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Thailand Leather Pet Product Companies, Thai Leather Pet Accessories Manufacturers


Thailand Leather Pet Toys Companies, Thai Leather Pet accessories Manufacturers produce a range of pet products mostly destined for the export market.

The main products are centered around basic items for dogs and cats like leather dog collars, leather cat collars and various leashes and leather harnesses. There are some more exotic items available like leather pet carriers and some fancy leather pet clothing items such as dog leather jackets. My favorite are a range of leather caps and leather hats for dogs. At a show recently I came across a leather baseball cap adorned with silver chains. I had to have one of these but I was to be disappointed - they didn't have my size.

We also have a supplier of saddelry and bridles. They are not based in Thailand but I am happy to pass along their contact details.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your leather pet product needs please email with your requests.

Leather Dog Leash Pet Collar and Leash Fancy Pet Collar
Knotted Bone Chews Leather Shoe Chews Leather Dog Caps and Hats
Leather Pet Carrier Leather Jacket for Dogs Dog Muzzles
Studded Dog Collars Horse Saddles Horse Bridals
Featured Thailand Leather Pet Accessories Manufacturers

Az Best Partner Co., Ltd.
We're an export agent for pet supplies in Thailand. We offer a wide range of products including cloth, food, toys, and dog chews. We're currently exporting to Japan and Korea and looking for the opportunity to expand to other parts of the world. A huge discount is offered for wholesale purchases.
Products: Pet Supplies, Pet Cloth, Pet Toy

My primary products are cat dog collars and other pet supplies. My business started from my own interest. Because, I love cats and dogs so much. I know how much my customers love their pets because I love mine too.
Products: Cat Dog Collars, Pet Supplies

Bam Roong Thai Tannery Co., Ltd.
Bam roong thai tannery co. Ltd. Is a leading manufacturer and exporter of quality pet food and toys in Thailand. The company's products include rawhide items, munchy items, rubber toys, cuttlefish bones and cat snack. All products are made in varieties of shapes, sizes and flavors. Other ingredients like carrot, spinach, fluoride and calcium are available to add healthy values to the products. Our products are a good choice for your lovely dogs. The dogs will enjoy exercising their teeth and gum, making them clean, strong with no cavity. Moreover, the products can be a delicious reward for them during their training period. They contain food colorings, so they are safe and can be fed as many as you want. Bam roong thai tannery is very conscious of the need for quality in both its product range and in its entire production process. All products are made from only fine selected raw materials like premium hide, which is a 100% natural material, containing high protein and low fat.
Products: Rawhide dog chews, rubber dog toys, dried cuttlefish bones, dried fish, pet food

Chichimaru Pet Products
Chichi Pet Products company produces and distributes pet products mainly dog chews and toys. Our products are manufactured in a highly hygienic factory to ensure the hygiene of foodstuffs at all stages of the production process, from primary production up to and including sale to the final consumer. Dogs and dog owners love our products.
Products: Dog Chew, Dog Snack, Dog Food

Dog Star
I want to sell pet products: Clothes and accessories (such as leash, chain) worldwide. Products are in a wide range of price, pattern, materials. They are in good quality as well. Order is not necessary to be huge lot. It is negotiable.
Products: Pet accessories, dog cloth, pet food

In The Pet Office
In The Pet Office sells dog and cat products. "wagging Tails" is our brand name. Our store sells cotton, leather product for cats & dogs e.g.. Collar, leash & food, snack that suit pets character, personality.
Products: Leather Pet Products

Pet And Buddy Company Limited
We are an affiliated company of Kowa Industrial, a manufacturer of rawhide chews and munchies for more than 30 years. Our factory is located in Thailand. We offer quality rawhide chews at reasonable prices.
Products: Rawhide Chews and munchies for dogs.

PetsMart Co.,Ltd.
We, PetsMart Co.,Ltd. have established in Thailand for 5 years. We are an aggressive distributor of Pet Products. We specialized for all kind of Pet Products such as Pet Cages Pet Grooming items Pet Hardware Pet Clothes Pet Leashes.
Products: All Kinds of Pet Products: Pet Cages, Pet Grooming items, Pet Hardware, Pet Clothes, Pet Leashes.

