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Thailand Plant Companies, Thai Plant Nurseries


Most westerners perceive Thailand as a 'Tropical Paradise'  Idyllic islands covered in lush tropical vegetation, Thai plants and orchids and surrounded by deserted beaches, crystal clear blue water and coral reefs.


I think they have been watching too many movies or maybe just the advertising put out by the Thai Tourist Organization. These places must exist - I have seen the pictures too. Backpackers flood here every year to experience the 'Beach Experience' Unfortunately last year the flood turned into a real flood and many died in the dreadful Tsunami that hit Thailand's south west coast and islands.


As my Geography teacher pointed out Thailand has very few areas of true tropical rainforest. Yes there are still many forests, despite what the environmental activists will tell you, as well as a whole host of other habitats like savannah, grasslands, and even mangrove swamps.


I reckon the area of Thailand with the most diversity when it comes to plants is not the mountains, not the tropical rainforests but Chatuchak market in Bangkok. Here you can find common household plants rubbing shoulders with tropical succulents and arid cacti.

Surrounding Chatuchak are hundreds of garden centers and tropical plant businesses that are the distribution channel into the capital Bangkok from the up-country plant nurseries.



It is usually from these nurseries that export operations take place. The best of the plants grown, groomed and packed for export. I am told only the best plants are exported. The rejects go to Chatuchak. I don't know so much about the plants that are exported but certainly the rejects look good!!


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your flowers and plant product needs please email with your requests.



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Featured Company
Ms. Flowers Co., Ltd.
Ms. Flowers is a manufacturer, importer and exporter of decorative planting sets, chocolate cosmetic and spa sets, and tropical fruits and nuts with chocolate. All of our chocolates are homemade and exclusively supplied to Mrs. Flowers. They are also packaged by designers using our signature classic style. The company is family owned and operated and has extensive experience in both European and Japanese style floral arrangements. Ms. Flowers specializes in growing orchids, bulbs, and many other tropical plants. Over the years that we have been in business, most of our customers eventually became our friends, we would like to keep it that way and hope that you will give us a chance to service you.
Contact: Mr. Taras Sudhikam

If you would like to contact this company or have your Company featured here then please email

Following you will find a list of plants endemic to Thailand some of which are available for export from companies involved in the plant business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a plant company or simply supply a database of these plant companies then please email

Abarema clypearia
Acacia catechu
Acacia lebbek
Acacia leucophloea
Acacia odoratissima
Acacia procera
Acacia siamensis
Acacia speciosa
Acacia tenue
Acanthocladium filipendulum
Acer angustilobum
Acer chiangdaoensis
Acer craibianum
Acer decandrum
Acer garrettii
Acer lanceolatum
Acer philippinum
Acer sterculiaceum
Acer villosum
Achyranthes ancistrophora
Acranthera siamensis
Acrolejeunea recurvata
Acronychia resinosa
Actinodaphne henryi
Actinophora fragrans
Actinophora hypoleuca
Adenanthera gersenii
Adenanthera tamarindifolia
Adenia pinnatisecta
Adenostachya plurispica
Adina parvula
Adinandra coarctata
Adinandra hulleti
Adinandra lutescens
Adinandra oblonga
Adinobotrys atropurpureus
Aegialitis rotundifolia
Aegle marmelos
Aeschynanthus garrettii
Aeschynanthus lineatus
Aesculus punduana
Aetheolirion stenolobium
Afgekia sericea
Afzelia siamica
Aganosma breviloba
Aganosma montana
Aganosma schlechteriana
Agapetes obovata
Agapetes saxicola
Aglaia andamanica
Aglaia aphanamixis
Aglaia chittagonga
Aglaia erythrosperma
Aglaia lanuginosa
Aglaia merostela
Aglaia perviridis
Aglaia pirifera
Aglaia polystachya
Aglaia pyramidata
Ailanthus malabarica
Ailanthus phillipensis
Ailanthus siamensis
Alangium barbatum
Alangium decapetalum
Alangium hexapetalum
Alangium lamarckii
Alangium octopetalum
Albertisia puberula
Albizia garrettii
Albizia laotica
Albizia marginata
Albizia meyeri
Albizia stipulata
Albizia teysmanii
Alchornea amentiflora
Aleurites triloba
Allophylus betongensis
Allophylus eustachys
Allophylus sootepensis
Alocasia macrorrhiza
Alphonsea keithii
Alseodaphne birmanica
Alseodaphne siamensis
Alstonia curtisii
Alstonia rupestris
Alstonia undulifolia
Alyxia odorata
Alyxia siamensis
Alyxia sinensis
Alyxia thailandica
Amomum xanthioides
Amoora aphanamixis
Amoora calicola
Amoora chittagonga
Amoora gigantea
Amoora lawii
Amoora maingayi
Amoora polystachya
Amoora rohituka
Amoora tetrapetala
Amoora yunnanensis
Amorphophallus cicatricifer
Amorphophallus echinatus
Amorphophallus erubescens
Amorphophallus linearis
Amorphophallus pachystylis
Amorphophallus parvulus
Amorphophallus saraburiensis
Amorphophallus tenuistylis
Amyris sumatrana
Anacolosa ilicoides
Andrographis glomeruliflora
Andrographis glomeruliflorum
Andrographis rosulata
Anodendron nervosum
Anogeissus acuminata
Aphyllorchis unguiculatus
Apocopis siamensis
Aporusa incisa
Aquilaria subintegra
Arachnis limax
Ardisia alata
Ardisia confusa
Ardisia curvistylis
Ardisia ficifolia
Ardisia fimbriata
Ardisia fletcherii
Ardisia garrettii
Ardisia gracillima
Ardisia ionantha
Ardisia maehongsonia
Ardisia paralleloneura
Ardisia puberula
Ardisia rubro-glandulosa
Ardisia tetramera
Ardisia undulato-dentata
Ardisia uniflora
Areca laosensis
Areca montana
Argostemma condensatum
Argostemma lobulatum
Argostemma saxicolum
Argostemma thaithongae
Argyreia kerrii
Arisaema hirsutum
Arisaema smitinandi
Aristolochia grandis
Aristolochia helix
Aristolochia kerrii
Armodorum siamensis
Aromadendron spongocarpum
Artabotrys brevipes
Artabotrys oblanceolatus
Artabotrys siamensis
Artabotrys sponosus
Artabotrys vanprukii
Arthromeris phuluangensis
Artocarpus calophylla
Artocarpus champeden
Artocarpus chaplasha
Artocarpus fraxinifolius
Ascocentrum semiteretifolium
Ascochilus nitidus

