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Thais have a sweet tooth. They love to toss a spoon full of sugar into everything. This is usually ok for me as I have a liking for sweet things too. However sweet pizza is not my favourite. Thai style mayonnaise is so sweet it is almost inedible and changes the taste of anything it is applied to be it pizza or salad.


Dairy products in Thailand always used to be the same with an obnoxious sweet taste. Well they still are but at least here in Bangkok we do have more of a choice nowadays. Sweet milk or unsweetened milk, sweet butter or unsweetened butter, sweet yoghurt or unsweetened yoghurt.


Fresh milk is a relatively new product. The climate here is not conducive to the keeping of fresh milk and up to 15 years ago few people outside of the cities and even the majority inside the urban conurbations had access to cool food storage. Nowadays almost every family owns a refrigerator but still the keeping of food at low temperatures (frozen food) is a serious problem.



Milk and milk products generally come in cardboard small boxes as a one size serving. Packed in a child's lunch bag they serve to stave off the hunger pangs until the kids get back from school. Yoghurt type milk drinks are also popular and come in a variety of fruit flavours - all sweetened.


Other dairy products like cream and cheese are not at all popular apart from the cheese on Pizzas and even then as mentioned before the pizza is then smothered in sweet mayonnaise and rather sweet tomato ketchup. Cheese is a favourite of the western expat and as so treat as a luxury product. All types of cheese can be found in the specialist supermarkets in Bangkok where the westerners shop. In the local markets and even in superstores like Tesco & Carrfour the choice of cheese and other dairy products is pretty miserable.


When I visited the Food Fair in Bangkok a couple of months ago I was drawn to the booths exhibiting exotic dairy products from around the world. Chedder and Cheshire cheese, Stilton and of course the fancy french cheeses. I made several passes by these booths and stocked up for another year in Bangkok.


Many expats have set up food related businesses in Thailand. You can buy authentic Belgian chocolates made by a Belgian. German sausages made by real Germans. There must be a market for dairy products made in a western style and made locally to avoid the exorbitant excise duties. Any takers? I have a large database of expatriates in Thailand waiting to buy your products and a very willing taster!!



. Featured Thailand Dairy Products Manufacturers
H.D. Distributors (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Also known as Haagen-Dazs Distributors (Thailand) Ltd. is a distributor of the Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream brand. It is a joint venture between General Mills, U.S.A, and S&P Syndicate, Thailand

Following you will find lists of dairy foods and companies involved in the dairy products business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a dairy products company or simply supply a list of these dairy products companies then please email

baby milk powder
bakery dairy cream
bud ice cream
bud's ice cream
chocolate flavored soymilk
coconut cream
coconut cream powder
condensed skimmed milk
cottage cheese
dairy companies in thailand
dairy farms
dairy products manufacturer in thailand
dairy products wholesale
dairy queen
evaporated milk
fresh milk
frozen desserts
frozen yogurt
frozen yogurt shops
home made ice cream
ice cream
ice cream desserts
ice-cream manufacturer
ice-cream manufacturer retailer
instant full-cream milk powder
lactasoy soymilk
milk power
milk products
mozzarella cheese
natural soymilk
non-dairy cream
non-dairy creamer
pasteurized fresh milk
pasteurized milk
raw milk
recombined milk
rice milk
shake mix
sour cream
soy milk
soybean milk
sterilized milk
sweetened condensed milk
topping ice cream
uht milk
unsweetened condensed milk
wholesale dairy products
yogurt drink
yogurt mix

abico holdings public company limited
all natural foods company limited
amcor containers packaging (thailand) ltd
american food co, ltd.
aqua food co.,ltd.
bangkok ham str
baskin-robbins (thailand) limited.
chokchai dairy farm co, ltd.
chokchai group companies
chomthana co, ltd.
country fresh dairies co, ltd.
dairy belle co, ltd.
dairy farming promotion organization of thailand
dairy master co., ltd.
dairy thai company limited
davitra & sons holding co.,ltd
dee jay farm co, ltd.
del-casaro co., ltd.
dutch mill co, ltd.
ecolab ltd.
foremost friesland (thailand) public ltd.
h.d. distributors (thailand) ltd.
haagen-dasz distributors
image publishing
key international food co ltd
kim chua trading
korn thai co, ltd.
lactasoy company limited.
m.k. unigroup corporation co ltd
mah boonkrong dary goats co.,ltd
mary anne dairy product co.,ltd
n.z. milk products (thailand) co., ltd.
nestle (thai) ltd.
nestle dairy (thailand) ltd.
nestle icecream (thailand) ltd
pakakul company ltd.
parmalat (thailand) limited
patkol (public) co., ltd.
pizza public co ltd, the
premier dairy foods co., ltd.
pro-dairy co.,ltd
q. plus concept co.,ltd
siam food services
siam meiji milk co.,ltd.
siam modified starch co., ltd.
snow brand siam ltd
srithai foods service co., ltd.
sukishi intergroup co.,ltd
swensen's (thai) co.,ltd.
thai dairy industry co., ltd., the
thai feed mills public co., ltd.
thai-danish milk co., ltd.
thai-milk industries co.,ltd.
the pizza public co ltd
u.k.m. int'l enterprise co.,ltd. (yogen fruz)
u.v.p. dairy co ltd
united dairy foods co ltd
v.n.p.dairy products ltd.
yakult (thailand) co., ltd
zannerini (thailand) co., ltd.


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