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Thailand Leather Companies, Thai Leather Manufacturers

Thailand is the perfect place to source animal skins, leathers and leather goods such as: Leather PDA Cases, Leather Wallets, Leather Furniture, Crocodile Leather Footwear, Leather Bridal Sandals, Leather Motorcycle Accessories, Leather Pilot's Bag, Leather Football Boots, Leather Golf Shoes, Leather Baby Shoes, Leather Cowboy Boots and Crocodile Leather Briefcases.


Thailand is an agricultural society. This will come as a surprise to the majority of visitors and business men who arrive and depart Bangkok oblivious to the agricultural heritage which still thrives beyond the city boundaries.


It comes as no surprise to me to find a large rice paddy field at the end of a small street of a housing estate in the suburbs of northern Bangkok. I was however surprised to be faced with a charging buffalo heading against the stream of traffic down a major Bangkok thoroughfare. What did take me aback was the little guy with the straw hat running behind in a vain attempt to corral his beast.


Agricultural products and the by-products of this sector provide a major part of the gross national product of Thailand.



Although the buffalo may not be the beast of burden for the modern Thai agriculturist the skin of this fine animal is the main stay of the Thai tanning and Thailand leather industry. Along with cow hide and pig skin are more exotic raw materials. Snake skin, crocodile skin and even fish skin is used to provide the base leather material for some fine leather products.


The main area for tanning operations is Samut Prakan, a flat and marshy province on the South east border of Bangkok. Is it a coincidence that the Crocodile is situated here also?


Thailand Leather Bag Companies, Thai Leather Bag Manufacturers


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Leather PDA Cases Leather Wallets Leather Furniture
. .
Crocodile Leather Footwear Leather Bridal Sandals Leather Motorcycle Accessories
Leather Pilot's Bag Leather Football Boots Leather Golf Shoes
Leather Baby Shoes Leather Cowboy Boots Crocodile Leather Briefcases
Featured Thailand Leather Companies
A.C.T. LEATHER (THAILAND) CO, LTD. Thailand Leather furniture, Classic Sofas, Contemporary Sofas, Modern Sofas, Leather Sofas, Recliners
ACME FASHION LEATHERS CO, LTD. Thailand Manufacturer of Exotic Leather Fashion Bags; Handbags, wallets, Purses including stingray skin, ostrich skin, snake skin, and crocodile skin
E.C. Plastics Co., Ltd. Thailand Thai Manufacturer of Artificial Leather, Vinyl Leather, Commercial Vehicle Seating, Passenger Car Seats, Sofas, Interior Decorations, Upholstery.
G.E. Leather Goods Limited Partnership Thailand A manufacturer and exporter of Leather Wallets, Leather Briefcases, Leather Document Cases, Leather Travel Bags, Key Chains, Key Holders and  Small Leather Goods.
H.B. Hermalix Co Ltd Thailand Thailand Garment Company manufacturing and merchandising company of Ready-To-Wear garments and leather accessories for women. Garment Manufacturer, Leather Accessories, Fashion Accessories
J & D Enterprise (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Taiwanese Company in Thailand Leather Footwear Manufacturer, Leather Shoes Manufacturer, Leather Sandals Manufacturer, Leather Slippers Manufacturer
O.C.I. Leather Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Exotic leathers in Distinctive Leather accessory Designs, Leather Hand Bags, Leather Travel Bags, Leather Jewelry Pouches, Leather Belts, Leather Wallets
Q.C. LEATHER CO., LTD Thailand Thailand Leather Tannery producing cow hides and buffalo hides for furniture producers, car seat manufacturers, handbags, shoes, industrial gloves and leather goods
U Day Co.,Ltd. Thailand A Thai Trading Company specializing in Leather Products
Featured Company
Automotive Leather Ltd., Part
Kinís leather seat is produced based on ISO 9001 : 2001 standard by Automotive Leather Co., Ltd, a company group of Sri Nagm Tannery which have experience of seat leather tanning for long time. Our leathers are passed testing carried out in our laboratory and sewed by Kinís Auto Design Co., Ltd which is ISO 9000:2001 certified.
Kinís leather seat, with selected cow leather on special tanning, is cut and sewed by modern equipments. Leather grads are clearly classified. We have 5 years warranty and service center around Thailand. We are realize and pay attention to maintenance and good service both before and after to ensure our customers.
Kinís success
- Decorated three - wheeled taxis which are served in APEC 2003.
- Decorated with genuine leather on every part in Toyota Wish of special projects with Toyota motor Thailand
- Decorated with genuine leather seats in Thai Rung Prototype Car for Motor Show Exhibition.
- Decorated with genuine leather seats in Thai Rung Prototype Car for Motor Expo Exhibition.
- Cover genuine leather on Steering-wheel and shift knob gear based on steering-wheel specification. Tier 2
Contact : Mr. Chawengsak Leatritsirikul

