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Thailand Janitorial Supplies Companies, Thai Janitorial Supplies Manufacturers


Thailand Janitorial Supplies Companies and Thai Janitorial Supplies Manufacturers service not only the domestic market but also export janitor's supplies, cleaning products and cleaning equipment worldwide.

Daily maintenance consisting of cleaning and tidying up of the commonly used sections of buildings, hospitals, gymnasiums, condominiums, houses, main entrance, corridors, walkways, stairways, lifts, escalators & toilets, office rooms, conference rooms, halls, etc and removing waste therein.

Periodic maintenance involves monthly or annually, such as the washing of carpets, marble/ granite, floor tiles, the cleaning of high places such as walls and ceilings, the cleaning of lighting apparatus, air conditioners, exterior building facades such as outer walls and metallic outer wall coverings.

If you are in the hospitality business a supplier of products to hotels, or are a wholesaler of janitorial supplies then you will be looking for a good, reliable and cost effective source for your products. Bangkok Companies has contacts with manufacturers of janitorial supplies in Thailand.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your Janitorial Supplies please email with your requests



Magic Mopper Carpet Cleaner Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser
Floor Polishing Machine Cleaning Brushes & Brooms Floor Caution Sign
Glass Cleaner Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispenser Center-pull Paper Towel Dispenser
High Pressure Cleaner Bathroom Cleanig Products Rubber Gloves
Tile Cleaner Toilet Cleaners Swimming Pool Maintenance Supplies
Insecticides Bathroom Consumables Plastic Rubbish Bins
Featured Janitorial Supplies Companies
Ecolab Ltd Thailand International Manufacturer of Janitorial Cleaning Products, Sanitizing Products, Pest Elimination, Floor Care products, Hand Wash, Surgical Scrubs and Disinfection Products.

Following you will find lists of supplies available from companies involved in the janitorial supplies business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a janitorial supplies company or simply supply a database of these janitorial supplies companies then please email

