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Thailand Plastic Pipes Companies, Thai Plastic Pipes Manufacturers


Thailand Plastic Pipes Companies
, Thai Plastic Pipes Manufacturers produce a wide range of plastic pipe products and other items like plastic pipe fittings. Some of this production is used domestically here in Thailand mainly in the building and construction industry.

However a large proportion of production is destined to be exported abroad. Foreign companies are finding it much cheaper to outsource production of their piping products. Thailand has a solid manufacturing base in the plastics industry with an abundance of raw materials and of course much much cheaper labor costs than in the West.

Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your plastics needs please email with your requests.

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Plastic Pipes Garden Hoses Ducting Hoses Reinforced with Rigid PVC Spiral
HDPE Pipes Acrylic Pipes Medical Tubing
Featured Thailand Plastic Pipes Companies
E.A.K Charoen International Enterprise Co.,Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Plastic Pipes & Plastic Pipe Fittings, PVC Pipes, PVC Pipe Fittings
N.C.R Rubber Industry Co., Ltd Thailand Thailand Manufacturer of Industrial Rubber Hoses, Automotive Rubber Hoses, Mandrel Built Hoses, Pvc Products, Rubber Engineered Products, Air Barriers, Wall and Corner Guards, Rubber Fuel Piping, Process Air and Gas Piping, Industrial Process Piping, Rubber Mold & Dies
UHM Co.,Ltd Thailand A Thai manufacturer of PBP Polybutylene pipe, PBP Polypropylene pipes, PBP HDPE pipe, Neodrain pipe, Geomembrane, Geotextile, Gabion & Mattress, Bronze fittings, Repair Clamp, Filter Nozzle, Single Meter, Multi Jet type meter, Magnetic drive type meter, Engineering Products; Water Supply pump, Waste Water pump, Fire Pump

Agru (Thailand ) Co., Ltd
Agru ( Thailand ) Co., ltd. Was established in 1988, we are manufacturer of hdpe/ldpe pipe/pe/pvc fitting sprinkler and agriculture accessories, we have exported to Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, srilanka and Dubai - UAE. With a factory covering an area 10,000 square meters and more than 120 employees. Relying on our experienced r&d team, we have developed a good market base for hdpe/ldpe pipe including pe/pvc fitting and all kind of sprinklers or other irrigation technology. In 2000, the company has taken the iso 9001:2000 standard and applied to its operation system. This is also a guarantee of high quality and service to the customers. Every effort and dedication of every employee, including every procedure following the international standard guideline have brought this succeed to the company. This achievement appeared to be an important foundation that will make the company to progress in producing its best products as well as providing its best service.
Products: HDPE pipe, LDPE pipe, PE & PVC fitting, sprinklers and agriculture accessories, Plastic Pipes, Irrigation Pipes & Watering Pipes

Autarch Tech Management Co., Ltd.
Our jobs are concerning with consulting and distributing of geosynthetics products to Public sector and Private sector, such as perforated pipe for underground drainage, geotextile for filtering and separation and HDPE geomembrane for Liquid barrier etc.
Products: Geosynthetics, Earthwork Products, Waterproof Materials, Composite Pipes

Cosmos composite is manufacturer of made to order products from light weight structural composite materials. Designed to meet our customer' S budget and performance requirement combined with our extensive knowledge of composite materials, cosmos composite customs build just about anything from prototype, model and series, even on a small quantity minimum order. Cosmos composite provides detailed design, high quality components, a first class service and competitive prices. We have 11 years experience in composite design, engineering and manufacturing at the highest level. With CAD/cam design and manufacturing equipments, we focus on technical parts, sporting goods and leisure equipments(golfcaddy, kayak paddle, exhaust pipe, motorcycle parts... ) made from carbon fibre reinforced epoxy resin using rtm and injection system.
Products: Golf, skiing product, carbon fiber, fibre carbon, Kevlar, fiberglass, resin, mold, mould, twill, laptop, weave, computer, tube, panel, backpack

