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Thailand Lamps & Lighting Companies, Lamps & Lighting Manufacturers


Thailand is a great place to source lamps and lighting products such as: Automotive Lighting, Table Lamps, Concealed Lighting, Interior & Exterior Lighting, Laboratory Lighting, Bedroom Lighting

Lamps & Lighting products

  • Automotive Lighting
  • Interior & Exterior Lighting
  • Bedroom Lighting
  • Table Lamps
  • Concealed Lighting
  • Laboratory Lighting
What do you need? We got it here in Thailand. Good quality and very very competitive prices.

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Automotive Lighting Table Lamps Concealed Lighting
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Interior & Exterior Lighting Laboratory Lighting Bedroom Lighting
Thailand Lighting Manufacturers
C & P Lighting Co, Ltd Thailand Foreign Owned Company in Thailand involved in the development and production of lighting, specialized miniature lamps, down lights, track lights, T-Bar fittings, low voltage fittings, landscape lights.
Elecon International Co.,Ltd. Thailand Manufacturer of Bedside control panel, Hotel Guestroom Energy Management Systems, Power saver systems, Digital Thermostats, Home Automation, Security Systems and Remote Controls.
F.A.A. Aerotech Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Aerospace Company Supplying Flight Information Display Systems, Air Field Lighting Equipment
K And N Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Distributor of Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Lighting, Interior Luminaires, Exterior Luminaires, Classified Location Lighting, Special Purpose Lighting, Dimming Control, Sound and Video Circuits, Sound Reinforcement, Multimedia Equipment, Alarm Systems

Following you will find lists of Lamps & Lighting products and companies involved in the Lighting business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Lamps company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

accent lamp
aladdin lamp
aladdin lamps
antique floor lamps
antique lamp
antique lamp shades
antique oil lamp
antique oil lamps
antique street lamps
antique table lamp
antler lamp
arc lamps
arm lamps
arm wall lamps
art deco lamps
art lamps
asian lamps
auto lamps
automotive lamps
base lamps
battery lamp
battery operated lamp
battery operated lamps
bay lamps
beaded lamp shades
bed lamps
bedroom lamp
bedroom lamps
bedside lamps
bell howell sunlight lamp
brass lamps
brass table lamp
bubble lamp
bubble lamps
buffet lamp
buffet lamps
candle lamp
candle lamps
carbide lamps
ceiling lamp
ceiling lamps
ceramic lamps
ceramic table lamps
chandelier lamp shades
child lamp
childrens lamps
chinese lamps
christmas story lamp
christmas story leg lamp
compact fluorescent lamps
contemporary floor lamps
contemporary lamp
contemporary lamps
contemporary table lamp
contemporary table lamps
cool lamps
country lamp
country lamp shades
crafts lamps
crystal lamp
crystal table lamp
crystal table lamps
custom lamp shades
dale tiffany lamp
daylight lamp
daylight lamps
daytime running lamps
deco lamps
decorative lamps
designer lamps
desk lamp
desk lamps
discount lamp
discount lamp shades
discount lamps
effusion lamps
electric lamps
fairy lamps
fiber optic lamp
fiber optic lamps
fine art lamp
fine art lamps
fish lamp
flood lamps
floor lamp
floor lamp shades
floor lamp table
floor lamps
flourescent lamps
fluorescent lamp
fog lamp
fragrance lamp
fragrance lamps
full spectrum lamps
gas lamp
gas lamps
giant lava lamp
ginger jar lamps
glass lamp
glass lamp shades
glass lamps
glass table lamps
globe lamps
gone with the wind lamp
halide lamps
halogen floor lamp
halogen floor lamps
halogen lamp
halogen lamps
handel lamps
hanging lamp
hanging lamps
head lamp
head lamps
heat lamp
heat lamps
heating lamps
house lamps
hurricane lamp
hurricane lamps
incandescent lamps
infrared lamps
iron lamps
japanese lamps
jar lamps
kerosene lamp
kid lamp
kids lamps
lamp berger
lamp berger oil
lamp kit
lamp lighting
lamp part
lamp plus
lamp posts
lamp repair
lamp shade
lamp shades
lamp shades victorian
lamp table
lamps and lighting
lamps and shades
lava lamp
lava lamp night light
lava lamps
led lamp
leg lamp
light house lamp
magnifying lamp
magnifying lamps
making lamp shades
mercury vapor lamps
metal halide lamp
mini lamp shades
miniature lamp
miniature lamps
mission style lamps
mist lamp
modern floor lamps
modern lamp
modern table lamp
modern table lamps
motion lamp
motion lamps
nautical lamp
nautical lamps
neon lamp
neon lamps
novelty lamp
novelty lamps
office lamps
oil lamp
oriental lamp
oriental lamps
outdoor lamps
painted lamps
palm tree lamp
palm tree lamps
paper lamp shades
paper lamps
pendant lamps
philips lamps
piano lamp
piano lamps
pole lamps
pool table lamp
pottery lamps
projection lamps
projector lamp
reading lamp
reading lamps
replacement lamp shades
retro lamps
room lamps
rustic lamp shades
salt crystal lamp
salt crystal lamps
salt lamp
shell lamps
shoji lamps
silk lamp shades
sodium lamps
solar lamps
spider man lamp
sports lamp
squoizel lamps
stained glass lamp
stained glass lamps
standing lamps
stiffel lamp
sun lamp
sunlight lamp
swag lamp
swing arm lamp
swing arm wall lamps
sylvania lamps
table lamp
table lamps
tanning bed lamps
tanning lamp
tanning lamps
tiffany floor lamp
tiffany floor lamps
tiffany lamp
tiffany lamp shades
tiffany lamps
tiffany style lamp
tiffany table lamp
tiki lamps
torchiere lamps
touch lamp
touch lamps
tree lamps
tropical lamps
twin lamps
ultraviolet lamps
unique lamps
uv lamp
uv lamps
victorian lamp
victorian lamps
vintage lamps
wall lamp
wall lamps
waterford lamp
western lamp shades
wholesale lamp shades
wood lamps
wrought iron lamp
wrought iron lamps
wrought iron table lamp
xenon lamps

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