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Thailand Antiques Companies, Thai Antiques Manufacturers

Thailand is a regional marketplace for the trade in Antiques. Thai Antiques, Chinese Antiques and also valuable pieces of ceramics, furniture and statuary from nearby countries.


Nowadays it is unusual to find genuine pieces of Khmer sculpture or real Burma Buddha heads in the tourist antique shops of Silom and Suriwong. However this trade in illegal artifacts does continue hidden away in upstairs rooms and tiny shops embedded in the intricate lanes of Chinatown.


Bangkok Companies is happy to point you in the right direction when it comes to sourcing genuine (and legal) antiques but I am afraid I always turn down requests when it is clear that the antique buyer is looking for smuggled illegal artifacts.


Thailand has a rich and varied cultural heritage. The country was occupied by different peoples and civilizations prior to the present Thai era. Mon, Khmer, Lana-Thai to name a few. Add to this a pot-pourri of other outside influences from Japan, China, Malaysia, Vietnam and the west.



Most people, art collectors and antiques enthusiasts concentrate on the Thai antiques and the early Thai periods when the Thai Kingdom was centered around the old capitals of Ayutthaya and Sukhothai. Close to Sukhothai is an ancient and still thriving ceramics industry renowned for fine pieces of Sisatchanalai pottery.


Modern reproductions of classical Thai art, sculpture, furniture, brass and bronze ware and ceramics abound and can be found in the antiques shops close to or inside all the best Bangkok hotels and tourist areas.


It is maybe off the beaten track however where the best finds can be made. Families who gathered their ancestors heirlooms in dusty display cabinets are now finding a new source of income - selling the family treasures.


  • Antique Furniture
  • Antique Jewelry
  • Antique Pottery
  • Antique Bronzes
  • Antique Ceramics
  • Antique Sculpture
  • Antique Silk, Garments & Textiles
  • Antique Buddha Statues


Are you looking for antiques from Thailand -  contact me I know just the right person to help


Antique Ceramics Antique Sculpture Antique Bronze
Antique Amethyst Earrings Antique Map of Thailand Antique Furniture
Below is a list of some of the antiques shops and antiques companies and the products they offer. If you would Bangkok Companies to help you find the right antiques company for you  then please write to

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Anna Antiques Thai Co Ltd
Art Antique Gallery
Asian Antiques
B. Thong Thai Antiques
Bae Teck Huat Antique
Bee And Bud Craft Co Ltd,
Ben Antiques
Benson Jewelry Co,Ltd.
British Colonial Furniture
C.U. Art Co Ltd,
Capital Antique Gallery
Ceramic Ware Co Ltd
Chai Ma Antiques,
Chewa Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Chiangmai Art Antique Shop
Chieng Sand Antique
Chongkolnee Antiques
D.K. Bronze Manufactory Co.,Ltd.
Dusit Thani Antiques,
E.P. Genius Import Export Co Ltd
Erawan Antiques Shop
From Fabric Co,Ltd.
Golden Tortoise Oriental Antiques,
Good Luck Antique
House Of Handicrafts-A Cottage Industry
K.P. Eternity Co Ltd,
Katleya Arts And Jewelry Co.,Ltd.
Kiat Antiques
King Antiques
Kings Antiques Ltd,Part.
Lanna Frame Co.,Ltd


Le Cafe Siam
Leck Antiques
National Museum
New Carving
Paulís Antiques
Peng Seng Antique Ltd.,Part.
Piya Antique Co.,Ltd.
Piya Interior Fine Arts Co Ltd,
Pun Taang Antiques & Art-Craft Ltd.,
Rama Antique
Rama Antique Shop,
Royal Antique Ltd.,Part.
Ryma Inter Trading (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Santi's Art & Antiques
Selectform Furniture & Son Co.,Ltd
Songtique Ltd.
South East Asia Antique Shop
T.K. Art And Antique Shop
Tal Fah Antiques Ltd.,Part.
Taptim Antiques
Thong Thai
Tong Dee Antique Ltd.,Part.
Tongdee Antique L.P.
U. Thong Antiques
U-Ma Antiques
V. Antiques
Vichitchai Antiques Co.,Ltd.
Wandee Antiques Co.,Ltd.
Worakarn Bronze & Art Co Ltd
World Antique And Coin Shop
Yong Antique Shop
Yul's Antiques

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