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Thailand Dental Equipment Companies, Thai Dental Instruments Manufacturers


Thailand Dental Instruments Companies
produce almost the whole range of dental equipment,  surgical instruments and dental consumables like adhesives, polishing materials other items that are normally found in most dental surgeries.

Some of the equipment especially the high tech dental equipment like dental x-ray machines and anesthetic equipment is still imported from abroad mainly from The States, Europe and Japan

Maybe you want to buy dental instruments - we can help you source these products. Or maybe you are looking to sell your range of dental products - again we can help by building a list of dentists, dental surgeries and dental hospitals.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your dental instruments and dental equipment needs. Please email with your requests.

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Featured Thailand Dental Instruments Dental Supplies Companies
G.E. Medical Systems (Thailand) Limited Thailand American Company in Thailand developing medical software systems for medical equipment needs for doctors, dentists, hospitals and health professionals
J. Morita Corporation (Thailand) Ltd. Thailand Japanese Manufacturer of Dental Units, X-Ray Equipment, Chair-side Equipment, Endodontics Equipment, Endodontic Instruments, Light Cure, Periodontology, Intra-Oral Camera, Auto Clave, Impression Materials, Dental Consumables, Restorative Materials, Enamel & Dentine Adhesive, Adhesive Resin Cement, Porcelain powder, Laboratory items
K. Cotton & Gauze Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Medical Supplies manufacturer of 100% cotton bleached non-sterile gauze balls with and without x-ray detectable threads, gauze swab, swab balls with x-ray detectable thread

Cheong Ha (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
We are sole agent in region of Asia for health care products "Nano Technology Products" such as silver toothpaste, silver soap, silver toothbrush, cosmetics and bone graft in dental, which made in Korea (South). All products is best price, affordable and inconformity with FDA Approval (USA), CE & ISO.
Products: Health Care & Dental Products

Esdesign (Far East) Co., Ltd
Esdesign is an invention, innovation and industrial design & manufacturing firm.
Main product is patented floss first gold medal credit card dental floss, first card floss with the industry standard 50 m high tenacity nylon floss. Safety design, and large surface area great for promotional graphics. Other inventions in automotive, machinery, health, road safety, computer cooling, consumer electronics.
Products: Dental floss, printing product agents

Precision Dental Lab Part., Ltd
Precision dental lab is a full service dental laboratory, providing customers with excellent fixed and removable prosthetics used in the treatment of patient dental care. Precision dental lab. Is one of thailand's leading dental laboratories and exporters of dental prosthesis, and has been supplying its quality products to customers in Thailand and countries all over the world.
Products: Artificial Teeth, Rpd, Denture, Porcelain, Full Metal And Full Ceramic Crown

Schumit 1967 Co., Ltd. Is established since 1967 and is prominent in the Thai market for pharmaceutical products. Currently diversifying from traditional pharmaceutical products to health and beauty products. The company's primary production base, conforming to the GMP standards of the WHO.
Schumit 1967 Co., Ltd besides manufacturing with initial success was able to expand its product range even further to include a variety of quality health care products including Oncology products, Cerebral Function Agents, Local and General Anesthetic, Medical and Dental Supplies, Dental Materials and Instruments, Food Supplements and Ginseng Products at the most reasonable prices, covering a medical division, dental division and OTC division.
Products: Oncology products, Cerebral Function Agents, Local and General Anesthetic, Medical and Dental Supplies, Dental Materials and Medical Instruments.

Following you will find lists of Dental instruments products and companies involved in the Dental instruments business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a Dental  instruments company or simply supply a database of these Dental instruments companies then please email

