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Glass Kitchenware, Metal Kitchenware, Stone Kitchenware, Wood Kitchenware I always wondered why Thai Kitchenware Manufacturers churned out such dismal designs. I became enlightened when I worked for a couple of months teaching the export staff at a trading company in Bangkok that specialized in kitchen ceramics. There showroom was crammed full of wonderful and innovative designs. The sort of products that would not look amiss on the shelves of leading department stores like Selfridges and Harrods. I was allowed to use these items in my lesson plans as long as they did not leave the showroom. So I moved the whiteboard in to the showroom and taught the staff there.

The reason for this air of secrecy - The boss was scared, neurotic is a better word, that competitors would get hold of the designs and copy them. Thai companies stealing designs and making copies - nah! unbelievable. Years later, another Thai kitchenware company, this time making wooden kitchenware pieces like spice racks, cutting boards and fruit bowls.

This time the boss had no problem with items from the showroom 'disappearing' in fact most weeks a little package would be given to me containing some piece that I had commented on the week before. "Why no problem? are you not afraid someone will copy your designs" I asked the boss. "No" she replied "I copied all the designs from the company I worked for before"

For years when I moved to Bangkok the only Kitchenware I owned and used was a second hand electric Wok and a motley assortment of plates and cutlery. Oh and my beloved Nescafe coffee mug. Now I have my own condo on the beach, my own kitchen and lots and lots of kitchenware products that I have collected from my years of teaching

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your kitchenware needs please email with your requests.



Featured Thailand Kitchenware Manufacturers
J & P Jasco Products (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Cooking Utensils & Kitchen Equipment Manufacturer Ashtrays, Baskets, Bells, Bowls, Call Bells, Chairs, Check Spindles, Check Trays, Coasters, Coffee Servers, Condiment Racks, Condiment Sets, Counter Set-Ups, Covers, Crackers, Creamers, Dishes, Dispensers, Dredges, Gravy Boats, High Chairs, Jugs, Luggage Stands, Menu Holders, Card Holders, Menu Stands
P & R Plaspack Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Kitchenware, Plastic Household Products, Plastic Household Utensils, Plastic Boxes, Plastic Packaging
Thai Casa Bella Ltd., Part Thailand Thailand Exporters of Teak Furniture and Wooden Kitchenware

A-Wood Ltd.
Our factory is in the north of Thailand for all kinds of wooden house wares, kitchenware (cutting board, bowls, racks, trays, kitchen utensils, boxes) and rta furniture (folding tables, chairs, shelves, paddles) made from solid wood (mainly rubber wood and acacia - monkeypod). We do also carved and hand-painted figurines and disposable bamboo chopsticks and skewers. Also dog houses. We do also combination with glass and ceramic parts.
Products: Wooden Kitchenware, Cutting Boards, Chopping Boards, Trays, Bowls, Racks, Wooden Furniture Wood & Bamboo Dinnerware

Abacus Business Consulting Co., Ltd.
The high skilled production are trained to make the top quality to the leading brand which are made from silk and cotton. The requested design and spec are in line with customer need. Our home-made seamstresses are handling product range: Apron, kitchen towel, table napkin, cushion covers etc. We can make any size according to your requirement with sufficient and efficient man powers to deliver at committed time with reasonable and competitive price.
Products: Apron, kitchen towel, cushion covers

Able House wares Co.,Ltd.
We are manufacturer and exporter of rubber wood of Ktichenwares and Kitchen Trolleys in Thailand. We do our businesses and serve customers as our policy that " Finest Quality Rubber wood Kitchenwares and House wares ".
Products: Kitchen Trolley, Kitchenwares, Kitchen Furniture, Kitchen Storage & Organization

Alucab Co.,ltd
The company has been in furniture business for 4 years by being a manufacturer and distributor of aluminum storage cabinet for kitchen and household use. We have employed 80 people in the factory.
Products: Household goods, furniture, gift item, Metal Furniture, Household Plastic Products, Kitchen Storage & Organization

Chai Charoen Rutch Partnership, Ltd.
Chai Charoen Rutch Partnership Limited, established since 2001 and our main business had focused on
construction metal. However by the beginning of the year 2004 we decided to expand our production line with kitchen racks and built in kitchenware.
Products: Kitchen racks, kitchenware, stainless steel kitchenware

