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Thailand Spice Companies, Thai Spice Manufacturers


Thailand Spice Companies
, Thai Spice Manufacturers bag, bottle and package tons of spices and herbs for export around the world every day. Products such as Black Pepper, White Pepper, Cardamom, Chillies, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander, Cumin, Fennel, Fenugreek, Ginger, Nutmeg, Paprika, Star Aniseed, Turmeric are in great demand by spice wholesalers and Thai restaurants.

Often when I 'dine out' which is usually at a street side food stall, I am warned that the food is spicy and asked if I can eat spicy Thai food. Where the legend comes from that westerners don't eat spicy food I don't know. Give the Thais a vindaloo curry that I used to eat in in Yorkshire quite regularly and I think they would throw a fit.

Herbs & spices have always been one of the common ingredients in Thai kitchens. Thai food is well known for its fiery and spicy flavor. Recently, world communities have expressed interests in the exotic flavor of Thai cuisine. As a result, Thai herbs & spices gradually gain reputation in foreign markets and kitchens.

Besides giving unique flavor to Thai dishes, herbs & spices also have various medicinal properties. Thai people use herbs & spices as a form of traditional medicine. With natural ingredients, herbs & spices provide an alternative to modern medicine for health-conscious consumers in both domestic and international markets.

Global communities have begun to realize the health benefits of herbs & spices. This increasing popularity will likely produce an increasing demand for herbs & spices. Therefore, Thailand's spices & herbs trade outlook remains bright and positive.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your Thai spices products please email with your requests.

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Spices available from Thaiand Spice Suppliers include: , Black & White Pepper, Black Pepper, Cardamom (large), Cardamom (small), Cardamon/anise/cumin, Cassia, Celery Seed, Chillies Dry, Chillies Powder, Cinnamon, Clove, Coriander, Coriander Powder, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Powder, Cumin Seeds, Cummin Seeds, Curry Powder, Fennel Seeds, Fenugreek Seed, Garlic Powder, Ginger Dry, Ginger Powder, Nutmeg, Olives, Paprika, Paprika Oleoresins, Pepper, Pepper Powder, Red Chilli, Salt, Seasoning, Seasoning Powder, Spices, Spices Oleoresins, Spices, Seasonings & Flavorings, Star Aniseed, Tamarind, Turmeric, Turmeric Oleoresins, Turmeric Powder, Various Seasoning, Vegetable Powder, White Pepper

Featured Thailand Spice Manufacturers

F-Plus Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer and Exporter of Spices, Concentrated Noodle Soup, Seasoning Soup Powder, Seasoning Cube, Lime Juice

Asia Power And Trading Co,. Ltd.
We are produce dried herbs, dried spices and dried vegetable by vacuum dried machine. This process that the aromatic and physiological properties of product to be dried are not impaired. E.g.. Dried red chilli, dried basil leaf, dried garlic, dried lemongrass, dried baby corn, etc.
Products: Dried herbs, dried spices and dried vegetable, Spices & Seasonings, Agriculture Products Processing, Spicy Vegetables, Dehydrated Vegetables

Bell Foods Co., Ltd.
Bell Foods' group of company was established in 1990 as leading manufacturer and exporter of spices and dehydrated vegetables. We have 2 factories in Thailand, Nithi Foods and Iemkasikit. Both are located in Chiang Mai in the North of Thailand where plenty of high-quality food raw materials are available. Our main policies are to supply dehydrated agriculture products with high quality and food safety, to always meet customers requirements on product qualification and delivery schedule, and to provide the customers the best products with the most competitive price, maximum flexibility, and liability.
Products: Dehydrated pepper, chili, garlic, paprika, parsley, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaf, ginger, galangal, pineapple, papaya, mango, banana, fried & oil, garlic, shallot, curry paste, spice mix

Jarin Black And White Pepper
JARIN High Quality Grounded Black Pepper, White Pepper and Spices from Thailand - We Are The Leading Retail, Wholesale And Wholesaler of High Quality Black and White Pepper. Premium OTOP Award For Best Pepper, Herb & Spices Product In Thailand
Products: Black pepper, white pepper, pepper, pepper berry, berry, spices, grounded pepper, black and white pepper

Kingfood Enterprise Co., Ltd
Kingfood enterprise Co., ltd have 30 years experience and expertise in manufacturing dehydrated vegetables and spices. The company has the vision of becoming the leader in serving ingredients in food industry. With the passion for food, commitment towards growth and integrity on serving customers, we believe we have the right ingredient and formula in pursing success. Kingfood places its focus on research and development on resources and technology while facilitate and promote hygiene and food safety standard.
Kingfood Quality Standard & Achievement: The company always thrives to manufacture food ingredient at international standard and also offers various products and solution to satisfy all customers at global market.
With HACCP, GMP and HALAL certification, you are being assured that all production process is fully controlled accordance with international hygiene and food safety standard.
The office at Bangkok handles all domestic and international general duties. Your orders and inquiry will be handled by our professional sales team who are able to communicate with you in English, Thai and Chinese languages. It also has a medium storage unit to handle urgent orders.
Products: Garlic powder, garlic flakes, dried green chives, spring onion, dried carrot, dried cabbage, onion flake, dried chili, black/white pepper, dried lemon grass

