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Thailand Glass Companies, Thai Glass Manufacturers


Thailand Glass Manufacturers are major producers of glass products for home use as well as for export. Glass giftware, glass packaging products, plate glass, sheet glass and safety glass used in the automotive industry and glass for the building and construction sector.

Glass Giftware
Artificial flowers are some of the important products that we source for our foreign clients. Recently I came across a range of superb gifts that were floral displays inside glass jars. This company has only just been set up and their website is not yet up and running. However if you are interested in flowers in glass then send me an email and I can give you more details. Another glass gift product I saw at the giftware show last year were glass candles. These ornamental glass cylinders were filled with an aromatic coloured oil. A perfect gift for the home or maybe for display in churches.

Glass Packaging
Although plastic has replaced many of the traditional glass packaging that we see in consumer products like soda and beer glass is still used extensively for pharmaceutical packaging. Pill bottles, medicine bottles and ampoules for vaccines and and other drugs. I was born just yards away from one of The UK's major glass factories Beatson Clark. Not sure if they are still in business but a good guess is that if they are much of their glass production is now outsourced to Thailand or other glass manufacturers in Asia.

Automotive Glass
Bullet proof glass, the manufacturers prefer the name bullet resistant glass. Of course if the product does not work as advertised then the chances are that there is probably no one around to sue the manufacturer.


The automotive industry in Thailand is thriving. Vehicles for the domestic automotive market and vehicles for export are being driven off the production lines at a fair rate. Subsequently a large automotive parts industry has emerged to service and fuel these factories.

Glass for the Building & Construction Industry

Here in Bangkok the building boom has started again after the financial disasters a few years back. New office blocks, skyscrapers and condominium projects are springing up in central Bangkok and further in the suburbs massive middle class housing estates are supplying a huge demand for 'family home' driven by competitive prices and low interest rates. From household glass used for windows and glass patio doors to strengthened glass for insertion into skyscrapers Thailand glass manufacturers can supply all. There is also a growing market for glass to be exported, locally to other South East Asian nations like Malaysia and Singapore and more recently Australia has become a major target for the Thai glass industry to sell it's products.

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Featured Thailand Glass Companies
E-PAT DESIGN LTD.,PART. Thailand Thai export company who have a beautiful range of Thai handicrafts, sandstone sculptures, ceramics, wood handicrafts, glassware, souvenirs. bamboo handicrafts, Flower from rubber tree and Thai Silk
K Square Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Doors and Windows, Metal Doors and Frames, Entrances and Storefronts, Automatic Entrance Doors, Windows Hardware, Door Hardware, Weather stripping and Seals, Electro-Mechanical Hardware, Window Hardware, Door and Window Accessories, Door Locks, Window Locks, Glass, Glazing Accessories, Structural Glass Curtain Walls
K Square Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Doors and Windows, Metal Doors and Frames, Entrances and Storefronts, Automatic Entrance Doors, Windows Hardware, Door Hardware, Weather stripping and Seals, Electro-Mechanical Hardware, Window Hardware, Door and Window Accessories, Door Locks, Window Locks, Glass, Glazing Accessories, Structural Glass Curtain Walls
P & A Collection Co.,Ltd Thailand Manufacturer of fine Thai handicrafts, Flamework glass, ceramic miniatures, artificial flowers, beautiful and natural looking Thai silk flower arrangements.
Ocean Glass Public Company Limited Thailand Thai Manufacturer of glassware., Glass tableware, stemware, tumblers, beer mugs, serving plates, bowls, fountain ware, glass jars, tea cups, blown ware and press ware.
Featured Company
B S G Group Co., Ltd.
BSG Group was established in 1988. The company is a distributor of automotive glass, bullet resistance glass, and security film. Realized that automotive glass is the important element to the safety of car structure, BSG has been selecting only glass certified by OEM assembler or only real parts. BSG has its own factory and is ISO 9002 certified. The company’s produce always meets quality standard and customer satisfaction. BSG provides one-year guarantee for its produced glass.
Contact : Mr. Charan Leosrisook