Him Rianthong Becklite Co., Ltd.
Him Rianthong Becklite is manufacture and exporter of Part bakelite. Kitchen ware, cooker ware, Rice cooker, Jar pot. We supply to Japan, Taiwan Manufacturer in Thailand and USA.. We have open new mold by CNC Machine to your spec.
Products: Bakelite, kitchen ware, automotive part, rice cooker, cook ware

Index Interfurn Co., Ltd
We Index Interfurn Co., Ltd., a world leading manufacturer and exporter of furniture, home decorative and also household products. We are in division 5 and responsible for the household items which made of steel wire, stainless steel wire, also items combine between wire and rubber wood "Homeplus", a brand for kitchen & bathroom accessories.
Products: wire ware, Home Storage & Organization

Paulleen Product
Paulleen product trading is a trader in Thailand. Our main product is kitchen ware. Our main export market is USA, we also have a successful trading record with various clients in Europe and Asia.
Products: Kitchen accessories, cookware, Can & Bottle Openers, Cookware Parts, Bake ware

Establish in year 1998, We are manufacturer and supplier of handmade stainless steel cutlery product such as table ware, kitchen ware, bronze ware. We supplier our product worldwide with quality.
Products: Stainless steel Cutlery, table ware, kitchen ware

Soinapa Designs
Are you also the one who is being impressed by the oriental design's style and is being touched by the sense of Thai fabric? So we do. We are the manufacturer of Thai fabric's products who are intended to fabricate our products with typical style and tremendous caring in order to satisfy, to delight your, our respectful and beloved customers, colorful daily living and life style with trendy and useful designs.
SOINAPA is the name of our beloved mother who loves, cares and protects their precious children with all her might and heart through out her life. Therefore the method of our selection and fabrication is intending to be the same as her love and care. Then we would like to provide the best products to our dear customers. Cotton Fabric Products for Daily Living with Style. . . Such as Placemat, Napkins, Pot Holder, Pot mat, Kitchen set
Products: Cotton Bag, Table Runner, Napkin, Placemat, Tissue Box, Pot Mat, Oven Glove, Oven Mitt, Basket

Somboonchoke Kitchenware Co., Ltd.
Established in 1997, we are manufacturer of quality melamine tableware and kitchen utensils. We have in
house design team and mould department. Many varieties of designs and styles to choose.
Products: We are manufacturer of quality melamine dinnerware and kitchen utensils in Cup & Mug

Sun Hill Co.
We are manufacture and exporter of wooden products in Thailand. Product line include: Wooden furniture, K/D furniture, kitchen trolley, wooden kitchenware and house ware. Total monthly capacity is more than 50 containers. Our main market are USA 40%, EUROPE 50%, other 10%. We are very glad to be your supplier for wide range of wooden items.
Products: House ware, Kitchenware, Furniture, Kitchen Storage & Organization

U & A Home Decoration Co., Ltd.
U& A Home Decoration Co. Ltd. Is the manufacturer and exporter of home textiles from Thailand. We
specialize in the production of a wide range of home furnishings covering decorative filled cushions and covers, indoor and garden chair pads, curtains, bathrobes, kitchen textiles, pajamas, as well as bedding items. Our products are available in a variety of international standard sizes, styles and fabric materials. Design service and custom-made products according to customer specifications are also welcome. 
Products: Kitchen textile, aprons, chair pads, amenity set, indoor and garden chair pads

Following you will find lists of kitchenware products and companies involved in the kitchenware business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a kitchenware company or simply supply a database of these kitchenware companies then please email

