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Thailand Latex Gloves Companies, Thai Latex Gloves Manufacturers


Thailand Latex Gloves Companies
, Thai Latex Gloves Manufacturers produce a variety of latex and rubber gloves products. Some are used in the domestic market however the majority of production is destined for export.

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Latex Examination Gloves    
Featured Thailand Latex Gloves Companies
W.A. RUBBER MATE CO., LTD Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Non-Sterile Latex Examination Gloves, Latex Exam Powder Gloves, Latex Exam Powder Free Gloves and Latex Exam High Risk Gloves

B. Right Rubber Co. Ltd.
We are one of the leading rubber manufacturers and rubber exporters in Thailand. Our main products are rss3, rss4, rss5, str10, str20, and latex. Our production capacity is about 300,000mt per year. Furthermore, we are professional gloves manufacturer in south Thailand. Our main product include all kinds of latex gloves, such as xs, s, m, l, xl size and some color gloves. Most of these gloves are exported to overseas.
Products: Natural rubber, rss, str, latex, exam gloves, family gloves

Bluetex International Co., Ltd.
Bluetex International Co. Ltd. is an reliable supplier of Gloves for Medical& Industrial Use.
Initially specializing in disposable gloves for clean room, healthcare, food, Cosmetics and industrial industry, the product range has since then been expanded to ; Face Mask, Nurse Cap [Bouffant], Latex Finger Cots, Sticky Mats, PVC Shoe Cover. All BLUETEX Products are rigorously tested and where applicable exceed the quality requirements of product standards such as ; ASTM, EN455 Parts 1,2&3, ISO9002& CE MARK.
Products: Latex gloves, finger cots, face mask, nurse cap, latex tourniquet

M. R. I. Co., Ltd
M. R. I. Co., Ltd was established in Chonburi Province, Thailand in 1989 and have been selling worldwide. We have 11 production lines and can produce 500 million PCS/year. M. R. I. Co., Ltd is a well known manufacturer for latex gloves. The company is CE & ISO certified. We accept orders under private brands.
One of the special product is:
Latex Long-Cuff Glove which is 480mm in length, hypo-allergenic, anatomic, beaded cuff,
Size embossed, rough surface. It comes in 3 sizes, S, M, L. Our most completive product is our Latex Surgical Gloves,290mm in length, anatomic shape, disposable, hypo-allergenic beaded cuff, size embossed, textured finish in the grip area, consists of sizes:6.0,6.5,7.0,7.5,8.0,8.5.
Products: Latex gloves - long cuff gloves (480mm), surgical gloves, examination gloves

Safe Glove Co., Ltd
We are an Experienced Manufacturer of High Quality Latex Examination Gloves, Nitrile Disposable Gloves& sterile latex surgical gloves in Thailand. This company was bought by a Taiwanese team in October 2000 and now is owned and managed by the Taiwanese team. We have FDA, TUV certificate. Our main markets of our latex gloves are in the USA, Europe, South America, Africa, etc. Our Nitrile Gloves including powdered and powder-free with very good quality and reputation. Our main markets are in the US, Japan, Europe, most of the developed countries in the world. We have special prices of our Latex Exam Gloves, Nitrile Disposable Gloves& sterile latex surgical gloves to offer now.
Products: Latex examination gloves, nitrile disposable gloves, sterile latex surgical gloves

Siam Sempermed Corp. Ltd
We, Siam Sempermed Corporation Ltd. Are joint venture company between Sritrang AgroIndustry Co., Ltd. And Semperit Technische Produkte G. M. B. H (Austria)
Our company is one of the world's largest disposable latex and nitrile examination glove producers. Presently, we have an annual output of roughly 10,000 million pieces of latex, Nitrile and Vinyl examination gloves including the glove for industrial purpose.
In this century after progressive and continuous expansion, we have plenty production capacity to expand market worldwide which you will be able to buy our glove at the very attractive prices. We also offer a comprehensive array of quality products along with value added service. We realize that in today's competitive marketplace you need a quality distributor who will contribute to the overall success of your company. We are Siam Sempermed Corp. Who have the serving passion which will end your pursuit of expectation and success.
Products: Latex glove, nitrile glove, vinyl glove

Thai Rubber Latex Corp. Thailand) Plc
Thai rubber latex corp. (Thailand) plc, a listed company in stock exchange of Thailand (trubb), is recognized as Thailand's leading producer of latex concentrate, latex gloves, and rubber thread. With nine latex concentrate factories under the company, we are totally committed to supply high quality latex concentrate and skim block to leading rubber product companies worldwide.
Our production process is monitored to ensure that our products meet the most stringent international standards. The proximity of our production facilities to rubber plantations assures good quality material and uninterrupted supplies.
As the world's largest producer of latex concentrate with over 30 years experience and expertise, today we are capable of handling very large volumes even during periods of seasonal shortage.
Thai rubber latex corporation's remarkable success over the years can be attributed to our long experience, unparalleled expertise and strategic planning, enabling us to thrive even in the worst economic situation. Our most important asset is our workforce. We value above all the professional operating methods of our management team and well trained staff.
Products: Latex rubber gloves, examination gloves, rubber thread, latex gloves

Universal Latex Products
Universal Latex Products is manufacturer of latex gloves in Thailand for medical and industrial purposes. We have been in this industry for more than 10 years with good expertise in gloves production and marketing
Products: Powdered and powder free latex gloves


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