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Thailand Marine Companies, Thai Marine Manufacturers


Thailand is a great place to source marine products and services such as: Chandlery, Marine Safety Equipment, Electronic Marine Equipment, Mechanical Marine Equipment, Marine Clothing, Boat & Yacht Charters, Shipbuilding & Repair, Marine Insurance, Freight & Shipping, Marine Inspection & Certification

Thailand depends a lot on it's marine environment. The sea provides a major source of nourishment for the Thai diet. Fish octopus, squid and shrimp for the home market and increasingly nowadays processed and packaged for export.

Thailand is in two halves with regard to the sea. The south, a peninsula surrounded by bountiful oceans, coral reefs and tropical islands and the north - landlocked but with Bangkok at the mouth of the Andaman sea a natural inlet where fresh seafood products are distributed to every corner of the Kingdom.

The natural resource of the sea has in recent years provided an extra bounty - tourism. Koh Samet, Koh Samui, Phuket the names adorn the best of travel brochures advertising exotic tropical beach holidays at a fraction of Caribbean prices.


Boats and ferries are needed to transport these hordes of tourists around the islands and nowadays the boats have become holiday destinations themselves. Yacht charters, motor cruisers and even converted rice barges are pressed into service to satisfy the demand of the well heeled traveler wanting that 'exotic holiday of a lifetime'

It is of course the larger boats the container ships, tankers and bulk carriers that call in to the deep sea harbours of Bangkok and Laem Chabang to stock up and deliver the Thai exports to all four corners of the globe.

Toursit boats or Container ships there is a massive marine service industry that builds, repairs, maintains, insures and arranges prompt arrival and departures. Marine fleets around the world civil and military also depend on the myriad of companies that produce everything from miniscule stainless screws, teak deck planking to complicated marine navigation systems and every mechanical part that keeps a modern boat, ship or yacht on the move.

  • Chandlery
  • Marine Safety Equipment
  • Electronic Marine Equipment
  • Mechanical Marine Equipment
  • Marine Clothing
  • Boat & Yacht Charters
  • Shipbuilding & Repair
  • Marine Insurance
  • Freight & Shipping
  • Marine Inspection & Certification

If you need to contact one of these companies or indeed need a whole database of marine companies then email me mike with your requests.



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Thailand Marine Products and Marine Services Companies
H.C.Y. (Thailand) Co., Ltd Thailand Foreign Company in Thailand producing Hans Christian Range of Fiber Glass Boats, Fibre Glass Yachts. Boat Equipment & Supplies

Following you will find lists of marine products and companies involved in the marine business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a marine company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