S. I. P. Siam Inter Pacific Co., Ltd
We are one of the major suppliers of pet toys, snack, and treat including dog biscuit, dog energy treat, and rawhide chew toys with innovation design and quality consciousness. We are well established company with customer worldwide.
Products: Dog treat and Cat treat, biscuit, snack, and accessories for pets

Following you will find a lists of leather pet accessories available from companies involved in the pet accessories business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

Braided Leather Dog Collars
Cat Supplies
Cats Clothing
Creased Leather Dog Collar
Crocodile Leather Pet Collar
Crystal Studded Collars
Dental Chews
Designer Leather Lead
Diamante Pet Collar
Dog Bodysuit
Dog Collar
Dog Harness
Dog Harnesses
Dog Leash
Dog Leather Harnesses
Dog Muzzle
Dog Muzzles
Dog Safety Collar
Dog Shoes
Dog Supplies
Dogs Clothing
Donkey Saddles
Dressage Saddle
Fancy & Designer Leather Dog Collars
Fashion Dog Collar
Faux Leather Couch
Faux Leather Pet Feeder
Flashing Dog Collar
Genuine Cow Leather Dog Collar
Genuine Cow Leather Dog Leash
Genuine Cow Leather Muzzles
Genuine Leather Collar
Genuine Leather Dog Harness
Genuine Leather Dog Muzzle
Hand Made Leather Dog Collars
Hand-Made Dog Collars
Harness For Walking Dog
Heavy-Duty Leather Dog Harness
Horse Bridle
Horse Leather Saddle
Horse Riding Equipment
Horse Saddles
Humane Dog Muzzles
Leather Bridles
Leather Collar Brass Spikes
Leather Dog Collar
Leather Dog Collars
Leather Dog Harness
Leather Dog Tags
Leather Pet Carrier
Leather Pet Clothes With Fleece
Leather Pet Collars With Diamonds
Leather Pet Cushion
Leather Pet Harness With Rhinestone
Leather Pet Supplies
Leather Saddlery
Leather Spiked Dog Collars
Luxury Pet Accessories
Luxury Pet Products
Manufacturer Of Leather Dog Collars
Pet Bags
Pet Beds
Pet Belt
Pet Carrier Made Of Leather
Pet Carriers
Pet Charm Collars
Pet Clothes
Pet Clothing
Pet Coat
Pet Collar And Charm
Pet Collar Manufacturer
Pet Collars
Pet Houses
Pet Leashes
Pet Leather Cap
Pet Leather Collars
Pet Leather Hat
Pet Leather Leash
Pet Leather Manufacturer
Pet Leather Studded Collar
Pet Leather Studded Tapered Collar
Pet Products
Pet Rhinestone Collar
Pet Rhinestone Harness
Pet Shoes
Pet Summer Sandal
Pet Supplies
Pet Tote Bag
Pet Toys
Pet Travel Carrier
Pets Accessories
Pink Leather Lead
Puppies Clothing
Rainbow Collars
Red Leather Lead
Rhinestone Collars
Rhinestone Pet Collar
Rolled Leather Dog Colla
Secure Fit Leather Dog Muzzle
Secure Fit Leather Muzzle
Sheepskin Dog Slippers
Silver Western Saddle
Soft Leather Basket Muzzle
Soft Leather Dog Harness
Square Pet Bed & Cushion
Standard Dog Collars
Sterling Silver Pet Jewelry
Studded & Spiked Leather Dog Collars
Studded Dog Collars
Studded Leather Pet Collars.
Training Leather Dog Leash
Western Leather Saddle
Western Saddle
Western Saddle With Silver Fitting
Western Synthetic Saddle
Wholesale Dog Collars
Wide Cat Collars

If you are looking to source leather pet toys or leather pet accessories in Thailand then please complete the request form for more information or visit our main site Bangkok-Companies

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