Inter profile Co., Ltd.
Inter profile Co., Ltd. Is founded in 1994. We are full scale plastic manufacturing factory, starting with a creation of a high quality and high standard work. Our products are very well accredited. With a good potential for a full-scale production and being one of plastic producers with all pressing, injection and blowing services and various kinds of materials such as pvc, pp, abs, pc, pag, pa12, pcim, ps, hips, santoprene, pmma etc. Inter profile can serve its clients, business owner, smes and other industrial entrepreneurs using plastic as part of their production components well with any work relevant to plastic production. With motto of --plastic solution for all application-- inter profile has strategy to make a difference and focus on its clients of business alliances, an order making without a minimum amount requirement and a counseling provision under a limited amount of budget. Inter profile can produce a wide variety of products:
1. a group of food container
2. a group of tools for plastic-corrugated box assembly
3. a group of fluorescent bulb cover
4. a group of pipes, tubes, rods and profile
5. a group of electric appliance, motor vehicle and acrylic products
Products: Plastic pipes, tubes, rods

Linepipe Co., Ltd
We're the leading stockiest of Carbon and stainless steel pipe, fitting and flange in Rayong, Thailand for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, energy, infrastructure, marine and other industries.
Products: Pipe, fitting, flange, Steel Pipes, Pipe Fittings, Plastic Pipes

Unicor, Germany
We are the world leader in machine producing corrugated and multilayer pipe. Corrugated pipe is known to be the future of all pipe. It is stronger, flexible and very economic in output producing using small amount of raw material comparing meter by meter of pipe. The multilayer pipe is great for heat and cold water transmission. It is bendable and still, remain its strength!.
Products: Extrusion line for producing corrugated pipe, multilayer pipe and coiler machine.

Wiik & Hoeglund
We are the largest HDPE pipes & fittings manufacturer in Thailand. With the local market share of 55%, we are expanding our export market all across Asia and Oceania. Our customers are in Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, new Zealand, etc...
Products: HDPE pipes, HDPE fittings, Plastic Pipes

Following you will find lists of plastic pipes products and companies involved in the plastic pipes business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a plastic pipes company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

