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Thailand Pharmaceutical Companies, Thai Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Thailand pharmaceutical Manufacturers
produce a wide range of medical drugs and pharmaceuticals for the human and veterinarian sectors. Many major international pharmaceutical companies either have manufacturing facilities here in Thailand or source many of their products from Thai drug companies. There are of course many advantages of outsourcing production most of these of a financial nature. However the lower standards regarding regulation by governmental bodies must also be an important factor.


Thailand is also a huge market for these pharmaceutical companies. With a population of over 50 million people, Thailand is a similar sized marketplace to The UK. Buying power may be much lower but consumer habits with regard to the purchasing of pharmaceutical products are strong. I would not class Thailand as a country of hypochondriacs but the do care about their health and they do spend a lot of money on proprietary drugs and other medicinal remedies.


Pharmaceutical retailing reminds me much of the old days in England. If there was a medical problem in the family the first port of call was the local chemist shop. Here the assistant would listen to the problem and offer a quick fix. For more complicated or serious medical conditions the chemist would emerge from the back room and 'examine' the patient and then the suitable pills, syrups and lotions would be counted out, bottled, bagged up and the patient sent on his way.


Rare visits to the 'real' doctor would always result in a prescription being issued. I was later to find out that many of these were for harmless placebo type products. Patients were never happy after waiting for hours to leave the doctor's surgery empty handed.


Government control later meant the demise of the local pharmacists status as the first line of defense. More and more seemingly harmless medicinal concoctions were added to the 'Prescribed drugs' list until the local chemist became relegated to simply a 'pill counter'


As I mentioned earlier Thailand is still in the realm of 'the good old days' Got a problem with a severe toothache then nip down to the drug store and get strong painkillers over the counter. Need to control your fertility and avoid an unwanted pregnancy then contraceptive pills are freely available 'over the counter' or conversely if you need help to make that baby in the first place then Viagra or a local derivative can be cheaply bought without prescription.


On the other hand if you are stopped with some prescription based drugs at the airport and don't have the paperwork to support them then you will have a lot of explaining to do. Many years ago I explained to a customs officer at Heathrow airport that I was in possession of some morphine based drugs for a bad toothache I was suffering from. He shook his head, took them out of my bag and dropped them into the rubbish bin - enough said.


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Featured Thailand Pharmaceutical Companies
G. Premjee Co Ltd  Thailand A Major Thai Trading company of products such as Soft Gelatin Capsules, Health Food Supplements, Bulk Pharmaceutical Chemicals, Jewellery, Hospital Goods, Rice, Maize, Sorghum, Coffee, Beans, Seeds, Canned Fish, Canned Fruits-Pineapple, Minerals, Rubber and Fertilizers.
M & H Manufacturing Co. Ltd Thailand A Thailand Manufacturer of Human Pharmaceuticals and Animal Health Products, Antihypertensives, Anti-rheumatics, Antibiotics, Diuretics, Ophthalmics and Vaccines
Zinpro Corporation Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of organic trace mineral complexes and veterinary pharmaceuticals

Following you will find lists of the products and product types offered by pharmaceutical companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to point you in the right direction or simply supply a list of these pharmaceutical companies then please email

alimentary system
amino acids
amoxicillin trihydrate
analgesic preparation
animal health & feed products
animal health products
antacid tablets
anti-biotics in veterinary products
antibodies & immunochemicals
antihelmintic drug
anti-inflammatory agents
arsenic trioxide
bio pharmaceutical products
bioreagents & other biomaterials
blood products
cardiovascular system
cell lines, tissue culture, animals
central nervous system
central nervous system drugs
cervical ripeners
chloral hydrate
cobalt glucoheptonate.
cold remedy preparations
compliance aids
compliance devices
contraceptive products
copper lysine
dermatological preparations
diagnostic test strips
dna, rna, nucleotides
drug delivery & formulation
ear, nose and oropharynx
environmental biomaterials
ethical pharmaceutical products
extracts & nutraceuticals
feed additive for animal feed
feminine hygiene system
feminine pleasure gel
finished pharmaceuticals
fluimucil norfcin tablets
food additives
haemo-vit (iron-vitamins)
hard gelatin capsules
health care products
herbal product
herbal remedies
herbs & natural remedies
hgh human growth hormone
hormone replacement therapy
human pharmaceuticals
hypnosis childbirth education
infection control products
listed in the pdr
lubricating jellies
macnum (antacid)
main machine :
maltitol syrup
manganese methionine
mange ointment
medical supplies
medicine by tablets
mitomycin c
mosquito repellentconsumer medicines
mycosamthong capsules
nutraceutical products
ophthalmic drugs
oral contraceptives
oral liquid preparation
otolaryngology ear nose throat
pain management
pharmaceutical products
pharmaceutical raw materials
physostigmine salicylate
pillpaks with build in alarm
plasma-derived pharmaceutical products
preparations osteoporosis
prescription drugs
respiratory system
rho immune globulin
selenium sulfide
smoking cessation
sodium cloxacillin monohydrate
soft gelatin capsule
sorbitol compound
sorbitol syrup
steroid based pharmaceutical products
therapy endometriosis therapy
tick and flea shampoo
topical cream and gel
treatments osteoporosis
tumour markers
uracil mustard
urfamycin capsules
urinary tract infection
vaginal dryness lubricants
veterinary medicine
veterinary products
vulval atrophy
weight loss
zinc methionine

