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Thailand Refrigeration Companies, Thai Refrigerator Manufacturers

. Thailand Refrigeration Companies and Refrigeration equipment Manufacturers produce a wide range of finished refrigerators, coolers, freezers and heat exchangers. There are also many manufacturers who produce components and parts for refrigeration and cooling equipment such as copper piping and moulded and casted parts.

There are two manufacturing sectors that are particularly active in Thailand. Firstly low cost small capacity home refrigerators and secondly commercial refrigerators, freezers and cold cabinets for display in supermarkets and food outlets.

For large capacity home refrigerators and fridge freezers there is a large and growing need by the emerging Thai middle classes for these products many of which are still imported by big name companies like Electrolux.

An unusual feature of the refrigeration market in Thailand with regard to domestic appliances, considering the temperatures here, is the almost complete lack of a market for domestic household freezers. Indeed when I went shopping around the department stores in Bangkok I could find only two brands of fairly limited size. Yes all refrigerators have a frozen food compartment but in Thailand these are of generally a very small size. The reason - Thais prefer fresh food and buy on a daily basis rather than storing, as we do in the west, for a prolonged period.

We have good contacts with some of these manufacturers as a few years ago we did a sourcing project for a major refrigerator manufacturer who was setting up business and establishing a production base here in Thailand.


Bangkok Companies is a full service product sourcing company in Thailand. For All your refrigerators and refrigeration equipment needs please email with your requests.



Ice Making Machine Heat Exchanger Unit Cooler For Cool Room
Combination Fridge Freezer Coke Fridge Commercial Refrigerator
Refrigerator Tuk Tuk Copper Refrigeration Piping Refrigerator Components
Supermarket Display Domestic Refrigerator Freezer Mortuary Refrigeration
Supermarket Showcase Refrigerator Compressor Beer Chiller
Insulin Refrigerator Car Refrigerator Refrigerator Thermometer
Pastry Display Counter Cosmetic Refrigerator Stainless Steel Refrigerators
Featured Thailand Refrigeration Companies
L.G. Electronics (Thailand) Co.,Ltd Thailand Korean Manufacturer of Washing Machine, Food Service Equipment, Food Storage Equipment, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, Equipment, Unitary Air Conditioning Equipment, Terminal Heating and Cooling Units

Haier Electric (Thailand) PCL
My company name is Haier Electric Thailand Public Company Limited. I'm OEM for refrigerator: Haier, Singer, Sanyo, Electrolux etc.
Products: Refrigerator, Aluminium Tube, Refrigerator & Freezer, Parts & Accessories, Heaters, Pipe Fittings

Hussmann (Thailand) Co.,Ltd
Hussmann (Thailand) began in 2001 to serve the Southeast Asia market with manufacturing of specialty merchandisers, beverage coolers and refrigeration systems. The company has quickly expanded into engineering, installation, service and centralized monitoring and control of all key aspects of supermarket and convenience store operations.
Products: Copper tube ASTM B88, Night blind for the refrigeration showcase, Copper fitting, Copper Pipes

Koltech Company Limited
We are agency company specializing in Refrigerant compressor and Air compressor. We provide them for food factory, ice factory, textile factory etc. Our company have been well accepted with best service and customer satisfy. We are interested in importing refrigeration compressor and air compressor. Having had experience in marketing products similar to your own, we are familiar with customer's need are confident we could develop a good market for you in Thailand. We have spacious and well-equipped showrooms, and are experienced staff of sale representative who would push your business.
Products: Refrigeration Compressor, Air Compressor, Air Chiller, Refrigeration & Heat Exchange , Air-conditioner , Air-Compressing & Air-Separation , Refrigerator & Freezer

Makasan International Co., Ltd.
We are manufacture and exporter of food & beverage equipment.
Products: Stainless Steel Commercial Refrigerators, Freezers, Cube Ice Maker, Juice Dispenser, Refrigerated Merchandiser, Beer Cooler, Cake Showcase and Stainless Steel Kitchen equipment.