3-Way Ice Cream Scoop
4-Sided Grater
Acrylic Transparent Pepper Mill
Adjustable Measuring Spoons
Aluminium Non Stick Cookware Set
Aluminum Wok
Anti-Slip Mats
Apple Corer
Apple Divider
Apple Peel Machine
Apple Peelers
Asparagus Steamer
Automatic Pasta Maker
Bakers Spatula
Baking Former
Baking Mat
Baking Sheets
Bamboo Bread Box
Bamboo Cheese Slicers
Bamboo Chopsticks
Bamboo Coasters
Bamboo Cutlery Boxes
Bamboo Cutlery Tray
Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo Dish Rack
Bamboo Forks
Bamboo Fruit Basket
Bamboo Kitchen Accessory
Bamboo Paper Towel Holder
Bamboo Pepper Mill
Bamboo Placemats
Bamboo Plates
Bamboo Salt Shaker
Bamboo Saucer
Bamboo Serving Tray
Bamboo Shakers
Bamboo Spice Rack
Bamboo Spoons
Bamboo Storage Boxes
Bamboo Trivet
Bamboo Two Tone Cutting Board
Bar Accessories
Bar Set
Barbecue Grill
Basting Pan
Bbq Tools
Bed Tray
Beer Bottle Opener
Black Steel Blini
Black Steel Crepe Pan
Boning Knife
Bottle Opener
Bottle Openers
Brass Handled Saute Pan
Bread Bin
Bread Board
Bread Box
Bread Equipment
Bread Slicing Board
Brioche Mold
Brownie Pans
Bund Cake Pan
Burger Maker
Butter Box
Cake Baking Ware
Cake Knife
Cake Moulds
Cake Pans
Cake Server
Can And Jar Opener
Can Crusher
Can Opener
Can Openers
Cast Iron Can Opener
Ceramic Grinder
Ceramic Kitchenware
Ceramic Peeling Knife
Ceramic Snack Dip Dish Set
Cereal Dispenser
Chafing Dishes
Cheese Board
Cheese Board With Acrylic Dome
Cheese Boards
Cheese Cellar
Cheese Knife
Cheese Plane
Cheese Slicer
Children's Apron
Chip And Dip Holder
Chocolate Fountains
Chopping Block
Chrome Juicer
Chrome Kitchen Rack
Chrome Plated Kitchen Accessories
Citrus Peeler
Citrus Zester
Coarse Grater
Coffee Canisters
Coffee Cream Mixer
Coffee Grinders
Coffee Mugs
Coffee Warmer
Cold Rolled Steel Flat Bottomed Wok
Condiment Container
Cookie Cans
Cookie Cutter
Cookie Pressing Set
Cookie Sheets
Cooking Accessories
Cooking Thermometer
Cooking Utensil Stand
Cookware Set
Cooling Racks
Copper Pans
Copper Pots
Copper Roast Pan
Corkscrew And Wine Opener Set
Corn Cob Holders
Covered Cake Pan
Cruet Rack
Cup Stand
Cutlery Set
Cutlery Tray
Cutting Boards
Cutting-Utililty Boards
Digital Scales
Dish Rack Set
Domo Kitchen Helpers
Domo Spatula
Dough Roller
Draining Dish Rack
Drop-In Double Bowl Sink
Dumpling Maker
Dutch Oven
Egg Cutter
Electric Coffee Grinders
Electric Hotplate
Electric Ice Crusher
Electric Knife Sharpener
Electric Pepepr Mill
Electric Pepper & Salt Mill
Electric Stove
Electrical Knife Sharpener
Electronic Kitchen Scale
Fermenting Crock Pots
Fine Grater
Fish Scale Cleaner
Flat Folding Colander
Flax Seed Mills
Folding Fruit Basket
Food Covers
Food Dispenser
Food Grade Silicone Kitchen Tools
Food Storage Boxes
