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Thailand Fasteners Companies, Thai Fasteners Manufacturers


Thailand Fasteners manufacturers
produce screws, nuts and bolts for the domestic industrial and construction sectors. Thailand fasteners of all descriptions are used and also exported by the container load every day to industrial users worldwide.

"You got to have a screw loose to live n Bangkok" This is the normal reaction and attitude of many of my friends back home. On the contrary you need a lot of loose screws to live in Thailand. Loose screws, nuts, bolts and any type of fasteners that can be manufactured and exported by the container load.

Industrial fasteners, fasteners used in the manufacture of many electrical products, fasteners used for the building and construction industry - Thailand produces them all and in vast quantities.

The garment industry also needs many types of fasteners, buttons, hooks, clips, rivets and accessories to complete garments for export.


What type of fasteners do you need? I have a screw loose if you need one or am I just nuts about Thailand.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your fasteners needs please email with your requests.



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Featured Thailand Fasteners Companies
A.B.P. Stainless Fastener Co., Ltd. Thailand Thailand Fastener Manufacturer of Standard Screws, Hexagonal Head and Cap Screws, Hex Bolts, Stud Bolts, Thread Rods, Mushroom Head Bolts, Stud Threaded Rods, Hex Lag Screws, Hex Tapping screws, Hexagonal head Lag screws
E & H Precision (Thailand) Co, Ltd Thailand Japanese Company in Thailand manufacturing Shafts, Pins, Screws, Bosses for Automotive, Electronics and Electrical Industries
JNV International Supplies Co., Ltd. Thailand Door hardware, door handles, door knobs, sliding door gears, mortise locks cylinders and furniture fittings, lighting, metal ceilings, Auto doors and movable walls
K & P F.A. Center Co.,Ltd Thailand Measuring Equipment, Thermometers, Motor Gear, Motor Vibrators, Motors, Taper Bushes, Pulleys, Screw Conveyors, Loose proof Fastener Systems, Concrete Mixers, Screw Conveyors, Belt Conveyor, Butterfly Valves, Touch Screens, Signal Lights, Signal Phones, Plc, Eocr, Terminal Blocks, Interface Terminals, Plc Direct, Encoder, Proximity Switches, Switch Power Supply, Rotary Encoder , Servos, Digital Temperature Controllers, Digital Load Cells, Loadcells, Weight Scales, Weight Scales, Loadcell, Indicators, Truck Scales, Packing Scale Machines, Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants
M. Maker Industrial Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Hardware Manufacturer of Door Hardware, Door accessories, Door locks and Keys, Door Hinges & Hasps
Xaloy Asia (Thailand) Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of Fasteners, Plastification Systems, Melt processing equipment, Bimetallic barrels, High-performance screws, Non-return valves, screw tips, barrel end caps, nozzles, Liquid additive system, Melt pumps, Screen Changers, Shut-off Nozzles, Chillers, Cleaning Ovens, Pelletizers and  Temperature controllers
U. Chang (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. - Hardware Retailers

Following you will find lists of Fasteners products and companies involved in the Fasteners business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Fasteners company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