Pwa Co
The beginning of year 2002, AHT( Asia) turned to be a joint venture company formed by Austria Haustechnik A. G. (AHT) , the world leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial coolers and freezers with long experience of more than 560 years in business and AHT( Asia) Company Limited. Aht( Asia) produce a wide range of products under U-pac and AHT brand name in Thailand and serve all demand in the Asia Pacific region. To expand the capacity, our facilities on Bangna-Trad Highway K. M. 23 were built. The official Grand Opening will be held on Friday 29 November 2002
Products: Freezer, Refrigerator, Cooler, Refrigerator & Freezer, Refrigeration & Heat Exchange

Sandwich Panel System
The company has been manufacturing sandwich panel with different core material for various applications. Mainly for following purposes: Clean Room Panel, Cold Room Panel, Insulating Panel, Beside we also produce Pipe Insulation Foam (PIPE COVER) We serve the markets ranging from very high advanced technology such as microelectronic, biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry to refrigeration warehouse, convenience stores, supermarket and more. Our sandwich panels are designed for modular system. All sandwich panels are prefabricated offering flexibility and versatility in erection at any construction site condition. - Basic concept of our panel system design: Airtight, Particle free, Anti electrostatics, Chemical proof, Water proof, Non combustibility, Mold proof, Abrasion proof, Withstand load, Heat insulation, Durability, Cleanability, Outgasing free, Economic.
Industrial Applications: Refrigeration Warehouse, Food Processing Facilities, Cold Storage Facilities, Food Distribution, Ice Plants, Blast and Spiral Freezers, Commercial Applications, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores, Bakery, Floral, Catering, Restaurants.
Products: Polyurethane Panel, Sandwich Panel, Panel

Songserm Cooling Industry Co., Ltd
We are a mfg for high collar fin for refrigeration and air condition (AHU) Our coil product from 5/16", 3/8" ,1/2" and 5/8" with 8 patterns both stagger and inline. we can product fin between 8 mm. to 1.2 mm.
Products: Fin & Tube heat exchanger Unit Cooler and condenser

System Form Co., Ltd. Thailand
A Thai manufacturer for complete solution of food and retail business display technology. Our products vary from: Upright commercial refrigerators, Stainless steel products, Stainless steel Cabinets, Serve-over counters, Open showcases type refrigerators, All types of shelves. We have received the ISO 9001:2000 and Thailand Brand awards as pre our supreme products quality and export manners.
Products: Commercial Refrigerators, Refrigerator & Freezer, Dairy Products Machinery, Food Processing Machinery

Temp Tech Co., Ltd.
We are experience in an industrial refrigeration using Ammonia as an refrigerant which has oversea customer more than 50% . Most of our staff is well trained in their field and strict quality control is guarantee our quality standard, Modern welding equipment such as TIG & MIG welder is in our factory and water leak test is applied at all point of control.
Products: Ice Maker, IQF Freezer, Brine Freezer

Thaiheat Exchange Public Company Limited
Our company, Thai Heat Exchange Public Company Limited (THECO), has been manufacturing heat exchanger units for automobile & room air-conditioning units and parts i.e. evaporators, condensers and coils for 30 years so far. We also manufacture the coil for other applications such as water cooler, drinking water, heater, refrigerator, refrigeration, heat pump, air handling, air chiller, freezer unit, slab coil (for big boat) THECO, as a specialist of coil maker and being a leading manufacturer and distributor, has been supplying the various types of coil to many Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM), local market, after market and export worldwide. With our experience and expertise in this business with holding a certificate of ISO 9001 version 2000 by RW TUV of Germany, all of our reliable products have been accepted by every markets. In addition, we have launched out new product, split room air-conditioner which is called
'Morning Star', for a couple of years.
Products: Heat exchanger, condenser, evaporator for every applications in finned tube.

UC Trading Co, Ltd
We are Exporters of freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, specially designed for the tropical W-African climate.
Products: Freezers, refrigerators, Air-conditioner, Refrigerator & Freezer

Uniteam Co. Ltd.
Uniteam Thailand is a Thai Danish owned and managed company who supply and support the uniquely designed, developed and manufactured containerized camp and operational products throughout Thailand.
Uniteam products are designed upon the ISO standard container so that they can be easily transported by air, sea and road. Our products range from mobile command and control systems and camp infrastructure such as accommodation, ablutions, kitchens, offices, hospitals, operating theatres and reefers (refrigeration units) .
Products: Trailer, Mobile Hospital, Containers

World Aeroplast Co., Ltd.
World Aeroplast Co., Ltd. Is one of leaders manufacturing and exporter various type of Air Conditioning's components as follows: LCD Remote Control, Wireless & Wired Analog Control, Electronic/LCD Room Thermostat, Norca foam (Air Conditioner Cleaner), Slim Duct Piping & its accessories, Anti - Vibration Rubber & Steel Bracket, Components Parts for A/C such as Propeller fan, Blower Wheel & Housing, Cross Flow Fan, Mould & Tooling, OEM parts, Tools & Equipments for Refrigeration
Products: Air conditioning spare part, remote control for air conditioner.