Food Strainer
Food Waste Disposer
Forged Handle Knife Set
Fresh Keeping Box
Fruit Basket
Fruit Tray
Fruit Wire Basket
Frying Pan
Frying Strainers
Frying Strainers With Wood Handles
Garlic Peel And Press
Garlic Press
Garlic Presses
Garlic Skin Shellers
Gas Igniter
Gas Stoves
Ginger Peeler
Glass Cruets
Glass Cutting Board
Glass Kitchenware
Glass Pepper & Salt Jar
Glassware Storage Rack
Grain Mills
Grapefruit Spoons
Hashbrown Maker
Heart Salad Bowl And Servers
Heart Shaped Cake Pan
Herb Chopper
Herb Cutter
Hollow Handle Knife With Wooden Block
Hollow Handle Knife With Wooden Blocks
Houseware Accessories
Ice Bucket
Ice Cream Scoop
Ice Cream Spoons
Ice Crusher
Ice Cube Tray
Ice Maker
Ice Mold
Ice Pail
Ice Shavers
Icing Set
Indian Cooking Pot
Jam Spatulas
Japanese Cookware
Juice Extractor
Kitchen Accessories
Kitchen Accessory
Kitchen Accessory Set
Kitchen Appliances
Kitchen Cabinets
Kitchen Cart
Kitchen Furniture
Kitchen Gadget Kits
Kitchen Gadgets
Kitchen Hardware
Kitchen Holder
Kitchen Knife
Kitchen Knife Set
Kitchen Knives
Kitchen Mixer
Kitchen Racks
Kitchen Scale
Kitchen Scales
Kitchen Scissors
Kitchen Shears
Kitchen Shelf
Kitchen Sink Sieves
Kitchen Textile Set
Kitchen Timers
Kitchen Tool Set
Kitchen Tools
Kitchen Tools Set
Kitchen Towels
Knife Set
Knife Sharpeners
Large Cast Bund Pan
Lemon Cutter
Lemon Squeezers
Lettuce Knife
Loaf Pan
Loaf Pans
Magic Knife
Magic Slicer
Magnetic Kitchen Timers
Measure Spoon
Meat Hammer
Meat Mincer
Meat Pounder
Meat Pounders
Meat Tenderizer
Meat Thermometer
Melamine Tableware
Melon Ball Cutter
Melon Baller
Metal Kitchen Timer
Metal Kitchenware
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
Microfiber Towels
Microwave Lifter
Micro-Wave Oven Gloves
Milk Frother
Milk Jug
Mini Scales
Mixer Bowl
Muffin Pans
Multifunction Kitchen Scissors
Multifunctional Grater
Napkin Holder
Non-Stick Cake Mould
Non-Stick Tart Pan
Noodle Bowls
Noodle Maker
Nutrition Scales
Nylon Kitchen Utensils Set
Oak Knife Holders
Oil Can & Oil Pot
Oil Net
One Touch Can Opener
Onion Chopper
Orange Peeler
Oven Grid
Oven Mitts
Paella Pan
Paper Towel Holder
Parmesan Grater
Pasta Express Tool
Pasta Machine
Pasta Makers
Pastry Bag
Pate Mold
Pepper Cellar
Pepper Millers
Pepper Mills
Pestle And Mortar Blue
Pickle Set
Pie Pans
Piezoelectric Igniter
Pizza Cutter
Pizza Pans
Pizza Wheel
Plastic Chopping Board
Plastic Coating Racks
Plastic Colander
Plastic Cutting Board
Plastic Pepper Mill
Plastic Salt Mill
Plastic Spoons
Plastic Trash Can
Porcelain Oil & Vinegar Set
Porcelain Ramiken
Pot Holders
Potato Chipper
Potato Peeler
Potholder & Oven Mitt
Pressure Cookers
Pull Out Pantry
Pvc Placemat
Ravioli Cutter
Rectangular Cake Pans