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Following you will find lists of the products offered by leather companies and leather manufacturers in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to point you in the right direction or simply supply a list of these pharmaceutical companies then please email

Alligator Skin
Athletic Footwear
Attache Cases & Portfolios
Auto Part And Accessories
Auto Parts
Bag Components
Basket And Volley Balls
Bedroom Suites
Body Bags
Buffalo & Cow Furniture Leather
Camera/Video Bags & Cases
Card Holders
Card Wallets
Casual Bags.
Charms & Pendant Costume Jewelry
Clutch Bags
Coin Purses
Computer Carry Cases/Bags
Cosmetic Bags
Costume Chokers
Cow Corrected Grain
Cow Hide Leather
Cow Nappa
Crocodile & Alligator Shoes
Crocodile Leather
Crocodile Skin
Desk Sets
Diary Cover
Dining Sets
Document Bags
Document Cases
Dress Gloves
Evening Bags
Exotic Leather Fashion
Exotic Skin Bags
Finishing Leather
Fully Upholstered Sofa Golf Bag & Components
Furniture Cover
Game Bags/Cases
Garment Bags
Genuine Leather Belts
Genuine Leather Briefcases
Genuine Leather Handbags
Genuine Leather Shoulder Bags
Gifts Items
Gloves (Leather)
Hand Bags
Hat Leather
Hiking Shoes/Boots
Imitation Crocodile Leather Shoes/Sandals
IIndustrial Gloves
Infants & Children's Shoes
Jewellry Box
Jewelry Pouch
Jewelry Stringing Cords
Key Chains
Key Holders
Key Pouches
Ladies Hand Bags
Lady Handbag
Leather & Suede Jackets
Leather And Fabric Shoes
Leather And Fabric Sofa Sets
Leather And Rubber Footballs
Leather And Synthetic Stationery Set
Leather Auto Upholstery
Leather Bags Products
Leather Boot Wear
Leather Cases For Mobile Phones
Leather Covers
Leather Cushion Covers
Leather Finishing Chemicals
Leather Folders
Leather Furniture
Leather Garment
Leather Gloves
Leather Goods
Leather Hat
Leather Organizer
Leather Seat Covers
Leather Shoulder Bags
Leather Sofa
Leather Sofa Sets
Leather Straps
Leather Tanning Oil
Leather Trimmings
Leather Upholstery
Leather Wallets
Leather Watch Straps
Leather Wine Holder
Leather/Artificial Leather Bag
Lounge Sets
Manta Ray Skin Wallets
Men Leather Goods & Accessories
Men's Billfolds & Wallets
Men's Casual Shoes
Men's Dress Shoes
Men's Leather Shoes
Men's Trousers & Shorts
Money Bags
Mp3 Player Bags/Cases
Non-Leather Belts
Ostrich Skin
Pda Bags/Cases
Pet Accessories
Pet Products
Photo Frame
Pierre Cardin Leather Products
Port Folio
Premium Products
Printing Leather
Promotional Bags
Promotional Items
Pvc Artificial Leather
Raw Hide Skin
Rawhide Dog Toys
Rawhide Skin
Real Crocodile Shoes
Reptile Skin
Safety Equipment
Safety Shoes (Leather)
Sea Snake Leather
Shoe Uppers
Shoes Components
Skate Shoe Parts
Small Leather Goods
Snake Skin
Snake Skins
Sofa Leather
Sport Cap
Sport Goods
Sport Shoe
Sport Travels Bags
Stationary Desk Sets
Steering Wheels
Synthetic Leather
Synthetic Leather Briefcases
Synthetic Leather Handbags
Synthetic Leather Watch Straps
Tanned Leather
Tilapia Nilotica Fish Leather
Top Grain Finished Leather
Tote Bags
Travel Bags
Traveling Bag
Upholstery Leather
Upholstery Leathers
Vegetable Tanned Buffalo Leather
Water Buffalo
Women's Casual Shoes
Women's Dress Shoes
Women's Pants & Shorts
Women's Wallets
Workplace Safety Gloves