Balanophora harlandii
Bambusa tulda
Bauhinia strychnifolia
Bazzania bilobata
Bazzania debilis
Begonia acetosella
Begonia garretti
Beilschmiedia inconspicua
Beilschmiedia villosa
Berrya ammonilla
Betula alnoides
Blumea hossei
Blyxa quadricostata
Boeica mamillata
Boesenbergia petiolata
Bombax kerrii
Bombax malabaricum
Brachylophon anastomosans
Bruguiera caryophylloides
Buchanania siamensis
Buddleja macrostachy
Bulbophyllum adangensis
Bulbophyllum albibracteatum
Bulbophyllum angusteovatum
Bulbophyllum bisetoides
Bulbophyllum brevistelidium
Bulbophyllum dhaninivatii
Bulbophyllum didymotropis
Bulbophyllum echinulus
Bulbophyllum gibbolabium
Bulbophyllum khaoyaiense
Bulbophyllum putii
Bulbophyllum sanitii
Bulbophyllum subtenellum
Bulbophyllum tricornoides
Bulbophyllum tripaleum
Bulbophyllum triviale
Bulbophyllum unciniferum
Bulbophyllum wangkaense
Burmannia malasica
Burretiodendron umbellata
Butea monosperma
Buteraea parvifolia

Calamus bousigonii
Calamus burkillianus
Calamus erectus
Calamus flagellum
Calamus kerrianus
Calamus radulosus
Calamus sedens
Calamus setulosus
Calamus siamensis
Calamus tenuis
Calanthe antropophora
Calanthe hirsuta
Calanthe simplex
Callicarpa glandulosa
Calophyllum polyanthum
Camchaya loloana
Camchaya pentagona
Camellia connata
Camellia taliensis
Camellia tenii
Campanula rosmarinifolia
Canscora hexagona
Canthium calvum
Capparis kerrii
Capparis klossii
Capparis monantha
Capparis siamensis
Carallia scortechinhi
Carex cataphyllodes
Carex doisutepensis
Carex juvenilis
Carex lageniformis
Carex meeboldiana
Carex subinclinata
Carissa cochinchinensis
Carissa diffusa
Carissa iaotica
Carpinus londoniana
Carpinus poilanei
Carumbium baccatum
Caryota aequatorialis
Caryota gigas
Caryota griffithii
Caryota macrantha
Caryota sobolifera
Casearia calva
Casearia kerrii
Casearia oblonga
Casearia pallida
Casearia pseudoglomerata
Casearia yunnanensis
Cassia bakeriana
Cassia floribunda
Cassia garretiana
Cassia garrettiana
Cassia glauca
Cassia pachycarpa
Cassia pectabilis
Cassytha larsenii
Castanea diversifolia
Castanea ferox
Castanea indica
Castanea junghuhnii
Castanea tribuloides
Castanopsis argyrophylla
Castanopsis armata
Castanopsis calathiformis
Castanopsis diversifolia
Castanopsis tribuloides
Catunageram longispina
Catunageram spathulifolia
Catunageram spinosa
Catunageram tomentosa
Caulokaempferia thailandica
Cedrela microcarpa
Cedrela sureni
Ceiba robustus
Celtis glabra
Celtis napalensis
Celtis serotina
Celtis tetrandra
Cephalotaxus griffithii
Cephalotaxus mannii
Cephalotaxus oliveri
Cephaloziella crispata
Cephaloziella tagawae
Ceratanthus kerrii
Ceratolobus glaucescens
Ceratostigma asperricum
Ceratostigma stapfianum
Ceratostylis thailandica
Ceriscoides sessilifolia
Ceriscoides turgida
Chalcas koenigii
Cheiloclinium clarata
Cheilolejeunea clavata
Cheirostylis didfymacantha
Cheirostylis thailandica
Chenopodium album
Chickrassia tabularis
Chickrassia velutina
Chiloschista extinctoriformis
Chiloschista ramifora
Chiloschista trudelii
Chiloschista viridiflora
Chionanthus amblirrhinus
Chionanthus calcicola
Chionanthus erioachis
Chionanthus macrophyllus
Chionanthus sutepensis
Chionanthus velutinus
Chisocheton paniculatus
Chisocheton siamensis
Chlorophytum subundulatum
Chorisandrachne diplosperma
Chroesthes racemiflora
Chrysopogon perlaxus
Chukrasia velutina
Cicca emblica
Cinnamomum bejolghota
Cinnamomum caudatum
Cinnamomum pachyphyllum
Cinnamomum tamala
Cipadessa fructicosa
Cissampelos hispida
Clarkella nana
Clausena javanerisis
Clausena lunulata
Cleistanthus eburneus
Cleistanthus tomentosus
Cleistocalyx nervosum
Clerodendrum chlorisepalum
Clerodendrum colebrookianum
Clerodendrum garrettianum
Clerodendrum glandulosum
Clerodendrum schmidtii
Clinacanthus siamensis
Coelachne soerensenii
Coelogyne thailandica
Coelostegia kostermansii
Coleus calciola
Combretum procursum
Combretum quadratum
Combretum winitii
Congea hansenii
Congea tomentosa
Corchorus siamensis
Cordisepalum phalanthopetalum
Cornus oblonga
Crinum thaianum
Crotalaria kostermansii
Croton colobocarpus
Croton columnaris
Croton kerrii
Croton santisukii
Croton sepalinus
Cruddasia craibii
Crudia lanceolata
Cryptocarya shoreaefolia
Cudrania javanensis
Cyathostemma longipes
Cyclea varians
Cymbidium devonianum
Cymbidium insigne
Cymbidium mastersii
Cymbopogon calciphilus
Cymbopogon siamensis

