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Thailand Pet Garment Companies, Thai Pet Clothes Manufacturers


Thai Pet Garment Companies
, Thailand Pet Garment Manufacturers produce a wide range of clothing for dogs, garments for cats and other pet clothes to keep our four legged furry friends happy and snug as a bug in a rug on those cold wintry days. Maybe that is why you rarely see a dog in a t-shirt or a cat in a pink bikini here in Thailand because it is always so damned hot. Or maybe because pet owners in Thailand are not half as daft as their western counterparts.

Pet Clothing, Fancy Pet Costumes, Pet Back Packs, Dog Clothes, Dog T-shirts, Cat Garments, Cat Clothes, Doggie Outfits, Pet Dresses, Dog Bikinis, Dog Sweatshirts, Pet Garments can all be found from the best of Thailand pet products manufacturers and pet product wholesalers

Still it is not my job to sit in judgment of the mental state of pet owners worldwide. It is my job however to make sure that pet product wholesalers and pet shops around the world keep stocked up with what must be a very lucrative trade in pet clothes and fancy pet accessories. Why lucrative? - well I have checked out the prices on pet websites and after all I know the prices of these pet garments direct from the factory and the mark up is well...very very lucrative.


If you are looking for garments, clothes products of any type we have a full section covering all garment products here Thailand Garment Companies , Thailand Clothes Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your pet product needs please email with your requests.

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Dog Clothes Dog T-shirts Cat Garments
Cat Clothes Doggie Outfits Pet Dresses
Dog Bikinis Dog Sweatshirts Pet Garments
Featured Thailand Pet Clothes Manufacturers

Antu Garment
Amadej will produce a range of dog coats. We are looking to source components for the manufacture of these goods as part of our product development. We anticipate launching the line before the end of 2005. We aim to constantly revise and add to our offerings.
Products: Dog Coats

BARKnBITE is a manufacturer and supplier of superior and cute pet clothes and accessories product range. Our goal is simple - to provide our customer with: The best selection of dog supplies in stock at the best price with the best service and speed of delivery. And all with the well-being and consideration of our four legged friends in mind at all times. Please contact us for online catalogue of our wholesale product and prices. We also produce pet clothes with your own design, please send your design details/quantity to our email address.
Products: Dog clothes, pet clothes

Bokbok Grooming&Pet Shop
BokBok Grooming & Pet Shop, established in 2006, is a pet shop provide healthy puppies, feed, pet products and grooming service such as bathing and grooming or dogs hotel. Nowadays, we are continuous developing by expand products and services line through find the company whose provide good quality pet's products. Our company give customer's pet more beauty.
Products: Dog House, Pet Clothing

Idea Icon Ltd., Part.
Established in 2001, Idea Icon Ltd. Part is a production company specializing in producing various kinds pets apparels, such as sweater, t-shirt, knitted vest. All our products are unique designed and high quality products. Please feel free to contact us or visit our website for more information.
Products: Pet cloth, pet apparel, pet accessories

PetsMart Co.,Ltd.
We, PetsMart Co.,Ltd. have established in Thailand for 5 years. We are an aggressive distributor of Pet Products. We specialized for all kind of Pet Products such as Pet Cages Pet Grooming items Pet Hardware Pet Clothes Pet Leashes. We do promise to work out with all suppliers worldwide.
Products: All Kinds of Pet Products: Pet Cages Pet Grooming items Pet Hardware Pet Clothes Pet Leash

Following you will find lists of pet garments that are available from companies involved in the pet garment business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a pet garment company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Animal Clothes
Animal Costumes Clothing
Animal Garments
Animal's Clothing
Biker Hats For Dogs
Cat Bikini
Cat Clothes
Cat Garment Manufacturer
Cat Garments
Cat Garmets
Clothes For Pets
Clothing Garments
Cotton Pet Clothes
Custom Made Dog Clothes
Denim Garments
Designer Dog Apparel
Dog Accessories
Dog Apparel Clothes
Dog Bandana
Dog Bikinis
Dog Blazer
Dog Clothes
Dog Clothing
Dog Coat
Dog Coats
Dog Denim Dress
Dog Fashion Wear
Dog Garment
Dog Garment Manufacturer
Dog Garment Suppliers
Dog Garment Wholesalers
Dog Harness
Dog Hats
Dog Leashes
Dog Outfit
Dog Raincoat
Dog Reflective Safe Coat
Dog Reflective Vest
Dog Shirts
Dog Shoes
Dog Skirts
Dog Sportswear
Dog Sweater
Dog Sweaters
Dog Vest
Doggie Clothes
Doggie Denim Jacket
Doggie Diapers
Doggie Garment
Doggie Sun Visor
Doggy Raincoat
Dogs Fashions
Embroidered Dog Outfits
Embroidered Dog T-Shirt
Fashion Dog Dress
Fashion Dog One-Piece Dress
Fashion Dog Outfit
Fashionable Pet Clothes
Fleece Dog Coats
Hooded Dog T-Shirt
Jean Pet Clothing
Knitted Hats
Knitted Socks
Leather Biker Bandannas
Leather Biker Outfit For Dogs
Luxury Dog Coats
Male Dog Clothes
Manufacturer Of Pet Products
Mesh Tank Tops
Microfiber Pet Clothes
Motorcycle Clothing For Dogs
Organic Cotton Pet Products
Pet Apparel
Pet Apparels
Pet Backpack
Pet Bathing Suit
Pet Bikinis
Pet Clothes
Pet Clothes Manufacturers
Pet Clothes With Hat
Pet Clothing
Pet Clothing For Cats
Pet Clothing For Dogs
Pet Coats
Pet Collars
Pet Costumes
Pet Costumes For Cats
Pet Costumes For Dogs
Pet Decorations
Pet Denim Vest
Pet Dog Apparel
Pet Dog Clothes
Pet Dog Clothing
Pet Dresses
Pet Fancy Costume
Pet Fashion
Pet Fashion Wear
Pet Garment Manufacturer
Pet Garment Manufacturers
Pet Garment Manufacturing
Pet Garments
Pet Garments
Pet Hooded Jackets
Pet Hoodie
Pet Hygienic Pant
Pet Id Tags
Pet Jackets
Pet Jean Coat
Pet Jean Dress
Pet Jeans
Pet Knitwear
Pet Pajamas
Pet Polo Shirt
Pet Pouch
Pet Product Manufacturers
Pet Products Factory
Pet Products Manufacturer
Pet Products Supplier
Pet Raincoat
Pet Safety Vest
Pet Skirts
Pet Slipdress
Pet Sports Shirt
Pet Sweaters
Pet Sweatshirt
Pet Tank Tops
Pet T-Shirts
Pet Wear
Pet Wear Factory
Plush Dog Coats
Pretty Pet Clothes
Princess Skirt
Products For Pet
Reflective Dog Clothes
Reflective Vests For Dog
Reversible Fleece Pet Coat
Stripe Tank Top


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