A & S Apparel Co,Ltd.
A.A. Holding Co,Ltd.
A.A.A. Plus Co,Ltd.
A.C. Leather Products Co,Ltd.
A.C.T. Leather (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
A.K. Leather Manufacture Co,Ltd
A.S. Maharaja Co,Ltd.
A.S.E. Co,Ltd.
A.U.K. Co,Ltd.
Acme Fashion Leathers Co,Ltd.
Acme-Inter Marketing Co,Ltd.
Act Leather (Thailand) Co;Ltd.,
Adina Co,Ltd.
Advance Technology Industry Co,Ltd.
Ai Metaltherware Import-Export Co.,Ltd
Alberto International Co,Ltd.
Allied Chemicals International Co,Ltd
Anchan Leather Co.,Ltd.
Anchor Trading Co,Ltd.
Angellink Intertrade Co.,Ltd
Apex Plastics Co,Ltd.
Apira Unitrade Co,Ltd.
Ar Piel Finshes Co.,Ltd.
Armstrong Import-Export Ltd,Part.
Artex Thai Co,Ltd.
Aryan Associates Co,Ltd.
Asa Trading International Co.,Ltd.
Asalon Co,Ltd.
Ase Co.,Ltd
Asia Pacific Components Co,Ltd.
Augustine Leather Co,Ltd.
B.I.R. Leather Manufacturing Co,Ltd.
B.S.B. International Co,Ltd.
Bader (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
Bam Roong Thai Tannery Ltd,Part
Bangkok Booking Ltd,Part
Bangkok Companies,
Bangkok Dolls,
Bangkok Furnitech Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Heritage 2000 Co,Ltd.
Bangkok Leather Products,
Bangkok Polyfoam Co.,Ltd.
Bangkok Tanner (Group) Co,Ltd.
Basc Co.,Ltd.
Basf (Thai) Ltd.,
Basini Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Bata Shoe Of Thailand Public Co,Ltd
Bay Bridge Co,Ltd.
Belger Limited Partnership,
Best Glove Manufacturers Ltd,Part.
Best Tan Co,Ltd
Bird's Eye View Co,Ltd.
Bleniken Intertrade Co,Ltd.
Blue Light Industrial Co,Ltd.
Bluegage Siam Limited (Louis Vuitton),
Boehm Thai Co,Ltd.
Bonny International Co,Ltd.
Boon Prakong Co.,Ltd
Boonnuar Co,Ltd.
Boonprakong Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Boonyaratanakornkit Industry Ltd,Part.
Boonyaratanakornkit Industry Ltd.Part.,
Bordin Footwear Corporation Co,Ltd.
Boss Leather Goods Co.,Ltd.
Bright & Billion Intertrade Co,Ltd.
Bright Field Co,Ltd.
Brintex Co,Ltd.
Bura Rak Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Burapa Footwear Co,Ltd.
Burarak Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Business (Thailand) Co,Ltd. [Pierre Cardin]
C & P Quality Products Ltd.,Part.
C. Sim Co.,Ltd
C.G. Petrochemical Co,Ltd.
C.M. Commercial Co,Ltd.
C.N.I. Engineering Supply Co,Ltd.
C.P.L. Group Public Company Limited,
C.P.P.C. Decorative Products Co.,Ltd.
C.S. Century Co Ltd,
C.T.W. Com. Co.,Ltd.
C.V. Leather Goods Industry Co,Ltd.
Calvin Corp. Ltd.,
Cartier Creation Co.,Ltd.
Chai Watana Tannery Public Co,Ltd.
Chaipornsil Leather Co.,Ltd.
Chal Watana Tannery Public Co.,Ltd.
Chankij Tanning Industry Co,Ltd.
Charoen Pokphand Petrochemical Co.,Ltd.
Chin Tee Hua Tannery Co,Ltd.
Ching Shin Industry (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Chong Rueng Sin Tannery Ltd Part,
Chun Wang Brother R.O.P.,
Clariant Chemicals Ltd.,
Classic Inter Leather Products Co,Ltd.
Classic Product (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Color Expert Co.,Ltd
Cometa Design Co.,Ltd.
Cosmo Group Public Co,Ltd.
Costa Ltd.,Part.
Cotco Plastics Co,Ltd.
Craft The Best Co,Ltd.
Creative Classic Collection Co,Ltd.
Creative Furniture Co,Ltd.
