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Thailand Children's Garment Companies, Thai Children's Clothing Manufacturers


Thailand is a wonderful place for sourcing children's garments of all kinds such as: Girl's Dresses, Children's Wear, Kid's Pajamas, Children's T-shirts, Girls Play Outfits, Romper Suit, Teenager T-Shirts, School Uniforms, Fancy Dress Costumes, Children's Dancewear, Children's Footwear and Baby Shoes.

Bangkok Companies can also source other kid's related products like: Baby Strollers, Nursery Furnishings, Baby Furniture, Infant's Toys, Learning Computer Software, Soft Toys, Nursery Clocks, Educational Wooden Toys, Nursery Play Mats and Kid's Trainers

I started life as a child - no kidding!! My mum had a drapery and kid's clothes shop back in The UK. We sold everything from baby wear to teenagers clothing. My mum has a picture of me and a certificate to prove it, of when I won first prize in the 'Bonny Baby' contest at Mablethorpe Carnival 1956. Apparently I won a pink romper suit. My mom complained and they allowed her to change it for a blue romper suit. The competition had never been won by a baby boy before. I had curly blonde hair - they thought I was a girl.

So from those noble beginnings I now find myself in Bangkok and dealing in the same products my mum did 50 years ago. Only now I only sell wholesale children's clothes and usually by the container load.


If you are looking for Garments, clothes products of any type we have a full section covering all garment products here Thailand Garment Companies , Thailand Clothes Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your kid's clothing needs please email with your requests.



Girl's Dresses Children's Wear Kid's Pajamas
Children's T-shirts Girls Play Outfits Blue Romper Suit
Baby Strollers Nursery Furnishings Baby Furniture
Teenager T-Shirts School Uniforms Infant's Toys
Learning Computer Software Soft Toys Nursery Clocks
Babies Fancy Dress Costumes Boy's Fancy Dress Girl's Fancy Dress Costume
Educational Wooden Toys Nursery Play Mats Children's Dancewear
Baby Shoes Kid's Sneakers Baby Bootees
Featured Thailand Children's Garment Companies
B.K. International Trading Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Garments Trading Company. Suppliers of Childrens Wear, Babies Wear Children's Coats, Dresses, Skirts, Children Fashion Clothes
D&P Classic Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Baby Products Manufacturer of Baby Blankets, Babies Mittens, Baby Socks
E & J Industries Co, Ltd Thailand Thailand Garment Manufacturer of Children's Clothes, Babies Wear Fashion Garments, Jackets, Shirts
E.Q. San (Thailand) Co., LTD. Thailand Thai manufacturer of Knitting fabrics, men's knit wear, women's knit wear, children's knit wear, polo shirts, T-shirts, dresses, skirts and school uniforms.
F.C. INTERTRADE CO.,LTD Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Baby ware, Children ware, Baby Clothes, Children's Clothes, Knitted Garments, Woven Garments, Babies Garments and Infant Clothes.
OCC Public Co.,Ltd Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Covermark Cosmetics, Fragrances, Lingerie, Swim Wear, Men's apparel, Woman's Apparel, Children's Apparel, Hair Products Perfume, Skin Care Products
O.G. Industry (1981) Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Sportswear, Coats, Jackets, Suits, Overcoats, Gym Suits, Men's Clothes, Women's Clothing, Men's Jogging Suits, Men's Track Suits, Women's Jogging Suits, Women's Track Suits, Kid's Jogging Suits
T&C INTERNATIONAL PRODUCTS CO.,LTD Thailand Thai manufacturer of Baby Products, Bedding sets, pillows, educational toys and soft toys, Milk feeding bottles, baby accessories

Following you will find lists of children's garments available from companies involved in the children's garment business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a children's garment company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email me