Aerosol Cleaners
Air Freshener Refills
Air Sanitizers
Aluminum Ladders
Antibacterial Cleaner
Antibacterial Lotion Soap
Antifatigue Mats
Antimicrobial Wet Mop Handles
Antimicrobial Wet Mop Heads
Anti-Slip Floor Agent
Automatic Faucets
Automatic Flush Valves
Automatic Hand Dryers
Automatic Hand Towel Dispenser
Baby Changing Table
Backpack Vacuum
Bar Soap
Bath Mats
Bathroom Cleaners
Bin Liners
Bottles & Sprayers
Bowl Brushes
Bowl Deodorants & Cleaners
Buckets & Pails
Buckets With Wringers
Can Liners
Candle Wax Removers
Canister Vacuums
Carpet Bonnets
Carpet Care Products
Carpet Care Spotters
Carpet Chewing Gum Removers
Carpet Cleaner
Carpet Deodoriser
Carpet Deodorizers
Carpet Extractors
Carpet Shampoo
Carpet Spot Remover
Carpet Stain Protector
Carrying Caddies
Cellulose Sponges
Center-Pull Paper Towel
Cleaning Kits
Cleaning Tools
Cleaning Towels
Commercial Upright Vacuums
Cordless Rechargeable Vacs
Counter Brushes
Deck Scrub Brushes
Deep Cleaners
Deodorant Blocks
Deodorants/Air Sanitizers Aerosols
Disposable Glove Dispensers
Disposable Gloves
Dome Drum Lid
Dome Top Receptacles
Drain De-Cloggers
Drain Openers
Drum Dollies
Drum Pumps
Dry Deodorants
Dry Mops
Dust Bin Trolley
Dust Heads
Dust Masks
Dust Mop Frames
Dust Mop Treatment
Dust Mops
Dust Pans
Ear Plugs
Exam Table Paper
Extension Poles
Fabric Refreshers
Facial Tissue
Facility Maintenance Products
Fan Dispensed Deodorants
Feather Dusters
Feminine Hygiene Products
Feminine Hygiene Vending Dispensers
Finish Mops
Fire Extinguishers
Fire Safe Plastic Step-On Cans
Fire-Safe Receptacles
Fire-Safe Steel Step Can Receptacles
First Aid Kits
First Aid Refills
Floor Care Systems
Floor Caution Sign
Floor Cleaners
Floor Dust Mop Treatment
Floor Dusters
Floor Finish Applicators
Floor Finishes
Floor Finishes & Waxes
Floor Machines & Accessories
Floor Maintainers
Floor Maintenance Equipment
Floor Pads
Floor Sealers
Floor Shine
Floor Sponges
Floor Spray Buff For Waxed Floor
Floor Squeegees
Floor Strippers
Floor Sweeps
Floor Waxes
Foam Soap System
Foaming Cleaners
Fogger Sprayer
Food Service Equipment
Furniture Polish
General Purpose Cleaners
Glass Cleaners
Glass Cleaning Tablets
Grabbers & Pickers
Graffiti Removers
Grease Resistant Mats
Greaseproof Mats
Griddle Cleaners
Grill Cleaners
Gum Removers
Hand Roll Paper Towel
Hand Towel Dispensers
Hand Towels
Hand Trucks & Carts
Handheld Sprayers
Handle Mops
Heavy Duty Janitorial Products
Heavy Duty Soaps
Heavy Duty Tile & Grout Cleaner
High Pressure Cleaner
Hooded Top Receptacles
Household Upright Vacuum Cleaner
Housekeeping Carts
Hygiene System Hand Soap
Indoor Adhesive Mats
Indoor Carpet Mats
Industrial Strength Can Liners
Insect Repellents
Insecticides Light Systems
Instant Hand Sanitizers
Ironing Boards
Janitor Carts
Janitorial Chemicals
Janitorial Cleaning Equipment
Kitchen Towel Dispensers
Kitchen Towels
Knee Pads
Latex Gloves
Laundry - Coin-Op
Laundry Bags
Laundry Products
Liquid Antibacterial Soaps
Liquid Deodorants
Liquid Dispensed Deodorant System
Liquid Dispensed Deodorants
Liquid Hand Soap
Liquid Soap Dispensers
Liquid Soaps & Shampoo
Magic Mopper
Maintenance Products
Metal Head Mop Handles
Metal Sponges
Metered Aerosol Air Fresheners
Metered Aerosol Air Sanitizers
Metered Non-Aerosol Air Fresheners
M-Fold Paper Towel Dispenser
Microfiber Cleaning Systems
Microfiber Mop Buckets
Microfiber Mopping System
Moisturizing Lotion
Mop Heads
Mopping Equipment
Odor Control Products
Outdoor Scraper Mats
Overhead Dusters
Ozium Air Sanitizer
Paint Removers
Paper Dispensers
Paper Products
Personal Cleansing Wipes
Personal Size Bar Soap
Plastic Buckets
Plastic Head Mop Handles
Plastic Wastebaskets
Plug-In Air Fresheners
Powdered Soaps
Professional Cleaning Tools
Pumice Bar Soap
Push Brooms
Recycling Containers
Restocking Truck
Restroom Cleaning Systems
Ride On Vacuum Sweeper
Room Maid Trolley
Rubber Bands
Safety Mats
Safety Products
Safety Signs
Safety Supplies
Safety Tape
Sanitary Napkin Disposal
Scouring Pads
Scouring Sponges
Scraper Entrance Mats
Service Trucks & Carts
Skin Care Hand Soap
Skin Care Products
Skin Conditioning System
Smoke Detector
Smoking Urns
Soap Systems
Solid Air Fresheners
Solid Dispensed Deodorants
Specialty Brushes
Specialty Chemicals
Spray Buff
Stainless Steel Cleaners
Stainless Steel Indoor Dust Bins
Stainless Steel Polishes
Steel Receptacles
Step Ladders
Stone Cleaner
Stone Deep Clean
Stone Enhancer
Stone Sealer
Storage Boxes
Street Brooms
Table Mover
Tank Sprayers
Tile Cleaner
Tilt Trucks
Time Mist Aerosol Dispensers
Time Mist Air Freshener Kits
Time Mist Micro Air Freshener
Time Mist Standard Size Aerosol
Toilet Bowl Cleaners
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper Dispensers,
Toilet Seat Covers & Dispensers
Toilet Tissue
Tool Organizers
Tool Towers
Tote Boxes
Touch-Free Soap Dispensers
Touch-Free Soap Refills
Trash Cans
Upright Brooms
Upright Vacuums
Urinal Screens
Utility Brushes
Utility Cabinets
Utility Carts
Utility Cleaning Tools
Utility Pad Holders
Utility Pads
Utility Shelving
Utility Squeegees
Utility Trucks
Vehicle Wash Brushes
Waste Receptacles
Wax Strippers
Wet Mops
Window Cleaning Equipment ...
Window Squeegees
Work Gloves


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