Following you will find a list of refrigeration products available from companies involved in the refrigeration business in Thailand. If you want Bangkok Companies to put you in touch with a company or simply supply a database of these companies then please email

12v Refrigerator
2 Door Refrigerator
3 Door Roll In Refrigerator Fridge
3-Way Absorption Refrigerator
4l Mini Cooler
Absorption Chiller
Absorption Mini Fridge
Absorption Mini Refrigerator
Absorption Refrigerator
Air-Compressed Dryer
Aluminum Refrigerator Profiles
Apartment Refrigerator
Avanti Refrigerators
Back Bar Coolers
Bakery Refrigerator
Bakery Refrigerator Showcase
Bamboo Charcoal
Battery Operated Refrigerator
Beer Bottle Coolers
Beer Coolers
Beer Refrigerator
Bench Freezer
Bench Refrigerators
Bench Type Refrigerators
Beverage Centers
Beverage Chiller
Blood Bank Refrigerator
Blood Refrigerator
Body Refrigeration Unit
Bottle Coolers
Bottle Rack
Bottom Freezer
Bottom Freezer Refrigerator
Capacitor For Air Conditioner
Capillary Tube Cutters
Car Cooler
Car Refrigerator
Cfc-Free Polyurethane Foam
Charging Hoses
Chest Freezers
Coated Copper Steel Pipe
Coil For Refrigeration
Coke Refrigerator
Cold Boxes
Cold Drink Water Tank
Cold Showcase For Cake
Cold Storage
Combination Refrigerator Freezer
Combined Refrigerated Display Cabinet
Commercial Freezer
Commercial Gas Powered Refrigerators
Commercial Gas Refrigerators
Commercial Refrigeration Equipment
Commercial Refrigerator
Commercial Refrigerator Showcase
Compact Freezers
Compact Refrigerator
Compensating Heater For Refrigerator
Compressor For Food Service Equipment
Compressor For Refrigerator
Convertible Freezer
Cooler Refrigerator
Cooler Showcase
Cooling Cabinets
Cooling Showcase
Cooling Units
Copper Coated Tube
Cosmetic Fridge
Cosmetic Refrigerator
Counter Refrigerators
Counter Top Refrigerators
Countertop Mini Coolers
Cryogenic Equipment
Cryogenic Reaction Vessel
Cryogenic Refrigeration Equipment
Cryogenic Refrigeration System
Crystal Quest Refrigerator
Defrost Refrigerator
Digital Computer Temperature Control System
Digital Water Dispensers
Display Back Coolers
Display Cabinet For Supermarket
Display Case For Drinks
Display Equipment
Display Freezers
Display Refrigerators
Display Undercounter Back Bar Coolers
Domestic Gas Powered Refrigerators
Domestic Gas Refrigerators
Domestic Refrigerators
Door Seal Strip
Door Switch For Refrigerator
Double Door Counter Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Double Door Refrigerator Freezer
Double Door Refrigerator With Freezer
Dual Temp Freezers
Dual Temp Refrigerator
Dual Temperature Refrigerator
Dual-Cycle Freezing System
Electrical Appliances
Electroiux Refrigerator
Electronic Refrigerator
Energy Saving Refrigerators
Energy-Saving Refrigerator
Environmentally Friendly Refrigerators
Environment-Friendly Refrigerator
Evaporator For Refrigerator
Extra-Wide Freezers
Extra-Wide Refrigerators
Floor Ceiling Refrigerator
Floor Ceiling Type Refrigerator
Floor Standing Water Dispenser With Refrigerator
Food Refrigerated Displays
Food Refrigeration Equipment
Forced Air Milk Coolers
Freezer Basket
Freezer Evaporators
Freezing Plant
Freezing System
Freezing Tunnels
French Door Refrigerator
Fridge Freezers
Fridge Gaskets
Fridge Purifier
Frost-Free Refrigerators
Garbage Refrigerator System
Gas Powered Refrigerators
Gas Refrigerator
Gas Refrigerators
Gastronome Refrigerator
Ge Refrigerator
Glass & Plate Chillers
Glass Door Refrigeration Cabinet
Glass For Refrigerator Shelves
Glass Refrigerating Showcase
Gmg Refrigerators
Haier Refrigerators
Heat Transfer Coils
Heating Element For Refrigerator
Horizontal Refrigerated Showcase
Hose Chillers
Hospital Refrigeration Equipment
Hospital Refrigerator
Hotel Fridge
Hotel Refrigerator