admiral seat
aerator accessories
aerator pumps
aerial accessories
air horn pump
alcohol ranges
alloy boat builder
alloy bollard
alloy speed boat
alternative seating
aluminium boat builder
aluminium hatches
aluminium speed boat
anchor chain
anchor float
anchor hanks
anchor kits
anchor light
anchor retriever
anchor rope
anchor winch
anchor winches
anchor windlasses
antenna base
aquatec rope
arctic jacket
atlantic vest
automatic control specialists
automatic self-adjusting trim tabs
auxiliary outboard brackets
bait boards
bait tank
ball valves
baltic jacket
balustrading wire
battery boxes
battery charger
battery charger inlet
battery chargers
battery clamps
battery isolators
battery management panels
battery management system
battery protector
battery switches
bay jacket
bearing grease
bearing lubricators
beaufort jacket
bilge blower hose
bilge blowers
bilge cleaner
bilge pump switches
bilge pumps
bilge rollers
black streak remover
blower outlets
bo hom painting
boarding ladder
boarding ladders
boat builders
boat deck lights
boat hooks
boat manufacturers
boat straps
body turnbuckle
bomar hatches
bonding products
bosun seat
bow joiners
bow knuckles
bow light
bow roller
bow shackles
bow tank
bow thrusters
brass barometers
brass clocks
brass hinges
brass padlocks
breaker panels
bronze ships bell
bucket seats
bulkhead mounts
bungy straps
buoyancy clothing
buoyancy vest
buoyant smoke cannister
butt hinges
cabin hinges
cabin lights
cabin rails
cable clamps
cable outlet cover
cable steering
canoe paddles
canopy bow joiners
canopy deck mounts
canopy fittings
canopy hooks
canopy side mounts
canopy stayputs
canopy strap buckles
canopy strap hook
canopy toggles
canvas stayputs
cape jacket
carpentry and wood hull repairs
cast aluminum inspection hatches
cast hatches
caulking guns
certification of mobile offshore units
certification of ships
chain joiner
chain kits
chain meter
chain swivels
chair parts
chandlery shop
charging systems
chart cases
charter companies
charter yachts
chemical cleaners
chemical toilets
circuit breaker modules
circuit breaker panels
circuit breakers
clam vents
class survey and inspection
cleaning supplies
clear teak oil sea
clevis fork
clevis hook
clothing and accessories
coaming rack
coastal hatches
cockpit drains
cockpit lights
code flags
combustion cleaner
commercial hatches
commodore seat
compass sensor
composite hull boat builder
composite hull speed boat
condenser anodes
conduit clamp
console steering
construction of oil and gas pipelines
construction of river and coastal marine structures
contact adhesive
control cables
controls & cables
corrosion protection
courtesy lights
cowl vent
cowl vents
crew folding seat
cross bollard
cruise vessels ports agents
cruiser panels
cruising hatches
d shackles
dc monitor
deck eyes
deck filler
deck fillers
deck hardware
deck hatches
deck hook
deck light
deck mounts
deck plate
deck plates
deck sealants
deck wash
deck wash hose
deck wash nozzle
deckwash pumps
deep fishfinder
deluxe helm chair
depth sounders
detergent cleaners
dewatering fluid
diesel filler
diesel filters
digital battery monitor
digital depth sounder
digital temp sensor
digital volt meter
dinghy line
dinghy motors
dinghy wheels
distress markers
distress mirror
dive centres & equipment
dive schools
diver anode
diverter valve & control
diverter valves
diving - in the andaman sea
docking light
docking wheel
dome light
dome light brass
dome light stainless
dome light white
dome vents
door catches
door hinges
door hooks
door knobs
door latch
door locks
door stops
doors - z frames
double braid rope
double cheek blocks
double ended paddle
double rigging kit
double trawl blocks
down rigger
down rigger accessories
drain covers
drain plugs
drive anodes
drive shafts
drop resistors
drop sheet
drum pump
dual battery relay
dual pivot hinge
dual station controls
dual station exchangers
dyna plate
electric battery switch
electric bilge pumps
electric cable
electric compact winches
electric cooking ranges
electric galley pumps
electric pumps
electric toilet parts
electric toilets
electric trailer winch
electric winches
electrical connectors
electrical repairs
electro hydraulic bow & stern thruster systems
electronic compass
electronic engine controls
emergency aerial
engine anodes
engine control cables
engine control systems
engine controls
engine enamel
engine installation and repair
engine instruments
engine sump pump
exhaust components
exhaust hose
exterior lights
extruded hatches