D.C. Leather Goods Co,Ltd.
Dainippon Ink & Chemicals (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Decor Center Furniture Co Ltd,
Decoration 2 Co,Ltd.
Diamond Leather Craft Co.,Ltd.
Diamond Leathercraft Co Ltd,
Diamond Sofa Co,Ltd.
Diethelm & Co Ltd,
Dinero Corp.,Ltd.
Divin Societe Anonyme,
Dragon Handbag (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Dunamis International Coporation Co,Ltd.
Durex Corp. Ltd.,
E & A Luggage Co.,Ltd.
East Asia Plastic Industrial Co,Ltd.
East Asiatic (Thailand) Public Company Limited,Th
Eastern Polymer Industry Co Ltd,
Ecco (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
El Amana Enterprise Co,Ltd.
Elastogun Co.,Ltd.
Esastampa Thailand Co,Ltd.
E-Thai Decor Co.,Ltd.
Ever Life International Co.,Ltd.
Ever Win Bags Co.,Ltd.
Fancy Designs Co,Ltd.
Fancy Leather Co.,Ltd.
Fantastic Leather Co.,Ltd.
Fareast Marketing Co,Ltd.
Fine Continent Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Football Thai Factory Sporting Good Co,Ltd.
Fortune Intertrade Bangkok Co.,Ltd.
Furnia Co,Ltd.
G.E. Leather Goods Limited Partnership,
Gangidi Corporation Company Limited,
Gemmy International Ltd.,
Genuine Leather Co,Ltd.
Gino Exports Limited,
Glory Promotions Co.,Ltd.
Gold Salotti Leather Company Limited,
Golden Import & Export Co,Ltd.
Goody Industrial Limited Partnership,
Great World Cooperation Ltd.,
Green Dragon Co,Ltd.
Green Leather Craft Export Import Co,Ltd.
Grundfos (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Gulf Siam Trading Co.,Ltd.
H & B Intertex Co,Ltd.
H.H.G. Brands (Thailand) Inc.,
Hamilton Co,Ltd.
Hanetech (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Harson Sporting Goods Industries (Thailand) Co.,L
Hjellegjerde Asia Co,Ltd.
Home Thoughts (Thailand) Ltd.,
Hong Kong Rubber Mfg Co.,Ltd.
Hong Lee Heng Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Hong Yiah Seng Co,Ltd.
Hope Shoes Co.,Ltd.
Horng Chii Machine Industry (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Hymix Company Limited.,
I.C.C. International Plc.,
Image Intermarketing Co.,Ltd.
Incamtec Co.,Ltd.
Ingear International Ltd.,
Inspire Sofa Co Ltd,
Inter- Hills And Leather Co.,Ltd
Inter Kappa Corporation Ltd.,
Inter Plama (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Interfurn Co,Ltd.
Inter-Hides & Leather Co.,Ltd.
International Cosmetics Co,Ltd.
International Leather Fashion Co,Ltd.
J & D Enterprise (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
J & P Intertrade Co,Ltd.
J. T. & T. Trading Co.,Ltd.
J.P.K.Shoes Center Co.,Ltd.
J.S.C. Leather Co.,Ltd.
Jacob International Co.,Ltd.
Jaguar Industries (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Jintho Corporation Co,Ltd.
Jivan Products Co,Ltd.
K & K Leather Factory Co.,Ltd.
Kawikij Ltd.,Part
Kiat Siam Leatherware Co,Ltd.
Kiat Thawee Tannery Co,Ltd.
Kiatsin Metal Work Co.,Ltd
King Kelly International Trading Co.,Ltd.
King Power International Group Co,Ltd
Kin's Auto,
Kongsiri Tannery Co,Ltd.
Kuanghalee Tannery Industry Factory Ltd.,Part
Kuipo (Thailand) Ltd,
Kumpun And Decharkit,
Kuni International ( Thailand ) Co,Ltd.
Kuru Tannery Co,Ltd.
Laser Fashion Co Ltd,
Leather Comfort Co.,Ltd.