Baby Blankets
Baby Booties
Baby Clothes
Baby Dresses
Baby Garment
Baby Gift
Baby Girl Clothes
Baby Girl Dress
Baby Hooded Towels
Baby Interlock Garment
Baby Jackets
Baby Knitted Garments
Baby Outdoor Apparel
Baby Outfits
Baby Pants
Baby Robes
Baby Rompers
Baby Shirts
Baby Shorts
Baby Shower Gifts
Baby Sleepwear
Baby Sweaters
Baby T-Shirts
Baby Undergarments
Baby Winter Knitwear Sets
Bonded Children Garment
Boy Toddler Clothing
Boy's 2 Pieces Set
Boys Apparel
Boys Bathing Suits
Boys Bottoms
Boys Clothes
Boy's Clothing
Boys Clothing
Boys Cotton Pajamas
Boys Coverups
Boys Headwear
Boys Outfits & Sets
Boys Pajamas
Boys Rompers
Boys Shortalls
Boys Tops
Branded Apparel Stocks
Branded Stocks Clearances
Casual Wear
Children Baby Socks
Children Fashion Apparel
Children Fleece Hoodie
Children Garment
Children Sweater
Children T-Shirt
Children Wear
Children Wears
Children's Casual Dresses
Children's Casual Jackets
Children's Casual Socks
Childrens Clothes
Children's Clothing
Children's Clothing For Girls
Children's Dress Shoes
Children's Dress Socks
Children's Fashion Jackets
Children's Formal Dresses
Children's Jeans
Children's Jogging Suits
Children's Outdoor Apparel
Children's Outerwear
Childrens Pajamas
Children's Pants
Children's Party Costumes
Children's Polo Shirts
Children's Pullovers
Children's Rainwear
Children's Ready-To-Wear Garments
Children's Robes
Children's Sets
Children's Shirts
Children's Shorts
Children's Skirts
Children's Skiwear
Children's Sleepwear
Children's Sports Garments
Children's Sports Jerseys
Children's Sports Shorts
Children's Sports Trousers
Children's Suits
Children's Sweaters
Children's Swimwear
Children's Track Tops
Children's Training Suits
Children's T-Shirts
Children's Undergarments
Children's Underwear
Children's Vests
Children's Wear
Children's Windbreakers
Children's Winter Jackets
Children's Winter Knitwear Sets
Climbing Dress
Clothing For Babies
Clothing For Children
Clothing For Kids
Clothing For Toddlers
Cotton Trousers
Cute Designer Outfits
Discount Baby Clothes
Discount Childrens Clothing
Easter Outfits
Everyday Childrens Clothing
Fancy Dresses
Fleece Sets
Frog Dress
Girl Clothes
Girls Bathing Suits
Girls Bottoms
Girls Clothes
Girl's Clothing
Girls Coverups
Girl's Dress
Girls Easter Dresses
Girls Fancy Sets
Girls Fancy Tops
Girl's Gift Set
Girls Headwear
Girls Outfits & Sets
Girls Plus Size
Girls Rompers
Girls Shortalls
Girls Sleepwear
Girls Toddler Clothing
Girls Tops
Infant Boys 3-Piece
Infant Boys Clothes
Infant Boys Clothing-
Infant Clothes
Infant Girls Clothes
Infant Girls Clothing
Kiddy Garments
Kids Accessories
Kids Clothes
Kid's Clothing
Kids Clothing Exporter
Kids Clothing From Thailand
Kids Clothing Manufacturers
Kids Clothing Supplier
Kids Dresses
Kids Fashion Clothing
Little Boys Clothing
Little Girls Clothing Sizes
Newborn Baby Boy Clothes
Newborn Boys 3-Piece
Newborn Boys Clothes
Newborn Girls Clothes
Newborn Girl's Clothes
Newborn's Gift Sets
Organic Cotton Baby Clothes
Pant sets
Party Dress
Party Dresses
Play Clothes
Polo Shirt
Romper & T-Shirt
School Uniforms
Shoes For Babies
Short Sets
Toddler Boys Clothes
Toddler Boys Clothing
Toddler Girl Clothes
Toddler Girls Clothes
Toddler Girls Clothing-
Unbranded Apparel Stocks
Woven Garments For Children


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