extruded low profile hatches
extruded trapezoid hatches
eye bolts
eye nuts
eye snap hooks
fender wheel
festoon bulbs
fiberglass repair maintenance and painting
fiberglass boat
fiberglass boxes
fiberglass repair kit
fibreglass kit
fine wood finishing
fire blanket
fire bucket
fire extinguishers
first aid kits
fish box
fishing - in the andaman sea
fishing accessories
fishing boats
fishing chairs
fishing rod rack
fishtex - fishing clothing
fixed and removable seat pedestals
fixed eye snap hooks
fixed snap shackle
flare containers
flare kits
flash light
flexible latch
float switch
float switches
floating cranes
floating dock
floating knife
floating storage unit
flomaster pumps
flomaster water pumps
floor latch
fluorescent light
flush catch
flush door lock
fly fishing seat
foam fenders
fold away water bag
folding anchors
folding seats
for more information, contact us here
foredeck light
foul weather clothing
fuel and water
fuel breather
fuel containers
fuel fill panel
fuel fillers
fuel filters
fuel gauge
fuel hose
fuel lines and fittings
fuel tank adaptors
fuel tank caps
fuel valve
fume detectors
galley electric pumps
galley equipment
galley fittings
galley manual pumps
galley ware
galvanised bow shackle
galvanised chain
galvanised paint
galvanised shackle
galvanised split link
galvanised thimbles
game poles
gas detectors
gas fittings
gas horn
gas hose kit
gas shut off valve
gear bags
gear boxes
gear controls & cables
gear lube kit
general cargo vessels
general hull cleaning and painting
gimbaled ranges
gps receiver kit
grab rails
grapnel anchor kits
grapnel anchors
gulf jacket
gunwale caps
gunwale tie downs
halyard rope
halyard shackle
hand bearing compass
hand flares
hand pumps
hand rails
hand winches
harbour boats
hatch accessories
hatch fasteners
hatch hingees
hatch latch
hatch mounting tape
hatch seal
hatch supports
heat exchangers
helm accessories
helm chair
helm kits
helm pumps
helm seats
hi-lo tables
horizontal hydraulic anchor windlass
horizontal windlasses
horn canister
horn cleats
horseshoe lifebuoy
hose clamp kit
hose clamps
hose clips
hose connectors
hose fittings
hose joiners
hose tails
hot water systems
hps cables
hps steering
hps tilt helm
hull and deck boat cleaner
hull preparation
hull repairs of plate steel
hydraulic drive units
hydraulic engine control
hydraulic engine controls
hydraulic oil
hydraulic steering
hydraulic steering cylinders
hydraulic steering gears and remote controls
hydraulic steering oil
hydraulic trim tabs
hydraulic winches
ice box
ignition switches
impeller pumps
inboard hydraulic steering
inflatable fenders
inspection hatches
inspection ports
intake strainers
interior lights
interior switches
international flags
international nav lights
isotherm accessories
isotherm icemaker
isotherm refrigeration
j hooks
jarrett winch cover
jarrett winches
jerry cans
jet drive steering
jockey wheel accessories
jockey wheels
jubilee clamps
jumper leads
kayak compasses
keel rollers
kingpin seat pedestals
lag screws
lashing eye
lashing hook
leg straps
lens glazing sealant
lever latches
lidded fish bin
life jacket light
life ring
lifebuoy holder
lifebuoy light
lift handle
light adaptors
light bases
light boards
light plugs
light switches
lights trailer
liner and charter & tramp service
liner representative
liquid rubbing compound
live bait tank
livewell bait pumps
lock sets
locking seat swivels
longreach aerials
louvre vents
low profile hatch
lower gearcase pump
manual bilge pumps
manual galley pumps
manual toilets
manual winch
manufacturer boat made of teak
manufacturer's website:
maps & charts
marinas (phuket)
marine & cargo survey
marine accessories
marine air conditioners
marine and industrial paints
marine and offshore technology
marine bearing grease
marine boilers
marine cargo and marine risk management services
marine cargo insurance
marine circuit breaker boards
marine claims
marine coatings
marine communication system
marine consultancy
marine electronic equipment
marine electronic systems
marine electronics equipment supplier
marine electronics industry
marine engine & ship repair services
marine engine and equipment
marine engineering
marine engines
marine equipment
marine fenders
marine film making
marine hardware
marine heads
marine horn
marine ignition switches
marine instruments
marine insurance
marine logistics
marine lubricants
marine padlocks
marine paint
marine polish
marine products
marine propulsion
marine publications
marine pump specialists
marine refrigeration components and systems