Leather Gallery Co.,Ltd.Ltd.
Leather International Co,Ltd.
Leather Line Co,Ltd
Leather Mine Co,Ltd.
Leather Studio,
Leathercraft Limited,
Lenso Vinyl Co,Ltd.
Limsilp Tannery Co.,Ltd
Lion City International Co,Ltd.
Lotus Leather & Trading Co,Ltd.
Lyra Bags (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
M.B.P. Leather Industry Co,Ltd.
M.C.T. International Co.,Ltd.
M.P.L. (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Malucchi Import Export Co Ltd,
Michel Angelo International Co,Ltd.
Minor Corporation Public Co,Ltd.
Mirth Executive Co.,Ltd.
Modern Dyestuffs & Pigments Co,Ltd.
Modern Tanning (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Modernform Group Public Co,Ltd.
Mongkol Siam Leather Co,Ltd.
Multi Leatherwear (Thailand) Co,Ltd.
Mutiara Co.,Ltd.
Narai Superbag Co.,Ltd
National Furniture Ltd.,Part.
Nice And Rich Creation Co.,Ltd.
Nitas & Assocates Ltd.,
O.C.I. Leather Co.,Ltd.
Oranuch Interation Trading Co.,Ltd.
Orchid Bags Corporation Limited,
Oriental Leather Decor Co.,Ltd
P.B. Silver Jewelry Ltd.,Part
P.K. Leather Products Co.,Ltd.
P.K. Master Co.,Ltd.
P.L. John Industries Co.,Ltd.
P.P. Premium Goods Limited Partnership,
P.S.N. Furniture Co.,Ltd.
P.S.P. Tannery Co Ltd,
P.Z. Cusson (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Pairoj Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Pala Assets Company Limited.,
Paragon Co.,Ltd.
Phisit Intergroup Co.,Ltd.
Phorntip Leather Co.,Ltd.
Piato Co.,Ltd.
Pimpen Co.,Ltd.
Polymer Manufacture Co.,Ltd.
Pornpormma Footwear Co.,Ltd.
Praco Industry Limited Part.,
Prajin Leather Co.,Ltd.
Prem Sawad Ltd.,Part.
Premier Image Leather Co.,Ltd.
Premier Leather Goods Co.,Ltd.
Premier Yoshizawa Thai Co.,Ltd.
Primacy Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Prime Work Co.,Ltd.
Purm Poon Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Q.C. Leather Co.,Ltd.
Quality Leather International Co.,Ltd.
R.K.C. Tannery Co.,Ltd.
R.S.V. Group Co.,Ltd.
Rain Mart Co.,Ltd.
Reach Leather Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Reangwa Standard Industry Co.,Ltd.
Renown Leatherwears Public Co.,Ltd.
Ring Co.,Ltd.
Roong Rueng Tanning Co.,Ltd.
Roongsilp Industry Ltd.,Part.
Rose Leather,
Rota Leather Goods Co.,Ltd.
Royal (Bangkok) Ltd. Partnership,
Royal Crown Import Export Co.,Ltd.
Royal Leather Products Co.,Ltd.
S.C. Leather Co.,Ltd
S.F.Leather House Co.,Ltd.
S.I.P. Siam Inter Pacific Co.,Ltd.
S.K.I. Import Export Co.,Ltd.
S.P. Product And Marketing Co.,Ltd.
S.T.P. Fine Carrier Co.,Ltd.
Saha Charoen Chok Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Saha Saeng Charoen Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Saha Soontorn Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Saha Thai Tannery Lp.,
Saha Union Public Co.,Ltd.
Samutprakarn Crocodile Fram & Zoo Co.,Ltd
Sapina Holding Corporation Ltd,
Sc Leather Co.,Ltd
Seng Thai Industry Co.,Ltd.
Senior Overseas Co.,Ltd.
Senso Marketing Co.,Ltd.
Shepherd Co.,Ltd
Sholay International Co.,Ltd.
Siam Ball Sport Factory Co.,Ltd.
Siam Brands Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Siam Mohawk Co.,Ltd.
Siam Tan Tannery Co.,Ltd
Siamball Sport Factory Co Ltd,
Siamkit-Anan Garment Co.,Ltd
Silom Shanghai Furniture & Construction Co.,Ltd.