Revolving Salt Shaker Set
Revolving Spice Rack
Rice Bowls
Rice Cookers
Rice Washing Basket
Roasting Thermometers
Rolling Pins
Round Bamboo Box
Round Cake Pan
Round Cake Pans
Rubber Wood Cutlery Boxes
Rubber Wood Pepper Mills
Rubber Wood Pestles
Rubber Wood Salt Shakers
Salad Spinner
Salad Spoon
Salt & Pepper Container Set
Salt & Pepper Set
Salt Cellar
Sandwich Makers
Sauce Pan
Seed Remover
Serving Bowl
Shrimp Peeling Machine
Silicon Ice Cubes
Silicon Kitchen Utensils
Silicone Bakeware
Silicone Baking Sheet
Silicone Basting Brushes
Silicone Cake Models
Silicone Cooking Spoon
Silicone Cookware
Silicone Funnel
Silicone Garlic Peeler
Silicone Gloves
Silicone Kitchen Measuring Cups
Silicone Kitchen Tools
Silicone Molds
Silicone Peanut Butter Spatulas
Silicone Spatula
Silicone Strainer
Silicone Turner
Single Lever Mixer
Solid Wood Kitchen Cart
Soup Ladle
Soy Milk Makers
Spaghetti Measurer
Spaghetti Server
Spice Canisters
Spice Carousel
Spice Jars
Spice Mills
Spice Racks
Springform Pans
Square Cake Pan
Square Cake Pans
Stainless Steel Basket
Stainless Steel Basket For Vegetables
Stainless Steel Bread Basket
Stainless Steel Butter Box
Stainless Steel Casserole
Stainless Steel Cereal Dispenser
Stainless Steel Cooker Set
Stainless Steel Cookware
Stainless Steel Electric Salt And Pepper Mill
Stainless Steel Flatware
Stainless Steel Flour Basket
Stainless Steel Food Mill
Stainless Steel Funnel
Stainless Steel Kitchen Accessories
Stainless Steel Kitchen Baskets
Stainless Steel Kitchenware
Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls.
Stainless Steel Net Basket
Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker
Stainless Steel Rice Ball
Stainless Steel Rice Box
Stainless Steel Sink
Stainless Steel Sinks
Stainless Steel Slicer
Stainless Steel Tongs
Stainless Steel Wine Opener Set
Star Egg Ring
Steamer Set
Steel Kitchen Utensils
Stock Pot
Stone Kitchenware
Storage Bowl Set
Storage Rack
Stovetop Smoker
Strawberry Huller
Sugar Bowl
Sugar Canisters
Sugar Sweetener Dispenser
Table Brush
Table Mats
Table Ware
Tart Pans
Tea Ball
Tea Canisters
Tea Pot
Tea Spoons
Tea Strainer
Tea Towels
Tempered Glass Blocks
Tempered Glass Cheese Board
Tempered Glass Cutting Board
Toast Rack
Two-Handed Rolling Pin
Unlined Copper Pan
Utensil Set
Vegetable Choppers
Vegetable Peeler
Vegetable Shredder
Veggie Scrubbers
Waffle Makers
Wash Basins
Wine Box Set
Wine Cork Screw
Wine Openers
Wine Rack
Wine Stopper
Wine Strainer
Wire Dish Basket
Wire Rack
Wok Skimmer
Wok Spatula
Wood Kitchenware
Wooden Cookbook Stand
Wooden Dish Rack
Wooden Hockey Stick Spatula
Wooden Kitchen Accessories
Wooden Plate Rack
Wooden Spice Mil
Wooden Tableware Box
Wooden Tray
Wrought Iron Kitchen Pan

