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Thailand Giftware Companies, Thai Giftware Manufacturers


Thailand is a great source of giftware products of all types and for all occasions. Please remember that here at Bangkok Companies we only deal with wholesale giftware orders. We usually source our products directly from the Giftware manufacturers in Thailand.

We will soon be featuring sections on all types of giftware items such as Wedding Gifts, Corporate Gifts, Christmas Gifts. So if you are looking to Find special gifts for birthdays, anniversaries weddings, and or really any special occasion then please check back here soon

However if you have that something 'special' you are looking for then drop me a line and I will see what I can do.


Meanwhile if you require any information on this sector or indeed wish to order giftware from Thailand please email me with your requests.

Silver Giftware Thai Antique Gifts Thailand Clock Gifts
Ceramic Gifts Flower Gifts Wedding Gifts
Leather Giftware Electronic Gifts Textile Gifts Thai Sexy Lingerie Gifts
Christmas Gifts Fashion Gifts Diamond Jewelry Gifts
Pearl Gifts Furniture Gifts Executive Toy Gifts
Sapphire Jewelry Gifts Thai Silk Gifts Wooden Gifts
Featured Thailand Giftware Companies
A & A Group Ltd Thailand Picture Framing service, Exclusive mouldings & mount boards, Framed art prints & photographs, Framed fabrics & displayed objects, Mirrors, photo frames & paintings
A & T Keychainresin Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Resin Keychains, Resin Keyfobs, keychain, keychain resin, shell, crab, flower, souvenir, seashell, souvenir seashell, resin, handicrafts made of resin, original handmade Thai  handicrafts
AJB Corporation Limited Thailand Thai manufacturer of Gift Paper, Metallic Paper, OPP Wrap, Floral Wrap, Bow, Kraft Paper, Art Paper, Cosmetics, Soap And Personal Care Products
A Gift From Nature Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer and wholesaler of artificial flowers, dried flowers, craft dried flower, floral crafts, and paper vases
E-PAT DESIGN LTD.,PART. Thailand They have a beautiful range of Thai handicrafts, sandstone sculptures, ceramics, wood handicrafts, glassware, souvenirs. bamboo handicrafts, Flower from rubber tree and Thai Silk
M. Pheeraphant Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Picture Frames, Cheap Clocks, Plastic Clocks, Round Clocks, Square Clocks, Octagonal Clocks, Picture Frame Clocks, Premium Clocks
P & A Collection Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of fine Thai handicrafts, Flamework glass, ceramic miniatures, artificial flowers, beautiful and natural looking Thai silk flower arrangements.
R.A. Design Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Artificial Flowers, Hand Wrapped Saa Paper Flowers, Artificial Plants, Artificial Fruits & Artificial Vegetables

Following you will find lists of giftware products and companies involved in the giftware business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a giftware company or simply supply a database of these giftware companies then please email