Hotel Refrigerators
Hydrogen Generator
Ice Box
Ice Box Evaporators
Ice Cream Maker
Ice Cream Refrigerator
Ice Machines
Ice Maker
Industrial Refrigeration Ammonia Compressor
Insulated Refrigeration Truck Body
Insulin Refrigerator
Intelligent Refrigerator
Internet Refrigerator
Keg Coolers
Kerosene Refrigerator
Kitchen Equipment
Kitchen Freezer
Kitchen Refrigeration Cabinet
Kitchen Refrigeration Cabinets
Kitchen-Aid Refrigerator
Laboratory Refrigeration Equipment
Laboratory Refrigerator
Labratory Refrigerator
Lamp For Refrigerator
Lassele Commercial Refrigerators
Led Display Refrigerator
Lg Refrigerator
Liquor Cabinets
Lpg Gas Refrigerator
Marine Refrigerating Equipment
Marine Refrigeration Equipment
Medical Deep Freezer
Medical Freezers
Medical Refrigerator
Medical Storage Fridge
Medication Refrigerator
Merchandise Refrigerator
Milk Coolers
Milk Refrigerators
Mini Bar Refrigerator
Mini Refrigerator
Mini-Bar Fridge
Mobile Refrigeration Units
Mobile Refrigerator
Morgue Refrigeration Equipment
Morgue Refrigerator
Mortuary Refrigerators
Multi-Door Direct Cooling Refrigerator
Net Rack For Refrigerators
No Frost Refrigerator
Non-Frost Refrigerator
Odor Removal Reagent For Refrigerator
Ozone Generator
Ozone Generator For Refrigerators
Pass Thru Freezers
Pass Thru Refrigerators
Pastry Display Counter
Pharmaceutical Refrigerator
Piston Type Refrigerating Machine
Pizza Prep Table Cooler
Pizza Prep Tables
Plasma Generator For Refrigerator
Plastic Fittings
Plastic Injection Moulds
Plate Heat Exchanger
Plate Ice Machine
Portable Fridge
Portable Refrigerator
Pu Foam Door For Refrigerator
Reach In Freezers
Reach In Refrigerators
Reagent Refrigerator
Reflect Bulb
Refrigerant Charging Machine
Refrigerant Products
Refrigerated Bakery Display
Refrigerated Base Sandwich Units
Refrigerated Beverage Vending Machine
Refrigerated Cake Showcase
Refrigerated Candy Display
Refrigerated Centrifuges
Refrigerated Circulating Equibath
Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryer
Refrigerated Containers
Refrigerated Counter
Refrigerated Display
Refrigerated Display Cases
Refrigerated Glass Door Showcase
Refrigerated Patisserie Show Case
Refrigerated Plastic Containe
Refrigerated Prep Station
Refrigerated Room
Refrigerated Sandwich Prep Table
Refrigerated Service Cases
Refrigerated Trailer Body
Refrigerated Truck
Refrigerated Truck Body
Refrigerated Vans
Refrigerated Vending Machine
Refrigerated Wine Dispenser
Refrigerating And Heating Tank
Refrigerating Casks
Refrigerating Compressors
Refrigerating Dryer
Refrigerating Machine Parts
Refrigerating Machines
Refrigerating Plant
Refrigerating Showcase
Refrigerating Showcases
Refrigeration Cabinets
Refrigeration Cabinets For Commercial Kitchen
Refrigeration Chamber
Refrigeration Chamber Controller
Refrigeration Components
Refrigeration Compressor
Refrigeration Compressor Gasket
Refrigeration Compressor Spares
Refrigeration Compressors
Refrigeration Condensing Unit
Refrigeration Condensing Unit Fan Motor For Refrigerator
Refrigeration Control Meter
Refrigeration Dryer
Refrigeration Dryers
Refrigeration Equipment
Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturer
Refrigeration Fittings
Refrigeration Gaskets
Refrigeration Hermetical Compressor
Refrigeration Machine
Refrigeration Manifolds
Refrigeration Products
Refrigeration Relay
Refrigeration Room
Refrigeration Showcase
Refrigeration Systems
Refrigeration Tools
Refrigeration Unit For Truck
Refrigeration Units
Refrigerator Accessories
Refrigerator Accessory
Refrigerator Air Purifier
Refrigerator Assembly Line
Refrigerator Baske
Refrigerator Boxes
Refrigerator Bulbs
Refrigerator Cabinet
Refrigerator Capacitor
Refrigerator Coil Brush
Refrigerator Components
Refrigerator Compressor
