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Acrylic Aquariums, Fish and Plants, Aquarium Equipment can be sourced from Thailand Aquarium Manufacturers. If you are looking to buy small quantities of products it is best to search for a suitable Aquarium wholesaler. If you are in Bangkok then the best place to start looking is Chatuchak market. The aquarium shops are located at the back right hand side of the market.

When I was a kid I had a tropical fish tank. It was stocked with angel fish, neon tetras and guppies. My favourite though were a pair of siamese fighting fish. At the tender age of six I did not know of the Kingdom of Siam. Nowadays I have a small aquarium in my office. I wanted some fighting fish but the wife has the last word, maybe next lifetime......

Thailand has a lively aquarium and aquarium products industry. There are many factories devoted to the production of aquarium products products and aquarium equipment. Also wholesalers who can put together smaller export packages for those wanting a range of products with mixed loads. There are several sectors to consider:


The aquariums themselves. Household aquariums, aquariums for the office or commercial building and super sized aquariums built for aquatic parks and exhibition centers.

For more information about aquariums please see this page: Thailand Aquarium Companies, Thai Aquarium Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your aquarium supplies and aquarium equipment needs please email with your requests.

Aquarium Equipment
All the paraphernalia needed to equip aquariums, maintain and keep them clean. Also the products like food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals to keep the fish and plants healthy.

Fish and Plants
Thailand exports huge quantities of exotic and tropical fish. Plants play an important part too. Living plants and artificial plants help the aquarium owner to create natural looking aquascapes to show of their prized aquatic specimens. These are some of the species available for export from Thailand fish breeders: Angels Fish, Barbs Fish, Betta Fish, Botia Fish, Brackish Fish, Cat Fish, Cichlids Fish, Clown Fish, Corydoras Fish, Crab, Danio Fish, Deedle Fish, Discus Fish, Doriae Fish, Eels, Feeding Fish, Glass Fish, Gold Fish, Gourami, Guppy Fish, Killi Fish, Koi Fish, Loaches, New Guinea Rainbow Fish, Oscar Fish, Platies Fish, Rasboras Fish, Serrasalmus Sp Fish, Sharks, Shrimp, Snakehead Fish, Sucker Fish, Tetras, Turtles.

Our role at Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Companies can help you source the right supplier here in Thailand for your needs. Whether you are a private enthusiast, wholesaler of aquarium products or a manufacturer who wants to outsource production we can help please email with your requests.

. Bangkok Companies office aquarium .

Featured Thailand Aquarium Supplies Companies

Following you will find lists of aquarium products available from companies involved in the aquarium business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with an aquarium products company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

 Acrylic Aquarium
 Acrylic Bow Front Aquariums
 Acrylic Fish Tanks
 Acrylic Flat Back Hexagon Aquariums
 Acrylic Pentagon Aquariums
 Acrylic Quarter Cylinder Aquariums
 Acrylic Rectangular Aquariums
 Acrylic Scratch Remover
 Acrylic Tanks
 Acrylic Vista Aquariums
 Activated Carbon
 Advanced Power Filters
 Aerating Ornaments
 Air & Water Tubing
 Air Control Accessories
 Air Equipment
 Air Products
 Air Pumps
 Airline Tubing & Connectors
 Algae Control And Snail Killers
 Algae Scraper Magnet
 Algae Scraper Pad
 Algae Scraper Razor
 Ammonia Removers
 Aqua Dome Acrylic Aquariums
 Aqua Pharmacuticals
 Aqua Scapes Acrylic Aquariums
 Aqua Table Acrylic Aquariums -
 Aqua Towers Acrylic Aquariums
 Aquarium Decorations
 Aquarium Filters
 Aquarium Furniture
 Aquarium Heaters & Chillers
 Aquarium Lighting
 Aquarium Maintenance Products
 Aquarium Or Reptile Tanks
 Aquarium Pharmaceuticals
 Aquarium Products
 Aquarium Stands
 Aquarium Supplies
 Aquarium Systems
 Aquarium Thermometers
 Aquarium Tubing
 Aquatic Specials/Promotions
 Aquatic Supply Close-Outs/Discontinued
 Artificial Plants
 Automatic Water Changer
 Betta Tanks
 Biological Filter Media
 Bio-Pin Balls
 Blackwater Extract
 Bottom Drain
 Breeding Equipment
 Bubble Wands
 Cabinet Aquarium
 Calcium Reactors
 Carbonate Hardness Test Kit
 Cartridges & Filter-Saver Bags
 Ceramic And Resin Ornaments
 Cichlid Food
 Cleaning And Cover Netting
 Co2 Equipment
 Co2 Regulator Kits
 Coffee Table Aquarium
 Column Aquariums
 Community Tank
 Compact Fluorescent Light
 Coolwater Fish.
 Coral Diets
 Corner Aquariums Or Flat Back
 Corner Filters
 Custom Aquariums
 Custom Built Fish Tanks
 Custom Made Aquariums
 Cycle Enhancers
 Deco Aquariums
 Decorative Backgrounds