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Following you will find lists of glass products and companies involved in the glass business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a glass company or simply supply a database of these glass companies then please email

3d glasses
3d lenticular
anti-fogging glass
architectural glass
art glass
automobile safety glasses
automotive safety glass
automotive side and rear windows
automotive windshields
beer bottles
beer mugs
beverage glass
beverage jugs
building glass
cameo crystal glass
cameo glass
candle holders
cellular glass
ceramic and glass tiles
ceramic printed glass
champagne flute
clear & tinted figured pattern glass
clear crystal
clear float glass
clear glasses
clear tableware
coated glasses
coating glass
cocktail glass
composite multi-layer glass
condiment container sets
cooking tops
cool glass coating
costume jewelry
counter fronts
crystal beads
crystal gifts
crystal glass
crystal glass beads
crystal glassware
crystal sculptures
crystal toasting glasses
cup & saucer sets
curved glass for automobile
cut or cast glass
decorative balustrades
decorative glass
diamond curved & sandblasted glass
diamond curved glass
distortion-free float glass
double glazing
double-glazed pairglas
double-glazing glass
dried flowers in glass
drinking glasses
electrically heated windshields
escalator glass
etched and air-brushed glass
etched glass
exporter of glassware
exterior and curtain walls
extrusion assy window (eaw)
eye-glass components
fiber optics
figured glass
fine crystal glass
fire-resistant glass
flamework glass
flameworked glass
flat glass products
float glass
flower vases
food jars
functional laminated automotive glass
functional tempered automotive glass
furniture glass
glass ampoules
glass and mirror tile
glass antennas
glass art
glass arts & crafts
glass beads
glass bottles
glass bulb
glass cabinet
glass capacitors
glass cell cast acrylic sheet
glass coating
glass containers
glass cups
glass decoration
glass dinnerware
glass door fittings
glass fibers
glass for copy machine
glass for decoration
glass for insulation
glass for lamps
glass for windows
glass glazing for high and low rise buildings
glass goods
glass industries
glass jewelry
glass knobs
glass lens manufacturer
glass mosaics
glass mugs
glass sculptures
glass sheet
glass syringes
glass tableware
glass tube
glass used in electronics
glass vessels
glass ware
glass wholesale
glass with metallized coating
glassware for pharmaceutical products
glassware handicrafts
glassware products
glazed curtain wall
goggles & visors
hand blown glass
hand glass
hand painted glasses
handpainted glass
hand-painted glassware
heat-absorbing glass
heat-reflective glass
hi-fi cabinets
highball glass
highball glasses
high-transparent glass
hollow glass for domestic and catering
hollow ware
home appliance glass
insulating glass
ir cut glass
jar containers
jewelry beads
laboratory equipment
laminated door glass
laminated glass
laminated heater backlite
laminated safety glass
lcd module
lcd panel
lead crystal glasses
lead crystal wine glasses
lighting fixture
liqueur glass
low reflective glass
make up mirrors
manufacturer of glass
manufacturer of sun glasses
manufacturer of tempered glass
melting snow windshields
mesh and wired glass
micro-polymer glass coating
mirror tiles
mirrored float glass
module assy window (maw)
monolithic annealed glass
monolithic tempered glass
ocean glassware
office partitions
old-fashion glasses
one-side assy window (oaw)
opalescent and specialty glass
opaque printed glass
painted glass
patterned translucent glass
perfume bottles
pharmaceutical bottles
pharmaceutical glass containers
photo frames
pilsner glasses
privacy glass
quartz glass product
reagent bottles
reflective flat glass for decoration
reflective glass
refrigerated showcases
safety glass
scientific glassware
sheet glass
shot glasses
shower enclosures
sky glass
slump glass
slump glass accessories
soft drink bottles
solar batteries
spandrel ceilings
special function windows
specialty glass
spot light glass
stained glass
stem glass
stone patterned glass
storage bottles
sun roofs
table tops
tempered and safety glass
tempered glass
tempered safety glass
test tubes
tinted float glass
tinted glass
touch panels
tumbler glass
upright glass display cabinet
uv cut glass
water repellent windshields
whisky tumbler
wine bottles
wine glass
wine glasses
zone tempered safety glass