3w center
a & h international co, ltd.
a.j. pharmalab co, ltd.
a.n.b. laboratories co, ltd.
a.n.h. products ltd, part
abbott laboratories co, ltd.
abca pharma lab (thailand)
acdhon drug co,. ltd.
advance pharma co., ltd.
agrithai and consultant co, ltd
almar ltd.
alpha therapeutic (thailand) ltd
alpharma as diethelm trading company ltd
amalta chemical co, ltd.
american-british co, . ltd.
ammipire pharma co, ltd.
amornrat pharmacy
amourkierti trading ltd, part.
aramwech bhasaj co, ltd.
archemica international co., ltd.
arkancy pharm co, ltd.
armix pharm co, ltd.
aroon bhaesaj ltd.
asia badger inc
asia drug & chemical, ltd.part.
asia pharmaceuticals
asian pharmaceutical l.p.
asian tjd. enterprise ltd
asian union laboratories co, ltd.
asmeco (thailand)
asta medica (thailand) ltd.
astra zeneca (thailand) ltd.
atlantic laboratories corp, ltd.
atlantic pharmaceutical co., ltd.
aun aun osoth mfg. l.p.
aurgo health care products co, ltd.
aventis animal nutrition (thailand) sa
aventis cropscience (thailand) co., ltd.
aventis pasteur (thailand) ltd
aventis pharma ltd.
b.b. pharma co. ltd.
b.d.f. intranin co., ltd.
b.j. (benja osoth) ltd, part.
b.l. hua co, ltd.
b.l.h. trading co, ltd
b.m. pharmacy ltd, part.
b.n.b.-waite consulting co ltd
b.p. dispensary l.p.
b.t.i. packaging co., ltd.
balance pharmacy co.,ltd.
bang trading 1992 co, ltd.
bangkok companies
bangkok drug co, ltd.
bangkok glass industry co, ltd.
bangkok vetlab (b-lab) co.,ltd.
baxter healthcare co ltd
bayer premier co, ltd.
bayer thai co, ltd.
becton dickinson (thailand) ltd.
benaquin co., ltd
berli jucker public company limited
berlin pharmaceutical industry co, ltd.
bertram chemical (1982) co, ltd.
bessy aron co, ltd.
better pharma co, ltd
bhaesaj sathan l.p.
biolab co, ltd.
bionax (thailand) co, ltd.
biophile corporation
boehringer ingelheim (thai) ltd.
boots co, (thailand) ltd, the
boots retail (thailand) ltd.
bright advance tec co.,ltd
bristol-myers squibb bidg
british dispensary (l.p.) co, ltd, the
brywood pharm. ltd, part.
budjuban osoth co, ltd.
bukkalo pharmacy co, ltd.
burapha dispensary co, ltd.
bura-prasert pharmaceutical factory
c. melchers & co. (thailand) ltd.
c.b.c. (thailand) co., ltd.
c.k.d. sales thai corporation ltd.
c.n. pharmaceutical co, ltd.
c.s.b. drug factory co., ltd.
c.t.p. intertrade co, ltd.
canton pharma part.,ltd.
capsugel co., ltd.
capsule products co ltd
cathay chemical l.p.
centasia co., ltd.
central watson co, ltd.
chaiyasit osoth
chanaphant industry co, ltd.
chang thong bhaesaj
chareon osoth (five kirin)
charnkit trading l.p.
charoen bahesaj lab co, ltd.
charoen osoth five kirin
charoensuk bhaesaj (hun cheu) co, ltd.
chemiphand medical manufacturing co., ltd.
chew brothers ltd, part.
chew charn bhaesaj ltd.
chinta trading (1971) factory co.,ltd.
chongkit panich ltd, part.
community pharmacy public co, ltd.
continental pharm co, ltd.
cox laboratories (thailand) ltd, part.
cresco co, ltd.
d.c. pharmaceutical co ltd
daiichi pharmaceutical co, ltd.
degussa (thailand) ltd.
diethelm & co ltd
diethelm & co ltd - consumer products division
diethelm & co, ltd.
