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Thailand Health Products Companies, Thai Health Products Manufacturers


Thailand Health Products Companies
have always produced a wide variety of natural health care products made from locally found herbs, spices and natural products found in the bio diverse forests around Thailand as well as the bio diverse Chinese herbal shops found in Bangkok's Chinatown..

Some of these 'Natural' health products be they food supplements, herbal teas or crushed and made into pills, capsules ad creams for the face and body are now being made available for export.

In addition traditional and modern health care products from western based companies are being outsourced and manufactured here in Thailand. There are too many of these products to list here. So if you are a wholesaler of health products or a health food, health product company looking for new suppliers.


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Vitamin Supplements Aphrodisiacs Spirulina GD-1
Thai Tea with Ginseng Bird's Nest Drinks Coffee with Ginseng
  Herbal Roast Peanuts Fruit Tea
Black Sesame Spread Royal Jelly Rice Bran Oil
Veggie Hot Dogs Vegetarian Shrimp Natural Honey
Featured Thailand Health Products Companies
A and W Herbal Heat Bag Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Herbal Heat Bags, Spa, Massage Products. Produces different kinds of herbal heat bag products i.e. gloves, waist bags, knee bags, slippers, arm bags, shoulder bags and free style. Benefit: Reduces muscle stress and inflammation. Reduces joint stiffness, increases blood circulation. Refresh your day with aroma therapy herbal bags
Bangkok Aloe Ltd., Part Thailand Thailand Health Food manufacturer main products are Aloe Vera Crush, Aloe Vera Dice, Aloe Vera Cube in water, Aloe Vera Cube in syrup, Aloe Vera Juice, Aloe Vera Dirink with white grape, Aloe Vera Dirink with fruit flavour, Aloe Vera Jelly, Aloe Vera Jam. We export to the international market such as Japan, Korea and Taiwan
RPC International Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai Manufacturer of Health & Beauty Products such as Natural Scar Gel, Slimming Products, Biotin, Ginkgo Bioba, Lecithin, Garcinia, Fish Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Facial Sun Protection and Mild Cleansing Gel
S & Sons Trading Co., Ltd Thailand Thai Health Food Manufacturer of SCOTCH Essence of Chicken, SCOTCH Birdís Nest Beverage with Rock Sugar, with Korean Ginseng

Featured Company
Sinudom Agriculture Products Limited
Sinudom is a manufacturer of chitin and chitosan made from shrimp and crab bones. It is used in the
food/agricultural industry as well as the cosmetics industry.
Chitin and Chitosan are supplementary food that keeps our body balance by maximizing the use of our
main nutrition. Chitin and Chitosan help strengthen our body and create body immune system, reduce
cholesterol and fat, increase bipidus bacteria, which is very useful in our intestine, improve the conditions in stomach and intestine. Our product quality is certified by Asian Institute of Technology and King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi. Presently our supply is mainly for local market, however, we have high caliber of export and seek joint venture to increase our manufacturing capacity.
Contact: Mr. Prapard Sinudom

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