Simon And Associates Ltd.,
Sinanant Plastic Co.,Ltd.
Sinsub Nattapat Co.,Ltd.
Sirichai P U And Lader Co Ltd,
Siripoom Co.,Ltd.
Sitichai Tannary Ltd.,Part.
Sped Chemical (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Splendid (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Sports Focus Co.,Ltd.
Sribhan Jacob Company Limited,
Sriracha Farm (Asia) Co.,Ltd.
St. Peter Leather Goods Co.,Ltd.
Style Leather Co.,Ltd.
Sun Hub Enterprise Co.,Ltd.
Sunlots Enterprise Public Co.,Ltd.
Sunny Fashions,
Surachai Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Suttirojn Co.,Ltd.
T.F.P. Industrial Co.,Ltd.
T.J. Furniture International Co.,Ltd.
T.S. Advertising,
T.S. Leather & Accessories Co.,Ltd.
Tanning Industry Association,
Tanning Organization,The
Taveesin Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Taywin Original Style Co.,Ltd.
Team Furn (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Thai Animal Skin & Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Thai Bag Industry Export Association,
Thai Bolon Co.,Ltd.
Thai Development Tannery Ltd.,Part
Thai Eizen Co.,Ltd
Thai Gangini Corporation Co.,Ltd
Thai Hua Intertrade Co.,Ltd.
Thai Itoki Co.,Ltd.
Thai Leather Association,
Thai Leather Coating Co.,Ltd.
Thai Leather Goods Association,
Thai Marine Skin International Trading Co.,Ltd
Thai Maruni Ltd.,
Thai Modern Bags Co.,Ltd.
Thai Nam Plastic Public Co.,Ltd
Thai Poly Coating Ltd.,Part
Thai Rungrueng Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Thai Sandal Co.,Ltd.
Thai Seree Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Thai Simon Safety Industries Co Ltd,
Thai Somboon Tannery Co.,Ltd
Thai Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Thai Tanning Industry Association
Thai Yong Sin Tannery Factory Ltd.,Part
Thai-German Tannery Co.,Ltd.
Thailand Fibre Ltd.,Part.
Thaiseree Tannery Ltd. (Partnership),
Thames (World Trade) Co.,Ltd.
The Universal Industries Limited Partnership,
Thomas Biel And Associates Ltd,
Thong Thaisin Tannery Industry Ltd.,Part.
Thummarong Co.,Ltd.
Tilico Co.,Ltd.
Tomarc International Corp. Ltd,
Top Leather Bag Ltd.,Part
Top Leather Co Ltd,
Top Quality Product Co.,Ltd.
Top Ten Trading Ltd.,Part.
Topper Leather Co.,Ltd.
Total Quality Pr,
Total Quality Product Co.,Ltd.
Trathong Product,
Trim International Co.,Ltd
Tropical Leather Co.,Ltd.
Turblo Garment,
Tyme Holding Co.,Ltd.
U Day Co.,Ltd.
U.K. International Co.,Ltd.
U.P.S. Industry Co.,Ltd.
Uapaiboon Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Udomrat 87 Co.,Ltd.
Udomsin Leather Co.,Ltd.
Uni G Co.,Ltd.
Unifact Co Ltd,
United Leather Product Co.,Ltd.
United Sierra Industry Co.,Ltd.
Utica Chemical Co.,Ltd.
Vaian Handbags & Accessories (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Vanda Enterprise Co. Ltd.,
W.O.P. Footwear Industry Co.,Ltd.
Watz-Mate Co.,Ltd.
Wayfarer Luggage Thai Co.,Ltd.
Wee & F Interconnector Co.,Ltd.
Wen Hwa Tannery (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
Willy Comfort Co.,Ltd.
Wongwaiwatana Industry Ltd.,
Yeun Yong Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Yong Heng Tannery Ltd.,Part.
Yongwattana Leather Co.,Ltd.
Zaina International Group Co. Ltd,

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