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Thailand Information Technology Companies, Thai Information Technology Consultants


Thailand Information Technology Companies
are quickly catching up on the global scene. It was mooted years ago that Thailand was to become a hub of expertise in the world of information technology, computer services and especially Internet communications.

Major Thai government initiatives in the late 1990's and the early part of this millennium spurred on the local IT industry. Unfortunately Thailand, as usual, missed the boat. India and in a lesser degree Singapore became the leaders in the IT industry in this region.

Nowadays Indian and Singaporean outsourcing companies are fueling a new sector. The outsourcing of outsourced IT services. Also the recruitment of IT professionals to work abroad. I have been involved in several of these sourcing projects. Sourcing Thai IT skilled staff to work either abroad or as local consultants for their foreign masters.

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If you are looking for Information Technology products, or computer related products of any type we have a full section covering all computer products here Thailand Computer Products , Thai Computer Services Meanwhile if you require any information on this sector please email with your requests.

Featured Thailand Information Technology Companies

Asiabiz Networks
In the knowledge based economy, efficient information system is a key success factor. Never before, have there been so much competitive market and speed of changing in business environment. Information technology is one of crucial tools to support corporate strategies. Asiabiz networks Co., ltd. Specializes in solution development for policy, strategy, and workflow management. Since 2001, the asiabiz has delivered a number of successful computer based information system projects. These projects are web based applications that cover over most parts of an organization. We are targeting on Increasing productivity, reduction of costs, optimizing business process, and enhance service satisfactory.
Our teams have developed strong working methodologies and processes for contemporary software development. Our clients includes leading enterprises in many industries, such as, banking and finance, securities, entertainments, advertising, electronics, public services, retail and consumer goods, pharmaceutical, supplements, and direct marketing. Products: Trading Consultant Service, Business & IT Consultant, Product Representative, Software Integration, Software Design, Trading Consulting, Network Communications

BIG Communications Limited
Management technical consulting services for your business & IT needs. Web Services, ERP, IBM Lotus Notes software development messaging collaboration US Chamber of Commerce.
Project Management from concept to completion
Project mentoring to your project team
Planning, Design and Implementation
Messaging and collaboration solutions utilizing IBM/Lotus, Novell, Oracle and Microsoft products
Thin-client Deployment
ERP Software and Implementation
Internet/Intranet and Extranet based applications
Set up and manage users workstations and resources in a network environment.
Execute network applications and share software resources.
Install and configure print servers - Set up network printing.
Automate access to the network - Customize and optimize the desktop

Brid Systems Co. Ltd.
Our products include a wide range of business applications working in conjunction with a strong ERP system, the PlanetOne ERP®. This gives our customers best suit customized system and guarantee a complete well overall design solutions to all kind of businesses. The total flexibility gives our customers the choice of applying solution to specific problem at hand with the knowledge that system can be scaled into a full fledge ERP system in the future.

BMJ - IT Consulting Services
BMJ provides a wide range of consulting services. Our Asia Pacific Information Technology consulting services incorporated within the BMJ Consultancy Group portfolio offer high quality I.T consulting services, supportive of the other business units of BMJ Consultancy Group.
Provides complete independent I.T. consulting services to both local and international business, addressing business needs in terms of I.T. Strategy Development, E-Commerce Solutions, Information System Solutions, Project Co-ordination, Management, and Training, through clear and impartial partnerships based on the unique processes, principles and values of all clients.
Services: Business Systems Analysis, Analysis of Business Processes, Business Process Re-Engineering, I.T. Strategy Development, I.T Systems Project Management, Project Management, I.T Systems Auditing, Corporate Network Solutions, ERP & SAP System Integrators, Electronic Information Management, Web Design & Development
E-Commerce, Document Management, Business Systems Analysis & Systems Development, Analysis of Business Processes

INNtron - Information Technology Consultants
INNtron information technology consultants for international business with solutions for banking and the internet in Thailand.
Services: Banking Software Comparison, Vendor and Product Intelligence; Evaluation, RFI, RFP, Strategic Planning; Business Reviews, Requirements Analysis; Gap Analysis, Solutions Architecture; Standards, Contingency Reviews ; Scope and Project Definition, Core, Risk, Channels/Delivery; Solution Selection and Acquisition Assistance; Systems Integration; MIS Development; Project Planning and Responsibility; Quality Assurance; Data Modelling, Data Warehouse Design + WeBwork - strategy, practical scale web-enablement for business, development, promotion

Creatus Corporation Limited
Creatus Corporation Limited has been established in Thailand for more than 25 years. Our products can be classified into 4 categories: Office Automation, Information Technology, Banking, and Security.
Products: Office Automation, IT, Banking, ,Security products.

Intowave (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Infowave is Asia-Pacific's leading consulting firm specializing in Emerging Technologies and Advanced Concepts.
Object-Oriented Technology : Java, CORBA, Methodologies, CMM Processes, XML, WAP etc.
Military Technology Ensuring force readiness. Infowave develops commercial software applications in the military domain. Extensive research in Concepts of Operations, combined with a formal Requirements Management process, results in precise specifications for development. A close working relationship with the Command and General Staff College has given us access to a vast body of knowledge.
We combine the best in modeling & simulation technology together with military operations research, and doctrine development to deliver quality products to the military.
Simulators Army Tactical Level Advanced Simulation High Level Architecture (HLA) enabled distributed tactical level simulator for Command Post Exercises (CPX).

Jay Uhdinger Internet Marketing Bangkok
Jay Uhdinger is an Internet Marketing consultant located in Bangkok, Thailand. He offers consulting services for Internet Marketing, Web Design and Search Engine Optimization.