 Decorative Filters
 Decorative Plants
 Desktop Tanks
 Digital Thermometers
 Dosing Pumps
 Feeding Thermometer
 Felt Bags
 Filter Cartridges
 Filter Cartriges
 Filter Media
 Filter Media Cartridges
 Filters Heaters
 Fish Feeders
 Fish Food
 Fish Foods
 Fish Nets
 Fish Tanks
 Fittings/Plumbing Parts
 Flake Food
 Flexible Tubing
 Float Valves
 Floating Thermometers
 Flood Control
 Foam Filters
 Food Fishtanks
 Food For Freshwater Fish
 Food For Tropical Fish
 Fountain Heads
 Fountain Set
 Freeze Dried Food
 Freshwater Aquariums
 Freshwater Kit
 Freshwater Products
 Fungus Clear
 Fungus Cure
 Garden Aquariums
 Glass Aquariums
 Glass Fish Bowls
 Goldfish Food
 Gravel And Substrates
 Gravel Vacuum Cleaners
 Halide Fixtures Bulbs
 Hanging Aquarium
 Hanging Thermometers
 Hoods With Lighting
 Iodine Supplements
 Iron Supplements
 Laborett Testing Kit
 Little Mermaid
 Live Plant Supplies
 Living Picture Aquarium
 Living Picture Aquariums
 Magnesium And Barium Supplements
 Maintenance Supplies
 Marine And Reef Products
 Marine Fish
 Marine Fish Food
 Marine Salt
 Marine Supplements
 Marineland Eclipse Aquariums
 Medicated Foods
 Mini Bio-Balls
 Natural Driftwood Available
 Natural Rock
 Natural Rock And Backgrounds
 Natural Rock Feller Stone
 Nitrate Removers
 Nonsubmersible Heaters
 Novelty Aquariums
 Nylon Bags
 Oceanic Tanks
 Ornamental Aquariums
 Orp Meters

 Overflow Boxes
 Oxygen Test Kit
 Ozone Generators
 Ozone Tubing
 Penguin Power Heads
 Pentagon Aquarium
 Picture Frame Aquarium
 Plant Care
 Plastic Fish Bowls
 Plumbing Parts
 Pond Equipment
 Pond Supplies
 Power Filters
 Pre-Filter Overflows
 Pre-Filter Sponge
 Protein Skimmers
 Pumps (External)
 Real And Synthetic Corals
 Reef Aquarium
 Reef Aquariums
 Reef Aquariums & Aquatic Furniture
 Replacement Bulbs
 Replacement Parts
 Reverse Osmosis
 Reverse Osmosis/Water Purification
 Rigid Tubing
 Rubber Gloves
 Salt Marine Mixes
 Salt Mix
 Saltwater Aquariums
 Saltwater Fish
 Saltwater Fish Food
 Siamese Fighting Fish
 Silica And Phosphate Removers
 Specialty And Fountain Ornaments
 Specimen Containers
 Sponge Filters
 Standing Thermometers
 Stands Wrought Or Angle Iron
 Stick On Thermometers
 Strontium Supplement
 Submersible Heaters
 Table Aquariums
 Tabletop Fish Tanks
 Tank Cleaner
 Test Kits
 Thailand River Stones
 Tower Aquariums
 Trace Elements
 Tropical Fish
 Tropical Fish Food
 Tropical Fish Tanks
 Tubing Accessories
 Tubing Parts
 Ultraviolet Light
 Ultraviolet Sterilizers
 Under Gravel Filters
 Uv Sterilizers
 Vacuum Bottom Drain
 Wall Mounted Aquarium
 Wall Mounting Aquarium
 Water Clarifier
 Water Conditioners
 Water Pumps
 Water Purifiers
 Water Softners
 Water Test Kits
 Water Treatments
 Wet/Dry Filters


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