marine repairing
marine sanitation devices
marine sanitation systems
marine seats
marine services
marine stainless steel boilers
marine survey
marine surveyors & consultants
marine switch mode battery chargers
marine tables
marine technical advisory
marine transmission
marine transmissions
marine transport
marine vinyl cleaner
marine water strainers
marine woodworks
marine works
maritime education
maritime equipment distributor
maritime school
mast steaming light
masthead navigation light
mechanical helm
mechanical steering
medium speed engines gensets
merchant marine
micro modular switch panels
microphone holder
microwave ovens
mini rigger
molded hatches
molded portlights
mooring cleats
motor mount plates
motor mounts
motor paint
motor starter cord
motor trolleys
motor yachts
mushroom vent
nav lights
navigation aids
navigation equipment
navigation light green
navigation light red
navigation lights
navigation shapes
navigational lighting
navionics charts
new construction interior
nfb steering
night vision binoculars
night vision devices
night vision goggles
night vision monocular
night vision optics
night vision scopes
night vision systems
non return valve
non skid decking
novibra door catch
nylon hinges
nylon rope
oar clips
oar stops
octopus straps
offshore construction industry
offshore electronic systems
offshore hatches
offshore ice boxes
offshore locksets
oil change pump
oil coolers
oil dispersant
oil pressure gauges
oil pump
oil spill equipment
oil tankers
oil transportation
open cleats
open rowlocks
outboard brackets
outboard flusher
outboard fuel lines
outboard fuel tank
outboard fuel tanks
outboard hose
outboard hydraulic steering
outboard hydrofoils
outboard mechanical steering
outboard motor supports
outboard protection plates
outboard support
outboard trolleys
outrigger accessories
outrigger bases
outrigger line guides
outrigger pole holder
outrigger roller tip
oval anodes
oval cleats
overhead rod rack
p clamps
pacific aerials
pad eyes
paddle latches
paint brushes
painting supplies
parachute anchors
parachute flares
parts and supply
pealess whistle
personal floatation device
petrol filters
petrol lines and fittings
petrol tank caps
petrol tanks
pfd light
pilot seats
pipe fittings
plaited polyester rope
plastic drop sheet
plastic fittings
plastic seats
platic rowlocks
plotters & gps
plough anchors
plumbing accessories
plumbing fittings
pneumatic jockey wheel
poly rollers
polyester sash cord
polypropylene sash cord
polystyrene floats
pop up cleats
port light
port nav light
port navigation light
portable fridge
portable navigation lights
portable showers
portable toilet
portable water carrier
ports agents
power battery box
power socket
power steering
power trim and tilt fluid
pressure pumps
propeller for ships
pull catches
pull ring
pump parts
pumps and plumbing
push locks
pvc skid pads
quick anchor winches
quick connect plug
quick connect plumbing
quick connect steering
quick disconnect seat
quick link
quick release pins
rack steering
radar & radio service
radar reflector
radio accessories
rail bases
rail mounts
rain jackets
rain wear
ratchet straps
rechargeable portable spotlight
rechargeable spotlight
reef anchor kits
reef anchors
reefer stevedore service
refit and repair
reflective tape
release clips
remote control spotlights
removable anchor light
repir of teak deck
rescue sling
restaurants & bars
reverse osmosis systems
reverse osmosis watermakers
riding lights
rigging accessories
rigging kits
rigging shackle
rigging tools
rigging wire
ring catches
ring rowlocks
rocker switches
rocket flares
rod coaming rack
rod holder bermuda
rod holder rack
rod holder snap lock
rod holders
rod mounts
rod racks
rod storage
roller covers
roller docking fender
roller frame
rope coils
ropes and lines
round hatches
rubber bungs
rubber hatch fasteners
rubber oar stops
rubber rollers
rubber straps
rudder angle indicators
rudder anodes
rudder feedback units
rust inhibitor
rust proofing
s hook
safety clothing
safety equipment
sail and canvas cleaner
sail tie olive
sailboat engine control
sailing compasses
sailing hardware
sailing yacht charters
sailing yachts
sailors knife
sale and purchase of ships
samui information
sand anchor kits
sand anchors
satellite phone
scoop filters
scoop vents
screw hatch fastener
sea anchors
sea scupper
sea transport
sealed beams
search lights
seat clamp
seat cushions
seat pedestals
seat slide
seat slide and swivel assemblies
seat swivels
self align anchors