A.A. Art Co, Ltd.
A.M.F. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
A.S. World Trading Ltd, Part.
Achelis (Thailand) Limited
Advanced Stainless Steel Co, Ltd.
All Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Allied Metals
Alphasource Manufacturing Solution Public Co, Ltd
American Building Product Co., Ltd.
Arnachakthai Kitcmen Utensils Co.,Ltd.
Asadshin Bangkok Co, Ltd.
Aswakowit Co., Ltd.
Aviva Decor Limited
B.K.-Trading (T) Co, Ltd.
Baan Siri Rama Place
Bangkok Ai-Toa Co., Ltd.
Bangkok Arts And Crafts Public Co, Ltd.
Bangkok Companies
Bangkok Siam Products Ltd, Part.
Bangkok Specialty Products Ltd, Part
Bangpakong Wood Co, Ltd.
Bed And Bench Co, Ltd.
Best Plast Industrial Co, Ltd.
Bigkitchen Co.,Ltd.
Bingkitchen Co.,Ltd.
Biopak Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Bkm International Incorporation Co.,Ltd
Boonniramit Co Ltd
Boonthavorn Ceramic Co., Ltd.
C.H. Screen Industry Co, Ltd.
California Kitchen Co., Ltd.
Camarcio Co, Ltd.
Capstone(Far East) Co., Ltd.
Central Kitchen Co.,Ltd.
Ceramic Simplicity (Thailand) Ltd. Part
Chemstar Plastic Industry Co, Ltd.
Chengteh Chinaware (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Chennai Kitchen
Chester's Food Co, Ltd.
Chiang Meng Rop
Chiangrai Fetch Phaitoon Co., Ltd.
Chin Kitchen
Chom's Boutique Inn & Thai Kitchen
Cirrus Co, Ltd.
City Products (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Comcraft Co, Ltd.
Concord City Corp, Ltd.
Cosma Company Limited
Crown Ceramics Co, Ltd.
Danebury (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Decor Mart Co Ltd
Decoration 2 Co, Ltd.
Denchai Parquet Factory Co, Ltd.
Diamond Brand Co, Ltd.
Diamond Overseas Trading Co., Ltd.
Double Star Industry Co, Ltd.
Dunamis International Coporation Co, Ltd.
Duroform Co, Ltd.
E.F.A. (Thailand) Co,. Ltd.
E.P. Handling Co, Ltd.
Eastern Chinaware Co, Ltd.
Eiwlee Industrial Co, Ltd.
Endo Stainless Steel (Thailand) Co Ltd
Enholco Industries Co, Ltd.
Evergreen Place
Fagor Home Appliances (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Fieco Co, Ltd.
Franke Thailand Co. Ltd.
Furnia Co, Ltd.
Furnimart Co, Ltd.
G.T.G. Industrial Co Ltd
Gemmy International Ltd.
Global Kitchen Co.,Ltd.
H.L.Wood Company Limited
Ho Ho Hong Kong Kitchen
Ho Kitchen
Housewares 2000 Co.,Ltd
Hummel Co, Ltd.
Impact Internationl Co.,Ltd.
Intel Choices Co., Ltd.
Inter Stainless Product
J & P Jasco Products (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
J.C.P. Plastic Ltd, .Part.
J.L. Products Co.,Ltd.
J.S.C. Kitchen Ware Co.,Ltd.
Jaguar Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
Janroan Co., Ltd.
Jet Industries (Thailand) Co, Ltd.
K.T. Thai Local Products Co, Ltd.
Kamol Sukosol Electric Co., Ltd.
Kampon Trading Co., Ltd.
Kiatchai Industrial Stainless Co.,Ltd
Kiettichai Industry Stainless Co., Ltd.
Kij Marketing Co., Ltd.
Kijthaworn Industry Co Ltd
Kip Metal Industrial Co, Ltd.
Kitchen Class (1993) Co., Ltd.
Kitchen Class (1993) Co.,Ltd.
Kitchen Consult And Supply Co, Ltd.
Kitchen Define Co., Ltd
Kitchen Supply Ltd, P.
Kitchen Supply Ltd., Part.
Kitchen Tech Co, Ltd.
Kitchenette Co., Ltd.
Kitchens By Design
Klauy Num Thai Thow Op Ltd., Part.
Kluay Nam Thai Petchkasem Co., Ltd.
Kongchai Aluminium Ltd, Part.
Krungthep Janya Limited Partnershjp
Kumpon Export Company Limited
Kunakij Furniture Industry Co, Ltd.
Laemthong Steel Fabrication Co, Ltd.
Lee Kitchen
Lee Kitchen (Chan Road)
Liebgee Industry Co, Ltd.
Light Star Wood Co.,Ltd.
Lim Chua Kee Co, Ltd.
Living Center Co., Ltd.
Lohasilp Engineering Co., Ltd.
Luckyglass Co.,Ltd
Luffa Co, Ltd.
Macro-Thai Co., Ltd.
Mahajak Apartment
Mala Chemical Industries Co., Ltd.
Mata Hari Restaurant
Melamine Thai Co, Ltd.
Menam Stainless Wire Co, Ltd.
Merry Corporation Co., Ltd.