Daemonorops jenkinsiana
Daemonorops kurziana
Daemonorops macrophylla
Daemonorops schmidtiana
Daemonorops sepal
Dalbergia bariensis
Dalbergia dongnaiensis
Dehaasia kerrii
Delphinium altissimum
Delphinium stapeliosmum
Dendrobium alterum
Dendrobium ciliatilabellum
Dendrobium deltatum
Dendrobium erostelle
Dendrobium eserre
Dendrobium garrettii
Dendrobium gregalus
Dendrobium lagarum
Dendrobium mucronatum
Dendrobium umbonatum
Dendrobium unicum
Dendrobium ypsilon
Dendrochilum viride
Derris robusta
Desmos dubius
Dichiloboea acaulis
Dichiloboea glabescens
Dichiloboea glandulifera
Dichiloboea strobilacea
Dicliptera albocostata
Dicliptera fragilis
Digitaria larsenii
Digitaria petelotii
Dillenia baillonii
Dillenia elata
Dillenia kerrii
Dillenia meliosmifolia
Dillenia ornata
Dillenia pulcherrima
Dillenia speciosa
Dillenia yunnanensis
Dimocarpus lichi
Diospyros bambuseti
Diospyros brachiata
Diospyros calcarea
Diospyros coaetanea
Diospyros cordifolia
Diospyros cratericalyx
Diospyros curtisii
Diospyros cymosa
Diospyros dasyphylla
Diospyros dumetorum
Diospyros ehretioides
Diospyros embryopteris
Diospyros eugenii
Diospyros finetii
Diospyros glandulosa
Diospyros gracilis
Diospyros harmandii
Diospyros helferi
Diospyros kerrii
Diospyros kunstleri
Diospyros longepilosa
Diospyros mangifica
Diospyros martabanica
Diospyros pitosanthera
Diospyros pubicalix
Diospyros putii
Diospyros rhodocalyx
Diospyros savannarum
Diospyros saxosa
Diospyros siamensis
Diospyros striata
Diospyros thaiensis
Diospyros trianthos
Diospyros variegata
Diplazium latilobum
Diploknema siamensis
Diplophractum auriculatum
Diplothorax tonkinensis
Diplycosia epiphytica
Dipteracanthus orthocaulus
Dipterocarpus artocarpifolius
Dipterocarpus cordatus
Dipterocarpus grandifolius
Dipterocarpus incanus
Dipterocarpus laevis
Dipterocarpus macrocarpus
Dipterocarpus parvifolius
Dipterocarpus punctulatus
Dipterocarpus tonkinensis
Dipterocarpus vernicifluus
Dipterocarpus vestitus
Dischopsis obovata
Dittelasma rarak
Dittoceras garrettii
Dolichandrone columnaris
Dolichandrone serrulata
Dolichandrone stipulata
Dracaena lourieri
Dracaena terniflora
Dracontomelon brachyphyllum
Dracontomelon edulis
Dracontomelon laoticum
Drimycarpus racemosus
Duabanga sonneratioides
Dysophylla koehneana
Dysoxylum andamanicum
Dysoxylum arnoldianum
Dysoxylum cochinchinense
Dysoxylum cuneatum
Dysoxylum gobam
Dysoxylum hasseltii
Dysoxylum procerum

Echinocarpus sigun
Echinocarpus tomentosus
Ehretia ovalifolia
Ehretia polyantha
Ehretia serrata
Ehretia umbellulata
Elaeocarpus aristatus
Elaeocarpus bracteatus
Elaeocarpus brevipes
Elaeocarpus ganifrus
Elaeocarpus hygrophilus
Elaeocarpus kunstleri
Elaeocarpus lacei
Elaeocarpus lacunosus
Elaeocarpus leptostachyus
Elaeocarpus prunifolius
Elaeocarpus robertsonii
Elaeocarpus scortechinii
Elaeocarpus siamensis
Elaeocarpus sphaericus
Elaeocarpus tahanensis
Elaeocarpus tanceaefolius
Elaeocarpus tomentosus
Elatostema ranongensis
Embelia disticha
Embelia grandiflora
Embelia kerrii
Embelia sootepensis
Emblica pectinata
Endocomia canarioides
Engelhardtia acerifolia
Engelhardtia esquirolii
Engelhardtia integra
Engelhardtia parviflora
Engelhardtia permicrophylia
Enkleia siamensis
Epicycas siamensis
Eriobotrya dubia
Eriobotrya japonica
Eriocaulon escape
Eriocaulon intermedium
Eriocaulon siamensis
Eriodendron anfractuosum
Eriolaena candollei
Ervatamia ceratocarpa
Ervatamia rostrata
Erycibe fecunda
Erycibe hololuba
Erycibe noei
Erythrina lithosperma
Erythrina monosperma
Erythrina suberosa
Erythrina sublobata
Erythrophleum succirubrum
Eugenia albiflora
Eugenia angkae
Eugenia balsamea
Eugenia bracteata
Eugenia cinerea
Eugenia cochinchinensis
Eugenia collinsae
Eugenia diospyrifolia
Eugenia expansa
Eugenia formosa
Eugenia fruticosa
Eugenia globiflora
Eugenia gracilis
Eugenia grata
Eugenia helferi
Eugenia jambolana
Eugenia laosensis
Eugenia leptalea
Eugenia leptantha
Eugenia macrocarpum
Eugenia macrosepala
Eugenia megacarpa
Eugenia montana
Eugenia paniala
Eugenia pseudo-glauca
Eugenia resinosa
Eugenia ripicola
Eugenia roxburghii
Eugenia siamensis
Eugenia ternifolia
Eugenia thumra
Eugenia winitii
Eugenia zimmermannii
Eulalia smitinandiana
Euodia glomerata
Euodia metiaefolia
Euonymus colonoides
Euonymus mitratus
Euonymus sclerocarpus
Euonymus similis
Euphorbia iacei
Euphoria echinulata
Euphoria fragifera
Euphoria longan
Euphoria noronhiana
Euphoria obtusa
Euphoria pallens
Eurya monticola
Eurycoma merguensis
Exacum sutaepense
Excoecaria baccata

Fagara nitida
Fagerlindia armigeri
Fagerlindia plumbea
Fagopyrum esculentum
Faidherbia albida
Falcatifolium de
Fernandoa adenophyila
Fernandoa coilignonli
Feronia elephantum
Feronia limonia
Ficus angustifolia
Ficus annutata
Ficus avium
Ficus banyana
Ficus blinii
Ficus cordatifolia
Ficus cuneato-nervosa
Ficus cunia
Ficus cuspidato-caudata
Ficus da
Ficus flavescens
Ficus glomerata
Ficus hapalophylla
Ficus harlandii
Ficus iacor
Ficus insignis
Ficus ionegspathulata
Ficus laccifera
Ficus laevigata
Ficus littoralis
Ficus macrophylla
Ficus microstoma
Ficus mollis
Ficus nitida
Ficus obtusifolia
Ficus oppositifolia
Ficus parviflora
Ficus poilanei
Ficus polysyce
Ficus quangtriensis
Ficus racemifera
Ficus retusiformis
Ficus rotundifolia
Ficus roxburghii
Ficus rubra
Ficus rubrovenia
Ficus scabra
Ficus semicostata
Ficus suberosa
Ficus subpisocarpa
Ficus sum
Ficus tenii
Ficus tenuipes
Ficus thomsonii
Ficus tridactylites
Ficus triloba
Ficus umbrina
Ficus undulata
Ficus urophylla
Fimbristylis brunneoides
Fimbristylis nelmesii
Fimbristylis phaelepis
Fimbristylis psammophila
Fimbristylis savanicola
Fimbristylis savannicola
Fimbristylis sleumeri
Fimbristylis smitinandii
Fimbristylis spicigera
Fimbristylis trichoides
Firmiana kerrii
Flacourtia cataphracta
Flacourtia latifolia
Flacourtia lenis
Flacourtia ramontchi
Flacourtia sepiaria
Fordia pauciflora
Fraxinus floribunda
Fraxinus urophylla