diethelm & co. ltd.
eakcshanc dispensary ltd, part.
eisai (thailand) marketing co, ltd.
eli lilly asia inc.(thailand branch)
enigma process technologies co., ltd.
enwei group co, ltd.
extra pharmaceutical co;ltd
f.e. zuellig (bangkok) ltd. - industrial division.
f.f. pharma co., ltd.
fapa co, ltd.
fascino co., ltd.
five pagodas pharmacy co.,ltd.
foster wheeler international corporation
fresenius kabi thailand
g.d. searle (thailand) ltd.
g.h. brothers co, ltd.
g.p.o.-mbp co, ltd
general drugs house co, ltd.
general hospital products co, ltd.
glaxo vidhyasom ltd.
glaxo wellcome(thailand) ltd.
glaxosmith kline (thailand) ltd.
global chemical co, ltd.
golden cup pharmaceutical co, ltd.
golden mortar pharmaceoticals co.,ltd
government pharmaceutical organization (gpo), the
great eastern drug co, ltd.
greater pharma ltd, part.
green and klean thai herbs
h. pharmacy ltd, part.
h.k. pharmaceutical co., ltd.
h.l.p. pharmaceutical mfg. co, ltd.
han kue pharmacy co, ltd.
harn products co, ltd.
helm mahaboon limited
hiro im-ex co, ltd.
hoechst chemical industries ltd.
hoechst merion roussel (thailand) ltd.
hoong seng kee industry co, ltd.
hope thai medical co, ltd.
huiland pharmacy co, ltd.
i.m.s. health inc
i.s.p. (thailand) co ltd
inchcape manufacturing co ltd
inpac pharma co., ltd.
inpacpharma co.,ltd.
inter health products co.,ltd.
inter medical group of companies
international capsule co, ltd.
international pharmaceuticals ltd.
interthai pharmaceutical manufacturing ltd.
j.d.h. borneo (thailand) ltd.
j.d.h. healthcare
jack chia industries (thailand) pcl
janssen cilag ltd.
janssen pharmaceutical ltd.
janssen-cilag pharmaceutica ltd
jawa manufacturing (branch) co, ltd.
jawarad co, ltd.
k.b. laboratory co, ltd.
k.b. pharmaceutical co.,ltd.
kana co, ltd.
kankee namtaothong co, ltd.
kao sarapudnuk osoth ltd, part.
kaulin co, ltd.
kendall-gammatron co, ltd
kenyaku (thailand) co, ltd.
khao la or pharmacy ltd.,
kitpashat ltd.,part.
kloeckner pentaplast (thailand) limited
klorman (thailand) co.,ltd.
kokliang ltd.,part.
korn/ferry international executive recruitment
krungthep pharmacy (thailand) co., ltd.
krungthep pharmacy ltd, part.
kuron corporation
kyowa hakko (thailand) ltd
l.b.s. laboratory l.p.
l.f.d. manufacturing co, ltd.
l.p. standard laboratories co, ltd.
lachman co, ltd.
lee buan sua dispensary mfg.
lee buan sua mfg. (fishing brand)
leopard brand dispensary co, ltd.
lert singh pharm manuf. ltd.
linde gas (thailand) ltd.
liwinner pharmaceutical l.p.
london royal consumer praducts (thailand) co, ltd
lor chingtong oxygen & acetylene co, ltd.
luck thai dispensary r.o.p.
lupin chemicals (thailand) ltd.
m & h manufacturing co. ltd.
m.e. meditek co, ltd.
mandom corporation (thailand) ltd.
march pharmarceuticals co, ltd.
marine inter products m.i.p. (thailand) co.,ltd.
ma-tai inter co.,ltd.
medic pharma co., ltd.
medical supply co.
medicap ltd.
meiji pharmaceutical co ltd, thai
merch sharp & dohme (thailand) ltd.
merck co, ltd.
merck ltd
merck ltd.
methagroups trading ltd.,part.
metro pharma import ltd, part.
milano ltd.
modern manu
moh mee co, ltd.