JSG Co. Ltd.
JSG is one of the fastest growing SAP partners in Thailand, focused primarily on the automotive, hi-tech and Process industries. Outsourcing and e-commerce services. JSG also provides wireless mobilisation platforms like J2EE and J2ME applications. Search engine optimization (SEO).

Mcbytes Technology and Design Services
Mcbytes offers information technology and computer graphic design services. Hardware and software installation, onsite repair and maintenance, small business solutions, disaster recovery planning, telecoms consulting services, network security audits, comprehensive Email solutions, website design, search engine optimization and marketing, graphic design, CAD design, CAD outsourcing and 3D Photo-Realistic rendering.

Oasis Consulting
With SAP R/3 solutions, we are able to deliver real-time access to critical business processes such as customer order entry, shipping, billing, production planning, purchasing and accounting.
Outsourcing Service for System Administration
SAP R/3 system is the real-time, on-line, transaction-monitored environment which requires proper administration activities to keep the system running smoothly. Most organization finds out difficulty to recuit as well as to keep skilled and experienced technical staff, capable for the jobs. Oasis Consulting, therefore, is offering "R/3 System Administration Outsourcing Service" as a solution to solve the lack of skilled manpower crisis.
System Administration Tasks
Implement R/3 operational procedure
Manage OS File systems/database table spaces
Manage R/3 printer system
Monitor routine and housekeeping jobs
Monitor/Analyze system performance
Reorganize database
Recover database
Troubleshoot system error
Solve emergency system error

Phuket Data Wizards Co. Ltd.
Phuket Data Wizards Co. Ltd. : Professional data recovery, complete small business solutions, hardware and software problems, wired and wireless networks, Linux servers, security audit, Cisco routers and others, firewalls, web site programming and databases.
Professional Data Recovery
First of all, we are the data recovery specialists. Lost your data? Even if your favourite data recovery software didn't make it - don't give up! Call us to rescue your valuable files from the faulty hard drives (even if they are not recognized by the computer at all), CDs and DVDs, floppy and flash drives. Other services include recovery from RAID arrays and non-windows (Linux, Mac OS X) partitions; repairing damaged files of specific formats - accounting programs, Outlook, databases; limited decryption services; recovering or resetting hard disk passwords.
Resolving Hardware and Software Problems
Spyware and viruses removal, including malware unknown to the antivirus programs. Repairing damaged Windows installations without reinstalling. Support for non-english operating systems and software (we work with most european languages). Installing unusual and non-standard equipment. Comprehensive hardware diagnostics. Limited off-warranty notebook repair (power adapter, keyboard replacements, memory, hard disk change, locating second-hand spare parts)
Wired and Wireless Networks
Our goal is to create secure and reliable networks. Simple and complex systems installation and maintenance. Connecting remote offices. Long range wireless links. Configuring and troubleshooting routers and firewalls (Cisco, Zyxel, Linksys, SMC and others). ADSL assistance. Security audit. GPRS internet access. Multi Access Points wireless networks. Site surveys, consulting and planning for wireless installations at hotels and large properties.
Complete IT Solutions
Network wiring and setup. Deploying structured cable systems. Proper electrical wiring of computer and office appliances, including grounding (earthing) installation. Telephone wiring and PABX programming (Panasonic, NEC, Samsung). Inexpensive Linux servers automating daily office tasks - file storage and backup, printing, faxing, centralized e-mail, web access acceleration, security monitoring etc.
On-site and remote maintenance. Support and upgrade for the existing installations.
High-End computers made to order
Looking for 21" LCD monitor? 600W power supply? 2TB of storage? Inexpensive, but reliable and good-looking office workstation? High tech, small footprint media center? We have it! We are using only the best hardware brands (ASUSTeK motherboards are used for ALL desktop computers what we make). We can also upgrade and customize your existing computers.

SoftControl Co. Ltd.
SoftControl is one of Thailand’s foremost IT providers for vital IT services. We provide swift and trouble free access to IT information and knowledge to enhance your business productivity. We specialise in IT support and outsourcing - software and web-application development.

Softlink Technology (Thailand) Co., Ltd
Softlink Technology(Thailand) is an integrated information technology total solution provider, and we are distributor of Firewall and VOIP. We deliver networking services to our clients, provide the best information technology solution for all range of businesses.
Products: Firewall, VOIP

Twintech (Thailand)
TwinTech (Thailand) Limited providing complex IT systems to the following markets; Hotel and Properties, Restaurants, bars and night clubs. We are also targeting local SOHO business. Twintech also offer off-shoring and outsourcing in the field of information technology.
Products: Information Technology, POS Systems, Hotel Management Systems (HMS) Surveillance Equipment, MP3 Players, Drives & Storage Devices, Computer & Software Agents

WebControl Ltd.
The professional team of Webcontrol Ltd. delivers Content Management Software (CMS) applications and web design, Customer Relationship Management Solutions (CRM), web marketing and custom software development services based on the Microsoft.NET framework. Application Software Development. We build custom applications for every aspect of your business. Our cost effective solutions will streamline your operations, reduce costs, and boost the bottom line.
Web Services & E-commerce
Target a new market with our expert Web services and e-crm solutions. Our Web services will make you competitive with the best companies online.
Enterprise Application Development
WebControl develops enterprise applications to mange every aspect of your business including real time inventory management, CRM, shipment and fulfillment tracking.
Server and Networking Applications
WebControl's technical consultants can build effective tools that will make optimize and stabilize your network or server configuration.
Database Design
We specialize in custom database design, developing applications that improve performance and streamline business. Our technology integrates with all major database platforms.
CRM Software - Eamodat
WebControl’s Customer Relationship Management Solution, Eamodat grow and protect your business's most valuable asset - your customers.


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