acorn cap nuts
alloy buckle
alloy button
anchor bolts
automotive bolts & nuts
automotive fasteners
backup washers
bar straightening
blind rivets
bolt retainers
bolts & nut
brass eyelets
buckles & fancy fittings
buttons with crystal
buttons with crystal and link
buttons with epoxy color
cable ties
cage or lock nuts
cap nuts
carriage bolts
center locknuts
ceramic buttons
chemical bolts
chipboard screws
clinch fasteners
coat button
common nails
concrete anchors
concrete nails
cotter pins
coupling nuts
double square truss
double square truss head
dowel screws
draw bolts
drive screws
drywall screws
elastic stop nuts
elevator bolts
embroidered buttons
external tooth lock washers
eye bolts
face frame screws
fashionable buttons
fastener for insulation
fasteners for petrochemical
feather keys
fender washers
finished hex jam nuts
finished hex nuts
finishing washers
flange nut
flange nuts
fully threaded studs
garment accessories
garment buttons
gold-plated buttons
hanger bolts
hardened wood screws
head zipper
headless screws
heavy nuts
hex bolt
hex flange bolts
hex flange locknuts
hex head bolts
hex lags
hex machine screw nuts
hex nuts
hex washer head
hex washer lags
hexagon cap nuts
hexagon domed cap nuts
hexagon fit bolts
hexagon head bolts
hexagon head cap screws
hexagon head fasteners
hexagon head screws
hexagon nuts
hexagon socket countersunk head screws
hexagon socket head cap screws
hexagon socket set screws with flat point
high tension bolt
hose clamps
hot forged fasteners
hot forged steel nuts
indented hex washer head
industrial fastener products
insert nuts
internal tooth lock washers
jam nuts
jeans & leather rivets
jeans buttons
keps nuts
lag bolts
leveling bolts
lock stopper
machine bolts
machine screw nuts
machine screws
machined nuts
masonry anchors
medium split lock washers
metal buckles & rings
metal eyelet
metal fastenings
metal notions
metal pant buckle
metal stud
metric fasteners
metric thread stud bolts
molded buttons
neoprene washers
non metric fasteners
non-ferrous fasteners
nut & screw
nylon & fashion buttons
nylon anchors
nylon fasteners
nylon insert hex nuts
nylon insert lock nuts
nylon molded fasteners
nylon washers
oint connector bolts
orthopaedic nails
orthopaedic pins
orthopaedic screws
orthopaedic washers
orthopaedic wires
oval head wood screws
pal nuts
pan head
pearl buttons
pearlized buttons
phillips bugle head
phillips combo
phillips flat head
phillips flat head reamer
phillips modified truss
phillips modified truss head
phillips pan head
phillips square combo flat head
phillips wafer head reamer
phillips/square combo round
pins & loads
plain washer
plastic buckle
plastic buckle & ring
plastic closuers
plastic fastener
plastic fasteners
plow bolts
polyester fancy buttons
polyester fashion buttons
polyester jackey buttons
polyester shirt buttons
precision machined fasteners
press i-shaped button
quadrex truss
ratchet fasteners
reversible locknuts
sae flat washers
safety pin
screw anchors
screws for plastic materials
self drill anchors
self drilling
self drilling screws
self tapping screws
sems fasteners
sewing buttons
sewing zippers
shackle bolts
sheet metal screws
shell button
shoulder bolts
side crush locknuts
silver buttons
sleeve anchors
slotted nuts
slotted raised countersunk
slotted round head
snap button
snap buttons
snap fasteners
socket cap fasteners
special screws
speed nuts
spindle washers
spring lock
spring or ring type
spring steel fasteners
square flat head
square head bolts
square nuts
square round washer head
squate head bolts
stainless fasteners
stainless steel fasteners
stainless steel screw
steel hexagon nuts
step bolts
step bolts u-bolts
stove bolts
structural bolting
stud retainers
suit buttons
superalloys fasteners
swarovski buttons
tamper-proof screws
tapping screw
tee nuts
teks screws
thread cutting screws
thread forming
thread forming screws
threaded rods
thunder studs
tie bar
tie wires
toggle bolts
toothed washers
top notch locknuts
torque washers
trilobular screws
trouser hooks
truss head
twinfast screws
uss flat washers
velcro tape
washer head
webbing zippers
weld nuts
welding fasteners
wheel bolts
wheel nuts
window bolts
wing nuts
wood & coconut buttons
wood and plastic fastenings
wood buttons
wood screws
wooden buttons
zipper plate

a.b.p. stainless fastenner co,LTD
aoyama fastener (thailand) co,LTD.
arcon condect co,LTD.
asawaboonyarit co.,Ltd.
awaji sangyo (thailand) co,Ltd.
bangkok electrodes co,Ltd.
bangkok fastening co,LTD.
bangkok nail & wire co.,LTD.
best tech & engineering limited.,
bolt & nut industry co,LTD.
buathong watana ltd,PART.
carnaud metal box (thailand) public co,LTD
chiao pao metal co.,Ltd.
chu hsin (thai) machinery co,LTD.
componet trade center ltd. parts.,
d. enterprises co,LTD.
dura fasteners co,LTD.
fastening industry co,LTD.
fujita rashi (thailand) co.,LTD.
gripwell fastening (thai) co. ltd,
hamanaka (thailand) co.,LTD.
indochina fastening systems co,LTD.
iwata bolt (thailand) co.,Ltd.
k.l. fastenner co,LTD.
k.y. intertrade co,LTD.
kiatsin metal work co.,LTD
kinbel special wire co.,Ltd.
king screw co,Ltd.
kobe mig wire (thailand) co ltd,
lertvilai and sons co,LTD.
lotus zipper & fastener co,LTD.
mahajak industry co.,LTD.
nitto seiko (thailand) company ltd,
p.c. fasteners (thailand) co.,LTD.
pattarakit screw co.,LTD.
phaisarn fastening co.,LTD.
ramset (thailand) ltd.,
sahasilp rivet industrial co.,Ltd.
sanko fastem (thailand) ltd.,
siam anchor fastener industry co.,LTD.
siam screws (1994) co.,LTD.
srisiam nail factory ltd.,P.
t.y. union fasteners co.,Ltd.
taiyo fastener (thailand) co.,LTD.
tasaphol engineering ltd.,PART.
textile prestige public co.,LTD.
thai fastening system co.,LTD.
thai inter fasteners industry co.,LTD.
thai meira co.,Ltd.
thai mitchi corporation ltd.,
thai mongkol fasteners co.,LTD.
thai nail works co.,LTD.
thai phaisarn fastening co.,LTD
thai rock fasteners co. ltd.,
thai staples & nails co.,LTD.
thai u g co.,LTD.
thai union fasteners co.,LTD.
thaiboon elastic co.,LTD.
thailock fasteners co.,LTD.
thaisin metal industries co.,LTD.
thaisin screw industry co.,LTD.
tisfam lp,
tobutsu singapore (metals & fasteners) pte ltd.,
tokyo byokane (thailand) co.,LTD.
top nail staple-maker co.,LTD.
topy fasteners (thailand) ltd.,
uni precision co.,LTD.
union nifco co.,LTD.
universal zip thai co.,LTD.
v.c.s. ltd.,PART. (PARTNERSHIP)
vattanaporn screws (1991) co.,LTD.
y.k.k. (thailand) co.,LTD.
yahata fastener thai co.,Ltd.
zenith system co.,LTD.

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