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Thailand Locks Companies
produce a wide range of products from simple door and cabinet locks, padlocks to sophisticated locking systems for use in the automotive industry. An interesting new lock and security system using the new fangled science of biometrics is the Fingerprint Lock. Originally designed to provide security for sensitive and secret government and private laboratory installations these devices are spreading in their application and use.

I do however have some concerns over this type of security system. I first came across them a couple of years ago in a jewelry factory. I was training some of the supervisors when the fire alarm went off. One of the girls used her "pinky" to open the door and we immediately evacuated through a security door and down the back stairs into the car park.

A few minutes later one of the supervisors screamed "Oh Shit" and ran back into the building. I was pleased to see that her English was improving but not so pleased to see hundreds of workers pounding on the barred windows of the factory. None of the staff had their biometric fingerprints programmed in. The only staff with authorization were the supervisors who were all in my class and now all of them were in the car park!

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Featured Thailand Lock Manufacturers
Bangkok Alarm System Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand  installers of security systems, access control systems, auto gate control systems, fire alarm systems
F.C. Solution Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand manufacturer of electronic devices Security Access Equipment and Surveillance Equipment, Proximity Time Recorder Machine, Access control, Efficiency machine, Barcode Stocking Checking Machine, Barcode Equipment, Retail Shop customer counter machines
K Square Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Doors and Windows, Metal Doors and Frames, Entrances and Storefronts, Automatic Entrance Doors, Windows Hardware, Door Hardware, Weather stripping and Seals, Electro-Mechanical Hardware, Window Hardware, Door and Window Accessories, Door Locks, Window Locks, Glass, Glazing Accessories, Structural Glass Curtain Walls
M. Maker Industrial Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Hardware Manufacturer of Door Hardware, Door accessories, Door locks and Keys, Door Hinges & Hasps

Bangkok Alarm System Co., Ltd.
We are installer of security systems/access control systems/auto gate control systems/fire alarm systems located in Thailand. With over 30 yrs experiences, we strongly believe we can meet your requirement. Our brands of product: Honeywell (Intellisense, Ademco)
Products: Surveillance equipment, alarm, locks, security product agents

Bangkok Grand Innovation Group Co., Ltd.
We are the manufacturer of cylindrical and dead-bolt lock with more than 20 years experience in this industry. Our main market is domestic and also international.
Products: Cylindrical and dead-bolt lock

EVVA-Asia Co., Ltd.
One step ahead in security technology since more than 85 years. Founded in the year 1919 EVVA specialized on highly qualified security locks. In the following years, several hundred patents were registered worldwide.
Today, EVVA is the Number One Security Lock Manufacturer on the globe, distinguished with the Certificate for Innovation and ISO 9001. With unmatched superiority in top security management, EVVA has been chosen by royal families and governments, United Nations organizations, international banks, international hotel chains, conference centers, radio and TV stations, secret services of the Austrian Army. As security is more important than ever before, we have the protection you need. Our utmost principle is to ultimate security with promptness and highest reliability. Our systems fulfill safety requirement for your family, organization, and property. EVVA is synonymous with the world s best security system applying both mechanical and electronically technology.
Products: High security locks and locking devices

Raiton Lock Marketing Co Ltd
A 20-year Thai supplier Established in 1982, Raiton Lock Marketing Co Ltd specializes in the manufacture of a wide range of auto security locks and is receiving growing orders from the export market. Our major products include automotive security locks such as car steering wheel locks, car steering wheel and brake/clutch locks, car pedal locks, car door locks and gear shift locks. Tough, tempered designs. We can design and build to comply with your market's requirements. Our security products are made of tough, tempered steel for anti-drill, anti-saw protection.
Products: Our major products include automotive security locks such as car steering wheel locks, car steering wheel and brake/clutch locks, car pedal locks, car door locks and gear shift locks.

Siam Inter Lock Tek Co., Ltd.
Siam inter lock tek Co., ltd. Is the largest manufacturer of locks and keys in Thailand.
Products: We manufacture locks for wooden and metal furniture, locks for electrical panels, safe locks and motorcycle locks, furniture fittings, hinges and other accessories.

Time Access Solution Limited Partnership
Leading fingerprint scanner and security system in Bangkok Thailand are pleased to welcome you to our company where you'll find everything fingerprint technology. Looking for "fingerprint lock, Fingerprint Time Attendance System". Whatever fingerprint and biometric security solutions for homes and offices.
Products: Time Recording, Fingerprint Locks, finger scan, Access Control

Visitlock Co., Ltd
The manufacturer and the exporter of anti-theft device for cars are VISIT LOCK Co., Ltd. The selected raw material and qualified production process can guarantee the quality of the product. We have well-accepted from the customers both domestic market and international market. Our product is registered to the Thai Intellectual Properties Department.
Products: Anti-Theft Device For Locking Brake, Clutch Pedal On Automobile, Security & Safety Products


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