100% Thai Silk Long Sleeved Blouse
100% Thai Silk Neck Tie
100% Thai Silk Purse
100% Thai Silk Scarves
100% Thai Silk Shawls
100% Thai Silk Tie
12 Red Roses
12 Yellow Roses
5 Dozen Large Roses
6 Red Roses
Advertising Speciality Products
Aluminium Wine Rack
Animal Ceramics
Animal Figure Carving From Buffalo Horn
Apricot Gel Scrub
Aroma Incense Gift Set
Aromatherapy Bath & Shower Gel
Aromatherapy Body Lotion
Aromatherapy Gift Set
Aromatherapy Massage Oils
Aromatherapy Travel Gift Set
Aromatic Candles
Aromatic Incense And Burner Made Of Coconut Shell
Aromatic Shampoo
Aromatic Shower Gel
Art-Paper Gift Wrapping Paper
Baby Blankets
Baby Body
Baby Fleece Blanket
Baby Gift Set
Baby Gift Sets
Baby Rose Soaps
Ball Pens
Bamboo & Wooden Vases
Bamboo And Ceramics Bowls
Bamboo Board
Bamboo Carved Lamp
Bamboo Cd Rack
Bamboo Handbag
Bamboo Lamp
Bamboo Lamp With Dark Frame
Bamboo Lamps
Bamboo Products
Bamboo Stick Incense
Bamboo Table Mat Set
Bamboo Table Ware
Bamboo Table Ware Set
Bamboo Tissue Box
Bamboo Tray
Banana Paper Doll
Bath Gift Set
Bathroom Accessories
Batik Cotton Bag
Batik Cotton Sholder Bag
Benjarong Bowl With Lid
Benjarong Candle Holder
Benjarong Ceramics
Bird-Of-Paradise Card
Bird's Nest With Ginseng
Black And Red Kimono
Black Chinese Style Pyjamas
Black Kids Kimono
Black Silk Tie
Body Care Products
Body Spray Gift Set
Body Suits
Bone China Coffee Set
Bottle Holder
Bracelet With Swarovski Crystal Beads
Bronze Buddha Head Statue
Buddha Head Statue
Buddha Sitting
Buddha Statue Made Of Resin
Buddha Statues
Burgandy Mens Pyjamas
Burma Style Budha
Burner Candle
Burnt Orange Cushion Cover
Butterfly Bag Lanyard
Butterfly Magnet Ceramic
Candle In Mango Wood Boxy
Candle Lover Wedding Gift
Candy Jars
Carved Soap Flowers
Carving Flower Soap
Cd Trays
Celadon Elephant Coffee Mug
Celadon Gifts
Celadon Jar With Lid
Celadon Soap Dispenser
Ceramic & Porcelain Vases
Ceramic Aquatic Animals
Ceramic Cats
Ceramic Chess Set
Ceramic Coffee Cups
Ceramic Crackle Ware Spice Dishes
Ceramic Deers
Ceramic Dogs
Ceramic Dolls House Accessories
Ceramic Elephants
Ceramic Fishes
Ceramic Garden Pot
Ceramic Gift Animal
Ceramic Gift Animals
Ceramic Gift Wedding
Ceramic Handicraft
Ceramic Manufacturer
Ceramic Mug Gift
Ceramic Stove
Ceramic Tea Pots
Ceramic Turtles
Ceramic Wedding Gifts
Ceramic Zoo Animals
Chaba Flower Bag
Chess Handicraft Gift
Children's Garment
Childs Silky Kimono
Chinese Style Budha
Chinese Style Pyjamas
Chopstick In Saa Paper Box
Chopstick Packed In Saa Paper Box
Chopstick Set With Mother Of Pearl
Chrismas Wall Clock
Christmas Gift Bag
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Ornaments
Coconut Candles
Coconut Coasters
Coconut Oil Soaps
Coconut Shell Products
Coconut Wood Bowl
Coconut Wood Chopsticks
Coffee Table
Coil Incense
Coin Purses
Cone Incense
Cookie Jars
Coral Fish Bag Lanyard
Corporate Gifts
Cosmetic Carry Case
Cotton Back Pack And Hat Set
Cotton Cushion Cover
Cotton Handbag
Cotton Travel Bag
Crackle Ceramics.
Crackle Glazed Bowl
Crackleware Oriental Ceramic Bowl
Crafts Gifts
Cube Puzzle
Cubic Puzzle
Custom Packaging
Cylinder Bamboo Lamp
Dark Walnut Vase
Decorated Egg Shells
Decorative Bottles
Decorative Ceramics
Decorative Gel Candles
Decorative Items
Decorative Magnets
Decorative Wood Carving
Decorative Wreath
Deep Bamboo Bowl
Desk Sets
Diamond Shaped Pendant
Document Breifcase Basketry
Dragon Pattern Paper Lamp
Dried Flower In Glassware
Drink Coasters
Drink Coasters Made From Coconut Shell
Egg Design Crafts
Elephant Art
