow kits
christian dior perfumes
clean finish toner
cleaning compounds
colour cosmetics
compact powder
compact powders
cooling powder
cosmatics packaging
cosmed products
cosmetic and traditional herbal supplement
cosmetic applicator
cosmetic brushes
cosmetic cases
cosmetic ingredients
cosmetic kits
cosmetic mirrors
cosmetic packaging
cosmetic puff
cosmetic raw materials
cosmetic sharpeners
cosmetic sponges
cosmetic treatment
cosmetics & fragrances
cosmetics distributor
cosmetics exporter
cosmetics for women
cosmetics manufacturer
cosmetics powder
covermark cosmetics
cream blush
cream eyeshadow
cream foundation
deodorant crystal stones
deodorant mist spray
deodorant stone
depilatory cream
distribution cosmetics
eye make-up
eye shading pencil
eye shadow
eyelash curlers
eyeliner & brow liner
eyeshadow primer
face cream
face foundations
face make-up
face powder
facial cream
facial foam
facial sun block
foundation primer
gift sets
groom aids
hair care products
hair cosmetics
hair dye
health & beauty products
herbal breast cream
herbal cosmetic
herbal cosmetic cream
herbal cosmetics
herbal products
herbal steam bath
hygiene products
light source moisture lotion
lip care
lip gloss
lip liner
lip make up
lip moisturizers & balms
lip palettes
lip pencil
liquid cleanser
liquid eyeliner
liquid foundation
loose powder
lotionfoundation cake
make-up applicators
makeup brushes
make-up kits
makeup puff
make-up removers
makeup sets and kits
manufacturer of cosmetics
menthol lip care
nail enamel
nail polish
nail polish bottles
nail polish remover
nail polishes
natural care products
natural cosmetics body powder
natural deodorant
natural deodorant stone
natural handmade soaps
natural herbal extracts
natural hypo-allergenic deodorant
natural moisturizer
natural soaps
nature-identical deodorant substances
oil-free foundation
orange lip care
orchid perfume
palletes and sets
pearl cream
pencil liner
perfume bottles
perfumes & fragrances
personal care
personal care items
personal care products
pimple care
plastic containers for cosmetics
powder blush
powder cakes
powder foundation
powder puff
powder puff manufacturers
private label cosmetics
pure lip care
roll-on anti-perspiration deodorant
seaweed soap
shiseido cosmetics
skin care
skin care & treatment products
skin care cosmetics
skin care transparent soap
spray pumps
strawberry lip care
sun block
sunblock formulations
sunscreen cream
thai crystal deodorant mist
thai deodorant stone stick
tinted lip balm
ultima ii
waterproof mascara
wella hair care cosmetic products
white lip cream
whitening lotion
whrtenning cream
with sun protection
yves rocher

622 emporium,
77 multitrade co.,LTD.
a & j beauty products co.,Ltd.
a. best inter products co.,LTD.
a.t. chemical co.,Ltd.
a.v.-tree wealthy care co.,LTD.
acetly (2000) co.,LTD.
adinop co,ltd.
advance cosmetics co,LTD
aesthetic plus co.,LTD.
all-siam siam company,
amway (thailand) ltd,
angela cosmetics co.,Ltd
apex cosmetic co.,Ltd.
aroma skin consult co.,LTD.
aroma vera co.,Ltd.
aron cosmo co,Ltd.
asia pacific cosmetics corporation .ltd,
aventis cropscience (thailand) co.,LTD.
avon cosmetics (thailand) ltd.,
b.p. cosmetic co.,LTD.
bangkok lab & cosmetic co.,Ltd.
basf (thai) ltd.,
beauty service company ltd. (wella thailand)
belle cosmetics (thailand) co,Ltd.
benny cosmetics corporation co,Ltd.
berli jucker public co,LTD.
berli jucker public company limited,
berlin pharmaceutical industry co,LTD.
better way (thailand) co,Ltd.
bio consumer co,Ltd.
bio pure co,LTD.
biophile corporation,
bio-woman co.,Ltd.
body shop international plc,The
boots retail (thailand) ltd.,
bright glow cosmetic 2003 co.,Ltd
bronjac (thailand) co,Ltd.
centasia co,Ltd.
central watson co.,Ltd.
ceutic co,Ltd.
charles cosmtics co,LTD
chatphet wattana co.,LTD.
chiem cometic packaging co.,LTD.
chiem cosmetic packaging co.,LTD.
cinnamic co.,LTD.
connell bros co (thailand) ltd,
cosmetic creation co ltd,
cosmetic manufacturers association,The
cris go (thailand) co,Ltd.
d.c. pharmaceutical co ltd,
d.s.t. 1993 co.,LTD.
daiichi jitsugyo (thailand) co ltd,
drogoco (thailand) ltd.,
eastern herb co,LTD.
enlighten co,LTD.
extra pharmaceutical co;ltd,
first lab interproducts co,LTD.
fruehling cosmetics co,Ltd.
fujiswan international co,LTD.
gale cosmetics co,LTD
garguar lab co,LTD
general care products co.,LTD.
general glass co,Ltd
germaine de caduceini (thailand) ltd.,
giffarine skyline laboratory & health care co.,LTD
glasspack co.,LTD.
global cosmetics research co.,LTD.
golden world int'l (thailand) co.,LTD.
green chart natural herbs (thailand) co.,Ltd.
greensville co,LTD.
hagemeyer (thailand) ltd.,
hanako direct sale co,Ltd.
health herb products co,LTD.