Ganitrus sphaerica
Garcinia cornea
Garcinia kydia
Garcinia lanceolata
Garcinia lobulosa
Garcinia mckeaniana
Garcinia pedunculata
Garcinia propinqua
Garcinia roxburghii
Garcinia thorelii
Garcinia tinctoria
Garcinia umbellifera
Gardenia collinsae
Gardenia latifolia
Gardenia montana
Gardenia obtusifolia
Gardenia sessiliflora
Gardenia sootepensis
Gardenia spinosa
Gardenia turgida
Garuga gamblei
Garuga pierrei
Garuga pinnata
Gastonia palmata
Gastrochilus minor
Gastrochilus rutilans
Gastrochilus suavis
Gelonium bifarium
Gelonium multiflorum
Genianthus bicoronatus
Genianthus stamicus
Geniosporum siamense
Gentiana arenicola
Gentiana australis
Gentiana lakshnakarae
Gentiana leptoclada
Gentiana timida
Geranium lamberti
Geranium siamense
Germainia pilosa
Germainia thailandica
Gillibertia palmata
GIyptopetaIum sclerocarpum
Glochidion acuminatum
Glochidion assamicum
Glochidion dasystylum
Glochidion eriocarpum
Glochidion kerrii
Glossocarya crenata
Glossocarya longiflora
Glossocarya siamensis
Glossogyne integrifolia
Gluta obovata
Glycosmis arborea
Glycosmis esquirolii
Glycosmis ovoidea
Glycosmis subsessilis
Glycosmis winitii
Glyptopetalum subcordatum
Gmelina paniculata
Gmelina tomentosa
Gochnatia decora
Goldfussia lanuginosa
Gomphandra pauciflora
Gomphostemma strobilinum
Goniothalamus calvicaarpus
Goniothalamus expansus
Goniothalamus laoticus
Gonocaryum griffithianum
Gonocaryum siamense
Gordonia dalglieshiana
Gordonia wallichii
Greenia oblonga
Greenia siamensis
Grewia abutilifolia
Grewia aspera
Grewia disperrna
Grewia elastica
Grewia floribunda
Grewia glabra
Grewia humilis
Grewia iacei
Grewia mollis
Grewia pilosa
Grewia polygama
Grewia scabrida
Grewia scabrophylla
Grewia sepiaria
Grewia sessilifolia
Grewia tomentosa
Grewia ulmifolia
Grewia umbellata
Grewia vestita
Grewia winitii
Grosourdya callifera
Guaiacum officinale
Gymnosporia rnarcanii
Gymnosporia stylosa
Gymnosporia wallichiana
Gymnostachyum glomeruliflorum
Gymnostachyum gracili
Gynura truncata

Habenaria humistrata
Habenaria siamensis
Habenaria thailandica
Haplophragma adenophyllum
Harpullia condorensis
Harpullia imbricata
Harpullia pedicellaris
Harpullia tomentosa
Harrisonia bennettii
Hebonga siamensis
Hedera fragrans
Hedyotis cystisoides
Hedyotis garrettii
Hedyotis geddesiana
Hedyotis lychnidifolia
Hedyotis nalampooni
Hedyotis pahompokae
Hedyotis punicea
Helicia erratica
Helicia terminalis
Helicteres elongata
Helicteres lanata
Helicteres lanceolata
Helicteres obtusa
Hemarthria debilis
Hemarthria stolonifera
Henslowia sessilis
Heracleum siamicum
Heterogonium hennipmanii
Heterophragma adenophylla
Heterophragma sulfureum
Heterophragma vestitum
Heterostemma succosum
Hibiscus setosus
Hiptage calcicola
Hiptage condita
Hiptage detergens
Hiptage glabrifolia
Hiptage harmandiana
Hiptage madablota
Hiptage monopteryx
Holarrhena codaga
Holarrhena densiflora
Holarrhena pubescens
Holarrhena similis
Holigarna racemosa
Homalia erosa
Homalium crenulatum
Homalium damrongianum
Homalium glabrifolium
Homalium laoticum
Homalium peninsulare
Homalium protectum
Homalium tomentosum
Hopea reticulata
Hopea scaphula
Hopea thorelii
Horsfieldia kingii
Horsfieldia sparsa
Horsfieldia thorelii
Horsfieldia tomentosa
Horsfieldia tonkinensis
Hoya subquintuplinervis
Hunteria corymbosa
Huodendron siamicum
Hydrocotyle chiangdaoensis
Hymenopyramis acuminata
Hypericum cochinchinense
Hypericum garrettii
Hypoestes larsenii
Hyptianthera bracteata
Hyptianthera stricta

Ichnocarpus microcalyx
Ichnocarpus uliginosus
Ilex englishii
Ilex fabrilis
Ilex godajam
Ilex rotunda
Ilex sulcata
Ilex umbellulata
Impatiens caleangensis
Impatiens chiangdaoensis
Impatiens jurpioides
Impatiens kerriae
Impatiens nalampoonii
Impatiens phuluanguensis
Inga leucoxylon
Isachne puberula
Ischaemum hansenii
Isodon volkensianus
Isonandra obovata
Ixeris reparia
Ixeris siamensis
Ixora kerrii
Ixora pavetta

Jambosa formosa
Jasminum annamense
Jasminum carissoides
Jasminum decipiens
Jasminum perisaultium
Jasminum pierreanum
Jasminum putii
Jasminum rarum
Jasminum sempervirens
Jasminum stellipilum
Jasminum tangense
Jasminum virgatum

Kadsura ananosma
Kaempferia filifolia
Kaempferia spoliata
Kerriodoxa elegans
Knema austrosiamensis
Knema conica
Knema elegans
Knema erratica
Knema globulatericia
Knema iaurina
Knema linifolia
Knema missionis
Knema siamensis
Knema tenuinervia
Knema yunnanensis
Kurrimia pulcherrima
Kurzia touwii