a.p. global co.,ltd
a.p.a. industries co, ltd.
a.p.c. industries co, ltd.
a.s.a. international co, ltd.
a.t.p. industry co, ltd.
advance composis co., ltd.
advance glass co., ltd.
alfab (thailand) co, ltd.
alglass co., ltd.
all right
allure international co., ltd.
alpha optical co, ltd.
alta international co, ltd.
arcadia aluminium and glass co., ltd.
architech aluminium co., ltd.
asahe thai glass co, ltd
asia aluminum and glass co, ltd.
asia merchandise (thailand) co, ltd.
asian beverage co., ltd.
auto king glass co, ltd.
b.j.c. trading co.,ltd.
b.m. land & house co, ltd.
b.s. aluminium supply co, ltd.
b.s.g. group co., ltd.
b.t.i. packaging co., ltd.
bang wua fiberglass co, ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok crystal co, ltd.
bangkok dynamics co., ltd.
bangkok fiberglass industry ltd, part.
bangkok float glass co, ltd.
bangkok glass industry co, ltd.
bangkok glass marketing co., ltd.
bangkok glass rayong co, ltd,
bangkok intercraft co., ltd.
bangkok modern glassware co, ltd.
bangkok polyglass co., ltd.
bangna glassworks co, ltd.
bangrajun industrial center co, ltd.
bangwua fiberglass co, ltd.
bantai crystal ceramic co., ltd.
becthai bangkok equipment & chemical co., ltd.
bel vedere co., ltd.
benjakamon union co, ltd.
berli jucker public company limited
best builders supply co, ltd.
bestglass co., ltd.
better vision group co, ltd.
boat international co, ltd.
boon boom ceramics design co ltd
boonniramit co ltd
c. wannakij industry co, ltd.
carton optical (siam) co, ltd.
catch up handicraft co., ltd
center glass co, ltd.
central glass co ltd
chockchai glass & aluminuim
chonburi art glass co., ltd. (vision glass)
chotipatr glass co., ltd.
cityglass co, ltd.
civilize glass co., ltd.
cobra international co, ltd.
cooling man industrial co., ltd.
corinthian glass industries co., ltd.
crystal & symphony co ltd
crystal lens corporation ltd.
d.d. decor & design (1998) co, ltd.
d.d.p. international co.,ltd
damrongchai glass and aluminium ltd., p.
dd nature craft co.,ltd.
deccon fiberglass industry ltd, p.
decon fiber glass industry lp.
decor & design co.,ltd.
decor mart co ltd
decorational art., lp.
dee chine glass ltd, part.
design source co ltd
diaglas company ltd
diapolyacrylate co, ltd.
diva siam intertrade co, ltd.
dream thai tour & trading co., ltd.
eastern glass decoration co, ltd.
eastern glass manufacturer co, ltd.
eco products co, ltd.
engreat (thailand) co, ltd.
e-pat design ltd.,part.
eternal resin co ltd
euro-asia glass machine works co, ltd
european flagpole co, ltd.
excel glazer co, ltd.
e-yuen umbrella industrial ltd, part.
f.r.p. fiberglass products co, ltd.
fanta see land co.,ltd
fantasyland co ltd
ferro (thailand) co., ltd.
ferro cerdec (thailand) co., ltd.
fiber glass industry co., ltd.
fiber line co, ltd.
fiberglass bangkok industry ltd, part.
fibertech international (thailand) co., ltd.
flender singapore pte. ltd. representative office
fook heng silicate glass co, ltd.
gem city engineering co, ltd.
general cooling tower industry co, ltd.
general engineering public co, ltd.
general glass co, ltd
general rollform co, ltd.
geo company ltd.
german-thai boiler manufacturing co, ltd.
glascera co.,ltd
glass complex co, ltd.
glass dec co, ltd.