hoechst chemical industries ltd.,
hong thong cosmetics co ltd,
i.c.c. international plc.,
i.s.p. (thailand) co ltd,
i.v.p. international co.,Ltd.
inchape consumer marketing co,Ltd.
inchcape (thailand) ltd.,
inchcape manufacturing co ltd,
inchcape marketing services thailand ltd,
inova-cosmetics research centre co.,LTD
inter health products co.,Ltd.
international beauty products co,Ltd.
international cosmetics co,Ltd.
international herb & cosmetics,
international laboratories corp.,Ltd.
iparcos (thailand) co,Ltd.
j. sky herber cosmetics,
j.s. international (thailand),
jackie's international trading co,Ltd.
jar 4 u ltd.,PART.
k.m. interlab co,LTD
k.o.p. international co.,LTD.
kittichoke iืntertrade ltd.,PART
koonta enterprise co.,Ltd.
kose (thailand) co ltd,
krungthai plaspack co,LTD.
l.b.g. limited,
l.f.d. manufacturing co,LTD.
l.n.b. lab group co.,LTD.
l.p. intercosmetic co,LTD.
l.s. travel & trading co.,Ltd.
la chule cosmetic (thailand),
lachule cosmetics (thailand),
lee seng enterprise co.,Ltd.
libra exim cosmetic co.,Ltd
lipstick beauty house,
loreal (thailand) co.,Ltd.
l'oreal (thailand) limited,
m.s. beautyline co.,Ltd
madam marketting co,LTD.
make scents limited,
meng seng plastic co ltd,
milott laboratories co,LTD.
minor corporation public co,Ltd.
mit mongkol industry co ltd,
modern cass intl' cosmetics,
moontime studio co.,Ltd
must international group limited,
must international holdings ltd.,
must national communications ltd.,
namsiang group of companies,
naris thai manufacturing co ltd,
nattachote industries co.,LTD.
nattharat holdings co. ltd,
nawapol industry co.,LTD.
neo bess international cosmetics ltd.,Part.
new enjoy universal co.,Ltd.
nual anong co.,LTD.
nuskin personal care (thailand) ltd,
o.c.c. public co.,Ltd.
orawan laser skin center,
oriflame (thailand) ltd,
ouiheng import co.,Ltd.
p.b.l. cosmetic co.,Ltd.
p.c.i.c. (pan cosmetics international) co.,Ltd.
p.c.l. co.,LTD.
p.k. chem corp.,LTD.
p.s.n. intergroup co.,LTD.
palida co.,LTD.
pan cosmetics international co.,Ltd.
panacea cosmetics co.,Ltd
peeling international cosmetic co.,LTD.
perfect health solution co.,LTD.
perfect inter products co.,LTD.
pharma cosmet co.,Ltd.
pharmacare limited,
phumaneerat bhaesaj ltd.,PART.
pola cosmetics (thailand) co ltd,
pornsri cosmetic co.,Ltd.
porperty techonology co.,Ltd.
premier pharma supply co.,LTD
princess beauty center,
printing solution co.,Ltd.
pure life international co.,Ltd
quality lab co ltd,
re-x products co.,Ltd.
rianthai interplas co.,LTD
ruamchai products ltd.,PART.
rubia industries lrd.,
s & j international enterprises public co.,Ltd.
s & l internetional enterprises co.,Ltd.
s.d. advance co.,LTD.
s.p.c. cosmetic,
saha asia pacific co.,Ltd.
sand-m international co.,LTD.
santa crafts merchandising co ltd,
sarolux (thailand) co.,LTD.
sensara cosmetics (thailand) limited,
sensient technologies (thailand) ltd.,
she we corporation co.,
shiseido (thailand) co.,Ltd.
siam global co.,LTD
siam yoko co.,LTD.
siribuncha co.,LTD.
skin care products (thailand) co.,Ltd.
skyline laboratory co.,LTD
ssup total wellness co.,Ltd.
st. carlos group of health services,
st. herb cosmetics international co.,LTD.
streamnet co.,LTD.
sudtana (2534) co.,LTD.
sunny world co.,Ltd.
suprederm international co.. ltd.,
surathin international company (sti),
t.c. pharmaceutical industries co.,LTD
t.c. union foods co.,LTD.
t.m. cosmetic ltd.,Part
t.n.s. trading cosmetics,
t.s.h. products co.,Ltd.
t.t.s. inter-trade co ltd,
tai sin industrial co.,Ltd.
tasgof co ltd,
thai export centre co.,LTD.
thai haylia co .,LTD.
thai herbal products co.,LTD.
thai hoover industry co.,Ltd.
thai kamaya co ltd,
thai pharmaceutical manufacturers association,
thai puff manufacturing co.,LTD.
thailor limited,
thaix perfume ltd.,PART
thanapat intertrade co.,LTD.
thistle corp.,Ltd.
tiara co.,LTD.
to nature co.,LTD.
tolarams ( thailand) co.,LTD.
top trend manufacturing co.,LTD
true trading co.,Ltd.
u. thai kij polybag co.,LTD
ueno fine chemicals industry (thailand) ltd.,
unique fashion co.,LTD.
univentures public co.,LTD.
universal flavors & colors (thailand) ltd.,
universal herb & marketing co.,LTD.
universe beauty co.,LTD.
v. excel products co.,LTD.
vivaldi beauty supply l.p.,
w. marketing co.,LTD.
wanalee co.,LTD.
wanda cosmetics co.,Ltd
wann international cosmetics ltd.,Part.
wongpin co.,LTD.
yves rocher (thailand) co.,Ltd.

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