Air Abrasion Systems
Air Polishers
Amalgam Removal Systems
Angled Curved Elevator
Apex Locator
Apical Fragment Ejector
Articulating Paper Forceps
Assistant Module
Atraumatic Extraction Forceps
Automatic Faucets
Bone Curette
Bone File
Bone Preservation Elevator
Built-In Scalers
Bulbs And Lamps
Cart Delivery Systems
Casting Machines
Chair Mounted Dental Units
Communication Systems
Composite Instrument
Conscious Sedation Monitoring System
Cord Packer
Cotton Pliers
Crown Remover
Crown Removing Plier
Crown Spreader Forceps
Crown Tractor
Curing Lights
Dental Cabinet
Dental Chairs
Dental Chemicals
Dental Clinic Cabinets
Dental Clinic Simulation And Exercitation Systems
Dental Diagnostic Equipment
Dental Equipment
Dental Hand-Pieces
Dental Headlights
Dental Instruments
Dental Laboratory Cabinets
Dental Laboratory Equipment
Dental Melt Machines
Dental Microscopes
Dental Oil Free Compressors
Dental Polishing Machines
Dental Products
Dental Rotating And Incising Instruments
Dental Scaler
Dental Stools
Dental Units
Dental Welding Machines
Diamond Grit
Disposable Products
Doctor's Stool
Double Ended Excavators
Double Sided Mirror Heads
Drills, With Laser Pointer Systems
Electrosurgery Products
Endodontic Handpieces
Etcher Catcher
Explorer Probe
Extracting Forceps
Eyewash Stations
Eyewash Systems
Fiber Optic Dental Mirror
Fiber Optic Systems
Film Processor Parts
Film Processors
Film Readers
Fixed Tip Periotome Kit
Flow X-Ray
Foot Controls
Forcep Collins
Gaskets For Sterilizers
Gold Plater
Gum Scissors
Handpiece Cleaning Systems
Handpiece Connector
Handpiece Holders
Handpiece Lubricants
Handpiece Turbines
Hemostat Forceps
High Speed Grinders
High Speed Turbine Motors
High-Tech Equipment Dental Cabinetry
Instrument Washer
Interchangeable Periotome Kit
Intraoral Cameras
Intraoral Sensors
Iso-Parallellometer Cruise Systems
Kerrison Forceps
Kodak Dental System
Lab Equipment
Laryngeal Mirrors
Lead Aprons
Lubrication-Free Turbine Motors
Medical Microscope
Micro Forceps
Micro Scalpel Blades
Micro-Motor Power-Bench Controls
Mirror Head
Mobile Dental Chairs
Mobile X-Ray Units
Model Trimmers
Model Trimmers, With Water
Monitor Mounts
Monitor Mounts & Stands
Mouth Mirror
Needle Holder
Nitrous Oxide
Nitrous Oxide Sedation Systems
Non-Optic Scalers
Oral Surgery Chairs
Ortho Cabinets
Ortho Welders
Periosteal Elevator
Plaster Double Spatula
Plaster Spatula
Portable Delivery Units
Portable Dental Equipment
Portable Dental Lights
Portable Patient Chairs
Portable Vacuum Units
Practice Fiber Optic Systems
Practice Management Software
Precision Microscopes
Pulse Oximetry
Recessed Ultrasonic Cleaners
Reconditioned Film Processors
Reflectors & Shield
Refurbished X-Ray Equipment
Replacement Reflectors
Replacement Shields
Replacement Water Bottles
Resuscitation Unit
Root Tip Elevator
Root Tip Pick
Safety Shields
Sand Blasters
Scalpel Angled Blade Holder
Scalpel Blade Holder
Scalpel Double Blade Holder
Self Contained Delivery Systems
Small Dental Equipment
Soap Dispensers
Soldering Machine
Stiegletz Forceps
Suction Elevator
Suction Tube
Table Electric Motors
Teeth Whitening Equipmen
Teeth Whitening Equipment
Teeth Whitening Systems
Tissue Forceps
Titanium Sonic Scalers
Toe Covers
Tooth Extractor
Trash Cans
Uitra-Sound Scalers
Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
Universal Crown Distender
Upper Molar Universal
Used Glutaraldehyde Waste Disposal
Vacuum & Compressor Accessories
Vacuum Arm Systems
Vacuum Lines
Vacuum Mixers
Vacuum Pumps
Waste Disposal
Water Bottles
Water Line Systems
Wax Knife
X-Ray Badge
X-Ray Chemistry Waste Disposal
X-Ray Cones
X-Ray Film Processors
X-Ray Parts
X-Ray Screens
X-Ray Small Equipment


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