glass menium ltd, p.
glasspack co., ltd.
glasstech metal work lp.
golden glass wang co, ltd.
golden graing intertrading & display center
greater million intertrade ltd., part
guardian industry rayong co., ltd.
handicraft glass factory co.,ltd.
hiclear envirotech co, ltd.
higlass aluminium & ceiling co, ltd.
hoya glass disk (thailand) ltd.
i.d. (int'l development corp, ) ltd, part.
imageries by the glass
imex international co.,ltd.
inter product and glassware co.,ltd.
inter tech special glass co., ltd.
intertech specialty glass co, ltd
itsarachai auto glass ltd, p.
j s b y fiberglass products co.,ltd.
j. thaiglass co., ltd.
j.f.c. enterprise co, ltd.
j.s.b.y fiberglass products co, ltd.
jaroenmitr group co., ltd.
jesda glass factory company
jsby fiberglass products co., ltd.
jupiterlamp co., ltd
k square co., ltd.
k.c. alumium supply co., ltd.
k.c. glass co, ltd.
k.c.e. electronics public co, ltd.
k.p. fiberglass & resin castings
k.p.h. glass & aluminium co, ltd.
ka fair
kama joint venture co., ltd.
kij paisal panich co.,ltd.
kim yoo seng co ltd
kitchen class (1993) co., ltd.
kolob intertrade co, ltd.
kong thavorn ltd, part.
kong thavorn ltd, part.
kragok petch mongkol co ltd
krajok petch mongkol co., ltd.
krung thai glass co ltd
kueng seng ltd.part
l brothers co ltd
l. electricglass co, ltd.
l. lighting glass co, ltd.
lacoste (la chemise)
lai lai international
liangchi industry (thailand) co., ltd.
liwei co., ltd.
lotus crystal co, ltd.
lucky glass company limited
luckyglass co.,ltd
m.r.c. resins (thailand) co., ltd.
maic glass
martech products co, ltd.
master glass decoration co, ltd.
matcom international trading co.,ltd.
maxim inter -corporation co., ltd
maya intertrade co.,ltd.
meena auto works co., ltd.
metro aluminum & glass
metropolitan glass ltd, part
microfiber industries ltd.
microglass insulation co, ltd.
mitr engineering co, ltd.
murakami manufacturing (thailand) co, ltd.
new bangkok measuring tape co., ltd.
nice siam glass co., ltd.
ocean glass public co., ltd.
ocean glass public company limited
ocean industry co.
ocean k. furnitrade co.,ltd.
ocean sasaki glass co., ltd.
ocean sasaki glass co.,ltd.
oopstuff co., ltd.
oregon aluminium co., ltd.
o'reillys irish pub
otto king glass co.,ltd.
p & a collection co., ltd.
p & s dolo-lime co., ltd.
p & s product co., ltd.
p. silpchai fiber co., ltd.
p.m.k.-central glass co ltd
p.o. aluminum & glass co., ltd.
p.p.s. safety glass co., ltd.
paradisa designs
paradorn industry co., ltd.
peterson (1990) co., ltd.
pioneer (thailand) co., ltd.
poly prefab & glass co., ltd.
poly sun co., ltd.
power electrical co.,ltd.
prem & win ltd., part.
primacy industrial co., ltd.
progress toyo manufacture thai co., ltd.
q-hand co.,ltd.
r.p.t. asia ltd
racha ceramic co., ltd.
ravipha service apartment, the
rollings jewelry
royal ceramic industry public co., ltd., the
rubber gift ltd., part.
s.b.a. travel co.,ltd.
s.c.p. fiberglass co. ltd.
s.g.m.c. group co. ltd.
s.p.l. glass (1995) co.,ltd.
s.p.l. glass co., ltd.
s.p.m. foods & beverages co., ltd.
s.r. co., ltd.
saint- gobain vetrotex (thailand) co., ltd.
sa-nga dumrong industry ltd., part.
seat boat co., ltd.
sekurit saint-gobain toa co.,ltd.
serm thana inter group co., ltd.