Metro H & Res Co, Ltd.
Mini System Co Ltd
Mizu's Kitchen
Mobel Woodwork Co., Ltd.
N.I.V. Kitchen Utensils Co.,Ltd.
Nava Refrigerator And Stainless Ltd.,Part.
Neoterra Enterprises(Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Nittaya Thai Curry Prodcts Co.,Ltd
Nopeus Co., Ltd.
O.K. Wood Product Co., Ltd.
Oleen Co., Ltd.
Ow Hieb Seng Chieng Ngow Kim Ltd., Part.
P.P.K. Trading Co.,Ltd.
P.S. Benetone Corporation Ltd.
Pan Kitchen
Pastina Co.,Ltd.
Pen K. Intertrading Co., Ltd.
Perfect Office Furniture Co ., Ltd.
Pinkrajai Industries Co., Ltd.
Pioneer Industrial Corporation Ltd.
Prem Tinsulanonda International School
Premier Frozen Products Co.,Ltd.
Premier Marketing Co., Ltd.
Pro-Way Industry Co.,Ltd.
Q.E.Y. Trading Co.,Ltd.
Rattanasild Stainless (1994) Co.,Ltd.
Rely (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Right Angle Design And Manuf.
Rinnai (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Rinse Tech Co.,Ltd
Roongthong Kitchen
Rosalind Parawood Co., Ltd.
Royal Kitchen
Royal Master Corp. Ltd.
Ruang Utai Wood Industry Co., Ltd.
S. Kijchai Co., Ltd.
S.P.K Marketing Co., Ltd.
S.P.S. Cooperate, Ltd
Saeng Thai Far East Co., Ltd.
Sahasilp Hitech Co., Ltd.
Sakol Phan Machinery Co., Ltd.
Sally's Kitchenette
Satien Production Co., Ltd.
Satien Stainless Steel Public Co., Ltd.
Scale-Concept Living Co., Ltd.
Scan Thai Trading Ltd., Part.
Seaborne Industries Limited
Siam Fuji Ware (1998) Co., Ltd
Siam Global House Co., Ltd.
Siam Intermagnate Co.,Ltd
Siam Plastic Products Co., Ltd.
Siam Tableware Co., Ltd.
Siamese Kitten Co Ltd
Silom Shanghai Furniture & Construction Co., Ltd.
Soko Srithai Co., Ltd.
Solimar Co., Ltd.
Somboonchoke Kitchenware Co.,Ltd.
Somerco (Thailand) Ltd.
Somervil (Siam) Co.,Ltd.
Songklod Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Soon Hua Seng Rice Co., Ltd.
Sota Biti Co.,Ltd.
Special Coating (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Srithai Kitchenware Co., Ltd.
Srithai Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd
Stainless Steel Home Equipment Manufacturing
Standard Universal International Co., Ltd.
Starmark Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Surina Industries Co., Ltd.
T.N.H. Co.
T.O. Scale Industrial Co., Ltd.
T.P.N. Group (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
T.T.A. Co.,Ltd
T.V.T. Co., Ltd.
Teka (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Casa Bella Ltd., Part.
Thai Crest Wood Co., Ltd.
Thai Dhanabhand Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Thai First Enamel Co., Ltd.
Thai Griptech
Thai Hoadlohakit Co., Ltd.
Thai Hong Yi Co., Ltd.
Thai Interra Cotta Co Ltd
Thai Jirapat Co., Ltd.
Thai Local Products Co., Ltd.
Thai Plastic Handicraft Co.,Ltd.
Thai Soojung Glass Co., Ltd
Thai Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd.
Thai Steward Services Co., Ltd.
Thai Thanapun Intertrade Co., Ltd.
Thai Wood Productions Co., Ltd.
Thai-Imex Grand Center Co.,Ltd.
Thapani Co., Ltd.
Thelma Co.,Ltd.
Thong U-Rai Kitchen
Torii Thai Co., Ltd.
Uni King Limited
Union Forest Co., Ltd.
Union Progress Ltd. Part.
Union Stainless (Thailand) Co Ltd
Union Tomita (Thailand) Co., Ltd
United Progress (Thailand) Ltd.
United Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.
United Thai Kitchen Co.,Ltd.
Uniwell (Asia) Co., Ltd.
Verasu Limited Partnership
Vogue Living Co.,Ltd.
Wang Thai Industries Co.,Ltd.
Well Kitchen Co., Ltd.
Welma Furnitech Co., Ltd.
Wire Master Industry (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Wood Mart Co., Ltd.
Woodworks Thai (1980) Co., Ltd.
Woody Toys Co., Ltd.
World Plast Import Export Co.,Ltd.
World Plast International Co.,Ltd.
Worldware Polyproducts Co., Ltd.

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