monsanto thailand limited
mulberry green tea ltd, part.
n.p.l. pharmaceutical lab.
n.r. industry co.,ltd.
nakorn patana pharm co., ltd.
nam kok (tra hua sing) co,. ltd.
namkok pharma co., ltd
namsiang group of companies
neo unicap co., ltd.
neon infotech south east asia co., ltd
neopharm co.,ltd
new charoen pharm co., ltd.
new life pharma co., ltd.
new york chemical reg. ord. part.
new york medical co., ltd.
newcharoen pharmaceutical ltd., part.
newlife pharma co.,ltd.
nida pharma incorporation ltd.
nine pharmacists co.,ltd
novartis (thailand) limited.
novartis (thailand) ltd.
novartis nutrition (thailand) ltd
novatis (thailand) co.,ltd.
novo nordisk pharma (thailand) ltd.
nutrichems co., ltd.
o.k. pharmacy ltd., part.
olan bangkok ltd., part.
olic (thailand) limited.
olic (thailand) ltd.
organon (thailand) ltd.
osoth dispensary ltd., part.
osoth inter laboratories co.,ltd.
osoth sapha (tech heng yoo) co., ltd.
osoth trock chantr ltd., part.
osoth yong-tung co., ltd.
osotspa co., ltd.
ouay un co., ltd.
oui heng pharmaceutical co.,ltd.
ouiheng import co., ltd.
p.m.a. and medical co., ltd.
p.p. laboratories co., ltd.
p.s.n. intergroup co.,ltd.
pacific healthcare (thailand) co. ltd.,
pacific legal group ltd.
pasteur merieux connaught (thailand) ltd.
patanakarn devel pharmacy ltd.
patar lab ltd.
peacock brand dispensary
penpark dispensary co., ltd.
people care asia corporation co., ltd.
pfizer international co., ltd.
pfizer international corp (sa)
pharma cosmet co., ltd.
pharmacare limited
pharmaceutical & medical supplies ltd. p.
pharmaceutical hall co.,ltd.
pharmaceutical producers association
pharmaceutical traders co.,ltd.
pharmaceuticals and medical supply ltd.,part.
pharmacia & upjohn co., ltk.
pharmadica co., ltd.
pharmaland (1982) co., ltd.
pharmasant laboratories co., ltd.
pharmason lab co., ltd.
pharol lab co., ltd.
picco pharma co., ltd.
platinum life
pluksek osoth ltd., part.
pms pharmaceuticals and medical supply limited par
po dao pharmacy
poe sien toe dispensary
polipharm co., ltd.
polymed apparel co.,ltd.
polypharm co., ltd.
pond's chemical thailand r.o.p.
pra brand mfg. ltd., part.
prachanda osoth dispensary
prasart thong osoth co., ltd.
premier pharma supply co., ltd
printing solution co.,ltd.
procter and gamble manufacturing (thailand) co., l
progress lab (thailand) co., ltd.
progress medical co., ltd.
prooff co., ltd.
public pharmaceutical lab., co., ltd.
pure pharmaceutical (thailand) l.p.
purechem co., ltd.
pz cusson (thailand) co.,ltd.
r.p.c. international co. ltd
r.x. company limited
radon co., ltd.
ramkhamhaeng hospital public company limited
ranbacy (thailand) co., ltd.
ranbaxy (thailand) co ltd
remy pharm co., ltd.
rhodia thai industries ltd.
rianthai interplas co., ltd
rich pharma international co.,ltd
roche diagnostics thailand ltd
roche thailand ltd.
rohto-mentholatum (thailand) co.,ltd.
rota lab co., ltd.
royal drugs ltd.,part.
ruam thong registered ord. part.
ruen rak sa-mun-prai co.,ltd.
rungrot produce chairece herbal co.,ltd.
s. charoen bhaesaj trading co.,ltd.
s. co. pharma (sanguan pharmacy) l.p.
s. lucky ltd., part.
s. risco co.,ltd.
s.m. pharmaceutical co., ltd.
s.s.p. laboratories ltd., part.
saeng udom pharmacy