shinko electronics (singapore) pte ltd.
shinn thai sino co., ltd.
shun thai co., ltd.
siam asahi technoglass co., ltd.
siam cement public co.,ltd.
siam fiberglass co., ltd.
siam fine china co., ltd.
siam glass industry co.,ltd
siam guardian glass (rayong) co.,ltd.
siam guardian glass co.,ltd.
siam inventor fiber co., ltd.
siam metal co., ltd.
siam n.m.c safety glass co., ltd
siam pamacal inc co., ltd. (pamagarden)
siam pattern glass co., ltd.
siam pavilion co.,ltd.
siam plate glass industry co., ltd.
siam poolsub inter-chemical co.,ltd.
siam refractory industry co.
siam resin & chemical co., ltd.
siam v.m.c. co., ltd.
siam glass co.,ltd.
siam vasco trading company limited
siamese instrument co.,ltd.
sika (thailand) ltd
sinthai glass co., ltd.
sinthai mirror windscreen co., ltd.
sirirat glass co.,ltd.
sitthinan co., ltd.
sivilai glass co.,ltd.
skinie co., ltd.
sky glass co.,ltd.
smilehand co.
solar gard marketing co., ltd.
sport light international co., ltd.
srisamrarn glass ltd., part.
srisupa glass co., ltd.
standard aluminium & glass co., ltd.
starux co., ltd.
t. n. j. marketing co., ltd.
t. yongkieat glass co.,ltd.
t.b.m.p international limited partnership
t.c.k. interplas co.,ltd.
t.k.d. fiber co.,ltd.
t.m. autocast co., ltd.
t.p.i. international co., ltd.
t.r.k. bangkok industry & the exporter co., ltd.
t.s.h. products co., ltd.
t.t.a. co.,ltd
tacme co.,ltd.
taiei chemical products ltd.
tangnam glass co., ltd.
tbmp international limited partnership
technoblock asia pacific company limited
tep patana paper mill co.,ltd.
tera trading (thailand) co., ltd.
thai asahi electronic devices co., ltd
thai asahi glass public co., ltd.
thai chieng glass ltd.,part.
thai german speciality glass co ltd
thai glass (1989) co., ltd.
thai glass co., ltd.
thai glass industries plc.
thai international aluminium and glass co., ltd.
thai iwaki glass co., ltd.
thai japan glass factory co., ltd.
thai optical co., ltd.
thai Optical Eyewear Distribution co., ltd.
thai polymer Lens co.,ltd.
thai river glass industry co.,ltd.
thai s.s. refractory ltd., part.
thai safety glass co ltd
thai songserm (nguan) glass
thai soojung glass co., ltd
thai techno glass co.,ltd.
thai toshiba fluorescent lamp co ltd
thai transfer printing point co.
thai value added products co., ltd.
thai vetrotex co., ltd.
thai-asahi electronic devices co., ltd.
thaideals dot net co., ltd.
thai-german specialty glass co., ltd.
thailand anthracite co;ltd
thaiwa plastic co., ltd.
thasco chemical co ltd.
the living place co., ltd.
thelma co.,ltd.
three's co.,ltd.
thye chiang glass ltd., p.
tnj marketing co.,ltd.
tradicon supply and services
trirex international co ltd
tririwat intertrade co., ltd.
triviwat industry co.,ltd.
union artificial flower co., ltd.
union fiber glass ltd., p.
union victors co.,ltd
united glass industries co.,ltd
united glass ltd.,part.
united production pressco.,ltd.
v.k. ceramics co.,ltd.
vita food factory (1989) ltd.
volcanelro co., ltd.
wah tech industrial company limited
watana fiber glass co., ltd.
wattana fiber glass co., ltd.
wattanachai temper co., ltd
white glass co., ltd.
wongkamol ltd., part.
zendec (thailand) co., ltd.

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