Lactuca garrettii
Lactuca putii
Lagerstroemia augustifolia
Lagerstroemia balansae
Lagerstroemia cochinchinensis
Lagerstroemia collettii
Lagerstroemia collinsae
Lagerstroemia corniculata
Lagerstroemia cuspidata
Lagerstroemia grandiflora
Lagerstroemia hossei
Lagerstroemia intermedia
Lagerstroemia loudonii
Lagerstroemia macrocarpa
Lagerstroemia rottleri
Lagerstroemia turbinatus
Lagerstroemia venusta
Lagerstroemia villosa
Lannea wodier
Laportea annamica
Laportea crenulata
Laportea pustulosa
Laportea thorelii
Larsenia decumbens
Lasianthus hooken
Laurus lucida
Lawsonia falcata
Leersia stipitata
Lejeunea moniliata
Lepidagathis brevispica
Lepidagathis chiangraiensis
Lepidagathis chiengmaiensis
Lepidagathis thyrsiflora
Lepisanthes balansaeana
Lepisanthes browniana
Lepisanthes burmanica
Lepisanthes cuneata
Lepisanthes decora
Lepisanthes poilanei
Leptoboea australis
Leptodermis trifida
Lesliea miralilies
Leucas lamioides
Libocedrus macrolepis
Licuala distans
Limnophila parviflora
Limnophila siamensis
Limnophila verticillata
Limonia acidissima
Limonia lucida
Limonia monophylla
Lindera caudata
Lindernia cephalantha
Lindernia khaoyaiensis
Lindernia maxwellii
Lindernia pierreanoides
Lindernia rivularis
Lindernia satakei
Linociera calcicola
Linociera cambodiana
Linociera caudata
Linociera caudifolla
Linociera eriorachis
Linociera macrophylla
Linociera pauciflora
Linociera pierrei
Linociera procera
Linociera sutepensis
Linociera velutina
Liparis petiolata
Lithocarpus aggregatus
Lithocarpus calathiformis
Lithocarpus craibianus
Lithocarpus dealbatus
Lithocarpus echiniferum
Lithocarpus echinops
Lithocarpus fenestratus
Lithocarpus garrettianus
Lithocarpus lindleyanus
Lithocarpus magnificus
Lithocarpus polystachyus
Lithocarpus siamensis
Lithocarpus sootepensis
Lithocarpus thomsonii
Lithocarpus truncatus
Lithocarpus xylocarpus
Litsea albicans
Litsea ceylanica
Litsea chinensis
Litsea citrata
Litsea foliosa
Litsea multiflora
Litsea oblonga
Litsea petiolata
Litsea salicifolia
Litsea sebifera
Litsea semecarpifolia
Litsea wightiana
Litsea zeylania
Lobelia hosseusii
Lobelia leucantha
Loropetalum chinense
Loxogramme thailandica
Luculia gratissima
Ludia spinosa
Lussa radja
Lysimachia garrettii
Lysimachia sikokiana

Macaranga incisa
Macaranga kurzii
Macaranga megalophylla
Macaranga membranacea
Machilus cochinchinonsis
Machilus gamblei
Maclura fruticosa
Macrosolen taphrostemon
Madhuca chaiananii
Madhuca esculenta
Madhuca grandiflora
Madhuca kerrii
Madhuca klackenbergii
Madhuca pierrei
Madhuca punctata
Madhuca stipulacea
Madhuca tokinsis
Maesa crenata
Maesa glomerata
Maesa integrifolia
Maesa linealata
Maesa mollisima
Maesa montana
Maesa paniculata
Maesa perlarius
Maesa permollis
Maesa sinensis
Maesa sublanceolata
Maesa tonkinensis
Magnolia hodgsonii
Mahonia siamensis
Malaxis biaurita
Malaxis mackinnonii
Mallotus acuminatus
Mallotus cardiophyllus
Mallotus columnaris
Mallotus furetianus
Mallotus khasianus
Mallotus porterianus
Mallotus puberulus
Mananthes gracilis
Mananthes prachinburiensis
Mananthes tenuispica
Mangifera collina
Mangifera domestica
Mangifera pinnata
Mangifera siamensis
Manotes asiatica
Maoutia puya
Mappia dimorpha
Mappia foetida
Markhamia stipulata
Marlea barbata
Marlea begoniaefolia
Marlea tomentosa
Mastixia euonymoides
Mastopoma subfiliferum
Maxburretia furtadoana
Mayodendron igneum
Maytenus marcanii
Maytenus stylosa
Maytenus wallichiana
Melanorrhoea azedarach
Melanorrhoea ovatum
Melanorrhoea usitata
Melastoma villosum
Melia azadirachta
Melia indica
Melia toosendan
Meliosma arnottiana
Meliosma colletiana
Meliosma elIiptica
Meliosma lancifolia
Meliosma microcarpa
Meliosma oldhamii
Meliosma simang
Meliosma walIichii
Melochia arborea
Melochia velutina
Melodorum fuscum
Memecylon plebejum
Memecylon scutellatum
Mespilus bengalensis
Mesua coromandeliana
Mesua pedunculata
Mesua speciosa
Meyna pubescens
Meyna spinosa
Michelia alba x
Michelia kerrii
Michelia liliifera
Michelia manipurensis
Michelia pilifera
Michelia rajaniana
Microcos mala
Micromelum integerrimum
Micromelum octandrum
Microstemon velutina
Microtropis pallens
Miliusa cuneata
Miliusa lineata
Miliusa thorelli
Millettia atropurpurea
Millettia brandisiana
Millettia leucantha
Millettia macrostachya
Millettia pendula
Millettia pubinervis
Millingtonia hortensis
Mimosa elata
Mimosa odoratissima
Mimosa procera
Mitragyna maingayi
Mitragyna parvifolia
Mitrasacme eriophila
Mitrephora alba
Mitrephora collinsae
Mitrephora keithii
Mitrephora laotica
Mitrephora winitii
Molinaea canescens
Morinda tomentosa
Morus alba
Morus australis
Morus indica
Morus laevigata
Morus macrophylla
Morus macroura
Morus morettiana
Morus nervosa
Murraya foetidissima
Murraya odorata
Murraya sumatrana
Mussaenda garettii
Mussaenda kerrii
Mussaenda longisepala
Mussaenda mollis
Mycetia chasalioides
Mycetia longifolia
Mycetia rivicola
Myrica auriculata
Myrica farquhariana
Myrica sapida
Myriophyllum mezianum
Myristica amygdalina
Myristica angustifolia
Myristica cantleyi
Myristica dongnaiensis
Myristica erratica
Myristica furfuracea
Myristica glaucescens.
Myristica kingii
Myristica linifolia
Myristica longifolia
Myristica sphaerula
Myrobalanus bellirica
Myrsine umbelluta