A/C Drain Pipes
Abs Pipes
Agricultural Pvc Hose Pipe
Air Brake Coils
Air Break Helix Hose
Air Conditioner Drain Pipe
Aluminum Plastic Pipe
Aluminum-Plastic Compound Pipe
Bath And Toilet Polypropylene Pipe Systems
Black Nylon Pipe
Blue Nylon Pipe
Building Plastic Pipes
Cardan Telescopic Pipe
Color Spiral Pvc Shower Hose
Corrugated Pipe
Cpvc Cable Pipe
Cpvc Pipe
Double-Wall Corrugated Pipes
Drain Hoses For Swimming Pools
Drainage Pipes
Electric Wire Pipes
Epoxy Resin Pipe Line
Fiber Composite Pipe
Filament Winding Frp Pipe
Flexible Cable Conduits
Flexible Connection Pipe
Flexible Corrugated Hoses
Flexible Duct Air Pipe
Flexible Hose
Flexible Plastic Pipes For Cooling
Flexible Pvc Hose
Fortified Nylon Tube
Fresh Water Delivering Pipe
Frp Cable Pipe
Frp High Pressure Pipes
Garden Pipes
Gray Plastic Pipes
Green Ppr Pipe
Grey Drainage Pipe
Grey Drainage Pipe Fittings
Hdpe Gas-Burning Pipes
Hdpe High/Low Voltage Power Sleeves
Hdpe Pipe
Hdpe Pipe For Water
Hdpe Pipe Systems
Hdpe Pipes
Hdpe Pipes For Gas
Laser Weld Aluminum Plastic Pipe
Medium Heavy Flexible Hose
Modified Polypropylene Plastic Cable Pipe
Mpp Cable Pipe
Multilayer Pipes
Nano-Antibacterial Pipes
Nylon Hose
Nylon Hoses
Nylon Tubing
Pap Composite Pipe
Pa-Ppr Composite Pipe
Pe Cable Sleeve Pipe
Pe Gas Pipe System
Pe Hdpe Pipes
Pe Pipes
Pe-Rt Pipe For Heating Floor
Pe-Rt Pipes And Fittings
Pe-Rt Pipes For Underfloor Heating System
Pex-A Pipe
Pex-Al-Pex Pipe
Pex-B Pipe
Pipe System Manufacturer
Pipes Manufacturer In Thailand
Plastic Coated Pipe Systems
Plastic Composite Pipe
Plastic Corrugated Pipes
Plastic Pipe & Fitttings
Plastic Pipes
Plated Pipes
Polietilen Plastic Pipes
Polybutene Pipeline
Polybutylene Pipe
Polycarbonate Pipe
Polymeric And Composite Plastic Pipes
Polypropylene Pipes And Fittings
Polypropylene Plastic Cable Pipe
Polypropylene Random Pipes
Potable Water Pipes
Pp-R Compound Pipe
Ppr Drinking Water Supply Pipe
Pp-R Fibre Composite Pipe
Ppr Pipe
Ppr Pipe Couplers
Ppr Pipes And Fittings
Pre Insulated Pipes
Precision Plastic Tube
Precision Plastic Tubes
Profile Hose Made Of Antistatic Eva
Profile Hoses
Ptfe Pigmented Liners
Ptfe Pigmented Tubes
Ptfe Steel-Plastic Component Pipes
Ptfe Tubes
Pulwound Thin Walled Pipe
Pure Water Supply Pipes
Pvc Cable Pipes
Pvc Coated Ventilation Hose
Pvc Conduit
Pvc Conduit Pipes
Pvc Double Wall And Spiral Drainpipe
Pvc Drainage Pipes
Pvc Drainpipe
Pvc Electric Wire Pipes And Fittings
Pvc Fiber Strengthen Soft Hoses
Pvc Flexible Pipes
Pvc Gas Pipe
Pvc High Pressure Spray Hose
Pvc Hoses
Pvc Nonflammable Cable Channel Pipes
Pvc Nylon Braided Hose
Pvc Nylon Braided Pipes
Pvc Pipe
Pvc Pipe For Water Distribution
Pvc Pipes And Fittings
Pvc Pressure Pipes
Pvc Reinforce Hose
Pvc Reinforced Suction Hose
Pvc Rigid Pipes
Pvc Scraggy Hose
Pvc Soft Hose
Pvc Soft Pipe For Shower
Pvc Soil Pipe
Pvc Spring Hoses
Pvc Stripe Pipes
Pvc Suction Hose
Pvc Suction Pipe
Pvc Transparent Tubes
Pvc Trunking
Pvc Water Supply Pipe
Pvc-C High-Voltage Power Sleeves
Pvc-U Communication Cable Sleeves
Pvc-U Composite Pipe
Pvc-U Drainage Pipes And Fittings
Pvc-U Soil Pipe
Pvc-U Spiral Pipe
Pvc-U Water Pipes
Rain Pipe
Red Nylon Pipe
Reinforced Thermoplastic Hdpe Pipe
Rigid Pvc Pipes
Rigid Pvc Reinforcement Hose
Ripple Pipe
Sewage Treatment Delivery Pipe
Sewer Tube
Silicone Extruded Tube
Spiral Hoses With Reinforcement
Spiral Pipe
Steamer Pipe
Steel Wire Reinforcement Hose
Steel Wire-Lined Universal Reciprocal Hose
Steel Wire-Lined Universal Reciprocal Hoses
Sweating Pe Pipe
Swimming Pool Hose
Teflon Hoses
Tpu Pipe
Traceable Pipes
Transparent Plastic Pipe
Underground Warming Pipes
Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes And Fittings
Upvc Pipe For Drainage
Upvc Trunking
Upvc Water Supply Pipe
Washing Machine Water Connection Pipe
Water Pipes
Water Supplying Pipe
Water-Supply Pipes
Waterway Pipes
Waviness Pipe
White Ppr Pipes
White Pvc Cobwebbing Hose
Yellow Nylon Pipe


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