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I know of very few Austrian companies or Austrian manufacturers who are active in Thailand. In fact in the last twenty years or so that I have been in Thailand I can only recollect a handful of Austrians and they were propping up bar stools in Pattaya. Which means I was probably doing a fair amount of propping too.

One Austrian company that does come easily to mind, and for all the wrong reasons, is Lauda Air. I was in Thailand in 1991.

"26th May 1991 is the blackest day in the history of Lauda Air. A Boeing 767-300ER crashes on its way from Bangkok to Vienna when a construction defect triggers the reverse thrust on the port engine during the aircraft`s ascent. 213 passengers and 10 flight crew are on board"

The horrific crash involving Lauda was terrible for everyone and for the families of those who died. What was sickening about this dreadful incident was firstly the ghoulish behavior of the first Thai people on the scene who collected morbid mementoes from the scattered belongings of the victims.


 I heard that one 'rescue' worker was caught using a credit card of one of the victims a few weeks later. Secondly the equally indefensible behavior of The Bangkok Post who published gruesome pictures of body parts and a description of how the passengers would have suffered during the plunge to earth - shame on you Bangkok Post.

Again I don't know of any active Austrian Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok but there is however there is an Austrian Trade Commission attached to The Austrian Embassy.

AUSTRIAN TRADE is the official Austrian Foreign Trade Promotion Organisation and the largest provider of services in the area of foreign trade.

AUSTRIAN TRADE offices are the gateway to Austria for international companies looking for world-class suppliers. We act as a central contact partner playing a strategic role for companies wishing to move to Austria and, therefore, are looking for top-quality partners for their business dealings. Regardless of whether foreign businesses are looking for Austrian buyers, a suitable location for a company branch or import/export office or an overview of Austria’s internationally respected products and services, all roads meet at AUSTRIAN TRADE.

The Commercial Counsellor
at the Austrian Embassy
Chartered Square Bldg, 14/F, Suite 1403
152 North Sathorn Road
Bangkok 10500 Thailand
+66 (0)2 268 2222
+66 (0)2 200 0222


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