We are a trading company based in Thailand. Our company exports all kind of Thai agricultural products such as betel nut, cashew nut, chilli, pepper, etc. Also we do exporting garment, textile and handicraft products especially handmade product such as silk fabric and woven handbag. Our products are high quality and competitive price. For further information please contact Mr.. Govindasamy thanapan. We can supply other products upon your requirement.
Products: Betel nuts, spices, handicraft products

Nithi Foods Co., Ltd.
Nithi foods Co., ltd. Processes Thai spices, food ingredients, dehydrated vegetables and prepared fresh vegetables. Established in 1998 with world-class production standards and modern management, nithi foods enjoyed continence growth and was expanded in 2003 with a capital investment of 47.5 million baht (u. S. $ 1.2 million).
Nithi foods Co., ltd. Is constantly improving its food processing technology through its research and development department. We set our quality and safety standards following; good manufacturing practice (gmp), Hazardous analytical critical control point (haccp), international standard organization (iso 9001:2000) and Islamic rule (halal).
In 2003 nithi foods received the gold medal award for healthy work place from the minister of health and the prime minister honorable industry award personally awarded by the prime minister. To manufacture dehydrated spices and vegetables with the highest quality and safety. To always meet customer (s) requirements on product qualification and delivery schedule. To continuously improve technologies and cost efficiency management in order to provide the customer (s) the best products with the most competitive price and maximum flexibility.
Products: Fried garlic, white pepper powder, black pepper powder

Northern Green Crops. Ltd., Part.
Northern green crops is the company in chiangmai Thailand. We have been operated in dehydrated vegetable industry to provide the variety of herbs &spices and food ingredients since 2002" premium products ex. Dried sweet basil, dried holy basil and dried kaffir lime.
Products: Spices, dried sweet basil, holy basil, bergamot leaves, tom yum goong, horapa, dried kaffir lime, panang curry, green curry dried food

R. S. Foods Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
R.S. Foods Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of R.S. Group, was established in 1970 as a manufacturer and exporter of various kind of foods in Thailand. R.S. Group, known as a food specialist, has successfully produced various types of starch and flour for the food industry for more than 40 years. R.S. Foods Tech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. produces and exports many types of quality foods to supply through worldwide markets. The company's main products number more than 100 items and include Dried Spices, Preserved Vegetable in Bottle, Sauces, Tapioca Products, Rice Products, Flour, and various other kinds of oriental foodstuff. R.S. Foods Tech are serious about improving quality and have introduced high technology machinery to our operations. Our most valuable customers in the international market include organizations such as Tang Fare (Peacock brand), H.C. Foods, U.S. Trading, Meelunie B.V., and many other customers around the world. For customer service, our food experts and marketing team promptly provide product information as required. On-time delivery service is guaranteed as well. In addition, the company has special services for producing goods under customers' own brands, besides our own trade names. Currently, R.S. Foods Tech has total annual revenues of around US$100 million based on a total investment of some US$5,000,000.
Products: Dried spices, canned & bottled foods, dried vegetable, sauce & paste, noodles, flour & starch

Sunnyday International Co. Ltd
We grow, process and export Spices and herbs from Thailand. Our main items of export are Fresh and processed Ginger, Fresh and processed Sweet and Sour Tamarind, Dried whole and powdered herbs like basil, turmeric, lemon grass, galangal, Black ginger and other herbs used as flavoring or as pharmaceutical ingredients in Herbal medicines and food supplement. We can also undertake farming and all related activities should there be a need for specialized products.
Products: We are growing Spices and herbs like ginger, tamarind, basil etc in Thailand. We export in fresh, preserved and processed form to EU, USA and Asia. We can also do contract farming in Thailand.

Thai Commodities Co., Ltd.
We Thai Commodities Co., Ltd. Are a specialized supplier and exporter of various kinds of Spices, Herbs and some items of Cereal, Grain, Beans (including Coffee Bean which is one of our main exporting items) etc.
Products: Herbs & spices, dried flower, dried red chilli, commodity and agricultural goods.

Thank You Nature Co., Ltd.
Based in Bangkok, Thailand, and found in 2004, Thank You Nature Company Limited is the owner of Dancing Angel's trademark. It specializes in producing Thai premium spices, together with the creation of its copyrighted recipes for the use of the spices. The products are good for substitutes in Thai food cooking in markets where fresh product can rarely be found, is expensive and subject to wastage. Each product can be used in the preparation of both Thai and western food for the authentic taste and fusion of flavors.
Products: Dancing Angel's premium Thai herbs and spices of very close taste to nature as mostly dried by sun heat, Strict control of process with microbiological and chemical tests.


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