Elephant Ceramic
Elephant Cushion
Elephant Dung Paper
Elephant Gifts
Elephant Patterned Silk Pillow Case
Elephant Silk Purses
Embroidered Gift Box
Embroidered Pashmina
Embroidered Silk Gift Box
Embroidery Tissue
Ethnic Jewelry
Excercise Ball
Exotic Leather Wallets
Exotic Skin Wallets
Exotic Thai Clocks
Exotic Tropical Jam
Export Wholesale Handicrafts
Fancy Incense
Fancy Soap
Fashion Assesories
Fireclay Ceramic Oil Burner
Fisherman Pants
Fleece Blankets
Floating Candles In Coconut
Floating Rose Candle
Floating Stripes Silk Pillow Case
Floral Arrangements
Floral Candles
Floral Vase
Floting Flower Candles
Flower Bag
Flower Baskets
Flower Candle Gift Set
Flower Candle In Silk Box
Flower Candle In Wood Box
Flower Design Bags
Flower Vases
Fluted Shaped Mango Wood Vase
Fragrance Oil In Lavender Scent
Fragranced Deodorant Body Spray
Frangipani Floating Candle
Freshwater Pearl Necklace Choker
Fruit And Food Baskets
Fruit Baskets
Fruit Tray
Genuine Stingray Leather Trifold Wallet
Gift & Packaging Items
Gift Bag
Gift Baskets
Gift Box Made Of Silk
Gift Boxes
Gift Set Incense Cones
Gift Set Of Scented Candles
Gift Set Scent Candle
Gift Wrapping
Gift Wrapping Collections
Gifts Set Candles
Ginseng Products
Gold Painted Coloured Paper
Golden Rim Porcelain Coffee Set
Green Jade Beads
Green Jade Pendant Necklace
Green Lacquer Ware Boxes
Green Tea Soaps
Green Wicker Bag
Greeting Cards
Hand Carved Buffalo Horns
Hand Crafted Natural Soaps
Hand Made Rattan Furniture
Hand Painted Ceramic
Handcarved Square Hardwood Applique
Handcrafted Artificial Stems
Handcrafted Pipes
Handcrafted Wooden Puzzles
Handicraft Decor
Handicraft Decorating Egg Shells
Handmade Artificial Flowers
Handmade Bead Necklace
Handmade Candle Sets
Handmade Cards Made From Thai Saa Paper
Handmade Crafts
Hand-Made Gift Box
Handmade Gift Boxes
Handmade Gift Tags
Handmade Gifts
Handmade Herbal Soap From Thailand
Handmade Mulberry Paper Boxes
Handmade Mulberry Paper Products
Handmade Paper
Handmade Paper Card
Handmade Paper Flower Pen
Handmade Paper Gift Card
Handmade Paper Gift Tag
Handmade Purse
Handmade Rolls Of Soap
Hand-Made Scented Floating Candles
Handmade Silk Gift Box
Handmade Wine Bag
Handpainted Glassware
Handwoven Plastic Strap Baskets
Hand-Woven Tissue
Handwrapped Artificial Flower
Hanging Candle Holder
Hanging Photo Frame
Heart Candles
Heart Shape Pendant
Heart Shaped Bamboo Lamp
Hemp Handbag
Herbal Compress
Herbal Soap
Herbal Tea Gift Set
Hessian Fold Top Bag
Hexagon Shaped Silver Trinket Box
Hilltribe Crafts
Hilltribe Ornamental Beads
Home Furnishings
Honey In Mini Jars
Honeytropical Jam
Hooded Towels
Hyacinth Basket
Immitation Thai Silk Box
Incense & Burner
Incense & Incensory
Incense Gift Set
Incense Holder
Incense Rose In Glass Bottle
Incense Set
Incense Stick
Incense Sticks
Incense With Bamboo Stick
Incense With Stand
Incenses Gift Set
Infant Garments
Inspirational Gifts
Jade Budha From Thailand
Jade Lotus Candle Holder
Jewelry Boxes
Joss Sticks
Karaoke Microphone
Key Chains
Knitted Sweaters
Koleh Boat Model
Koleh Paddle Boat Model
Ladies' Handbags
Laminated Gift Boxes
Latex Flowers
Lavender Soaps
Layette Gift Sets
Learning Clock
Leather Watch Case
Lilac Kids Kimono
Lillies Carnations Roses Basket
Lotus Ceramic Candle Holder
Luffa Slippers
Luna Clay Flowers
Magazine Rack
Magnet Plaster Animal
Mango Tree Woodware Products
Mango Wood Bowl
Mango Wood Candle Holder
Mango Wood Chopsticks

More Giftware Products


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