Nageia bracteata
Nageia latifolia
Nauclea brunnea
Nauclea cadamba
Nauclea cordifolia
Nauclea diversifolia
Nauclea parviflora
Neolitsea cassia
Neolitsea cochinchinense
Neolourya thailandica
Nepenthes sanguinea
Nephelium echinulatum
Nephelium litchi
Nephelium longana
Nephelium pallens
Neuwiedia siamensis
Nothaphoebe siamensis
Nymphoides hastata
Nyssa arborea
Nyssa bifida
Nyssa sessiliflora

Oberonia kanburensis
Oberonia myriantha
Ochna andamanica
Ochna harmandii
Ochna pruinosa
Ochna pumila
Ochna squarrosa
Ochrocarpus siamensis
Ocimum sanetum
Odina wodier
Olax zeylanica
Oldenlandia cornata
Oldenlandia lanceolata
Oldenlandia marcanii
Olea cambodiana
Olea dioica
Olea oblanceolata
Olea puberula
Olea rosea
Olea salicifolia
Ophiorrhiza alata
Ophiorrhiza angkae
Ophiorrhiza approximata
Ophiorrhiza bicolor
Ophiorrhiza calcarea
Ophiorrhiza condensa
Ophiorrhiza kratensis
Ophiorrhiza longipes
Ophiorrhiza membranacea
Ophiorrhiza patula
Ophiorrhiza ridleyana
Ophiorrhiza ripicola
Ophiorrhiza subpunicea
Ormosia euphorioides
Ormosia yunnanensis
Ornithoboea pseudoflexuosa
Ornus floribunda
Orophea anceps
Orophea brandisii
Orophea kerrii
Orophea polycephala
Orophea undulata
Orthosiphon tagawai
Osbeckia stellata
Ostodes corniculatus
Ostodes kerrii
Ostodes paniculata
Oxyspora caudata

Pachira aquatica
Padbruggea pubescens
Pahudia xylocarpa
Palaquium garrettii
Palaquium hansenii
Palaquium impressinervium
Palaquium koratense
Palaquium punctata
Palaquium punctatum
Pandanus campanulatus
Pandanus obovatus
Pandanus paludisylvestris
Panicum longiloreum
Paphiopedilum exul
Paphiopedilum sukhakulii
Paraboea brunnescens
Paraboea glabrisepala
Paraboea multiflora
Paraboea pubicorolla
Paraboea rupestris
Paraboea trachyphylla
Paraboea variopila
Paracleisthus siamensis
Paradina hirsuta
Parahyparrhenia siamensis
Paranephelium muricatum
Parasympagis garrettii
Paravallaris macrophylla
Paravitex siamica
Parinari euadenia
Parinarium albidum
Parinarium annamense
Parkia dongnaiensis
Parkia insignis
Parnassia siamensis
Pasania acuminatissima
Pasania calathiformis
Pasania dealbatus
Pasania fenestrata
Pasania garrettiana
Pasania lindleyana
Pasania polystachya
Pasania sootepensis
Pasania spicata
Pasania thomsonii
Pasania truncata
Paulodopia ghorta
Payena paralleloneura
Payena puncata
Payena thorelii
Pedicellia loureiri
Pedicellia tonkinensis
Pedicularis rhynchodonta
Pedicularis siamensis
Pelatantheria bicuspidata
Peltophorum ferrugineum
Pentacme malayana
Pentacme suavis
Pentacme tomentosa
Pentapetes acerifolium
Pentaphragma winitii
Periploca purpurea
Peristrophe obtusifolia
Persea gamblei
Persica vulgaris
Pertya hossei
Phaius epiphyticus
Phalaenopsis thalebanii
Phanera variegata
Phlebocalymna lobbiana
Phlogacanthus longisepalus
Phlogacanthus racemosus
Phoebe ligustrina
Phoebe paniculata
Phoebe pubescens
Phoebe wightii
Pholidota aidiolepis
Pholidota grandiflora
Pholidota scaposa
Phyllanthodendron dubium
Phyllanthodendron mirabile
Phyllanthodendron roseum
Phyllanthus assamicus
Phyllanthus distichus
Phyllanthus kerrii
Phyllanthus mirabilis
Phyllanthus orientalis
Phyllanthus winitii
Phyllochlamys spinosa
Picrasma andamanica
Picrasma nepalensis
Picroxylon siamense
Pieris ovalifolia
Piliostigma racemosa
Pimelea stricta
Pinanga glaucescens
Pinanga paradoxa
Pinanga perakensis
Pinanga sylvestris
Pinnatella amblyphylla
Pinus khasya
Pinus yunnanensis
Pithecellobium angulatum
Pithecellobium glomeriflorum
Pithecellobium lobatum
Pithecellobium mekongense
Pithecellobium montanum
Pithecellobium myrlophylla
Pithecellobium tenue
Pittosporum floribundum
Pittosporum kerrii
Pittosporum nepaulense
Plagiochila tagawae
Planchonella burmanica
Planchonella cambodiana
Planchonella grandifolia
Planchonella kerrii
Planchonella lenticellata
Planchonella punctata
Planchonella sericea
Planchonella siamensis
Platymitra siamensis
Plectocomia kerrana
Plectocomiopsis wrayi
Plectronia glabra
Plectronia parvifolia
Plegmatolemma leucostachya
Plegmatolemma leucostachyum
Plegmatolemma minus
Pleione hookeriana
Podocarpus cupressina
Podocarpus latifolius
Podocarpus wallichiana
Polyalthia littoralis
Polyalthia siamensis
Polyalthia simiarum
Polyalthia viridis
Polygala kerrii
Polyosma dolichotricha
Polypleurella micrantha
Polystichum attenuatum
Pomatocalpa linearifolia
Pometia eximia
Popowia aberrans
Porana bialata
Porana megalantha
Potameia siamensis
Pottingeria acuminata
Pourpartia axillaris
Pourpartia fordii
Pouteria grandifolia
Premna annulata
Premna arborea
Premna collinsae
Premna latifolia
Premna viburnoides
Premna villosa
Primula larsenii
Primula siamensis
Prinos godajam
Protium serratum
Protium yunnanense
Prunus acuminata
Prunus hosseusii
Prunus montanum
Prunus nitens
Prunus nitida
Prunus persica
Prunus puddum
Prunus punctata
Prunus wallichii
Pseuderanthemum longistylum
Pseudodracontium lacourii
Pseudoehretia umbellulata
Psychotria monticola
Psychotria ophioxyloides
Pteris phuluangensis
Pterocarpus cambodianus
Pterocarpus cambodiensis
Pterocarpus gracilis
Pteroceras elobe
Pterocymbium campanulatum
Pterocymbium iaoticum
Pterocymbium macranthum
Pterocymbium siamensis
Pterospermum blumeanum
Pterospermum grandiflorum
Pterospermum insulare
Pterospermum littorale
Pterospermum semisagittatum
Pterospermum venustrum
Ptychopyxis plagiocarpa
Pueraria imbricata
Pycnospatha soerensii
Pygeum arboreum
Pygeum ferreum
Pygeum montanum