self centering rollers
self draining scupper
self-tailing winches
sheet rope
shielded wire
ship builder
ship building & repairing
ship construction
ship designer
ship engine repair
ship management.
ship providers business
ship repair
ship repairer
ship repairing
ship safety
ship safety equipment
ship’s clocks
shipbuilding and repairing
shipping service
ships bell
ships consultancy
shock cord
shock cord buttons
shock cord snap hooks
shopping centres
shore power leads
shower pumps
shower sump
shower sump pumps
side mount nav lights
signal horn
signaling mirror
silicone marine wet exhaust
silver rope
single rigging kit
siphon pump
sister clip
ski gear
ski hooks
ski paddle
ski rope
ski ropes
ski tow eyes
skin fittings
skipper seat
sliding door locks
slop stoppers
snap apart hinge
snap hook nylon
snap hooks
snap lock rod holder
snatch blocks
snatch strap
solar panels
solar shower
solar showers
solar vents
sound insulation
sound signaling equipment
sound systems
spare parts supplier
spark plugs
speed boat
spray jackets
spray lubricant
spreader light
spring latch
spring slide latch
stainless davit winches
stainless dinghy winches
stainless self-tailing winches
stainless steel blocks
stainless steel chain
stainless steel fabrication
stainless steel fittings
stainless steel hatches
stainless steel hinges
stainless steel rings
stainless steel winches
stainless steel wire rope
stainless winches
stanchion bases
standard winches
stand-up seat
starboard light
starboard nav light
starboard navigation light
starter cord
steaming light
steel boat builder
steel ship builder
steel speed boat
steel work
steering cable
steering console
steering systems
steering wheels
stern gear installations
stern light
stern nav light
stern navi light flush mount
stern navigation light
stern thrusters
storage bins
strap hinges
strap hooks
stretch loops
submersible lights
suction cap navigation lights
sump pump
superyacht services
swage eye terminals
switch panels
swivel eye snap hooks
swivel snap shackle
swiveling seat clamp
syncronisation valve
table brackets
table pedestals
tackle boxes
tackle storage boxes
tank gauge
tank senders
tanker & l.p.g.
taps & faucets
tasman jacket
teak brightener
teak care kit
teak cleaner
teak decking
teak marine accessories
teak oil
teak pleasure boat builder
teak yacht builder
telescopic anchor light
telescopic boat hook
telescopic hatch support
telescopic ladder
telescopic outriggers
temp sensor
temperature gauges
three way valve
tie downs
tinnie seats
toggle catches
toilet chemical
toilet pumps
toilet roll covers
toilet spare parts
toilet system
tourist information
trailer adaptors
trailer connectors
trailer light wire
trailer lights
trailer plugs
trailer rollers
trailer slides
trailer socket mounts
trailer tie downs
trailer winch
transom light
transom plates
transom step
transom straps
travel & tours
travel boxes
trawl blocks
tri colour anchor strobe
trim gauge
trim tab systems
trolling clips
tube end
tube hinge
tube holders
tug boat & pilot boat
tv aerial
tv antennas
twisted shackle
two stroke oil
underwater viewer
universal mount bracket
universal seat base
utility knives
utility stretch loops
vectran rope
vent cover
vented deck filler
vented loops
vertical hydraulic mooring capstan
vertical windlasses
vinyl brite
visa renewals
volt meter
voltage sensitive relay
wake boards
warning light panels
wash down pumps
wash down systems
waste oulet
waste tank pumpout
water carriers
water cooled condenser systems
water fillers
water filters
water heaters
water hose
water level gauge
water machines
water makers
water pressure pumps
water pressure systems
water proof jackets
water pumps
water separator
water ski accessories
water skis
water sports equipment
water strainers
water system joiners
water tank gauge
water tank repair
water treatment
waterproof binoculars
waterproof containers
waterproof fuse holder
waterproof light
watertight access hatches
watertight hatches
watertight locker door
weaver hatches
webbing buckles
wet gear
wet notes
wet weather clothing
wet weather gear
wharf operator
wheel bearing lubricators
wheel bearings
white lithium grease
winch cables
winch handle
winch straps
winch webbing
wind instruments
windlass deck accessories
windscreen wiper systems
wine & liquor suppliers
wiper systems
wiring harnesses
wood work
wooden bungs
yacht agency
yacht brokers
yacht building
yacht clubs
yacht pulpits
yacht supplies
yacht winches
yachts for sale
yachtsman seat
zinc chromate primer

