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Thailand Golf Ball Companies, Thai Golf Ball Manufacturers


Thailand Golf Ball Companies
and Thai Golf Ball manufactures export millions of balls every year all over the world. Some are destined to bear a famous brand label, some are just the everyday practice or range balls and others are just waiting to have your own brand name printed on them.

I had the good fortune to be contacted by a company in the States wanting an urgent supply of custom made and custom printed golf balls. A quick look in the Ultimate Thailand Contact Database soon came up with some interesting prospects.

My usual procedure if I don't have a tried and trusted supplier at hand is to send of a bcc email to the factories and wait for a response. This usually weeds out the inefficient companies as often the deal has been done and designs and order forms are being faxed to the chosen factory before the slow ones have even had chance to make a reply to my original enquiry.


emails sent, time for lunch. Out of the office enjoying a Daidomon Korean buffet and the phone rings. A guy from Toppoint checking my enquiry.


I was taken aback, surprised - efficiency here in Thailand!! I told the guy I was duly impressed and would send the extra details of the order by email when I got back to the office and by the way could he send some sample golf balls to my office. I also mentioned that I would email his boss and tell him of his efficient staff. "no need to bother" he replied. "The office staff are out at lunch and I am the boss"


Got back to the office an hour later and the second surprise of the day. Although the factory was 30 km away the sample balls were sitting on my desk.

If you are looking for golf balls, golf equipment of any type we have a full section covering all golf equipment here Thailand Golf Companies, Thai Golf Equipment Manufacturers

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your golf ball needs please email with your requests.

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Quantum Tour Distance Golf Ball
The Na Titanium Surlyn cover material is combined with an Elastomer Thermosetting Polymer to create a unmatched blend of feel and control. Our softest cover has the perfect balance of distance and feel; This cover defines maximized driver performance off the tee, higher spin rates through the air and super control with irons.

  Quantum Soft Titanium Golf Ball
The soft Titanium Surlyn cover with the Elastomer Thermoset Polymer content creates a revolutionary blend of feel and control unmatched by any ball in the industry. A perfect combination of distance and feel spcecifically designed for increased driver performance off the tee and greater spin and control with irons.
  Distance Titanium Golf Ball
The Toppoint Titanium mix core distance Titanium 90. Exclusive polybutadiene formulation plus pure Titanium metal powder gives higher distance and spin. Enjoy explosive distance with a ball that offers a softer feel and excellent playability.
  Professional X Golf Ball
The Toppoint Profeesional HD-100 is a high quality two-pieces ball that is suitable for all golfers with and above average swing speed. Exclusive polybutadiene formulation gives higher performance. Enjoy explosive distance with a ball that offers a softer feel and excellent playability.
  Multiplex X Golf Ball
A premium ball which has been designed especially for the golfer with slower swing speeds. We have used the latest in technology to produced a true 80 compression ball, which will give you a soft feeling ball off the club face without compromising distance.
  Classic X Golf Ball
The Toppoint Classic HD-90 is a high quality two-pieces ball that is suitable for all golfers with average swing speed. Exclusive polybutadiene formulation gives higher performance. Enjoy explosive distance with a ball that offers a softer feel and excellent playability.
Featured Thailand Golf Ball Manufacturers

Nova teknika company limited is a Thailand based manufacturer of top quality golf balls. The company is a Thai government board of investment approved project. The company draws on more than twelve years of golf ball manufacturing and development expertise. Manufacturing to date has included several different types of two piece tournament balls, both one and two piece range/practice balls, crystal putting practice balls, coloured practice balls, pictorial image balls, on both an OEM and ODM basis. Exporting to western Europe, Oceania and south east Asia, as well as dominating the local range ball market. The company has only recently increased it's production capacity and is actively pursuing additional markets. Technological innovation resulting in increased efficiencies in the manufacturing process, has enabled the company to remain price competitive in our world of increased price pressures. All products are manufactured to meet USGA and R & A rules.
Products: All types of top quality golf balls, on both an OEM and ODM basis, conforming to usga and R & a rules

Toppoint corporation limited is the leader in golf ball manufacturing in Thailand for worldwide export. Our toppoint golf ball conforms to the rules of golf by the royal and ancient golf club of st. Andrews (r&a) and the United States golf association (usga). Its highest standardized quality is therefore guaranteed.
Toppoint corporation's philosophy is making golf affordable to everyone while enjoying the beauty of the game. Our paramount goal is to optimize maximum efficiencies and always be globally competitive. Our technical consultant team is at the forefront of the golfing equipment industry, both in design and production. Having spent more than 30 years in the u. S. Golf ball manufacturing business, our team has accumulated decades of experience in the design of golf ball dimple patterns and molds as well as in golf ball engineering so as to produce the best golf ball in the market. Our innovations have also allowed us to produce the finest products with economies of scale and speed.
Our state-of-the-art factory utilizes the latest machines and technological know-how, all designed to optimize productivity and quality assurance management so that the goal of zero defect is attained.
Products: Golf ball toppoint, golf ball oem, golf ball logo, golf ball, customized golf ball

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