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Thailand Floor Coverings Companies, Thai Floor Coverings Manufacturers


Thailand is a good place to source floor covering products such as: Oriental Carpets, Vinyl Tiles, Contract Carpeting, Vinyl Flooring, Ceramic Tiles, Marble Flooring, Hardwood Parquet Flooring, Poolside Decking, and Hand Woven Rugs.


Coming as I do from a rather chilly climate to live in Thailand one of the first things I noticed in the hotels and apartments I stayed in was the floor coverings or rather the lack of them especially the lack of carpets. Tiled floors, natural wood finishes and ceramic tiles are the norm here. However in the High class hotels and even a few low class hotels an effort has been made to make the traveler feel 'at home' and carpets are the norm at least in the bedroom areas. This is probably a good idea as after sleeping with the aircon on full blast feet touching an ice cold ceramic floor can be a shock.    


Yes there are factories weaving carpets and other types of western floor coverings, but they are few and far between. Plastic and linoleum type floor coverings are quite popular and for the thin grades very cheap indeed.


Ceramic tiles are perhaps where the Thai floor covering manufacturers have the edge. Cheap labour costs means that intricate patterns can be designed and the tiles churned out at a very reasonable cost. These tiles adorn the floors of almost every building here in Bangkok.  am sure there are also many buildings, offices, hotels and homes now sporting tile floor coverings with a 'Made in Thailand' tag


For me I like the natural look and feel of wooden flooring. There are however maintenance issues. As long as people remove their shoes and spillages are wiped up quickly wood floors and wooden parquet surfaces can be long lasting and durable.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your floor coverings needs please email with your requests.



Oriental Carpets Vinyl Tiles Contract Carpeting
Vinyl Flooring Ceramic Tiles Marble Flooring
Hardwood Parquet Flooring Poolside Decking Hand Woven Rugs
Featured Thailand Floor Coverings Manufacturers
A & V General Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Partitions, Blinds & Curtains, Floor Coverings
Hanwha Chemical (Thailand) Co Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of PVC Cushion Sheet, PVC Floor Covering, PVC Tarpaulin, Sponge Flooring, PVC Fashion Tiles, PVC Coated Fabric, PVC Coated Mesh, PVC Placemat Mats and PVC Decorative Sheets.
J. A. Marble & Granite Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Stone Flooring, Stone Materials, Stone Tiles, Masonry Flooring, Marble Flooring, Marble Tiles, Marble Flooring, Granite Flooring, Granite Materials, Granite Tiles, Granite Flooring
K. Corner Co.,Ltd Thailand Bangkok Carpet Shop, Rug Dealers, Furniture & Furnishing Products, Interior Decorators & Interior Designers

Following you will find lists of floor covering from Thai companies involved in the floor covering business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Thai company or simply supply a database of these Thailand floor covering companies then please email

acrylic floor covering
air-flow access floor
alphabet mats
alternative flooring suppliers
aluminium composite access floor
aluminium tile trim
aluminum floor covering trims
aluminum raised floor
anti-electrostatic square carpets
anti-slip mat
anti-slip mats
antistatic floor tile
area rugs
balsamo flooring
baltic brown granite tile
bamboo flooring
bamboo rugs
bare raised flooring
bath mat
birch plywood flooring
blockboard flooring
car floor mats
carpet cushion
carpet tile
carpet underlay
carpet underlay mat
carpet underlayment
ceramic and quarry tile surfaces
ceramic flooring
ceramic tile surfaces
cherry flooring
china oak flooring
closed deck floor
coconut fibre door mats
coconut fibre floor coverings
coir floorings
colored steel tiles
color-stained floors
commercial flooring
computer room flooring
contract flooring
cork underlayment
cotton floor covering
crystal surface flooring
crystal surface laminated flooring
cumaru flooring
cushion floor
decorative moldings & trims
density fiberboard
door & floor mats
duck shape mats
durable carpet
durable flooring
ebony flooring
empaistic surface flooring
engineered hardwood flooring
engineering flooring
faux marquetry
faux plank flooring
fibrecore raised floor system
fish shape mats
flat-woven floor covering
floor covering for fitness center
floor covering for gyms
floor covering for horse stables
floor covering for school's
floor covering panel
floor covering trim
floor covers in bathroom
floor decking
floor plastic cover
floor systems
floor tiles
floor treatment
flower shape mats
foam pvc floor covering
foot shape mats
foot-shaped rug
frp flooring panel
full spread vinyl flooring
glass flooring tiles
glass tiles
glazed tiles
hardwood decking.
homogenous vinyl tiles
interlocking puzzle floor mats
ipe flooring
judo mats
jute floor covering
karndean vinyl tiles
laminate floor
laminate flooring
laminate vinyl floor
laminated flooring
luxury vinyl tile
manufacturer of synthetic wood flooring
maple flooring
marble floors
martial art mats
mirror surface flooring
multi-layer engineered flooring
multilayer flooring
natural alternative flooring products
natural floorings
natural stone flooring
nonslip floor covering
non-slip mat
oriental rugs
padauk flooring
pine flooring
pvc floor covering in rolls
pvc floor covering manufacturer
pvc floor covering wholesaler
pvc floor covering with felt backing
pvc floor covering with fiberglass backing
pvc floor covering with non-woven backing
pvc floor tile
pvc foam mat
pvc foam mats
pvc laminated heater floor cover
pvc rolling floor covering
pvc tiles
quarter round flooring
quartz floor tiles
raised floor
red oak flooring
roll flooring
rubber flooring
rubber mat
rubber mats
rubber safety tiles
rubber sheet
rug borders
sandstone floors
sapele flooring
sea-grass floorings
shanil floor covering
shock absorbing flooring
sisal carpet
slate tiles
slip resistant flooring
solid vinyle flooring
special flooring
sponge flooring cover
sports flooring
static dissipative flooring
stone flooring
stone floors
tatami flooring
tatami mats
teak flooring
thailand flooring manufacturers
trade floor coverings
unusual floor coverings
vinyl roll floor
vinyl sheet
walnut hardwood floor
wood floors
wood inlays
woodcore raised floor
woodcore raised floor system
yoga mats


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