a. & marine (thai) co.,ltd.
a.b.s. services inc
a.c.e. insurance limited
a.s. intermarine foods co, ltd.
accette insurance brokers co.,ltd.
advanced technology applications
aero-marine trans world co, ltd.
air marine transport co, ltd.
akzo nobel coatings thailand
alphamax petroleum transport co.,ltd.
altamar marine services co.,ltd.
ama marine ltd.
american bureau of shipping
andaman marine
andersen yachts ltd.
asean marine & agencies co, ltd.
asia international insurance co ltd, the
asia molasses co.,ltd.
asian marine services public co, ltd.
aspac oil (thailand) limited
assets insurance co ltd
auo siam marine co.,ltd.
australian submarine corporation (thailand) ltd.
ayudhya insurance public co ltd
b.k.k. (1985) co, ltd.
b.l.l. shipyard co.,ltd., the
b.p.p. supply co.,ltd.
b.u.t. holding co, ltd.
baker & mckenzie
bangjak petroleum co.,ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok dehydrated marine product co, ltd.
bangkok dock co, (1957) ltd, the
bangkok marine co, ltd
bangkok marine survey co, ltd.
bangkok silo and drying co.,ltd.
bangkok thonburi insurance co ltd, the
barwil thailand limited
boat international co, ltd.
british maritime technology ltd
bullet boat co, ltd.
c. sahamongkol engineering ltd, part.
c.s.c. power co.,ltd.
c.s.k. marine co.,ltd.
c.t. industry co, ltd.
captain co, ltd.
castrol (thailand) co, ltd.
chaivaree marine products co., ltd.
chaochorm warehouse co.,ltd.
charlie marine co., ltd.
chin huay co, ltd.
china insurance co (siam) ltd
china shipbuilding trading co ltd
chitpon industry co., ltd.
cholprathan cement co.,ltd.
choom thai co.,ltd.
christiani & nielsen (thailand) co, ltd.
chuchawal-de weger internationaal ltd
cigna insurance asia pacific ltd/cigna thai co ltd
complement co., ltd.
comtek international co.,ltd.
corncorde yachts international co, ltd.
courtaulds coatings (thailand) ltd.
cunningham international (thailand) ltd
daiei taigen (thailand) co ltd
dainippon ink & chemicals (thailand) co, ltd.
det norske veritas (thailand) co, ltd.
dowa fire & marine insurance co, ltd, the
dynamic intermaritime co.,ltd.
echo thai intertrade co.,ltd.
erawan insurance co ltd
esso (thailand) plc.
evans multi-services & overseas trading
everest consultant co., ltd.
evergreen star (thailand) co.,ltd.
far east home made co., ltd.
fleet and freight management co.,ltd
fletcher christian yachts & marine hardware
fortress marine co, ltd.
four winds international moving ltd
fuji fire & marine insurance co
germanischer lloyd ag
global industries offshore (thailand) ltd.
golden horse ship builder co., ltd.
green siam co, ltd.
gunkul marine line co, ltd.
harin shipbuilding co.,ltd.
hempel (thailand)
hi-tech marine engineering co.,ltd.
hyundai merchant marine (thailand) co, ltd.
inabata thai co, ltd.
intelligence marine services co.,ltd.
inter pacific marine product co, ltd.
international assurance co ltd
italthai marine limited
j and j marine foods co, ltd.
jasmine submarine telecommunications co., ltd.
jotun powder coating co., ltd.
jotun thailand co, ltd.
jutha maritime public company limited
k.p.n. marine co, ltd.
k.s.b. pumps co, ltd.
kamol sukosol insurance co ltd
kangval (1989) co.,ltd
khao shong industry 1979 co, ltd
khun nathee co.,ltd.
l.p.n. dock & engineering co.,ltd.
ladenstein co., ltd.
leo transport corporation ltd.
liberty insurance co ltd
lloyd's register quality assurance
m.s. marine engineering & services co.,ltd.
m.t.u. asia (thailand) ltd.metal o
m/s evangelos group co
mahachai marine products co., ltd.
marabeni co.,ltd.
marine acme thai dockyard co., ltd
marine agencies co, ltd.
marine beach
marine dive ltd.
marine equipment co., ltd.
marine express co, ltd.
marine gold products limited
marine inter products m.i.p. (thailand) co.,ltd.
marine international co.,ltd.
marine mercantile co ltd
marine oil international ltd.
marine plaza
marine products international co.,ltd
marine science association of thailand
marine supply & beauty co., ltd.
marine surveyors (thailand) limited
marine woodwork co., ltd.
mariner shipping services co, ltd.
maritime dolphin co.,ltd.
marsun co ltd
marudhar international co ltd
material world co. ltd.
mclarens (thailand) ltd