sahakarn osod (1996) co.,ltd.
sahapat bhaesaj
sahasamakkee yinhuo
sahavechapan krungthep co., ltd.
samarn charoen trading ltd., p.
sand-m international co.,ltd.
sang rusamee osoth
sang thai company (branch)
sa-ngop lertsethawanich co., ltd.
sanofi-synthelabo thailand ltd.
schering (bangkok) ltd.
schering-plough ltd
sermmitr co., ltd.
serono thailand co., ltd.
servier (thailand) ltd.
siam brand aed co.,ltd.
siam pharmaceutical co., ltd.
siamdrug & micromart
siamerican pharmaceutical co., ltd.
siang udom pharmacy co., ltd.
silom medical co., ltd.
sincere dispensary r.o.p.
smith & nephew co., ltd.
smithkline beecham
smithkline beecham (thailand) co.,ltd.
solids handling and process engineering
solvay (thailand) ltd.,
somchit osoth ltd.
square panel system co.,ltd
srichand united disp. ltd., part.
srichol pharmacy mfg.
srimuang industry co., ltd.
sriprasit dispensary r.o.p.
srithai pharmacy shop
stada asiatic
standard pharmaceutical ltd.
stiefel laboratories (thailand) ltd.
suphong bhaesaj ltd.
suretex ltd.
synthelabo inchcape (thailand) limited
t.c. pharmaceutical industries co., ltd
t.c. pharma-chem co.,ltd
t.c. union agrotech co., ltd.
t.c.t. dispensary l.p. pharma ltd.part.
t.o. chemical co., ltd.
t.o. chemicals (1979) co.,ltd.
t.o. pharma co., ltd.
t.p. drug lab thai pharmacy co.
t.s.h. products co., ltd.
t.s.k. engineering (thailand) co.,ltd.
takeda (thailand) ltd.
tamnack vechakhum co., ltd.
taylor nelson sofres thailand
team five limited partnership
tex chemical products l.p. (kwang teck)
thai charoen bhaesaj (comycin) ltd.
thai glass industries plc.
thai herbal products co.,ltd.
thai hua bhaesajakhum co., ltd.
thai hygiene products co., ltd
thai japan co., ltd.
thai meiji pharmaceutical co.,ltd.
thai nakorn patana co., ltd.
thai otsuka co., ltd.
thai p.d. chemical co., ltd.
thai pharmaceutical manufacturers association
thai pharmacies association
thai pin petch co., ltd.
thai products trading co.,ltd.
thai roong ruang pharmaceutical ltd., part.
thai rung ruang pharmaceutical
thai sankyo co., ltd.
thaipharmed 1942 co.,ltd.
thaisky engineering group (bangkok) co., ltd.
thanes development co., ltd.
thawatchai bhaesaj l.p.
the soap co.,ltd
thevakum osoth co., ltd.
thistle corp.,ltd.
tiger balm (thailand) co.,ltd.
tosporn osoth
trading one ak co.,ltd.
trans bussan (thailand) co., ltd.
trustman pharma ltd., part.
u.c.b. pharma thailand ltd
u.s. summit corporation (overseas)
udomphon (phihalab) co., ltd.
ueno fine chemicals industry (thailand) ltd.
umeda co., ltd.
unilab pharmaceuticals co.,ltd.
union drug laboratories ltd.
unison laboratories co., ltd.
united drug (1996) co., ltd.
united pharma antibiotics industries co., ltd.
united southasia (1978) co., ltd.
urgo health care products co., ltd.
utopian co., ltd.
v.p. pharmacy r.o.p.
v.s. pharma (1971) ltd.
vesco pharmaceutical ltd.
vidhayakom plc.
vidhyasom co., ltd.
warner lambert
wat sam chin dispensary
wellchem pharmaceutical ltd.
wellknown laboratories co., ltd.
wyeth ayerst (thailand) limited
wyla pharma co., ltd.
xenion pharma co., ltd.
yamanouchi (thailand) co., ltd
yatrabaipo ltd.,part.
yeo heng co., ltd.
yo kee thong poon co., ltd.
zeneca pharma asiatic ltd.

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