Refrigerator Compressor Motors
Refrigerator Condenser Tubes
Refrigerator Containers
Refrigerator Cover
Refrigerator Defrost Timer
Refrigerator Defrost Timers
Refrigerator Deodorization
Refrigerator Deodorizer
Refrigerator Display Cases
Refrigerator Door Lock
Refrigerator Door Profile
Refrigerator Door Seal
Refrigerator Door Switch
Refrigerator Doors
Refrigerator Drawer
Refrigerator Evaporators
Refrigerator Factory
Refrigerator For Automobile
Refrigerator For Bodies
Refrigerator For Corpses
Refrigerator For Hotels
Refrigerator For Preserving Bodies
Refrigerator For Restaurants
Refrigerator Gaske
Refrigerator Glass
Refrigerator Hardware
Refrigerator Larder
Refrigerator Magnet
Refrigerator Manufacturers
Refrigerator Motors
Refrigerator Mould Factory
Refrigerator Moulds
Refrigerator Odour Eliminator
Refrigerator Part Mould
Refrigerator Parts
Refrigerator Pcb Board
Refrigerator Producer
Refrigerator Profiles
Refrigerator Safe
Refrigerator Safety Lock
Refrigerator Sheet Metal Components
Refrigerator Shelf
Refrigerator Shelving
Refrigerator Showcase
Refrigerator Showcase For Beer
Refrigerator Showcase For Beverages
Refrigerator Showcase For Drinks
Refrigerator Showcase For Food
Refrigerator Showcase For Wine
Refrigerator Showcases For Supermarkets
Refrigerator Spare Parts
Refrigerator Stickers
Refrigerator Thermometer
Refrigerator Thermometers
Refrigerator Thermostat
Refrigerator Truck
Refrigerator Tubes
Refrigerator Tuk Tuk
Refrigerator Vehicle
Refrigerator With Freezer
Refrigerator With Stainless Steel Door
Remote Control Refrigeration System
Restaurant Freezer
Restaurant Refrigerators
Roll Bond Evaporator For Refrigerator
Roll In And Roll Thru Freezers
Roll In Refrigerators
Roll Thru Refrigerators
Rotary Compressor For Refrigeration
Rubber Fittings
Safety Lock For Refrigerator
Sandwhich Display Case
Sandwich Refrigeration Display
Sandwich Units
Sanyo Refrigerators
Seamless Steel Pipe
Semiconductor Refrigerator
Semiconductor Refrigerator Producer
Sheet Metal Components For Refregerator
Side By Side Refrigerator
Side-By-Side Freezers
Single Door Refrigerator
Slim-Line Freezers
Slim-Line Refrigerators
Small Fridge
Small Refrigerator
Soft Ice Cream Machine
Solar Refrigerators
Stainless Steel Counter Refrigerator
Stainless Steel Display Refrigerator
Stainless Steel Kitchen Refrigerator
Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Stainless Steel Refrigerators
Standing Water Dispenser
Storage Refrigerator
Supermarket Refrigeration
Supermarket Refrigeration Products
Supermarket Refrigerator Display Showcase
Supermarket Refrigerator Showcase For Drink
Supermarket Refrigerators
Teahouse Refrigerator
Tempered Glass
Tempered Glass Shelves
Tempered Refrigerator Glass Shelves
Thermoelectric Cooling
Thermoelectric Refrigeration Unit
Thermoelectric Refrigerators
Thermometer Sheet
Top-Freezer Defrost Refrigerator
Transparent Storage Drawers
Truck Refrigeration Unit
Truck Refrigerators
Twist Ice Maker
Two Door Commercial Refrigerator
Under Counter Refrigerator
Undercounter Back Bar Coolers
Undercounter Freezer Bases
Undercounter Freezers
Undercounter Refrigerated Bases
Undercounter Refrigerators
Upright Freezers
Upright Refrigerated Showcases
Upright Refrigerators
Upright Showcase
Upright Stainless Steel Refrigerator
Vacuum Freezing Dryer
Vacuum Pumps
Vertical Commercial Refrigerator
Vertical Kitchen Freezer
Vertical Showcases
Vertical Wine Refrigerator
Waste Food Refrigerator
Water Dispenser Refrigerator
Water Dispenser With Refrigerator
Whirlpool Refrigerators
Wholesale Refrigerators
Wine Cellars
Wine Refrigerators
Wine Reserves
Wire Harness For Refrigerators
Worktop Freezer Bases
Worktop Freezers
Worktop Refrigerated Bases


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