Quercus aliena
Quercus armata
Quercus brandisiana
Quercus calathiformis
Quercus dealbatsa
Quercus eumorpha
Quercus fenestrata
Quercus ferox
Quercus franchetii
Quercus garrettiana
Quercus griffithii
Quercus hendersoniana
Quercus incana
Quercus kerrii
Quercus kingiana
Quercus lanuginosa
Quercus lenticellata
Quercus leucotrichophora
Quercus lindleyana
Quercus longistyla
Quercus magnifica
Quercus mespilifolia
Quercus mespilifolioides
Quercus ozyrhyncha
Quercus polystachya
Quercus semiserrata
Quercus sootepensis
Quercus thomsoni
Quercus tribuloides
Quercus truncata
Quercus velutina
Quercus vestita

Radermachera alata
Radermachera ignea
Radermachera kerrii
Radermachera peninsularis
Radermachera wallichii
Randia dumetorum
Randia sootepensis
Randia wallichii
Rapanea subpedicelIata
Rapanea subpedicellata
Rapanea yunnanensis
Rauvolfia densiflora
Rauvolfia micrantha
Rauvolfia ophiorrhizoides
Rauvolfia peguana
Rauvolfia perakensis
Rauwenhoffia siamensis
Reevesia pubescens
Rhaphidospora lanceolata
Rhododendron arboreum
Rhododendron delavayi
Rhododendron formosum
Rhododendron ludwigianum
Rhododendron microphyton
Rhododendron oxyphyllum
Rhododendron siamense
Rhododendron simsii
Rhododendron smilesii
Rhododendron surasianum
Rhododendron taiense
Rhododendron vietchianum
Rhus javanica
Rhus rhetsoides
Rhus semialata
Rhynchosia longipetiolata
Rhynchostylis coelestis
Rhyticalymma angustifolia
Rhyticalymma kerrii
Rhyticalymma longipetiolatum
Rhyticalymma trichocarpum
Rivea clakeana
Rostellularia bankaoensis
Rostellularia chiengmaiensis
Rostellularia cradengensis
Rostellularia elegans
Rostellularia neglecta
Rostellularia palustris
Rostellularia rachaburiensis
Rostellularia ramosissima
Rotala cordata
Rothmannia sootopensis
Rothmannia thailandica
Rubia garrettii
Rubus kerrii
Rungia angustifolia
Ryparosa inconstans


Sacciolepis fenestrata
Saccopetalum lineatum
Sageraea reticulata
Salacca siamensis
Salix babylonica
Sambucus canadensis
Sambucus chinensis
Sambucus simpsonii
Santisukia kerrii
Sapindus angustifolius
Sapindus tetraphylla
Sapium insigne
Sarcocephalus annamensis
Sarcocephalus cadamba
Sarcocephalus cordatus
Sarcocephalus undulatus
Sarcoglyphis thailandica
Sarcosperma arboreum
Sarcosperma kachinense
Sarcosperma siamensis
Sarcosperma siarnense
Saurauia nepalensis
Saurauia thorelii
Sauropus amoebiflorus
Saxifraga gemmipara
Schefflera bengalensis
Schefflera minimiflora
Schefflera petelotii
Schefflera pueckleri
Schefflera siamensis
Schefflera venulosa
Schefflera venulosum
Schima bancana
Schima brevipes
Schima mucronata
Schima stellata
Schizochiton siamensis
Schleichera pentapetala
Schleichera trijuga
Schoenorchis spathulata
Schoepfia fragrans
Schoutenia glomerata
Schoutenia peregrina
Schrebera swietenioides
Sciaphila thailandica
Scleria kerrii
Sebifera glutinosa
Semecarpus albescens
Semecarpus glomerulata
Semnostachya glandulosa
Senecio boluangensis
Senecio craibianus
Senna surattensis
Sericocalyx thailandicus
Shorea attopoensis
Shorea cinerea
Shorea cochinchinensis
Shorea floribunda
Shorea harmandii
Shorea leucobotrya
Shorea longipetala
Shorea nervosa
Shorea stellata
Sideroxylon carnbodianum
Sideroxylon grandifolium
Siphonodon pyriformis
Sisyrolepis muricata
Sisyrolepis siamensis
Skimmia arborescens
Sloanea kerrii
Sloanea mollis
Sloanea tomentosa
Solanum proetermissum
Solanum putii
Solanum puttii
Solanum scopulorum
Solenospermum duperreanum
Solenospermum wallichii
Sonerila siamensis
Sonerila spectabilis
Sonerila urceolata
Spathiostemon moniliformis
Spathodea adenophylla
Spathodea ignea
Spathodea stipulata
Spathodea velutina
Spathodeopsis collignonii
Sphaerocoryne clavipes
Sphenodesme odorata
Sphenodesme orbicularis
Spondias axillaris
Spondias bipinnata
Spondias dulcis
Spondias rubescens
Staurogyne bella
Staurogyne densiflora
Staurogyne densifolia
Staurogyne expansa
Staurogyne kradengensis
Staurogyne latifolia
Staurogyne longiciliata
Staurogyne longociliata
Staurogyne multiflora
Staurogyne polycaulis
Staurogyne rosulata
Staurogyne singularis
Stelechocarpus longipes
Stemona kerrii
Stephania creba
Stephania papillosa
Stephania suberosa
Stephania tomentella
Stephegyne diversifolia
Stephegyne parviflora
Sterculia alata
Sterculia armata
Sterculia colorata
Sterculia ensifolia
Sterculia kerrii
Sterculia ornata
Sterculia principis
Sterculia thorelii
Stercula principis
Sterculia thorelii
Sterculia tonkinesis
Sterculia urens
Stereospermum chelonoides
Stereospermum colais
Stereospermum cylindricum
Stereospermum fimbriatum
Stereospermum ghorta
Stereospermum glandulosum
Stereospermum grandiflorum
Stereospermum jangomas
Stereospermum mekongense
Stereospermum neuranthum
Stereospermum personatum
Stereospermum serrulata
Stereospermum tetragonum
Stereospermum wallichii
Streblus indicus
Streblus monoicus
Strobilanthes chiangdaoensis
Strobilanthes imbricata
Strobilanthes kerrii
Strychnos nux-blanda
Strychnos nux-vomica
Styrax benzoides
Styrax benzoin
Styrax betongensis
Suaeda maritima
Sunipia angustipetala
Sunipia australis
Sunipia minor
Sunipia soidaoensis
Sunipia thailandica
Swertia calcicola
Swertia pinetorum
Symplocos angustifolia
Symplocos caudata
Symplocos chapaensis
Symplocos cinerea
Symplocos dryophylla
Symplocos evrardii
Symplocos ferruginea
Symplocos harmandii
Symplocos hookeri
Symplocos hydrophila
Symplocos iangbianensis
Symplocos iaurina
Symplocos impressa
Symplocos japonica
Symplocos kerrii
Symplocos lankaviensis
Symplocos longifolia
Symplocos macrophylba
Symplocos macrophylla
Symplocos magnifica
Symplocos odorata
Symplocos sempervirens
Symplocos siamensis
Symplocos spicata
Symplocos sulcata
Symplocos theaefolia
Symplocos theifolia
Synotis phupeakensis
Synstylis micranthera
Syzygium albiflorum
Syzygium angkae
Syzygium balsameum
Syzygium formosum
Syzygium fruticosum
Syzygium globiflorum
Syzygium inereum
Syzygium megacarpum
Syzygium montanum
Syzygium operculatus
Syzygium pseudosubtilis
Syzygium ripicola
Syzygium ruscifolium
Syzygium winitii
Syzygium zimmermannii