mermaid maritime ltd.
millea life insurance (thailand) public company limited
mingtai fire & marine insurance co., ltd.
mitraphol warehouse co.,ltd.
mits decisions co.,ltd.
mitsui marine & fire insurance co ltd
mobile oil thailand co.,ltd.
mongkol marine products co.,ltd.
n.s.n. engineering and services co. ltd
nam seng insurance public company limited
nam sing marine products co.,ltd.
navy consultant co ltd
new india assurance co ltd
new sea victor
nichirei corporation
nippon fire & marine insurance co ltd, the
nippon kaiji kentei (thailand) ltd
nippon kaiji kyokai - bangkok office
nissan fire & marine ins co ltd
northrop grumman co
oasis marine technic co.,ltd.
okaya & co., ltd
one asian network co ltd
overseas marine & cold storage co., ltd.
p.n. marine foods products: co ltd
p.o.p. intertrade co.,ltd
p.s.p. marine co., ltd.
p.s.r. marine services ltd.
p.t.t. public company limited
pacific marine food products: co ltd
pancon shipping & marine services (t) ltd.
pattanayon chonburi co.,ltd.
phi phi marine travel co., ltd.
pilot consolidator co., ltd.
poul christensen (thai) ltd.
prime shipping co., ltd.
pro marine products co., ltd.
prom paiboon associates co., ltd. (ppa)
pro-marine express co., ltd.
prompt techinal services limited
q-fac co., ltd.
quality marine co.,ltd.
quality marine service co. ltd
queen marine food co ltd
queen marine product co..,ltd
r & s international engineering
r.k.v. engineering consultant co.,ltd.
r.p.t. asia ltd
rayong fish sauce industry co ltd
royal and sun alliance insurance (thailand) ltd.
royal marine container lines co ltd
rungrat marine co.,ltd.
russamee marine products: co ltd
s & t contemp co., ltd.
s. thanaporn ltd., part.
s.b.m. marine services (thailand) limited
s.c. management co.,ltd.
s.d.a. group co., ltd.
s.p. inter marine co., ltd.
sahaisant co., ltd., the
scania siam co ltd
seat boat co., ltd.
seven seas yachts co. ltd.
shin showa trading co., ltd.
shinken (thailand) co ltd
siam food supply co ltd
siam marine & industrial supply co., ltd.
siam marine products co.,ltd.
siam mongkol marine co.,ltd.
siam n.c.p. rice co.,ltd
siam tokai co ltd
sinokor merchant marine (thailand) co.,ltd.
sintana marine services co. ltd
sinthana craft co., ltd.
sky-marine international corp., ltd.
span marine co., ltd.
sri muang insurance co ltd, the
sri muang insurance co ltd,the
star marine engineering co.,ltd.
sumitomo marine & fire insurance co ltd
suratthani marine product co., ltd.
sweetbee farm co.,ltd.
syn mun kong insurance public co ltd
t.j. marine co.,ltd
t.j. marine co.,ltd.
taknas (thailand) co.,ltd.
tarua marine products ltd.,part.,
tera trading (thailand) co., ltd.
thai charoen insurance public company limited
thai insurance public co ltd, the
thai international dockyard co.,ltd.
thai kolon co.,ltd.
thai madagascar fisheries co., ltd
thai marine skin international trading co., ltd
thai maritime school
thai mercantile marine ltd.
thai merchant marine school
thai nikko metal industry co.,ltd.
thai prestige manufacturing co., ltd.
thai risk control co ltd
thai setakij insurance public co ltd, the
thai som boon industrial co.,ltd.
thai thanakit insurance co. ltd
thai united insurance co ltd, the
thai veterinary medical association under royal pa
thai-centramarine co., ltd.
thaioil marine co.,ltd.
thapani co., ltd.
toa - chugoku paints co. ltd
tokio marine & fire insurance co ltd
tokio marine south east servicing co.,ltd
tokyo marine south east servicing co.,ltd.
uni thai ship yard
union insurance co ltd
union prospers insurance co ltd, the
unique gas and petrochemicals public co., ltd.
unique marine co.,ltd
united engineering & dockyard ltd.
unithai shipyard and engineering ltd
universal yachting corporation ltd. trading co.,ltd.
v.t. marine services co.,ltd.
viriyah insurance co ltd, the
vision marine co.,ltd.
wangchao shipyard co.,ltd.
wattanasuk international co., ltd.
wattyl dimet (siam) ltd.
world marine supply co.,ltd
world wide transport co.,ltd
yangming marine transport corporation
yasuda fire & marine insurance ltd, the
york refrigeration (thailand) co.,ltd.
z.f. (thailand) ltd.

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