Tabernaemontana ophiorrhizoides
Taeniophyllum insulare
Taeniophyllum quadrilobium
Talauma kerrii
Tarenna collinsae
Tarenna disperma
Tarenna elliptica
Tarenna hoaensis
Tarenna vanprukii
Taxotrophis ilicifolius
Temmodaphne thailandica
Terminalia bialata
Terminalia corticosa
Terminalia franchetii
Terminalia obliqua
Terminalia oryzetorum
Terminalia papilio
Terminalia procera
Terminalia pyrifolia
Terminalia tomentella
Terminalia tripteroides
Ternstroemia japonica
Tetradium trichotomum
Tetraglochidium maingayi
Tetramyxis glauca
Tetramyxis lancifolia
Tetramyxis monopetala
Tetramyxis pellegrinii
Tetramyxis polyantha
Tetramyxis semecarpifolia
Tetramyxis tenuis
Tetramyxis wightiana
Thalictrum calicolum
Thamnium siamense
Thea assamica
Thea confusa
Thea connata
Thea taliensis
Thismia mirabilis
Thomsonia larsenii
Thomsonia sutepensis
Thomsonia thaiensis
Tiglium officinale
Tinospora baenzigeri
Tinospora siamensis
Toona microcarpa
Torenia ranongensis
Torenia thailandica
Toxicodendron semialata
Trachycarpus oreophilus
Trevesia bateospina
Trewia macrostachya
Trias mollis
Trias rosea
Tribulus terrestris
Trichodesma calcareum
Trigonobalanus doichangensis
Trigonostemon albiflorus
Trigonostemon thyrsoideus
Tripogon larsenii
Trisepalum longipetiolatum
Trisepalum robustum
Trisepalum subplanum
Tristaniopsis burmanica
Tuberolabium carnosum
Typhonium cordifolium
Typhonium larsenii

Ulmus integrifolia
Ulmus lancifolia
Uncaria glavcascens
Uncaria quadrangularis
Unona latifolia
Unona simiarum
Urceola latifolia
Urophyllum aequale
Urophyllum crassum
Urophyllum longipes
Urophyllum talangense
Urostigma microcarpum
Urostigma nervosum
Urostigma pisocarpum
Urostigma superbum
Uvaria cerasoides
Uvaria odorata
Uvaria velutina
Uvaria villosa

Vaccinium albidens
Vaccinium apricum
Vaccinium eberhardtii
Vaccinium exaristatum
Vaccinium glabrum
Vaccinium sprengelii
Vaccinium subobovatum
Vallaris macrantha
Vanda lilaciana
Vanda watsonii
Vangueria pubescens
Vangueria spinosa
Vatica faginea
Vatica grandiflora
Vatica philastraena
Vatica scaphula
Veratrum chiengdaoense
Vernonia acuminata
Vernonia craibiana
Vernonia garrettiana
Vernonia javanica
Vernonia kerrii
Vernonia parishii
Vernonia principes
Vernonia sangka
Vernonia volkameriifolia
Vernonia wallichii
Viburnum coniaceum
Viburnum cylindricum
Viburnum foetidum
Viburnum inopinatum
Visenia umbellata
Vitex agnuscastus
Vitex alata
Vitex arborea
Vitex heterophylla
Vitex leucoxylon
Vitex limoniifolia

Wallichia siamensis
Walsura intermedia
Walsura tenuifolia
Walsura trijuga
Webera disperma
Wendlandia floribunda
Wendlandia paniculata
Wendlandia scabra
Wendlandia tinctoria
Whitfordiodendron pubescens
Wightia elliptica
Wightia gigantea
Winchia calophylla
Wrightia arborea
Wrightia coccinea
Wrightia javanica
Wrightia lanceolata
Wrightia mollissima

Xanthochymus pictorius
Xanthophyllum glandulosum
Xanthophyllum obliquum
Xanthophyllum pallidum
Xanthophyllum siamense
Xantolis burmanica
Xantolis cambodiana
Xantolis siamensis
Xerospermum donnaiense
Xerospermum glabrum
Xerospermum piilanei
Xerospermum wallichi
Xiphopteris khaoluangensis
Xylocarpus obovatus
Xylosma brachystachys
Xyris rosea
Zanthoxylum asperum
Zanthoxylum budrunga
Zanthoxylum evodiaefolium
Zanthoxylum hirtellum
Zanthoxylum scabrum
Zeuxine nervosa
Ziziphus incurva
Ziziphus nummularia
Ziziphus rugosa
Zygia jiringa


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